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  • In the Let's Play videos done by Achievement Hunter, you can be certain that 99% of the Too Dumb To Live moments in them are caused by Gavin.
  • Belmont in A Day in Dracula's Life thinks it is a wise idea to keep spamming Hydro Storm. If not for Maria's Big Damn Heroes moment, Belmont would have stayed in Dracula's mercy after finding himself on the bad end of Dracula's Unstoppable Rage, which resulted from all the spamming. The Super Smash Bros. Brawl spin-off, A Day in Meta Knight's Life, has fun with this to deconstruct Character Tiers by having the Pikmin's Big Damn Heroes moment be a Double Subversion where they just increase Pit's intelligence increased by one rank, so Pit, no longer relying on his arrows (which besides being annoying can wreck any player without sufficient skill) at all, is at most a step above Too Dumb To Live when he is counteracting Meta Knight's moves with ease.
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  • The Adventure Zone: Balance has Boyland, who dies when he takes his helmet off and opens the window in an incredibly dangerous lab being encased in viral crystal, all for a smoke break.
  • Parodied by The Angry Video Game Nerd in his A Nightmare on Elm Street video.
    AVGN: Front door, closet... front door, closet... closet.
    • In the Angry Nerd Christmas Carol, old man AVGN insists on playing the motion controlled rhythm game Boogie and making needlessly grandiose gestures despite being not physically fit to do so. He even persists while having a heart attack, and you can imagine how that ends.
  • Danbooru has two pools dedicated to this trope. First of all the "Digging Your Own Grave" pool, which is about characters doing/saying something stupid with a lack of foresight and being about to be punished for it, comments along the lines of "Death Flag triggered" are quite common. Secondly is the "Told You Not To Do That" pool, which is about the aftermath and/or consequences of characters doing/saying something stupid with a lack of foresight.
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  • Cracked blog once poked fun at Terminator, specifically how all these people were clearly either terminally dumb or seriously determined to self-terminate (sorry). That is
    Cyberdine's tech support engineer: ...Again, my strength really lie in fixing computers, not in designing or managing needlessly nightmarish robots, but it just seems like a basic rule of computer-making that you should be able to turn it off at some point. I mean, my toaster has a plug in case something goes wrong, you know? And i haven't armed my toaster or given it access to my house's security system.
  • Critical Role when asked if she could retrieve a diamond that had fallen off a thousand foot cliff into the ocean bellow, Keyleth immediately responds, "can I!" and jumps off the cliff. Although she couldm't see the bottom of the cliff, with her druidic powers could have transformed into anything from a seagull too an aquatic dragon, she instead turns into a goldfish and dies the instant she hits the bottom of the cliff. Though she is quickly revived.
  • Eli from Deagle Nation classifies as this — he once tried to "parkour" over his mom's table, which ends up netting him a trip to the hospital.
  • Misa in Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv):
    Misa: Okay guys it looks like you have everything you need so I'm gonna go to bed now! Alone! Naked! And with the door unlocked! Bye!
  • The Demented Cartoon Movie has a driver who crashes his car into a wall at full speed after reacting indecisively to his onboard computer warning about just that.
    "I think you should steer. Do you want to crash?"
  • From Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Nappa thinks Krillin's Kienzan/Destructo Disk is a Frisbee and tries to catch it. With his teeth no less! Likewise, his appalling lack of intelligence makes him a walking disaster.
    • The World's Strongest (pre-Team Four Star): Doctors Wheelo and Kochin have JUST discovered that Gohan has an infinite supply of badassery and ki that only comes out when he is pissed.
    Wheelo: Kochin, did you feel the amount of energy that just came out of him?
    Kochin: Yes, I did. And I have a great idea! Let's piss him off until he explodes!
    • On the Team Four Star version of Worlds Strongest, Kochin still wants to piss Gohan off because of his power while Wheelo (who isn't evil in this version) knows how bad it is to piss off someone with lots of power.
    Wheelo: Kochin, STOP ANTAGONIZING HIM!
    Kochin: You're right! He's incredibly strong! In fact—
    Wheelo: Kochin, he is a child!
    Kochin: With a penis!
    Wheelo: Kochin, please!
    Kochin: You're right... I should check!
    • In Dead Zone Abridged, Garlic Jr.'s minions were out picking up the Dragon Balls after having knocked Piccolo out (they were trying to kill him, but that kills Kami, which renders the Dragon Balls inert; they all thank Kami that they're incompetent), but one of the balls is on the hat of a kid named Gohan. Said minions thought it was a good idea to kidnap the kid and beat up his mom. The dad is Son Goku, the strongest man on the planet. Garlic Jr. does not take this revelation well.
      • Garlic Jr.'s time in the aforementioned Dead Zone did a number on his sanity, as he himself falls afoul of this trope when he tries to unleash the Black Water Mist upon the world. Getting to the font to vent the Black Water Mist requires going through Mr. Popo, who wastes no time detouring him to the Fuck Box.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Discussed by Robo and Portica in 'Untamed and Uncut'.
    Robo: Is there any individual in this series that has the sense to not enter the animal enclosures?
    Portica: Watching animals would make a rather dull episode.
  • Dumb Ways to Die: Exactly What It Says on the Tin, the series of web videos and games shows characters meeting their demise through acts of ever-increasing stupidity. Also played a bit seriously in that it's a stealthy Public Service Announcement for Metro Trains of Melbourne, letting people know that being unsafe around moving trains is one of the things that qualifies them as Too Dumb To Live.
  • The majority of the failtrolls on EDF and Combusting Herpes.
  • 5 Second Films' Johnny Quickdeath is an interesting case. In his first appearances he's doing things that fit this trope to a T (Scissor Jogging, anyone?); but later, it appears he seemingly dies for no apparent reason; and takes people with him ("Johnny Quickdeath Celebrates Freedom"). It appears the trait is genetic, as well.
    "It was ill-advised to begin with. But Johnny has a track record with this stuff."
  • The Flying Man: Rob, the Dirty Cop who's dealing weapons. Sure, the Flying Man's been ruthlessly tracking down and murdering criminals for a week, but there's no way it'd happen to him, right?
  • Early in Freeman's Mind, Gordon tries to rescue a scientist dangling above a pit, saying, "give me your hand". The scientist immediately plummets to his death, having tried to give Gordon the hand he was using to hold on to the ledge instead of his free one.
    • Gordon also has the tendency of using this trope as an In-Universe explanation of the game's Artificial Stupidity.
  • Happy Tree Friends has Lumpy.
    • For a single episode example, in "Chew Said a Mouthful" Nutty gets a jawbreaker and doesn't understand the basic concept of how to eat it or why it has its name, so his attempts to chew it lead to his mouth getting wired shut, then at the end of the episode he tries to chew it again and dies.
    • In the episode "All Work and No Play", Nutty, Sniffles and Lammy all get maimed by playing on a clearly unsafe old playground that Lumpy was in the middle of demolishing, though it's thanks to Lumpy that Nutty and Sniffles are both killed.
  • While in his emo phase, IGSRJ consumes an entire bottle of whiskey, drives 60 MPH through a residential neighborhood, and plays Duke Nukem Mobile on his cellphone. He manages to get through WITHOUT INCIDENT!
    • Played for laughs in his Nintendo Sticker Album review, where he decides to stick a fork in an electrical socket to literally play with power.
  • The King of Hate very often makes very dumb tactical decisions in his playthroughs of video games. Let's list some examples off:
  • Pretty much the entirety of Klay World is this trope. Throughout the entire series the population of Klay World, the klaymen's, have gotten themselves in scenarios that would most likely result in their death.
  • J from Marble Hornets has made such brilliant decisions as, after being attacked when he visited an abandoned house, immediately deciding to return. Then announcing when he would do so to the internet at large. Totheark, who J thinks is the attacker, responds with a video that basically amounts to, "Yes, please come so we can eat you!" J still goes. At night.
    • And taken to new heights in Entry #40, wherein J gets tired of waiting for Alex, so he decides the best idea is to go for a walk in the creepy haunted woods. He had never been in the woods before, didn't know his way around, and, needless to say, didn't tell anyone where he was. On the plus side, he then did the most sensible thing anyone in the whole series has done so far: When Slender Man shows up to say hi, J just drops the camera and runs.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: Katelynn Zales just can't function properly, and just doesn't know what to keep out of her goddamn mouth. If it weren't for her Cool Big Sis Mackenzie, she'd be dead.
  • Some of the people in the stories on Not Always Right and its sibling sites, such as here.
  • The Onion: The Experts agree, the giant, razor clawed bioengineered crabs pose no threat.
  • The Interviewer guy of On the Set of 4th Edition normally is a Cosmic Plaything, getting killed by the creatures he interviews that don't get killed alongside him. But when drunk, all survival instincts flee him at high velocity as, to demonstrate a skill challenge, he decides to hit on The Lady of Pain, who he knows is capable of nullifying gods and flaying people with a glance, and he outright tries to intimidate her into giving him her number. Of all the times he's been killed in these shows, this was the one time he deserved it.
  • About 99% of the people in the trailer in the fake Shark Pool movie. A giant, man eating shark has somehow ended up in a swimming pool...and yet they don't just stay out of the pool...which the Only Sane Man repeatedly suggests they do.
  • Shrooms has Red; he believes the right way to drive ghosts from a haunted house is to insult their originality.
  • February, the schience officer from Starship who goes down to an uncharted alien planet and scans the air for breathability... after taking off her helmet. It gets worse from there.
  • Bowser Junior from SuperMarioLogan, to the extreme. See what he's doing on the page image? He's putting his tongue on the blades of Cody's drone. Even when Cody told him not to. Bloody Hilarious results ensue.
    • Bowser may be as stupid as his son, if not more.
    • Jeffy defines this trope; he has willingly played Russian Roulette once.
  • Pretty much every character in SMG4 is like this, with Mario being more prominent than others.
  • Crops up from time to time in Survival of the Fittest. One of the most notable examples was the very first death in v4. Danya tooks pains to tell the students that the collars were more sensitive this time, and not as prone to tampering. This does not stop Remi Pierce from attempting to slice off his collar with a knife the second he woke up on the island, with expected results.
  • Endemic in Sword Art Online Abridged, which populates the titular game with the usual sort of idiots you'd find in any MMO:
    • Most players can't be bothered to listen to any sort of strategy session even though the game is now literally a matter of life and death, and their best tactic to defeat bosses consists of "group up and hit it 'til it dies!"
    • Every time Kirito finds himself helping the Girl of the Week, he ends up having to bail them out of trouble, leading him to complain "Am I the only one in this damn game who understands how aggro works?!"
    • Rosalia in Episode 4. When she and her Titan's Hand goons try to ambush Kirito, and her mooks note how unconcerned he seems and start to worry that they might be Mugging the Monster, she dismisses their concerns. Her strategy is to deliver a Breaking Speech which does reduce Kirito to a Laughing Mad mess, but this doesn't change the fact that he's still so high-leveled that Rosalia's goons can't do enough damage to overcome his Regenerating Health. All she actually succeeds in doing is smashing several of Kirito's Berserk Buttons, which turns out to be a fatal mistake.
    • When Kirito encounters Laughing Coffin, a small group of Player Killers with a "Jesus tells me to kill" conceit, he defuses the standoff by advising them how to be better killers-for-hire and recommends they completely rebrand themselves with an ad campaign and full PR blast. Apparently they decided that this should also involve, as mentioned by Kuradeel a few episodes later, "sending an email with your exact location to every player in the game." Naturally, all the other players were very eager to pay them a visit.
    • Thinker, leader of the Aincrad Liberation Front, agreed to meet a rival faction leader at a "peace talk" held in a dungeon. Unarmed. Without any teleport crystals.
    • Even Akihiko Kayaba is exasperated with just what kind of people are playing his game.
      Kayaba: There's just no helping you people! It's like you crave death, but not just any death, nooooooo! You fuckers seem to have some kind of pool going to see who can end their existence in the dumbest, most avoidable way possible! And you just keep one-upping each other! Do you know how many of you have died screaming "Leeroy Jenkins?!" More than zero!
    • Suguha does dip into this territory every so often. Let's just say you do not dislodge a muffin stuck in your throat by eating another one, let alone eating the second so soon after the first even after it's cleared out.
  • Team Service Announcement: The BLU Heavy in Minigun Spinup takes so long to walk anywhere with his revving Brass Beast that the RED Spy and Sniper decide assassinating him is just too easy to be fun. So instead they drive a steamroller over him.
    • The BLU Soldier in Grenade Launcher willingly stands on a stickybomb trap, claiming "I got a good feeling about this!"
  • A vital part of Ten Things Webkinz Do series, especially "10 Dangerous Things Webkinz Do".
  • Third Rate Gamer has a bomb lying around in his house for no good reason. As if that weren't stupid enough, he sets a game on fire and manages to throw it at the bomb, lighting the fuse.
  • In a world where you can buy mutant powers for money, these two guys decide they want to be like Wolverine. Problem is they only have enough for either adamantium claws or healing factor...They Chose the Claws.
  • Many a video game Creepypasta protagonist turns out to be this, insisting on playing clearly broken copies of the game (usually without labels and the title written in Sharpie,) and even when the game doesn't force them to keep playing via supernatural means, they'll keep playing even when the sinister parts of the game reveal themselves.
    • Some go the extra mile, like the protagonist of "Blood Whistle", who becomes convinced that he has to beat the game and then kill himself after all the horror that he's witnessed (he comes to this decision on Stage 2, when he could've easily just bailed out.) Even when people on the fake forum he's posting his recounting of what's going on to manage to get campus police on his case, he just sends them away and then bans the culprits before continuing with the game (and when he does finally go through with it, he opts to go with the overly-complicated method of somehow impaling himself on a recorder.) Keep in mind that the game was not directly controlling him to do any of this; He decided to do it all on his own.
  • Inverted in Ultra Fast Pony, where Rainbow Dash is literally too dumb to die.
  • Multiple player characters in The Binder of Shame. "Everyone agreed there should have been some sign that the Desert of Certain Doom might be dangerous."
  • SCP Foundation brings us SCP-2416, a seemingly-ordinary man who keeps dying in various ridiculous ways (including attempting to kiss a table saw, trying to climb the Chrysler Building, and choking on oatmeal), only to reincarnate every time.
    • A similar story happened to the former owners of SCP-1958. Hippies discover a flying bus which can hold a livable climate and breathable atmosphere even in outer space, and decide to use it to colonize Alpha Centauri. Which is about four light-years away from Earth. When they find out the bus is "pulling eighty-two", they get ecstatic and figure they'll be there within a few weeks. Four months later, everyone is dead (One from taking a space walk without any kind of harness, one suicide, and one from scurvy). You would think a group of four people, one of which is a graduate and was able to make a working, airtight space suits would know better than screw up so badly. Also, their pilot barely even knew how to drive a regular bus.
  • In The With Voices Project, Frisk has this opinion about the monsters in Undertale: Genocider who constantly attack him for no reason. He's perfectly willing to leave them alone if they'd just stop bothering him every step on the way (even though this Frisk is a Hunter of Monsters by trade, which means he's being very generous to them), but they simply can't get a hint, so he solves the problem the pragmatic way. In the end, even Chara turns on him despite knowing how powerful and pragmatic he is and begins threatening to kill his family, so he just shoots her repeatedly until she's no longer an issue, then simply leaves.
  • World's Greatest Adventures’s Rufus Talltales, unsurprisingly, especially in Episode 13 as he keeps walking into the same electrified fence over and over and over.


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