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  • Multiple player characters in The Binder of Shame. "Everyone agreed there should have been some sign that the Desert of Certain Doom might be dangerous."
  • Cracked blog once poked fun at Terminator, specifically how all these people were clearly either terminally dumb or seriously determined to self-terminate (sorry). That is
    Cyberdine's tech support engineer: ...Again, my strength really lie in fixing computers, not in designing or managing needlessly nightmarish robots, but it just seems like a basic rule of computer-making that you should be able to turn it off at some point. I mean, my toaster has a plug in case something goes wrong, you know? And I haven't armed my toaster or given it access to my house's security system.
  • Many a video game Creepypasta protagonist turns out to be this, insisting on playing clearly broken copies of the game (usually without labels and the title written in Sharpie,) and even when the game doesn't force them to keep playing via supernatural means, they'll keep playing even when the sinister parts of the game reveal themselves. Some go the extra mile, like the protagonist of "Blood Whistle", who becomes convinced that he has to beat the game and then kill himself after all the horror that he's witnessed (he comes to this decision on Stage 2, when he could've easily just bailed out.) Even when people on the fake forum he's posting his recounting of what's going on to manage to get campus police on his case, he just sends them away and then bans the culprits before continuing with the game (and when he does finally go through with it, he opts to go with the overly-complicated method of somehow impaling himself on a recorder.) Keep in mind that the game was not directly controlling him to do any of this; He decided to do it all on his own.
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  • Danbooru has two pools dedicated to this trope. First of all the "Digging Your Own Grave" pool, which is about characters doing/saying something stupid with a lack of foresight and being about to be punished for it, comments along the lines of "Death Flag triggered" are quite common. Secondly is the "Told You Not To Do That" pool, which is about the aftermath and/or consequences of characters doing/saying something stupid with a lack of foresight.
  • The Jolly Roger Telephone Company provides bots designed to talk to telemarketers and other annoying callers. There's a female bot who has a routine in which the talks about mixing ammonia with bleach to make a cleaner, stumbles around stubbing her toe, and otherwise acts the idiot.
  • Some of the people in the stories on Not Always Right and its sibling sites, such as here.
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  • The Onion: The Experts agree, the giant, razor clawed bioengineered crabs pose no threat.
  • The Interviewer guy of On the Set of 4th Edition normally is a Cosmic Plaything, getting killed by the creatures he interviews that don't get killed alongside him. But when drunk, all survival instincts flee him at high velocity as, to demonstrate a skill challenge, he decides to hit on The Lady of Pain, who he knows is capable of nullifying gods and flaying people with a glance, and he outright tries to intimidate her into giving him her number. Of all the times he's been killed in these shows, this was the one time he deserved it.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • It brings us SCP-2416, a seemingly-ordinary man who keeps dying in various ridiculous ways (including attempting to kiss a table saw, trying to climb the Chrysler Building, and choking on oatmeal), only to reincarnate every time.
    • A similar story happened to the former owners of SCP-1958. Hippies discover a flying bus which can hold a livable climate and breathable atmosphere even in outer space, and decide to use it to colonize Alpha Centauri. Which is about four light-years away from Earth. When they find out the bus is "pulling eighty-two", they get ecstatic and figure they'll be there within a few weeks. Four months later, everyone is dead (One from taking a space walk without any kind of harness, one suicide, and one from scurvy). You would think a group of four people, one of which is a graduate and was able to make a working, airtight space suits would know better than screw up so badly. Also, their pilot barely even knew how to drive a regular bus.
    • One of the termination attempts for SCP-682 was taping a picture of 096 to 173. 096 kills anyone who sees its face, while 173 kills anything that looks away. The Foundation noted that it might kill 682, but the suggestion is still unbelievably stupid because there'd be no way for the Foundation to safely contain 173 afterward.
  • A vital part of Ten Things Webkinz Do series, especially "10 Dangerous Things Webkinz Do".


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