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Ace Attorney

  • Practically the whole cast of the deleted story, Phoenix Wright: Ghosts of the Past, when they decided to let Maya channel Dahlia. Considering that because of Dahlia's haunting Iris was at the verge of mental breakdown and they were desperate for solution chanelling itself is understandable, but they had only taken precautions against Dahlia escaping, rather than from her trying to kill them, and what's more they did it in a kitchen. Phoenix, Maya and Athena almost got killed, and no one present got out of it without any injuries. Summarised by Dahlia herself:
    Dahlia: I don't know what the hell convinced you it was good idea? You had to know this is how I'd react! You gather everyone I hate in the same room and summon me? And you don't even have a back-up plan?!

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

Ah! My Goddess

  • When several gods in Heaven was making a porno (under the belief that begging for such from Hell was disgraceful) in The Vain Rose's Garden, they decide not to include Urd, claiming that doing so might get Tyr or Hild after them. While a reasonable claim, they did so after shooting her scene. While nothing is proven, Peorth nonetheless notes that most of the gods involved in the filming disappeared "under mysterious circumstances" over the following years.
    • Later, one of a pair of demons hired to turn Urd into a demon tries to rape her while she's unconscious. His partner understandably freaks out, not out of any moral objection but because rape in general is heavily punished in Hell and raping Hild's daughter is the kind of idiocy that would turn them into a cautionary tale to keep other demons from misbehaving for the rest of eternity.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • A different weasel makes a difference:
    • Oberyn Martell. Leading Dornish troops to war when Dorne and Aegon's troops weren't prepared to conquer Westeros? Well, maybe he thought Westeros was more vulnerable than it was. Splitting the troops because Connington was being an ass? Harder to defend, but if Connington was actively putting the Dornish troops in danger with his poor leadership, that's one thing. But his actions become less and less defensible, culminating in him evicting the lord of the castle his forces were holed up in to sleep with the man's wife. Stannis captures Oberyn and his forces while the Dornish prince is having an orgy. In the final battle, Oberyn gets himself and nine hundred men killed in a reckless charge against the Night's Queen, seemingly having not realized that he lacked enough force to break through the Others' army.
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    • When the Others attack the Vale, Jon Snow leads an effort to burn as many of the corpses in the Vale as possible, but the Valemen object, believing the Others won't be able to raise bodies buried on consecrated ground. Jon tells them they are this. When the Others come, the Valemen turn out to be right. The Others really can't raise the dead buried on consecrated ground. But if that hadn't been the case, the Others likely would have won.
  • Let the Galaxy Burn: The Southern nobles really should have learned by now that the North is not to be taken lightly, but seemingly no amount of losses taken at the hands of Northern troops will teach them. The Ironborn are even worse; maybe don't launch a full-frontal assault on a superior force that's expecting you? Or do, it's not like dead Ironborn is a negative.


  • In Fragmentation, a ComStar mole is wanted in four out of the five Successor States for child molestation. That's bad enough. But what qualifies him for this trope is that in the Draconis Combine, his would-be victim was a member of the ruling Kurita family.
    Broker: I was aware Kneiss was stupid from your briefings, but I was under the impression the genetrash still had some basic survival instincts.

Calvin and Hobbes

Code Geass

  • After being sent back in time in God's Gambit, Lelouch makes a point of warning the Blood of the Samurai that Britannia knows where they are and that Cornelia will be coming for them first as they're the largest resistance group they have a definitive location for. Despite this and one of their leaders insisting that they should take steps to prepare, the majority decides to instead "die with honor". The lone dissenting leader calls them out on the fact they're simply too proud to accept help from someone who's accomplished more in a week than they have in seven years and leaves, taking several of his subordinates with him.
  • Dauntless (Allora Gale): A cop tries to shoot Suzaku, arguing that "a monkey like him must be blackmailing the prince". Even if another soldier hadn't shot him, Lelouch's response would have been legendary. Furthermore, attacking a Knight of Honor is legally exactly the same as attacking the prince/princess they're sworn to.
  • Genbu Kururugi in Reincarnation Roulette tries to have the invasion of Japan halted by torturing Princess Luluka and broadcasting it to Britannia. Naturally, all this accomplishes is making the invasion more brutal in retribution.

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars


  • Vulture and Greyback, two griffin soldiers in Ace Combat: The Equestrian War. The former is outmaneuvered by Firebolt and killed upon crashing onto a column during the battle of Cloudsdale. The latter is fried by The Burning Talon's laser because he is too focused on trying to kill Lightning Bolt. When he finally notices the danger, it's too late for him.
  • Dave in Dave Stdider Pokemon Traner. Jake England the evil poacher wheels a ray gun specifically called the "Dave Kill Lazer" past Dave & co. while laughing maniacally. Dave nonchalantly acknowledges this fact and then just ignores the fact that an evil villain has a laser SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO KILL HIM. Also he's fooled by Jack and Karkat's false mustaches in Chapter 8, despite the fact that a nameless character (The Ticket Taker Man) notices like, a sentence before.
  • In Flashpoint 2: Advent Solaris, the sole original character of the fic - Lady Mairghread, is a corrupt political figure of Soleanna who was in the middle of staging a coup against Elise when Eggman surrounded the boat she was on with himself and his robots. She was going to hand Elise over to him, but decided to turn her back on him when he asked for a refund after losing the scepter of darkness to Team Dark. She even does a "Do You Who I am?!" type speech. Again, while he has her boat surrounded by armed and armored robots while her only protection is a bunch of human guards with only handguns.She doesn't prove long for the world.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Haruhi thinks this of Taniguchi after learning about his ratings. Kyon calling him a 'living perv-wiki' probably didn't help.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Touji’s sister was obsessed with seeing closely a battle between a giant robot and an alien monster. She left the shelter, her brother ran after her, and they almost got killed during the battle.
  • Dr. Emil Hamilton in Terminal Justice. While everyone else realizes how bad an idea it is to antagonize the embodiment of Death, Hamilton decides to mind control Power Girl into slapping some magical shackles on him. Not only is he already aware of the very real possibility that this would merely prevent people from dying without affecting Death himself, he also knows that Death has a lot of friends in the Justice League, including his girlfriend Supergirl. The end result? Everyone and everything in the universe stops dying (no matter how horrifically injured) while Death is in a coma. Meanwhile his siblings cause widespread destruction (among other things, tornadoes started appearing literally everywhere in the world). Unlike many cases of this trope, Hamilton doesn't actually die. Instead he's so horrifically injured his doctors insist he won't be eating solid food for at least a decade; he's left infected with the plague (courtesy of Pestilence) and with all his backers destroyed (War's doing).
  • In Remnant's Bizarre Adventure, four random White Fang goons get the brilliant idea of trying to take down Jotaro, despite Pucci having warned them not to mess with Jotaro if they can avoid it. To make things worse, they try to intimidate him into surrendering instead of taking him by surprise. It ends about as well as you would expect.
    • Ruby comes dangerously close but thankfully wises up in her fight with Oyecomova. Though it’s more of a case of “too idealistic to live,” really. She’s reluctant to kill Oyecomova even when doing so would save lives, and this allows Oyecomova to keep trying to kill her. He fails, but manages to escape. Oyecomova even mentions that many of his enemies don’t realize that maybe trying to physically restrain the guy who can turn anything he touches into a bomb might not be a good idea.
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack: During the Chamberlain Incident, the two surviving pranksters try to run Carrie down...after seeing her torch the school and in front of multiple superheroes.
  • Senator Kinsey in Ship of the Line: An Unlikely Hope tries to threaten Darth Vader (really Xander turned into Vader) while on-board the Executor, completely ignoring that not only is Vader a two meter cyborg with a laser sword and magic powers, but is also in command of a ship that (according to Star Wars fans in Stargate Command) could eliminate roughly 90% of humanity in 24 hours with an orbital bombardment.
  • In Thousand Shinji:
    • Shinji hated his father but he decided to forget about Gendo since he'd got a real family (Misato, Asuka and Rei) and friends at last. However Gendo decided to hurt them to try to keep his son in line. Shinji's Roaring Rampage of Revenge was terrific.
    • Kaworu introduces Shinji and gives his true nature away at the same time. Shinji attacked him right away.
  • In Christian Grey vs. Pepper Potts, this trope pretty much defines Christian. One prime example is when he decides to romantically pursue Jennifer Walters, knowing full well that she can turn into She-Hulk. When Jennifer is creeped out by him taking her to a hotel room after picking her up while drunk and runs away, he has her assistant kidnapped. He then expects Jennifer to have a nice dinner in a warehouse, with the threat of the assistant's knees being broken with a sledgehammer if she refuses. By the time She-Hulk is done with him, his spine is broken and it's expected that he'll never move again. (He does recover, but only with the help of a vengeful Asgardian goddess).
  • A random biker in Tainted first makes bigoted comments about Xander's new girlfriend She-Hulk. Then when she tries to play peacemaker between him and Xander, said biker backhands her. Fortunately for him, She-Hulk is willing to Turn the Other Cheek. Unfortunately, Xander, who recently became a Hulk himself, isn't.
  • The Wizarding World is this when Harry temporarily returns to Earth in Wizard Runemaster. In order to punish the goblins for not handing over Harry's wealth, the Ministry of Magic is having radioactive waste poured into their cave systems. Said goblin caves run under most of London and a good deal of Great Britain.
    • According to Harry, countless wizards have been killed by summoning a sword or some other type of weapon, then not dodging when it comes flying toward them at high speed.
  • In The Watchman Warren kills Tara, rapes Willow, and tries to kill Buffy despite knowing that Xander has become The Sentry, who's described as "Superman on steroids with more mental problems than Joker". Warren thinks that because his magic orbs let him fight a Slayer evenly he's a match for Xander who treated a Hellgod as an annoyance. Xander throws Warren to Greenland, beats the hell out of him, rips off his head, and vaporizes his body. He then drops Warren's head off at the local demon bar as a warning to anyone trying to mess with his friends.
  • Gods, Angels, and Kings: Gendo has a rather dumb moment when he kidnaps Godzilla's infant child as bait in hopes of luring him to Mount Fuji and killing him with the Evas. It goes badly for NERV. A downplayed example, as it was mainly a case of severely underestimating Godzilla rather than thinking there would be no consequences.
  • The Dursley family in The Devil Ashikabi sell Harry to MBI and never consider Takami might call Child Services on them.
  • A vampire in Tales from the Barman tries to start a fight (and kill Xander's cat) in Xander's bar despite Xander being a veteran demon hunter. The presence of roughly a dozen Slayers either working or drinking makes it even worse.
  • Major Silva in Guilty Sparks, just like in his original appearance tries to bring the Truth and Reconciliation back to Earth while poo-pooing the threat of The Flood aboard the ship. Unlike the original novelization, however, he goes the extra mile and mutinies when Colonel Holland orders him to abandon ship to help some rogue Kig-Yar pirates and Batarians in taking a ship that wasn't infested.
  • The Infinite Loops: This is the only reason why Billy is categorized as an MLE. He has no ill intentions — he's just so damn stupid that he's a danger to himself, other loopers, and Yggdrasil as a whole. It is not an uncommon occurrence for Billy to manage to kill himself and several others by accident during a loop through nothing more than his sheer idiocy.
  • Roanapur Knights: Learning Curve has two noteworthy examples.
  • Played for Laughs in Curse of the DualShock: Chase dug straight down (Which of course is stupid), killing him when he swam in lava.
    • First, a vampire sends thralls after Boss Chang. Boss Chang hires Shenhua to "send a message". It's unknown what exactly she did but one of the local Slayers was amazed/horrified said vampire was still alive when she found him.
    • Later a Succubus drains one of Balalaika's men and even after being caught, she brags to Balalaika about how she took her form while having sex with the man. Balalaika has the Succubus' horns, wings, and tail sawed off then lets the torturer do with her as they want. Afterwards, she's to be sent to work at a local strip club/brothel but not allowed to dance or have any contact with the customers, effectively starving her.
  • Hostile aliens from the Stargate-verse in XSGCOM. Loyalist Jaffa are slaughtered in troves, and as for the Wraith... within days of the expedition's arrival to Atlantis a full quarter of the Wraith hives in the galaxy are nuked. Not that the friendly aliens were any better, especially the Ancients.
  • In Iron Age Politics, Quentin Travers is basically dead-set on alienating every potential ally he can, as shown when he plans to steal Xander's design for a stake railgun he created with Tony Stark's memories. He's also condescending enough to his assistant (who has several degrees under her belt) that she's started giving him extra sweets so it'll be less obvious when she poisons him into having a heart attack.
  • Day of the Broken Fang, a prequel to The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds, shows that this is what brought about the end of COBRA — Cobra Commander, being based on his more competent Marvel Comics incarnation, was smart enough to leave the Decepticons alone. Serpentor, on the other hand, wasn't as bright; driven by an egotistical desire to prove his dominance, the Super Soldier ordered an attack on the Decepticons' main base with a slew of untested weapons, just because Doctor Mindbender assured him that they'd work. Needless to say, the Decepticons were not only not harmed by the attack, but Megatron was so pissed that he ordered a counter-attack that wiped COBRA off the map (literally, in the case of Cobra Island), with only a handful of survivors escaping the massacre (including the Commander, who had realized what was coming and fled in time).
    • One of the survivors, Overkill, clearly didn't learn anything from the experience. A few years later, he tried to rebuild COBRA from other surviving soldiers and resources, and tried to make their mark by attacking West Point. This, despite the fact that by this point, the Earth Defense Command (formed by the unification of the Joes, the Oktober Guard, and other special forces) had already driven the Decepticons off Earth. The new COBRA ended up crushed completely, with their stupidity lampshaded by the now-retired Cobra Commander.
      "I mean seriously, fifty people, some tanks and some BATs? Did his hard drive crash or something?"
  • The Totally Amazing Spider-Man: Barely defied. Mandy stayed inside of a burning building just to save a prize-winning picture, and when Spider-Man arrives to save her bacon, she very reluctantly leaves the picture behind, and only after being cajoled by the masked hero.
  • In Oz In Ikebukuro Land, a crossover between PandoraHearts and Durarara!!, the universally despised "father" of Oz Vessalius shows up when Oz is feeling most confident, (having used his chain to follow Jack there and prevent him from destroying this world too) and decides now is the best time possible to, in front of a large amount of people, start berating Oz and calling him a thing. Mikado Ryuugamine starts telling him off for it and Kida Masaomi gets a little unnerved, but this moment really applies when he starts talking to Shizuo, telling him to stop hanging out with such a filthy beast.
    • You know, that Shizuo Heiwajima, who does not like it when people hurt children (or in this case, a chain in a human's body, and this same man dislikes those who hurt children most. So it's all right if he pressures this obviously pissed off guy to avoid a kid he's started caring for-to leave him. Of course, Zai gets kicked into the wall by Shizuo, who decides that he hates this guy more than Izaya himself and berates him, saying no decent person should treat their kid that way.
  • Danzo really should have thought more about his decision to abduct not-quite-four-years-old Kobayashi Hikaru and deliver him to Orochimaru in The Road to Ruin. Even if Hiruzen didn't decide to stop him pulling the bullshit, he failed to consider two things. First of all, letting the kid who helped to save the Hyuuga Clan Heiress from a kidnapping vanish into the unknown isn't going to fly. Two, the kid's parentage by his mixed-blood mother means he's a member of the Uchiha and Yamanaka Clans, and both are already irked by the fact Hikaru wasn't identified sooner. And even if they refused to help, Hatake Kakashi wouldn't quietly stand by and let his newfound son be taken away from him.
  • A group of Afghan fighters in My Copy decide it would be a good idea to shoot at Lilith aka Destroyer aka a female clone of The Juggernaut. To make things worse, she's currently fighting a group of demons who had been previously killing them, but they decide to stop shooting the demons trying to kill them and start shooting the woman saving them.
  • Lampshaded by Mace Windu in A Horse for the Force after Ranma wipes out a chapter of the Bounty Hunter Guild for almost killing Shaak-Ti. Mace remarks that any chapter that takes up the bounty on Ranma after both that and his actions on Yavin 4 will have "reached an evolutionary dead end".
  • A pair of Slayers in The Reality Theory Convergence decided to make a game of throwing knives as close as possible to the inscription of the ward protecting their apartment without hitting it. After ruining the ward, they don't tell anyone so it's not repaired until after they're attacked. Xander is furious and orders them to have to live with the rest of the "baby Slayers" and they have to share the smallest room because they're clearly not responsible enough to live on their own.
    Xander: You two did something so stupid I’m surprised you can walk and wield a sword at the same time! You know how important these wards are, and you screwed around with them, and then you didn’t tell anyone you had ruined them! You could have died! You could have gotten someone else killed! You got to stay on your own by promising to be responsible. Well, this is the exact opposite of responsible! We’ll have a van here within an hour. Have everything you own packed and ready to go. Clothes in suitcases and duffelbags, books and knickknacks in boxes, weapons in your gymbags. We’ll move the furniture and kitchen stuff later.
  • Skidmark in Constellations sends a party of grunts kidnap a new cape who didn't use a Secret Identity. No, the cape wasn't the dumb one, since the ABB - a gang led by a frigging dragon-man - likes her so much they would probably go to war to rescue her. Second: the cape is a priestess to a major goddess who can and does dish a Bolt of Divine Retribution for something so simple as slapping her human. And last but not least, the cape's father is a licensed Protectorate hero who's hellishly protective of her after his wife's death. Not only did the attempt fail, Skidmark's gang was utterly gutted in the following days.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, the Kryptonian Science Council refused to heed Jor-El's warnings of Krypton's destruction even after being shown photographs of the planet's destabilized core. This doomed the entire Kryptonian race with the exception of baby Kal-El, who was sent away in the one rocket Jor-El was able to put together after the Council banned all space exploration technology.
  • The (Questionable) Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Emperor:
    • After Ra's death, almost all of the System Lords engage in a brief but brutal civil war to claim as much of the deceased Supreme System Lord's holdings as possible. The only one not to participate is Yu, who remembers that they're still at war with another interstellar empire and later notes that the Goa'uld Hegemony lost more forces fighting each other than they had in centuries of war with the Celestial Empire.
    • Apophis fails to realize that seeing hundreds of Goa'uld killed has caused his slaves to realize they're not gods. It's even noted that Ra would have realized the danger of a human mob whose anger has overridden their fear. When Apophis tries cow them as usual, he's knocked to the ground and kicked to death.
    • Later Naruto, Karasuba, and Setsuna are both amused and disgusted that the Tollan disable theirs and SG1's ranged weapons but don't even ask them to relinquish their swords (or Setsuna's many knives) even after Karasuba introduces herself with "I kill people." Naruto privately wonders if they've had so little conflict that they simply have no survival instinct anymore. Furthermore, when SG1 tries to warn the Tollan that the Goa'uld are attempting to sabotage their planetary defenses, the Tollan leader brushes off their warnings and threatens to rule against them in the current trial if they persist.
    • The NID deserve a mention for both kidnapping Yahan, whom they know Naruto views as a little sister, then later trying to assassinate Naruto during a press conference. The latter is particularly bad since even if they succeeded in killing him, they know for a fact he has a warship in orbit and an empire spanning a considerable portion of the galaxy. Said warship is outright stated to be perfectly capable of turning Earth into an asteroid field at any time.
  • In Wandering of a Sword Hero, Shirou is forced to kill a slaver to save a group of enslaved children who were just ordered to die. One of the other slavers, having just witnessed Shirou kill his comrade to protect the children, threatens retribution when word gets out, causing Shirou to kill all of the slavers.


  • Three-Point Shot: Gonta finds Kirumi passed out near the tea that she was going to serve, since the act of preparing the tea resulted in the poison in it producing fumes that knocked her out. In order to investigate the tea, Gonta drinks it and ends up being fatally poisoned. This action also results in inadvertently thwarting an attempt to kill Kokichi, resulting in the culprit being executed.

Death Note

  • In Forty Seconds Tsen, a two-bit crook, goes around telling people he's Kira. Naturally the real Kira takes issue with this.
  • In one fan comic, a girl goes up to Light, knowing full well that he's Kira, and lists all her qualifications to be his girlfriend, including being smarter than anyone else at Wammy's House. She then gives him her name for him to write down, and he does... in the Death Note.
  • Misa in Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv):
    Misa: Okay guys, it looks like you have everything you need so I'm gonna go to bed now! Alone! Naked! And with the door unlocked! Bye!

Dragon Ball

  • This is pretty much the premise of Bad Man: one of Bulma's assistants, being heavily in debt with the mob, decides the best way to escape them is to kidnap Bulma while she is pregnant with Bra and blackmail Vegeta into killing his creditors, using a machine that hid ki signatures to not be located. Needless to say, when Vegeta ultimately does find him, he uses the picture of his corpse on the papers to show the world what will happen to those who mess with his family. Worse still, during her captivity Bulma has managed to leave the basement she had been trapped into and outright tells her kidnapper to just surrender and hope she can convince Vegeta to show mercy. He shoots her and run.
  • From Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Nappa thinks Krillin's Kienzan/Destructo Disk is a Frisbee and tries to catch it. With his teeth no less! Likewise, his appalling lack of intelligence makes him a walking disaster.
    • The World's Strongest (pre-Team Four Star): Doctors Wheelo and Kochin have JUST discovered that Gohan has an infinite supply of badassery and ki that only comes out when he is pissed.
      Wheelo: Kochin, did you feel the amount of energy that just came out of him?
      Kochin: Yes, I did. And I have a great idea! Let's piss him off until he explodes!
    • On the Team Four Star version of Worlds Strongest, Kochin still wants to piss Gohan off because of his power while Wheelo (who isn't evil in this version) knows how bad it is to piss off someone with lots of power.
      Wheelo: Kochin, STOP ANTAGONIZING HIM!
      Kochin: You're right! He's incredibly strong! In fact—
      Wheelo: Kochin, he is a child!
      Kochin: With a penis!
      Wheelo: Kochin, please!
      Kochin: You're right... I should check!
    • In Dead Zone Abridged, Garlic Jr.'s minions were out picking up the Dragon Balls after having knocked Piccolo out (they were trying to kill him, but that kills Kami, which renders the Dragon Balls inert; they all thank Kami that they're incompetent), but one of the balls is on the hat of a kid named Gohan. Said minions thought it was a good idea to kidnap the kid and beat up his mom. The dad is Son Goku, the strongest man on the planet. Garlic Jr. does not take this revelation well.
    • Garlic Jr.'s time in the aforementioned Dead Zone did a number on his sanity, as he himself falls afoul of this trope when he tries to unleash the Black Water Mist upon the world. Getting to the font to vent the Black Water Mist requires going through Mr. Popo, who wastes no time detouring him to the Fuckbox.

Fire Emblem

  • In the lost Fire Emblem Awakening Future of Despair comic, Panne fits in through and through. Because "having to give birth to your and Henry's child in isolation per (fanon) Taguel costumes" should not equal to "stupidly running away from a mostly safe CASTLE to the nearby WOODS all alone and thus getting yourself skewered with arrows by a bunch of dumb hunters who didn't know better". What an Idiot!!
    • It's even worse when you recall the also lost notes on said "fanon" costumes. These instincts that lead Taguel moms to seek for "complete isolation" when giving birth are supposed to be completely irresistible and unrestrainable, so they imply that every Taguel mother is pretty much WIRED to be Too Dumb to Live - not only they could potentially run into hunters like in Panne's case, but they deny themselves any support in case of pre/current/post-birth complications for herself and her baby/babies. Double What an Idiot!!

Girl Genius

  • Raised by Jägers: Agatha's classmate at TPU, Kyril. Moments after being told not to touch anything in a lab, he presses the big red button and is nearly killed. Agatha doesn't even know whether Kyril is his first name or last name, but figures she'll find out at his funeral.

Girls und Panzer


Harry Potter

  • Twice in Dodging Prison & Stealing Witches John Potter pulls off an incredibly stupid stunt that nearly kills him (and others the second time).
    • First, after the troll on Halloween is crippled and barely dragging itself along the ground, he leaps at it and casts a blasting spell at point blank range. Not only was it completely unnecessary but he's badly injured as a result. The girls who crippled the troll consider it the stupidest thing they ever saw.
    • Second, upon coming across a necromantic ritual site, John starts casting in an attempt to destroy it. Doing so revives the Whomping Willow inferius there which nearly kills him, Neville, Draco, and Theodore Nott. Afterwards Draco tells him that introducing new magic to a ritual is literally the last thing you should do.
    • Daphne insists Hermione come with her to heal a dying unicorn despite them both knowing it's being hunted by Voldemort and using a Sense Danger spell that tells them they're currently in mortal peril. After they (barely) escape, Harry lectures them for risking their lives over a unicorn. Unlike the troll on Halloween, where they faced a dangerous but manageable threat to save a classmate, here they faced the most dangerous dark wizard alive to save an animal.
    • The story even begins with one, even bigger than the others. John, having failed to destroy Voldemort, was sent back in time by Death and Fate to try again - giving him four years of prep time. And then, during the second confrontation, he allows himself to be killed for what amount to no reason because he thinks he's in a "Groundhog Day" Loop, thinking the two entities will send him back again for as many times as he needs. Instead, they get pissed at John wasting his and their time, and instead give Harry the next chance.
  • In Effects And Side Effects, Draco manages to get himself executed by Gringotts staff for casting a killing curse, ostensibly at Harry, but with a high ranking goblin standing next to him. It's practically a Running Gag that the stupidity of his death gets repeatedly lampshaded throughout the story.
  • Flint in Enveloped in the Darkness nearly kills Draco, because he's Harry's best friend and Harry pissed him off. Not only does he brag about it in front of the entire Slytherin house and Narcissa, he then insults her when she gives Harry the right to enact the Malfoy family's vengeance. It apparently never occurs to him that even if Harry wasn't able to easily defeat him, he's attempted to kill the sole heir of one extremely rich and powerful family who pretty much control the Minister of Magic. Due to the rules of the Dueling Pit, Harry doesn't kill him; he just makes Flint wish he had.
  • In Eternal Fantasy, the Wizarding World continues on with life as they did before the "Transition" which changed earth into an expy of Final Fantasy, even though Earth magic is eroded away on Gaia. They'd rather lock themselves away and continue breaking down magical items to fuel their wards that keep out Gaian magic than try to change. During a visit to Hogwarts, Harry's group notices a class of children being taught to turn beetles into buttons, despite every witch and wizard knowing that wands only have a certain amount of magic they can cast before being turned into ordinary sticks. Hermione lampshades that they're wasting a non-renewable resource learning parlor tricks rather than anything remotely useful.
  • In one Harry Potter story, Hermione spots what she thinks is a Will-o'-Wisp. While following it, she notes how they're spirits that lead people into traps for fun. While not a will o' wisp, the flames are still controlled by Pansy Parkinson who quickly disarms and paralyzes Hermione.
  • In For Love of Magic a trio of Death Eaters try to kill Harry during the second task, but not only do they keep on their voluminous robes underwater, they cast blasting spells. The resulting underwater explosion leaves them badly injured and unconscious. Harry simply leaves them to drown.
  • Hermoine's abusive boyfriend in Revelations and Results decides that he can isolate Hermoine from her friends and beat her, all the while being aware that one of her friends happens to be Harry Potter who, among other things, is nicknamed The Boy Who Lived because, among other things, he survived an attack from Voldemort as an infant and who is also considered one of the best wizards at Hogwarts. Needless to say, when Harry finds out, it doesn't end well for said boyfriend. Harry even says it at one point while delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to him:
    "You know, Petersen, for a Ravenclaw, you're about the stupidest thing walking on two legs."
    "I don't know what you're talking about," the Ravenclaw blustered.
    "No? Well, let's see if I can jog your memory. Hermione Granger, your girlfriend, the one you've been using as a punching bag? The girl who happens to be my best friend? Who is thought of as a sister by every other boy in Gryffindor? Who also happens to be friends with most of the teachers at Hogwarts, including Professor Dumbledore? Do you have any idea just how many people are going to be after your head on a pike?" Harry shook his head and stalked towards his target. "You couldn't have picked someone more likely to get you killed if you tried, you git—not that it matters." He smiled; it wasn't a very nice smile, and Petersen swallowed.
    "You see, Mark—you don't mind if I call you Mark, do you—we're going to come to an understanding right now." His fist slammed into Petersen's gut, doubling him over. "You're not Hermione's boyfriend anymore," he continued, chopping a short punch to his face, splitting his cheek. "You're never going to go near her again," he added, throwing two more jabs, one to the mouth, the other to the nose. "In fact, you're never going to look at her again, because you're dropping out of Hogwarts," he said, hammering another blow to the kidneys. "You're going to be gone within 24 hours, I don't care if you have to walk; because if you aren't, Mark, this will seem like a pillow fight compared to what I'll do to you." The last punch landed well below the belt and left Petersen retching on the floor.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • The Stronger Evil: After Daolon Wong loses his magical powers, he intends to have revenge on Shendu for double-crossing him. He does this by using a stolen gun to shoot the Demon Sorcerer's beloved Valerie Payne — right in front of the full-powered demon while standing in plain view atop a van. Instead of trying to use the resulting shock from everyone's part to make an escape attempt, he gloats in Shendu's face. In response, Shendu pummels Wong in Unstoppable Rage.

Marvel Comics

  • Peter Parker's Field Trip (Of course it's to Stark Industries): Mr. Harrison and the Principle never thought to call Stark Industries to confirm whether or not the various legal documents that Peter had given them as proof of his internship were real or forgeries, having their copy of Peter's contract shredded under the assumption that it wasn't a real document. Ironically this act might have saved the school from getting sued even worse, as shredding it ensured to prevent contact information that SI would have want to keep confidential just that.
    Tony: I'm sorry... instead of using the contact information that we had listed — the highly sensitive contact information, beneath the non-disclosure agreement that you, presumably, signed — to contact us and ask for validation of some kind. You... you threw out the very important legal documents pertaining to one of your students with no proof of forgery? Just on an assumption?
  • Reed Richards in The Spider recreates the same dimensional portal that both gave the Fantastic Four their powers and that they had trapped Doom inside until he escaped. Peter calls him out on once again rebuilding a portal to another dimension that not only do they know nothing about, but that Doom has previously tried to steal. Mere seconds later, Doom hacks into Reed's systems to steal the blueprints of the portal.

The Matrix

My Hero Academia

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • A Brief History of Equestria: Roughly half of the Unicorn nobility stayed behind when the Manehattan river valley was evacuated for the new homeland because they couldn't stand the thought of abandoning their hoards of treasure. They were all naturally frozen to death by the Windigos.
    • Star Saber's little group of thirty who tried to counter-revolt against Hurricane failed because they tried to steal weapons from an empty armory... which was positioned next to an active mess hall... in the middle of the day. Hurricane found this hilarious.
    • The extremely misandrist stallion-hating Commander Sullamander tried to use her position to pass laws that would effectively outlaw heterosexual intercourse among the pegasi. Wind Whistler points out that this would effectively end their people, and as such attempting to go through with this plan would count as high treason according to the Articles of Command, resulting in Sullamander's immediate removal from office and execution. She very, very reluctantly backs down, much to Wind Whistler's disappointment.
  • The Death of Princess Luna:
    • Luna sneaks out all alone in the middle of the night, ignoring Celestia's advice, because she thinks that "anything that would try to harm her would be no match for her magic". As a result, she gets ambushed and abducted. Clearly, such a scenario never entered her mind until it was too late.
    • In the penultimate chapter, as the Celestial Deadline of the bad guys' choice approaches, Navy Shield makes one last desperate, dumb move – he shoots Luna in front of Celestia. Of course Luna survives, and the entire conspiracy gets charges for and attempted murder, while Navy Shield is also stripped of all his titles and ranks and thrown into prison for life.
  • Loved and Lost: After Prince Jewelius successfully usurps Equestria's throne and turns the public and Twilight Sparkle against the latter's friends as well as Shining Armor and the princesses, he lures the heroes into his trap not long after banishing them and tells them everything about his secret evil deeds and plans in regards to Twilight. This motivates the broken heroes to expose him for the monster he is and save Twilight from his manipulations. After the imprisoned Changelings have escaped along with the heroes, Jewelius focuses entirely on finding the heroes, even though the public and Twilight are more concerned about the Changelings who managed to nearly conquer Equestria once already, and Queen Chrysalis — a villainess who's more powerful than Jewelius and out for his blood for double-crossing her — tries to kill him right after her escape. After Jewelius has allowed Twilight to realize how evil he is, she escapes with the Elements of Harmony and uses them with her friends to stop Jewelius' army during the final battle. When Jewelius is cornered by the heroes, the Changelings swoop in and take their revenge by eating Jewelius alive.
  • Krysta from My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic, who decides to follow a strange orb of light with the voice of the bad guy, promising her to tell her where she comes from.
  • Nightmare Sky, a minor antagonist in Nightmares, steals the Elements of Harmony and tries to unleash their power on the Mane 6. To repeat, a Nightmare, an incarnation of rage, hatred and disharmony, tries to wield a set of weapons designed specifically to fight disharmony, against the highly harmonious group chosen by said weapons to bear them. Given that Sky, unlike Nightmare Moon, did not have the advantage of having been an immortal god-pony before her transformation, the resultant backfire turned her into a sooty smear.
  • Inverted in Ultra Fast Pony, where Rainbow Dash is literally too dumb to die.


  • Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto:
    • When the Kurama clan seeks to defect to Iwa one of the chuunin tasked with killing Yakumo's guards figures the medic is dead for sure because he suffered a wound that would bleed out in several minutes. The other clan members are honestly amazed at his stupidity for believing a medic wouldn't be able to heal a wound like that when left alone and list off several different ways to do exactly that.
    • The entire Kurama clan is this due to the clan head's policy of Revenge Before Reason. They want to defect to Iwa but know the only way it will work is if they have as much of a lead over any hunter-nin as possible. Rather than quietly leave during the one time almost half of all forces are away from the village, he insists they first kill Yakumo who is under 24-hour guard. A guard manages to escape and Naruto's team (plus Anko) are sent in to capture and/or kill everyone.
    • During the chuunin exams, one team for Hoshigakure films a porno inside the Forest of Death. While in canon, this would merely be a bad idea as the forest isn't that dangerous even for genin, in this story the forest is filled with demons, mutations, and animals evolved to eat them. Naruto only bothers killing one of them and lets the other two get eaten by giant centipedes.
  • Tenten in The Darkest Light insults Naruto/Naruichi and Takada within earshot of both. Naruto beats her unconscious (which is the only reason Takada's bodyguard doesn't kill her) then when she wakes up, she's ripped a new one by her clan head before Naruto fights her sword with a wooden stick, spending an hour beating Tenten then healing her back up so he can start over.
  • In Sexplosion, the Kyuubi released a powerful pheromone when it was sealed that basically made everyone into sex maniacs the moment they hit puberty (extreme horniness is a perfectly acceptable reason to be excused from class, it's considered extremely rude to reject someone if they want to have sex, and sexual relationships between 14-year old Genin graduates and Jonins is looked on as normal). When Naruto first uses his Sexy no Jutsu, he's flat out told that turning into a naked woman, especially in public, will get him raped. When he says he'd just change back and laugh, he's warned that his attackers probably won't care what gender he is at that point. Naruto promptly vows to never use it again, unless it's really funny.
  • Darui (and his entire team) in The Pride threatens to kill Shizune (knowing full well she's carrying Naruto's child) if Naruto doesn't do what he says. Naruto is currently in Kyuubi Sage Mode and fully capable of taking on an entire country by himself. Needless to say, it doesn't go well for them.
    • A couple chapters (and several months) later, several Daimyo guards chase said Daimyo's prey (his wife) through the tall grass of a preserve called The Savanna. Even if Naruto wasn't actively hunting them, experienced hunters like them should know better than to enter tall grass which has zero visibility on anything less than three or four feet tall. Especially since many of the animals from the Forest Of Death (such as giant tigers) are imported from The Savanna.
  • Son of the Sannin: One of Danzo's Root agents was dumb enough to attack Tsunade when she came across them trying to kidnap her comatose son. The narration doesn't specify what she did to them, but the fact that the room is described as looking like a bomb went off in it and a nurse screams in horror when they arrive suggests that it wasn't pretty.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Advice and Trust: Gendo actually fires his two best Pilots for going against orders and pulling off a total victory anyway, thinking the new Dummy Plug system will suffice despite never being combat-tested. Even better, the timing of this means that Zeruel, the Angel of Might shows up soon afterwards. Meaning, Gendo's suicidal overconfidence kicked in at the worst possible time.
  • Evangelion 303: Discussed. After Shinji pulled a suicidal move to win his and Asuka's dog fight Ritsuko reminded him how stupid was performing a maneuver that could have killed him, Asuka and their co-pilots during a training/friendly duel.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: After SEELE's failed final attack, members of the SEELE council points out to Keel that Fuyutsuki is alive and now in the custody of the Japanese Government, warning him that Fuyutsuki knows their secrets, has plenty of evidence to back his claims, and no longer has any reason to protect SEELE. Keel's answer is alongside the lines of: "So what? Do not get worried. Everyone see whatever they want to see, and for no particular reason I'm sure that the authorities will see whatever version benefits us."
  • The Second Try: Gendo thought that torturing a short-tempered combat-trained teenager and Mama Bear with the name of her missing child was a good idea. It was not a good idea.

One Piece

  • In Smoothie and Luffy, a couple of small time thugs try to mug Luffy and his new fiance. While Luffy could be excused since he's wearing a disguise, his fiance is Charlotte Smoothie, Big Mom's daughter and a woman with a bounty of nearly a billion beli.
  • This Bites!:
    • Cross's thoughts on why one of the Baroque Works moles in the Royal Army tattooed the company's emblem on his shoulder. The defeated soldier says it was a combination of a lot of alcohol, a lot of boredom, and the fact that nobody is supposed to know about Baroque Works in the first place.
    • Spandam. The man kept a black book for CP9's operations just to stroke his own ego. The fact that he hid it in a safe doesn't detract from this — the book shouldn't even exist, seeing as CP9 is a covert black ops unit whose own existence isn't even officially recognized as far the World Government is concerned. All reports should have been summarily destroyed once confirmed. Once Cross finds it, it becomes the whistleblowing equivalent of a Golden Transponder Snail.


  • In Chapter 25 of 151 Pokeshipping Stories, the death of Misty's mother is a result of this. The story narrates how Misty got into Water Pokémon thanks to her mother, so it's fair to assume she's an expert in them. Yet somehow, while walking across the beach and seeing a freaking Gyarados sleeping near the shore, it doesn't occur to her to keep a hold on her daughter's hand, or better, to get away from there ASAP. The result is that Misty walks off on her own, awakens the Gyarados, and Misty's mother gets eaten by it while pushing her out of the way.


  • Arnold of Soulless Shell falls for Leif's not very clever bluff when threatened with execution for rape, inadvertently confessing to his crimes while begging for mercy as Leif sentences him to death. It's suggested that had he not done that, Leif might not have had enough evidence to actually sentence him to death. He then breaks out of prison, and not only is dumb enough to want to kill Leif in revenge, but tries to rape a young girl first, pushing Leif's Berserk Button and earning him a messy death at the hands of his One-Winged Angel form. Apparently, he didn't even think to bring the guards he recruited with him, although given how easily Leif dispatches them soon afterward, they wouldn't have done much good.

Rosario + Vampire

  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • Miyabi arguably falls into this in Act II, raping Mizore and then bragging about it to Dark's face. Dark is a well-known Wife-Basher Basher, and was once Fairy Tale's top agent and Kiria's Dragon, and Miyabi openly gloated about raping his girlfriend to his face; it does not end well for him.
    • In Act III chapter 8, Tsukune insists on trying to talk things over with Dark despite Dark having repeatedly threatened to kill him if he doesn't stay away from him and Mizore; Tsukune knows full well that Dark is not one to make idle threats. The only reason Dark stops his attack is because he sees with his own eyes how durable the Holy Lock is and is finally convinced that it can keep the ghoul sealed.
    • In Act III chapter 13, after Kou returns, Kokoa tells him everything that happened while he was away... including the fact that she and Moka settled a debate on who would be Tsukune's mate via the Eia Dreahl, a sacred vampire pact punishable by death if broken, and that Kokoa inadvertently broke that pact while possessed by raping Tsukune. Moka even reflects how idiotic that is and wonders why Kokoa did it.
    • In Act III, Gin decides to turn to Dark of all people for help after stealing Apoch's underwear; the others actually ask him if he's suicidal.
    • In Act VI chapter 7, when Arial discovers that Mizore is Dark's girlfriend, she flies into a rage and is clearly about to kill her, with the others literally screaming at Mizore to run. Instead, after Arial uses her ice to stop an HDA Macross Missile Massacre, Mizore approaches her directly to congratulate her on doing so; Arial promptly uses her ice claws to shred Mizore into Ludicrous Gibs, with Mizore's body having to be completely reconstructed by Ceal.
    • In Act VI chapter 42, Sun doesn't seem to understand that she's only making things infinitely worse for herself by telling an already pissed off Kokoa to her face that she doesn't deserve Gin at all. She doesn't stop even as Kokoa is supercharging herself; it comes as no surprise when Kokoa puts her through the wall before chasing her and Felucia through Fang Fang's villa in a homicidal rage.
    • In Act VI chapter 45, Kurumu starts to tease Kokoa over having sex with Gin... less than ten minutes after Kokoa beat Sun into a coma for doing basically the same thing. Ran even points out how stupid that was.


  • At one point in The ProfessionArc, one of the "elite" combat schools completely removed the practical part of it's combat courses due to one influential person's son losing a spar too badly. According to Professor Port, no one from that school managed to even get past initiation at one of the Huntsman academies.
  • A couple racist teenagers in Service with a Smile decide to assault Velvet. While they can be excused for not knowing she's a huntress in training who could break them over her knee, they have no such excuse for not realizing every single customer in the cafe is also a huntsman/huntress, given that each one is armed.
    • Later, a group of wannabe gangsters try to pick up the Malachite Twins, thinking they're hookers. Both are amazed at how stupid they must be to not know of Junior's top enforcers, given he's one of two kingpins in the city.


  • In Ashikabi of Thunder and Lightning, Yukari attacks Minato out of jealousy immediately after he wings Akitsu. The next day, Takami explains to her daughter that she was astoundingly lucky Akitsu didn't kill her on accident.

Sherlock Holmes

The Silmarillion

  • In A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script, two Orcs laugh at Morgoth being stupid enough to let someone sneak into Angband and make off with one of his Silmarils within Morgoth's hearing range. They never were seen or heard of again.
    Morgoth: [slowly and ominously] —So. You vermin think it's funny, do you?

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • In Robb Returns, one of Asha Greyjoy's men thought he was better with a knife than the others and that he could lecture them on taking orders from a woman. As explained by Asha's second, he died of stupidity.
  • The Raven's Plan: During the chaos in King's Landing immediately following the Remembering occurring, Loras attempts to intercept the group, including Jaime and Barristan, that's trying to get Myrcella and Tommen out of the city to safety, and attack them. Again, that's Loras going up against Jaime Lannister and Barristan Selmy, two of the greatest swordsmen alive, at the same time. Needless to say, he's killed in the attempt; everyone who hears about it afterwards admits that Loras was being idiotic and is the only one to blame for his death.

Star Wars

  • In Food Scandal someone decided to make money by tampering with the food they're selling to the military of the Galactic Empire. Worse, when troops from the Executor (as some of the tampered food had ended on Vader's ship) show up and he's identified, the culprit tries to kill the SciCorps officer that has just exposed him, in full view of a group of Stormtroopers that knows they would have eaten the tampered food had it not been discovered (the only reason he survives is that the officer, who is there on Veers and Vader's authority, survives and tells the troopers that she needs him alive, and the Stormtroopers had their blasters set on stun at first).
    • When the tampering is first discovered by the SciCorps officer above both her shift leader and the chief of provisions blow her off because it's food for the Stormtroopers. They're on the same ship of Darth Vader, who, upon finding out, kills them (one is bashed in the armoured wall plating hard enough to dent it).
    • When she realizes what's going to happen, the officer tries to cover for her superior. Darth Vader can read minds, but lets her go with a warning of not lying to him due being the one who discovered the tampered food and was trying to do something about it to begin with.
    • Many SciCorps officers ostracized the one who found out the tampering and got two of her superiors killed by Vader, fully knowing she had Vader's full support. Worse, they continued even after Veers leaked to the Stormtroopers what had happened. Thankfully, Vader doesn't find out, so they get away with a beating from the Stormtroopers-who, in all their fury, aren't stupid enough to commit murder on the same ship as Darth Vader.
    • Ozzel expressed the same contempt as the SciCorps officers over the Stormtroopers, and openly complains they wasted time to track down people that had tampered food for the Stormtroopers. It's implied that this is part of what contributed to Vader eventually offing him.
  • Palpatine in Supreme Chancellow Obi-Wan Kenobi kills the assassin he hired to kill Obi-Wan after she failed (though he intended to kill her regardless). Despite knowing she's a skilled killer and has been keeping her hands near her blasters for the entire conversation, Palpatine slowly strangles her with the Force while bragging about how helpless she is. Naturally, she shoots him and it's only pure luck on his part that he's merely seriously injured rather than fatally.


  • Hellsister Trilogy has Desaad, who knows that his merciless and powerful master Darkseid has absolutely no sense of humor and still makes jokes using his name to Darkseid's face. Desaad was promptly speared through his midsection and obliterated.

Sword Art Online

  • Endemic in Sword Art Online Abridged, which populates the titular game with the usual sort of idiots you'd find in any MMO:
    • Most players can't be bothered to listen to any sort of strategy session even though the game is now literally a matter of life and death, and their best tactic to defeat bosses consists of "group up and hit it 'til it dies!"
    • Every time Kirito finds himself helping the Girl of the Week, he ends up having to bail them out of trouble, leading him to complain "Am I the only one in this damn game who understands how aggro works?!"
    • Rosalia in Episode 4. When she and her Titan's Hand goons try to ambush Kirito, and her mooks note how unconcerned he seems and start to worry that they might be Mugging the Monster, she dismisses their concerns. Her strategy is to deliver a Breaking Speech which does reduce Kirito to a Laughing Mad mess, but this doesn't change the fact that he's still so high-leveled that Rosalia's goons can't do enough damage to overcome his Regenerating Health. All she actually succeeds in doing is smashing several of Kirito's Berserk Buttons, which turns out to be a fatal mistake.
    • When Kirito encounters Laughing Coffin, a small group of Player Killers with a "Jesus tells me to kill" conceit, he defuses the standoff by advising them how to be better killers-for-hire and recommends they completely rebrand themselves with an ad campaign and full PR blast. Apparently they decided that this should also involve, as mentioned by Kuradeel a few episodes later, "sending an email with your exact location to every player in the game." Naturally, all the other players were very eager to pay them a visit.
    • Thinker, leader of the Aincrad Liberation Front, agreed to meet a rival faction leader at a "peace talk" held in a dungeon. Unarmed. Without any teleport crystals.
    • Even Akihiko Kayaba is exasperated with just what kind of people are playing his game.
      Kayaba: There's just no helping you people! It's like you crave death, but not just any death, nooooooo! You fuckers seem to have some kind of pool going to see who can end their existence in the dumbest, most avoidable way possible! And you just keep one-upping each other! Do you know how many of you have died screaming "Leeroy Jenkins?!" More than zero!
    • Suguha does dip into this territory every so often. Let's just say you do not dislodge a muffin stuck in your throat by eating another one, let alone eating the second so soon after the first even after it's cleared out.

Team Fortress 2

  • In Paternal, a Spy (separate from the RED and BLU Spies) named Bane is on a mission to capture the BLU Scout on the Administrator's orders. His modus operandi is to corner Scout while he is alone. The past several times, he has only failed because someone else showed up to save Scout. So what does Scout do in Chapter 26? He goes out for a jog in the training room. Alone. At night. Without a weapon.


  • In the Gensokyo 20XX series:
    • This is played with an age-regressed Reimu. On the account that she cannot sense danger and seems to have an inability to fear, the other characters tend to see her as this, as she is known to place herself right into danger and engage in something reckless. This is further exacerbated in that if told not to and the reasons as to why, she would do it anyway, especially in situations in which she should probably know better or otherwise have some common sense (like "don't put things in your mouth to see what it is", for example). What really doesn't help this is that, by being mentally conditioned and the results thereof, she doesn't have anything in her mind that tells her not to or makes her question anything, her reasonings especially.
    • This is Played for Laughs, in Baka's case, who is apparently stupid enough to fall for Reimu's tricks, the which involves him being tricked into sticking something in electric outlet. From what is said about that, he's fallen for it more than once and never seems to catch onto the fact that is why Reimu tricks him into doing that in the first place.
      Ren: "You are stupid as hell if you can fall for a child's mischief more than once."
    • In 20XXIII, there was Seija, who tried to get Yukari to kill the kids. While she doesn't die (right away, anyway), it doesn't end well for her, as Yukari flipped the tables, getting her smothered with a pillow, and then, after the others voted, getting three of her limbs cut off, before being gapped away.

Young Justice

  • With This Ring: When the Renegade protagonist rounds up and kills the Light, he's baffled by the fact that all the mooks keep throwing themselves at him as if it would accomplish anything. With two power rings and no rule against killing, he's not even slowed down. In one woman's case, he even specifically gives her the option to walk away, after she sees him wreck the building and No-Sell everything thrown at him. She still throws a knife at him and gets herself exploded.


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