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  • Justice League International: Beatriz/Fire and Tora/Ice play around with the trope. While Beatriz is much bolder and more extroverted than Tora, she hardly disdains so-called "girly" things; she even had a stint as a musical showgirl back in Brazil. Likewise shy, sweet Tora had no idea many of the "girly" things even existed until introduced to them... by Beatriz.
  • Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl: Supergirl is the Tomboy to Batgirl's Girly Girl. Kara is a masculine and aggressive brawler, has a crew cut and wears trousers and sweaters. Barbara is a feminine Badass Bookworm, has long hair, and wears dresses and jewelry.
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  • Tomboy, an obscure 1950s superheroine has the secret identity of "perfect little lady" Janie Jackson.
  • Vixen's Keep A furry comic. One of the plot lines is the relationship of two female warriors, one of whom is a feminine vixen whose fighting skills are inadequate and a tough rabbit warrior who disdains traditional feminine pursuits. Eventually, the pair find they can help each other with the rabbit teaching the Vixen to fight more effectively. In return, the Vixen helps the rabbit to dance since she was missing out dancing with the Vixen's brother, and is successful even if she had to describe the moves in terms of combat ("First, your sword arm, then your shield arm and repeat...)
  • New Mutants:
    • Hairstyles and power sets aside, Dani and Rahne fit this quite well. The romantic aspect is still up in the air.
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    • Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin are a subversion. Both are kick butt girly girls.
  • Les Légendaires has girly Magical Girl Jadina and tomboyish elven elemental-powered Shimy. While both actually are good at fighting, Jadina is portrayed as overly girly in the first books to the point of comedy. Ironically enough, the two of them hate each other... sort of.
  • Molly Hayes and Klara Prast of the Runaways. Molly's a Cute Bruiser who's become notorious for punching some of the toughest, manliest anti-heroes in the Marvel Universe over embarrassingly vast distances. Klara's a plant-controller who ties up bad guys in vines and then turns them into living floral arrangements.
  • Archie Comics:
  • Robin: The group Tim hangs out with at school only really includes two girls his rather girly girlfriend Ariana who wants to be a fashion designer and the rather tomboyish Callie Evans who structures her life around basketball and plays tabletop RPGs with the guys. Amusingly both of them play basketball for the school though Ariana drops off the team. After Ariana and Tim break up Callie only seems to become more of a tomboy, chopping her hair into a short pixie cut no longer wearing feminine tops.
  • Spider-Man: The two great loves of Peter Parker's life, Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, at least during the era where Gwen was alive. Gwen wears miniskirts, go-go boots and headbands, thinks often about boys, was the "beauty queen of Standard High", and often plays the role of the damsel in distress. Mary Jane wears jeans and t-shirts, is a free spirit who shies from commitment, has taken on bad guys on her own, is brassy and bold and extroverted, and seems to live to have fun. This is contrary to their portrayals in a number of adaptations.
  • Young Avengers: Kate, although she's handy at asskicking, is wealthy, graceful, and feminine in quite a lot of ways. She plays the girly girl to the tough-talking, surly, rather violent America Chavez.
  • Mercy St. Clair and her neighbor now girlfriend Molly in Ron Randall's Trekker: Mercy is a badass bounty hunter; Molly is a musician. That being said, Mercy does have her more feminine side, especially when she is with Molly.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics):
    • Tomboy princess Sally Acorn and sweet, romantic Amy Rose
    • For that matter Sally and any other girl in the Freedom Fighters. Especially after the Continuity Reboot. Even Bunnie Rabbot is more feminine than her.
    • Sally is also the tomboy to Fiona Fox, who is a villainous foil to her. Fiona is The Vamp who plays on her feminine charms to manipulate male heroes like Tails into doing what she wants, much to the disgust of the tomboyish Sally, who once gave her a gut punch for this. Fiona also looks a little more feminine, given the bow and skirt, as well as the bodysuit she used to wear as a hero, compared to Sally's more masculine appearance. That being said, Fiona does have a rough attitude and ironically calls Sally a 'Sugar Queen' despite the latter's tomboyishness.
    • Before the Reboot, the Chaotix had the soft spoken Saffron who preferred to wear dresses and the former Dark Legioner Julie-Su who has always been a bit of a warrior.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Volume 1, Sensation Comics & Comic Cavalcade: Glamora Treat and Bobby Strong are Holliday Girls, and are close friends that are rarely seen without the other. Glamora is demure and fashion conscious, Bobby is rough and tumble and loves to go hunting. They're both excellent fighters, crack shots with a riffle and boy crazy to the point that Diana is concerned when she realizes the two of them are going to accompany Steve Trevor on a mission.
    • Volume 2 & Volume 5: When teaming up, Artemis and Wonder Woman have this dynamic with Artemis as the Tomboy to Wonder Woman's Girly Girl.

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