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  • 96: After killing Niles and Sixten, Elise places Niles' body in the bed with Sixten.
  • A few of the skeletal remains in Aporia: Beyond the Valley consist of an adult cradling a small child in their bony arms.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, this is the main goal of Harley Quinn, the title character of the DLC Harley Quinn's Revenge. She wants revenge on Batman by making him suffer for unintentionally letting The Joker die of the Titan disease, and at best she wants to kill herself along with Batman so that she can be together with her Mr. J. in the afterlife. Unfortunately, by the end, her plans become foiled, turning the trope into "Her Heart Will Go On".
    • In Arkham Knight, this is the implied fate of Mr. Freeze and Nora in the Season of Infamy DLC, Nora is kidnapped by the militia as a bargaining chip against Freeze and is kept out of cryogenic stasis so long that she woke up. After Batman rescues her, she tells Freeze that she doesn't want him to keep trying to cure her disease if it's going to cost him his sanity, and she'd rather live out the few remaining days she has left. The two then leave Gotham and Freeze is shown shutting off his Powered Armor that keeps his body at the sub-zero temperature he needs to stay alive, implying he plans to die with her.
  • Beyond: Two Souls:
    • If Jodie convinces Nathan to back down in the climax, he chooses to commit suicide instead and is then reunited with the souls of his dead wife and daughter before moving on to the Infraworld.
    • This option is also available to Jodie at the very end, where she can choose to move into the afterlife so she won't be separated from Aiden.
  • While exploring in BioShock, you can find the remains of a couple who committed suicide together lying in their bed. Listening to the nearby audio diary, you find out why: their daughter Masha, given up to an orphanage when they could no longer provide for her, has been turned into a Little Sister.
  • In The Curse of Monkey Island, one of the game's puzzles involves reuniting two dead lovers (a ghost and a skeleton, respectively). When the heartbroken ghost discovers that her lover had never intended to abandon her, their spirits are shown reuniting and then vanishing happily together.
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  • The Bailey Twins, Crystal and Amber in Dead Rising 2. Once one of them is dead, the other will proceed to stab herself, as she will 'never be complete again'.
  • Dragon Quest IV: Played straight with Necrosaro/Psaro and Rosa/Rose in the NES version: the former gets killed by the heroes when the latter's murder drives him into a murderous rampage. The DS and PS1 versions completely subvert this in Chapter 6, however, when Psaro comes back strong and the Hero's party brings Rose Back from the Dead.
  • Drakengard: In the sequel, Caim spends the entire game destroying the Districts so he can free Angelus from her burden as the Goddess Seal. Near the end of the game, they both die together while Caim smiles towards the heroes.
    Angelus: Is it over, Caim?
    Caim: It's over. We're together now.
  • Escape Lala 2: Although it's not clear at first, the main goal of this game turns out to be helping the princess and the wizard move on to the afterlife so they can finally be together.
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  • In Chapter 4 of Eternal Darkness, Chandra is not only killed by a jealous mistress but explicitly cursed to be with a man only in death. She persuades Karim to join her in guarding a MacGuffin indefinitely, then seals the deal with a Kiss of Death.
  • Fallout 3: In the abandoned town of Minefield, you can find in one house a pair of skeletons lying on a bed cuddling, with some syringes of Med-X (basically the Fallout universe's equivalent of morphine) on the bedside cabinets. Where it goes from a Tear Jerker to outright unsettling is the next-door room, which is obviously a child's bedroom, there is no child-sized skeleton to be found. Where did the kid go? What did the parents do?
    • The Fallout games in general have skeletons scattered all over the pre-War ruins, many of them found in pairs.
  • Fatal Frame:
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Aerith reunites with Zack in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
    • Lenne and Shuyin from Final Fantasy X-2. Both were shot and died by each other's side. Due to an odd set of circumstances, their spirits did not end up together... at least, not until Yuna reunites them.
    • In Final Fantasy XV, Lunafreya dies midway into the story, while Noctis sacrifices his life in the end to thwart her killer, Ardyn Izunia's plans. The Stinger reveals that their souls have reunited in the afterlife, and they fall asleep in each other's arms to seal their eternal love.
      • Ignis tries to invoke this between himself and Noctis, telling him of his plan to die alongside him once Noctis completes his sacrifice. Ultimately averted, as Noctis is able to talk him down into continuing to live on for his sake.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • It has the potential for multiple cases of this if you're not careful with your units, and the writers for the death quotes damn well knew it.
      Matthew: Leila...
      Isadora: Harken... Where are you? I... I can't see anything...
    • A straight example, however, comes from Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword, from the most surprising of places. If the right conditions are fulfilled, the backstory of Big Bad Nergal is revealed, including his romance and marriage to a dragon from a mountain in Ilia prior to the Scouring. After his death in the finale, a still image is shown of the two reunited.
    • In Genealogy of the Holy War after avenging his father, Seliph meets the ghosts of his parents, Sigurd and Deirdre who are finally together again.
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses: If Sylvain and Felix's paired ending on the Azure Moon route is achieved, it mentions them passing away on the same day, "as if conceding that one could not live without the other."
  • In Ghost Trick, Yomiel's fiancee tries to invoke this trope by killing herself after Yomiel dies. This is one of the largest causes for Yomiel's Start of Darkness.
    I'm coming for you, Yomiel...
  • A pair of very minor characters in Guild Wars 2, Nicholas and Yngvild (incidentally also the game's first official interspecies couple, as Nicholas is a human and Yngvild is a norn) play this literally, as you only meet them in the Realm of the Lost when you're killed by the rogue god Balthazar. They were both soldiers in the Pact who died in the failed assault on Mordremoth, and slipped into the Realm due to losing their names and purposes from the shock and trauma of their deaths. They worked together to retrieve their identities and fell in love while doing so, ultimately deciding they'd rather remain together for eternity in the Realm of the Lost, rather than facing judgement and being sent on separately to their respective afterlives. So they literally got together in death.
  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA: The video for "Starduster" features Hatsune Miku as an Ill Girl dying while her fiancee/husband (the video is a little vague about it) is traveling in space. She dies, and his spaceship is torn to shreds by a meteor storm. The end of the video shows their wedding bands sitting together in front of her grave with the headstone modified with the inscription "They have met each other again at last. This love is forever."
  • Similar example on BioWare's part was a Dummied Out (but easily restored) female-only ending for Knights of the Old Republic. If the female Player Character has completed the Romance Sidequest with Carth, but chosen the Dark Side, he shows up at the Star Forge to make a last-ditch plea for you to turn on Bastila and die on the Star Forge with him.
  • The Legend of Dragoon: At the game's end, Rose reunites with her believed-to-be-long-dead fiancee, Zieg. The two opt to quickly deliver the final blow to Melbu Frahma, allowing themselves to perish when the Moon That Never Sets finally detonates as a result of the game's final battle.
  • The default ending of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV has Rean, Crow, and Millium all dying together to destroy the Great One and its curse out of Zemuria for good.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Majora's Mask:
      • This is what happens with Anju and Kafei if you manage to reunite them at the end of the 3 day cycle. The moon is just mere minutes away from crashing into the world and the couple tells Link that they'll greet the morning together. It's implied that the two know that the world is ending and they want to die together. The scene is doubly sad if you fail the side quest and see either Anju sitting in her room by herself, wondering if Kafei abandoned her or Kafei enter the empty room, musing about her wedding dress.
      • Assuming that you've completed their side quests, a scene on the third day will show Cremia requesting that her little sister Romani sleep with her that night. Made all the more tragic by the fact that — while Cremia knows full well that they're doomed — Romani is blissfully unaware that there isn't going to be a tomorrow and is just happy that she's finally being recognized as an adult.
    • Breath of the Wild features a platonic example where if the player fights Thunderblight Ganon enough times in the "Champions' Ballad" DLC, Urbosa's spirit mentions that she plans on reuniting with her best friend (Zelda's mother) in the afterlife once her duties are fulfilled.
  • Maxim and Selan of the Lufia series. In Fortress of Doom, it's seen that the couple die side by side at the end of prologue. However, in the prequel Rise of the Sinistrals, it's revealed that Maxim continues to stop the island from falling on Parcelyte before dying from using too much power.
  • The Mass Effect series can play with this: if a Shepard whose love interest, depending on who it was, died in either the first or second game, and they player as Shepard stay loyal to him/her, Shepard can also wind up dying at the end of either the second or third game. Mass Effect 3 really plays this up: Thane dies in the third game if he survived the second and if a female Shepard romanced him it can be lampshaded with her saying she'll see him soon. Other squadmates, romance option included, can die if Shepard's Military Strength isn't high enough, and depending on whether they're in his/her squad, it will be right before or after Shepard's own death. Of course, in that case, the galaxy itself is royally screwed, making that scenario one hell of a Downer Ending.
  • One of the bad endings for Uri’s Mermaid Swamp is Rin and Seitaro choosing to drown in the swamp together after their efforts to leave fail. At this point in the game, both of them are distraught over their friends dying with Rin suffering more because she accidentally killed Yuka. That coupled with the thick fog around the mansion preventing them from leaving is what pushes them to jump in the swamp.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: If the player pushes the first-person-view button after shooting and killing the Boss, Naked Snake will see the ghostly apparitions of the Boss and her old lover, the Sorrow, standing together and watching over him. It's probably one of the very few comforts to take in the game's Bittersweet Ending.
  • Near the end of the storyline of Mortal Kombat X, some of the slain warriors from the previous game are freed from Shinnok's control, but Scorpion's actions inadvertently prevent Raiden from restoring most of them to life. However, the ending has the until-then Star-Crossed Lovers Liu Kang and Kitana ruling the Netherealm as Emperor and Empress. (Although, Liu Kang's Ladder ending suggests that this is not necessarily a good thing, as he might be a threat to other Realms later.)
  • Heartbreaking aversion with Aribeth in Neverwinter Nights. You find her in Hordes of the Underdark, trapped in the betrayer's circle of Hell, being psychologically tortured by her realization that she never really loved Fenthick in life.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer has an interesting take on this in one of its more bitterweet endings for female PCs: If you choose to stay on the Fugue Plane (the underworld, more or less) in order to bind the spirit eater there, Flat-Earth Atheist Gann will go as far as pledging his soul to the God of the Dead so that you won't have to be alone there. Neither of you are dead, just in Hell.
  • NieR
    • In the second ending, after killing The Shadowlord/Gestalt Nier, he appears in a white void with all the other boss shades and Gestalt Yonah.
    • The Masked King's dying words are that he's going to meet with Fyra again.
  • Odin Sphere:
    • Odin and Griselda. The former literally embraces the latter's ghost in death, finding solace in that they will at least be reunited.
    • Ingway and Mercedes. It's not as apparent in the original, but the remake features an alternate end card showing that the roots of the World Tree have extended down into the depths of the Netherworld where Ingway is.
  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: At the end of the game, Zen and Rei depart to the afterlife together hand-in-hand.
  • In Quest for Glory IV, when you tell the old man Nikolai that you saw his wife's ghost in the woods at night, he will leave town and try to look for her. The next time you go out into the woods at night, you see them both as ghosts, and they thank you for reuniting them.
  • The Shadow Hearts series contains several examples, especially in its canon endings:
    • Most notably, Yuri and Alice. After spending Shadow Hearts: Covenant mourning his dead lover, series hero Yuri tells her spirit that he will soon return to her and never leave again. At the end of the game, he commits suicide by allowing himself to be impaled. In his mind, Alice's soul is seen descending from the sky while his is finally released from its curse. The two souls embrace, and then disappear together.
    • Lady and Killer. In Shadow Hearts: From the New World, heartless villain Lady displays her first sign of emotion when the party kills her partner, Killer. After she is defeated in turn, she crawls over to Killer's body and embraces it, whereupon both bodies are lifted into the air, share a tender moment, and then disappear together.
    • James and Elaine. In Koudelka, James sacrifices his life to confront the monstrous Elaine, screaming, "I have always loved you!" Their bodies are lifted up and consumed by light. As the screen fades to black, you hear Elaine's voice whisper, "Let's go, James. Let's go home. I have such fond memories of those days."
  • The "In Water" ending of Silent Hill 2. It's not actually shown, but it is very heavily implied that James puts his dead wife's body in his car and then drives into Toluca Lake, drowning himself so that they can be together again.
  • In Xianghua's ending in Soul Calibur IV, Kilik felt that it was his duty to sacrifice himself and neutralise the two swords, and wanted Xianghua to continue on and live a normal life. Xianghua had none of it.
    Kilik: Thank you... Xianghua...
    The two disappeared together. The two powers forever rested in peace and never stirred again.
  • In a somewhat unsettling twist on this trope, one of Emperor Palpatine's soundbites from Star Wars Battlefront (2015) has him shouting "Die together, fools!" when the player uses the power "Chain Lightning", which targets a group of enemies who are stood close by one another.
  • Alice and Decus from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Though Decus was annoying and Alice was plain evil, you can't help but feel for the pair, especially if you know their backstory.
  • In Terra Battle Palpa sacrifices herself to power a machine so she can be with her true love who had made the same sacrifice earlier in her place.
  • Happens twice in Transistor. First when Red finally reaches the Camerata's hideout, only to find that Grant killed himself before she even arrived, and his partner Asher followed suit before she could actually get inside the room they were in. Second is at the very end of the game, when Red is granted free reign to remake Cloudbank as she sees fit. But since everyone in Cloudbank except her is already gone, and even if she rebuilt the city it'd be nothing but a ghost town, she opts to impale herself on the Transistor instead so that she'll be processed and go to the Country with the Man in the Transistor.
  • The characters of The Walking Dead stumble upon a couple lying in a bed who were apparently Driven to Suicide; both have head wounds and the male is clutching a gun.
  • He spent the entirety of the first arc trying to bring his wife back from the dead but world have destroyed the world in the process, this happens to the Big Bad Malistaire in Wizard101. He seems comforted to begin to enter the spirit world when his wife's ghost comfort him. His rage come back when he gets brought back as a Lich by the next Big Bad.