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  • Doing It Right This Time: Before returning to the past Shinji and Asuka decided to commit suicide together and walked into the ocean holding hands.
  • The Hill of Swords takes place after Fate/stay night's Realta Nua ending, which reunites Saber and Shirou in Avalon.
  • Higher Learning: Defied in episode 48. Shinji and Asuka are running from soldiers that intend to kill them. Shinji tries to get Asuka in her robot, but Asuka is so mind-broken that she does not want to fight. She suggests Shinji to let the soldiers find them and die together because they will be together even in death. Shinji replies that he would rather for them living together and forces her to snap out of her depression.
    Asuka: It's okay, Shinji.[...]We'll be together.[...]Shinji... I love you so much. I don't want to leave you. We can go together. I want to be with you when the world ends.
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  • The Tsukihime fanfic, 13 Sheets Of Letters Without a Stamp or Destination takes after Kohaku's route. After SHIKI died, Shiki writes a letter ever year on the day of his birthday. Time passes and goes on, until Shiki (whose lifespan is even shorter than a normal human's) feels that his time is coming and decides to kill himself, after ripping all those years of letters. The last scene shows SHIKI greeting him in the afterlife.
    Shiki: Happy birthday...
  • The Legend of Spyro fanfic Passing the Torch takes place far after the trilogy, with Spyro now in his twilight years, having far outlived everyone he knew and looking forwards to Passing the Torch to his successor so he can be reunited with them in the afterlife. In the end, he dies peacefully in his sleep and is greeted by Cynder's spirit who leads him into the afterlife.
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  • Weightless (Mass Effect) have Mierin and Melanis. After Mierin died, Melanis, who'd already wounded, refused all the medigel Garrus gave her and spent her last day shooting the mercs with Mierin's body by her side.
  • In The Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning, when Vale dies and finds herself in the "land without districts," she is reunited with the friends she lost in the Games, such as Kit, Fen, and Lark... and she and Obsidian are soon reunited in death, as well, after the latter dies in an explosion after winning the Games.
  • Shadowchasers: Torment had an Ambiguous Ending regarding the result of Leorin's battle with the Dread Emperor, but if he was killed as a result, this Trope applies; he is with Rowen in the Basilica of St. Cuthbert.
  • The Pony POV Series:
    • Ranger and Sunset, who, shortly after announcing their engagement, are both killed while participating in an operation to break up a mega-storm over Caruba. Afterwards, their spirits are shown entering Pony Heaven together, where they're granted their wedding after all.
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    • And then there's all the G2 couples in 7 Dreams/Nightmare, who are all shown reuniting in the afterlife after their various deaths.
  • This is the heartwarmingly tear-jerking ending of the Star Trek (2009) fic Written in the Stars, in which the Prime counterparts of Spock and Fem!Kirk die together. Putting a spin on this trope, they're not just lying together; Spock performs a mind-meld and they die connected.
  • In Mega Man Reawakened, after his defeat, Gemini Man joins his other half in death when he shuts down.
  • The Touhou Project fancomic, The End of the Maiden's Illusion (Comic is SFW, but some of the ads might not be) shows Marisa waiting in limbo for three years after her own death so that she and Reimu can enter the afterlife together.
  • In The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle, Flash Sentry commits suicide to be with Twilight in the afterlife.
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Smurfing In Heaven", Empath wanted to die when he heard his fellow Smurfs have all been killed by the Schliphargons, the series' Expy of Star Trek's Klingons. An angelic version of Smurfette shows up and says that the gods have granted his request, and thus he sees himself as a disembodied spirit who then floats up with Smurfette to the Smurf Village version of Elysium, where he is reunited with all his fellow Smurfs. As it turns out, though, the "Elysium" that he enters isn't real, having been a magical illusion created by Ares the god of war, and Empath never really died.
  • In Game of Touhou, during the attack on Gengetsu's city, Tojiko, who was dying from her zombie illness, finally managed to be reunited with a dying Futo as well. After their farewells, Tojiko dug a grave for Futo and then dug a grave for herself besides her.
  • At the end of Forever Fall Down, Pyrrha and Jaune are killed in a fire because of the wounds they sustained fighting each other. Recognizing that Cinder is dead and there's no reason to fight anymore, they hug and confess their love. Pyrrha is content with this, because it means that she can be with her lover without betraying her ideals- something that wouldn't be possible if they lived.
  • In The North Remembers, Lady Stoneheart/Catelyn Stark's last words before committing suicide by walking through the Moon Door are "Oh, Ned..."
  • After her death of leukemia, in Sunshine, Satsuki is reunited with Ryuuko and they ascend to the afterlife, together.
  • In the Ranma ½ fic, "The Bitter End", Ranma and Ukyo die together, run through by a katana-wielding Akane.
  • In the Reborn! (2004) fanfiction Tradition, there was a long lasting Vongola tradition that the remaining guardians of the boss will voluntarily lay down their lives to join their leader in death. Tsuna is appropriately horrified and vowed that he would abolish this tradition. He doesn't succeed.
  • In This Bites!, Luffy has Brief and Papa Tearoom bury Baron Omatsuri with his crew, stating that he was alone in life but shouldn't have to be alone in death.
  • Although we know they both survive, Jim deliberately invokes this trope in My Love Has Two Lives by choosing to accompany Spock when he volunteers to inject the red matter. And, rather than just choosing to die at each other’s sides, this happens:
    The Jellyfish too had been caught in the singularity's pull, and would not be able to escape.
    But it was all right. Jim felt a wave of peace wash over him. "Spock," he murmured, and reached out to cup Spock's face with the hand not holding Spock's.
    "Jim," Spock returned tenderly, his own free hand moving to Jim's face. His fingers stilled on the meld points, and he brought their minds together one final time.
    They would never separate from this. They would never separate again.
    Jim had no regrets.
  • In the beginning of Fate/Harem Antics, Irisviel was able to draw her husband Kiritsugu's soul into the Holy Grail to be with her.
  • Played for Laughs in Achievement Hunter's Achievement Hunter Minecraft Series where the boys plays a terrifying version of Hot Foot where the floor and ceiling are collapsing around them. Michael and Gavin do their best to stay together to invoke this trope and eventually get trapped in a one-by-one space together. The game ends with the two of them suffocating in the sand together, though Michael manages to live a few seconds longer.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Cremia tells her little sister Romani to "sleep with me in my bed tonight" because she realizes they're going to die if the moon isn't stopped. Romani, however, is completely oblivious to the upcoming danger. The oneshot Final Toll goes into depth on this, with Cremia taking the passed-out-drunk Romani to bed and staying with her while the moon crashes outside.
  • In Alex, this is how Alex will think of ending Marceline and Bonnibel's falling out.
  • Eternity: This is Nagato's and Willie D's final fate as steel ships at Operation Crossroads. And then the Abyssals raised the sunken ships as Original Hulls [Long Gate Monster] and [Willful Defender], who in twisted irony are never seen operating separately.
  • Invoked in Hellsister Trilogy when Dev-Em tells Zeus that he has two options: get someone save his girlfriend's life or let him die alongside her.
    Dev-Em: Not so fast, Great One. All I'm asking for is a fair exchange. If you heal Kara, you can have the rock with my compliments. If you don't... If you don't, I could say that we'd tear the place up and fight you, and we're pretty strong in our own right. But that wouldn't get us what we want, and we'd probably lose in the long run. So, if you don't want to deal, all I ask is that you let me die alongside her. ‘Cause I really don't want to go on without Kara.
  • In An Unsung Song, Sage notices that Airah and Tam died this way.
  • So We'd Both Be Free:
    • Mai and Zuko are executed together. Mai had the opportunity to avoid execution, but she decided to stay with Zuko and choose her own death. The two held hands when they were hanged.
    • Subverted with Ty Lee and Azula. Azula mentions wanting to commit suicide with Ty Lee one day, however when the day comes she opts out. Ty Lee drinks poison to avoid being sold to a man. She tries to get Azula to drink the poison too but Azula doesn't because she made a promise to her brother to stop the war. She simply lies to Ty Lee and says she will drink the poison after her. In actuality, Azula dies several years afterwards due to illness. Her last words were "I'm done. I fulfilled my promise. I just want to be with her again."
  • The very end of this Yuri!!! on Ice fancomic has the elderly Yuuri joining Viktor and Makacchin in the afterlife as his 20s self.
  • In The Umbrella Academy fic misericorde, Diego finds himself content during the fatal collision of moon and Earth, because it's the first time in years that his family have actually been together and caring about each other. (The fic itself is named after a weapon shaped to deliver Mercy Kills.)
  • In Dance with the Demons, Batman has a nightmare where his father's ghost says he was lucky to die with his wife.
    Thomas Wayne's Ghost: "You see your problem, boy? You just don't have a sense of timing about these things, or kings. You should have arranged to die so high with your wife. That's life. You die at the same time, that's no crime. You're together forever. All weather. No more bills to pay, no more dragons to slay, no more kids to worry over, no more patients to hurry over. Life's endurable, but death's incurable. You see what I'm hearing?"
  • Played with in The Hobbit fic And in the Darkness Bind Them: Bilbo isn't technically dead yet, just very old and residing in Valinor to live out the rest of his years in peace with Frodo, but Valinor being connected to the Undying Lands makes it possible for him and the actually-dead Thorin to finally reunite after decades of separation and Thorin chooses to stay with him rather than return to his dwarven afterlife despite Bilbo pointing out that when he does die, they'll be separated for good because their races are sent to different afterlife places. It becomes a straighter example when Bilbo dies but finagles his way into the dwarven afterlife and Thorin convinces Mahal to let him back into the same afterlife, making it possible for the two of them to be together in death for real.
  • The Loud House Historical AU Reeling in the Years ends with Lincoln and Ronnie Anne (who have been married since the 1960s) holding each other's hands when the plane they're on crashes into the World Trade Center.


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