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  • Sluggy Freelance
    • It took about two decades for Pete Abrams to reveal just what "Sluggy Freelance" actually means. That didn't stop him from dropping one of the two words without the other here and there like delicious, fan-baiting sprinkles before.
    • Played straight but simultaneously unsuccessfully invoked in the story "Rescue Mission to the North Pole".
    Squishydodo: Attention, Black Op Elves! We have a plea for help on a dangerous mission. And though [reverb] NONE OF US MAY SURVIVE, we must try to rescue Christmas and attempt... the rescue mission to the North Pole!
    Squishydodo: You were supposed to reverb the "rescue mission to the Nort Pole" part.
    Squintyhoyo: Sorry, MY BAD!
  • Curse Quest: Avalon picks up a curse quest at the convention. Evidently a curse quest is a quest so deadly that no sane adventurer dares go on one. Avalon soon asks for twelve. Unlike other quest scrolls, a curse quest seems to be on fire, but that may just be an effect and not actual fire.
  • Parodied in this Dinosaur Comics comic.
    • This one advocates ending everything ever with a title drop. It actually works pretty well.
  • Cameron Walden has quite the terrible case of Zoophobia.
  • In The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, chapter titles often get dropped as well in a visual gag, as in "Punch Dracula" (guess what the good doctor finds himself forced to do?) and "Revenge of the Hundred Dead Ninja" (appears on a theater marquee at the beginning of the strip)
  • Used in one of the first Schlock Mercenary strips. The name has not been used since.
    • Until it was used as the name of the cartoon Show Within a Show about the Toughs.
    • Then when the narrator mentions it here.
  • The last two words of Better Days were...well, just that.
  • Agents of the Realm has one during Paige's Info Dump in chapter 3:
    "This event is what began the cycle of the agents of the realm — warriors chosen by the amulets to maintain balance and order."
  • It was the worst case of Chopping Block he'd ever endured.
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  • On page 167 of Alien Hand Syndrome when Nick is trying to persiade Erin that Mina is possessed, Erin suggests the eponymous (real-life) syndrome as an alternative theory, although she doesn't actually know its name and Dan is the one who comes out with it.
  • Awkward Zombie has a veeeeeeery subtle one here.
  • Books Don't Work Here does this here. in the second chapter.
  • El Goonish Shive lampshaded this by featuring a goon in one comic for this exact reason.
  • In Least I Could Do, John does this and gets bitchslapped by the creator.
  • Something Happens appears in the introductory strip and the final strip of book one. Not that Something couldn't Happen more often.
  • Subverted in Shortpacked!, making reference to Roomies! when the main characters share a house.
  • The "Trying Human Chip" in the comic Trying Human
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  • The Code Crimson drops the the title of each issue at least once.
  • "I gots me some Mob Ties!"
  • Happens on Last Res0rt a couple of times.
  • Referenced in Homestuck:
    Sometimes you feel like you are trapped in this room. Stuck, if you will, in a sense which possibly borders on the titular.
    • Teased again when examining the Cruxtruder early in Act II
    "Of all the places for Rose to drop the infernal thing. More than ever you feel...what's the word you're looking for?"
    "Of course. Housetrapped."
    • The term "homestuck" does ultimately appear in the lyrics of the track Chain of Prospit from the Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido album.
    • The titles of Homestuck's acts are all dropped with the exceptions of Act 4 and Intermission 2 (which doesn't even have any text, as it consists only of a single flash). Act 6 Act 1's can be found in a walkaround flashnote  in Act 5 Act 2 as part of an item description, but is not dropped within the act itself.
    • Several of Homestuck's albums have titles based on in comic quotes, such as Heir Transparent, At the Price of Oblivion, and coloUrs and mayhem.
  • No Need for Bushido does this at least twice, once very early in the comic and once a hundred or so strips in.
  • Hark! A Vagrant does this here.
  • Boobs Ahoy! pulls one here. The only surprise is that it took this long.
  • In Harkovast this happens on the very first page and again here.
  • In Second Empire, a Doctor Who comic centered on the Daleks, a multi-page exchange between two Dalek characters incorporates practically every episode title of Dalek-centric stories from Doctor Who. For a Title Drop, it's about as subtle as being hit upside the head with a bag of hammers, but Second Empire holds its tongue very much in cheek.


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