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''"Aw shucks, you’re giving me-oh what’s the word…...Goosebumps!"
Slappy in the movie

R.L. Stine famously comes up with the title of the books first, so naturally he's been able to fit the title into quite a few of them. Note the title drop is italicized, like this.

The Books

Original Series

  • "Stay out of the basement!", Marget's father bellows.
  • "Let's Get Invisible!", Erin excitedly whispers.
  • "The Scarecrow walks at Midnight", Stanley warns.
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  • "Todd, Go Eat Worms!"
  • "Because, that's when we met The Headless Ghost"
  • "Egg Monsters! Egg Monsters from Mars!".
  • Say Cheese and Die Again has a bully mocking Greg's silly story about an evil camera by pretending to be playing with a camera and spouting the first book's title.
  • "This, is the story of the Ghost Camp"
  • "Legend of the Lost Legend", Justin's Dad mutters when he finds the titular legend.
  • "Calling All Creeps! Calling All Creeps!, if you're a real Creep, call Tasha Mc Clain after midnight"
  • "When the snow blows wild, and the day grows old, Beware, The Snowman, my child. He brings the cold"
  • "Some campers joke that having so many rules is the curse of Camp Cold Lake, because we talk about the rules so much"
  • "You should know me, Marco. I Live in your Basement."

Tales to Give You Goosebumps

  • "Hannah, you naughty girl! strained peas all over the kitchen!"
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  • "What are good friends for?"
  • "See you in August-Mom and Dad. P.S. Don't Write Back"
  • "I'm Telling! I'm Telling!"
  • "The Goblin's Glare seemed to follow me."
  • "Everything would have been perfect—except for one thing. Dorrie was bats about bats."
  • "We all knew from the beginning that there was something strange about Marci."
  • "The truth finally hit her. She was stuck in 1957!"
  • "You can be a Monster on the Ice!"

Goosebumps Triple Header

  • "Three days had passed since we'd discovered that Dirk and Deke were teenage sponge boys from outer space."

Goosebumps Series 2000

  • "Nan, I'm Your Evil Twin!"
  • "Are you terrified yet? Tell the truth—are you, Craig?"
  • "Headless Halloween! Come on. Let's find some victims"
  • "Why did my brother Luke and I return to Horrorland?
  • "The Mummy Walks! The Mummy Walks!"
  • "The Earth Geeks will not survive for long if we all are alert and do our civic duty. Earth Geeks Must Go! Earth Geeks Must Go!"

Give Yourself Goosebumps

  • "It's the curse of the creeping coffins"

Goosebumps HorrorLand

  • Her voice was like the an echo of an echo. Drowned out by a high, frightening scream. The Scream of The Haunted Mask"
  • "It was a long story. The longest I had ever drawn. I called it Dr. Maniac Vs Robby Schrwartz".
  • "Who's your mummy?", someone whispers to Abby.
  • "My friends call me Monster. It's kind of a cool nickname"
  • "Heads. You lose, Boomer"
  • "Slappy New Year! Slappy New Year to both of my slaves!"

Goosebumps Hall of Horrors

  • "Hi, Jack. Don't scream."
  • "It's the birthday party of no return for Corey"

Goosebumps Most Wanted

  • "We live on Polivia, Planet of the Lawn Gnomes"
  • "I call him Son of Slappy"
  • "Dr. Maniac will see you now"
  • “You know, a lot of times Australia is called Oz. That’s because an abbreviation for Australia is Aus. And Sydney is sometimes called the Emerald City’” “Like the City in the Wizard of Oz.” "“That's right. So…guess what I have in my lap here? The Lizard of Oz?

Goosebumps SlappyWorld

  • "Welcome to SlappyWorld, boys!"
  • Jordan and Karla find a boy in a cage, with a sign saying "Please Do Not Feed the Weirdo"
  • "He has curly black hair that pops straight up. He can't keep it down. It's like it's alive."

The TV Series

  • Attack of the Mutant! Lilly randomly yells while scaring Skipper.
  • "What's the matter buddy? Having a bad "hare" day?"
  • "And that, is How I Got My Shrunken Head"

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