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Ultimate Marvel was a series of comic books published by Marvel Comics, and the longest running Alternate Universe to the Marvel Universe.

The past

  • Atlantis establishes their advanced civilization, long before the dawn of man. The criminal Namor is jailed.

    Middle ages 
  • The alchemist Menendez Flores is sealed into his tower. He develops time travel to kidnap people close to the Fantastic Four and lure him to his era, so that they free him.

    World War II 
  • The Super Soldier program bears fruit, and Steve Rogers becomes Captain America, the first super human.
    • The Watchers of the Universe use their totems to watch the event.
  • Captain America destroys an advanced missile fired to the United States, made by the nazis and the aliens Chitauri. He fells to the sea, and is presumed dead.

    Cold War 
  • Creation of SHIELD
  • The Soviets experiment on the Vision at a secret bunker, attempting to create super humans from her spare parts.

    Some years in the past 
  • Xavier and Magneto establish a mutant village in the Savage Land
  • Xavier abandons the mutant village. Magneto impales him and leaves him crippled.


Modern day

    Rise of super heroes 
  • Oscorp tries to recreate the super soldier serum, and test it on genetically altered spiders. One of those spiders bite the high school student Peter Parker, who gets super powers and becomes Spider-Man.
  • Finding out what happened, Norman Osbourne (the head of Oscorp) tries to recreate the experiment. The experiment fails and he becomes a mutated monster, the Green Goblin.
  • In that same accident the scientist Otto Octavius get a number of artificial limbs fused into his body.
  • Magneto attacks Washington DC, and defeats all the military defenses. He is defeated by the X-Men and presumed dead.
  • Otto Octavius escapes from SHIELD custody and attacks Justin Hammer, and he had partial amnesia and blamed him for the accident.
  • The X-Men become celebrities, but they are kidnapped and enslaved by Weapon X

  • Magneto unleashes his powers and caused several natural disasters worldwide. Many superheroes and supervillains die during those disasters and the following fights.

  • Spider-Man and the Green Goblin kill each other.
  • Miles Morales becomes the new Spider-Man.

  • Galactus, a being of infinite power from another universe, attacks earth. He is sent to the Negative Zone.

    Secret Wars 
  • The universe is destroyed, alongside all other alternate universes. Dr. Doom from the Prime earth recreates the world as best as he can, and merges the heroes of Ultimate Marvel and the ones from the Prime eath into a single New York to mess with them. Morales interrupts the all-out fight, and convinces them to take the fight to Doom himself.
  • After Doom's defeat, the Prime and Ultimate universes are merged into a single one.

The future

    Cable and Bishop's future 
  • Apocalypse laids waste to the world. Cable and Bishop lead the resistance.

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