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Timeline / The World God Only Knows

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The chronological order of events of The World God Only Knows. Unavoidable spoilers

Note: Some dates are not concrete due to differences in the Manga, Light Novels, and Anime. This timeline follows mostly the Manga story line.

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  • The devils of Hell, the Weiss, seek to overthrow Heaven and to turn Earth into a soul farm.
    • Some devils do not wish to do this and fight back.

300 years before present

  • The Battle of Almagemachina.
    • The Jupiter Sisters sacrifice themselves to seal the Weiss.
    • Dokuro Skull loses her body.
  • New Hell is formed.
    • The devils who went against the Weiss become known as new devils.
    • Elsie and about 500 other new devils are placed in a Livecare Institute of the Far East Branch.
  • Some time later, some devils are unsatisfied, seeking a return to Old Hell, and form the organizations Vintage and Satyr.


298 years before present

  • Elsie receives her broom.

Recent past

A.D. 1800s

  • In 1853, on July 14 at Uraga Harbor in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, the United States Commodore Matthew C. Perry arrives with four Black Ships (USS Mississippi, Plymouth, Saratoga, and Susquehanna).
  • In 1886 (Meji Period year 19), the blueprints for a cram school were drawn up.
  • In 1888 (Meiji Period year 21), the Maijima School Association (Currently known as the Maijima Education Cooperative) announced the opening of an all-girls cram school.
  • In 1889, the first Mai-High festival is held.
  • In 1890, the school building is finished and the school emblem is created.
  • In 1891, the cram-school is changed to "Maijima girl's school".


A.D. 1900s

  • In 1938, on the 50th Anniversary of the school festival, the festival itself is changed from a festival for a local deity to a cultural one.
  • In 1946, Maijima girl's school's name is changed to Maijima Academy
  • In 1947, the school is set up for the middle class.
  • In 1951, approval from the Maijima Education Cooperative.
  • In 1980, Maijima Academy opened a short-term college.
  • In 1988, on the 100th Anniversary, the school holds the festival for world deities.

54 years before present (some time in the 1900s)

  • Sept 7: Yukie Marui is born.

22 years before present

  • July 18: Jun Nagase is born.

20 years before present

  • Aug 5: Hinoki Kasuga is born.

18 years before present

  • April 10: Kusunoki Kasuga is born.
  • Aug 3: Ryo Asama is born.

17 years before present

  • Jan 3: Tenri Ayukawa is born.
  • Feb 6, Nanaka Haibara is born.
  • May 19: Sumire Uemoto is born.
  • June 6: Keima Katsuragi, Asami Yoshino, and Ikumi Yoshino are born.
  • July 22: Tsukiyo Kujyo is born.
  • Oct 21: Miyako Terada is born.
  • Dec 3: Chihiro Kosaka is born.
  • Dec 26: Shiori Shiomiya is born.

16 years before present

  • Jan 2: Mio Aoyama is born.
  • Mar 3: Kanon Nakagawa is born.
  • Oct 10: Yui Goido is born.

15 years before present

  • Feb 20: Minami Ikoma is born.

14 years before present

  • Massacre at the Shiratori residence.
    • Urara Shiratori's parents, Masaharu and Kayoko, die.
    • Multiple servants of the Shiratori household die.
      • The event is covered up as a mass food poisoning.

10 years before present

    1st time 
July 19
  • The mind of Keima (age 7) is switched with Keima (age 17).
    • Elsie arrives in the past with Keima.
  • Keima sees that they are in front of his original house.
    • Keima's mother Mari steps out and urges him to come inside.
    • Mrs. Ayukawa steps out of the house and thanks Mari for vegetables before going home.
  • Mari gets Keima to clean up before going to sleep.
    • Elsie and Keima wonder how they got here.
    • They discover the orb Nora and Haqua brought.
    • Mari and Keima have a bath before going to bed.
  • Elsie, sitting on the rooftop, finds the orb suddenly glowing, sending out a ray of light.
    • Keima sneaks out with Elsie and follows where the light of the orb leads.
  • The orb, now with 4 bars, leads Keima and Elsie to the Akanemaru and a hidden room in it.
    • The duo witness a girl jump from the mast.
    • Keima and Elsie go over to her and notice she also has an orb, though hers is empty and dark.
      • Elsie's spirit sensor goes off. Keima realizes this is the girl Tenri talked about in the future.
    • The girl gets up, but when Keima tries to ask her about the orbs she regresses in age until she turns into a baby. Keima makes the connection to the dreams he will have had in the future.
  • The orb loses a bar and Keima's mind is sent back.

    2nd time 
July 19
  • Keima relives the events from before but skips the bath and goes right to bed in order to sneak out and reach the Akanemaru earlier.
    • He realizes he's the only one aware of the time loops.
  • Keima tries to prevent the girl from committing suicide.
  1. He tries to distract her with innocent play.(fail)
  2. He tries to scare her with a spiked floor.(fail)
    • The girl jumps anyway and Keima tries to grab her. He notices her eyes of despair before getting punched by her.
    • They fall, the girl survives, and Keima "gets impaled".
  • The girl sees this, remembers bad memories, and starts to regress.
    • Keima shows that he's fine, notes her trauma, and promises that he will save her next time.
      • Before the reset he asks for her name. She tells him her name is Dokuro.
  • The orb loses a bar and Keima's mind is sent back.

    3rd time 
July 19
  • Kiema relives the events but notices changes:
  1. Tenri (age 7) now comes to retrieve her mother.
  2. Their mothers try to get their children to speak to each other.
    • Tenri walks away, blushing, with her mother soon following.
  • Keima tries to skip the bath again, but is forced to anyway. He sneaks away after his mom falls asleep.
  • Elsie and Keima rush to the Akanemaru and Keima does a midair save to Dokuro.
    • Keima tells Dokuro that they are bonded with each other by their orbs.
    • Dokuro tries to think but starts to regress.
      • Keima tries to think of a way to fill the emptiness in her heart, then kisses Dokuro and tells her that he will do something about her despair.
  • Dokuro stops regressing and returns to normal.
    • The orb's bars turn into triangles.
  • Keima thinks his work is finished.
    • Elsie questions him and Keima tries to explain.
  • All three go to the wheelhouse and down into the secret room.
    • Elsie asks what the device in the room is. Keima thinks it is a time machine.
    • Elsie tries to rationalize.
  • Keima tries to put the orbs in the machine, notices the change in pattern in his orb, and shrugs it off.
    • When the orbs are placed, nothing happens.
  • Up on deck Keima vents on the real world.
    • Elsie tries to convince Keima to properly conquer the girl, but Keima argues he can't due to being a kid.
  • Keima then asks Elsie about her Chief Dokuro and mentions to her that the girl is also named Dokuro.
    • Elsie shows him a hand drawn picture of Chief Dokuro and they note that they don't look similar.
  • Dokuro starts regressing again.
    • Keima realizes his work isn't finished.
    • Keima tries to get Dokuro to think of something exciting. She comes up blank, unable to even remember who she is.
      • Keima kisses her again, returning her to normal.
  • Elsie wonders if Dokuro's regression is due to a Runaway Spirit; Keima suspects it is.
  • Keima realizes it's now possible to conquer Dokuro.
  • Keima decides to take Dokuro home with him, since she has nowhere else to go.
    • Keima asks Elsie what sort of person Chief Dokuro was.
    • Elsie tells Keima about Chief Dokuro's past in the Almagemachina War.
  • Keima suspects the Dokuro with them is Chief Dokuro.
  • Keima, Elsie and Dokuro arrive at Keima's old house.
    • Keima tells Dokuro they're going to live together.
  • A Vintage agent passes over the Akanemaru.

July 20
  • Keima plays games.
    • In the face of Elsie's protests, Keima reiterates his conviction that the two Dokuros are one and the same.
    • Keima wonders if it's possible for a devil to possess a devil.
    • Keima considers how to fill Dokuro's heart.
  • Mari wakes up.
    • Keima plans to use 'home life' to help Dokuro.
    • Mari wonders why Keima's acting normally.
  • Keima asks Mari to feed Dokuro.
    • He explains he met Dokuro at the game store, but she lost her key and couldn't get back in her house.
  • Keima teases Mari over opening a cafe.
    • Mari continues to wonder what's up with Keima.
  • Dokuro tries to eat breakfast, but doesn't know how.
    • Keima shows her how to use utensils.
  • Mari starts taking photos of Keima and Dokuro, calling Keima a big brother.
    • Dokuro starts calling Keima a big brother as well.
  • Dokuro asks to go to the bathroom.
    • Keima asks Dokuro if she knows how to use the toilet, and she indicates she doesn't.
    • Keima explains how to use the toilet.
    • Keima wonders why she doesn't know how to do things like this.
  • Elsie gets jealous.
    • Keima explains this is preparation for a difficult situation he anticipates that will require a strong relationship with Dokuro.
    • Keima suspects that there's more to why he was sent back in time.
  • Mari gets Keima ready for elementary school.
    • Keima wonders why he's in a child's body.
    • He asks the date, and remembers the upcoming Runaway Spirit escape.
  • Dokuro leaves the bathroom.
    • She looks for and finds her orb.
    • Keima asks what she's doing. She says if she loses her orb he'll be in trouble.
  • Keima, Dokuro, and Elsie set out for school.
    • Keima wonders if he's here to stop the Runaway Spirits escaping.
    • Keima explains to Elsie he can't miss elementary school or Mari will get ticked off.
    • Tenri catches sight of the trio as they arrive.

The maturity of the elementary school student

  • Keima, Elsie and Dokuro arrive at school.
    • Keima tells Elsie and Dokuro to wait close by and meet at break.
  • Keima gets caught in the playground games, losing his console.
    • Urara arrives, kicking the console away again.
    • Keima yells at her but she brushes him off by telling him to grow up.
  • In the classroom, Keima tries to play games but the other kids gather around bothering him.

    4th time 
July 21
  • Maijima East Elementary School's Closing Ceremony.
July 22 - Day of the Great Spirit Escape
  • The day of the school trip to the artificial beach.
    • 7 year old Keima and Tenri end up on the Akanemaru.
    • An earthquake causes the ship to drift out until it lands on a shoal with an entrance to a sea cave.
  • Keima and Tenri explore a mysterious cave in order to get back to Maijima.
    • The duo reach a wide area and rest there until another earthquake forces them to flee. Keima gets knocked out.
  • The Weiss and Goddesses are released from the seal.
    • The Weiss try to possess Tenri but the latter is saved when she allows Diana to enter her.
    • Diana escapes with Tenri and Keima by burrowing a tunnel to Maijima Academy's theater.
      • Due to either: the earthquakes; the Weiss escaping; or both, the school buildings of Maijima Academy are destroyed. The Theater and the Library are the only ones left standing.
  • Keima's house is destroyed and his family move to where he lives in the present day.
    • Tenri's family move as well.

Post Great Spirit Escape ~ Before Present Time

  • In 2000(tentative), the new school building is established.
  • In 2001(tentative), coeducation is put into effect.
  • Sometime between 2001 and the present, the school once again changes its name, this time to Maijima Private High/Middle School.

5 years before present

  • Hinoki gets into an argument with her father and runs away from home.

2 years before present

  • The girl group Citron is formed. The members are Lime, Yuri, and Kanon.
    • Citron is disbanded.

1 year before present

  • Mio Aoyama's father dies. The Aoyama family loses their fortune.

Present Time

Unknown dates

  • Kanon starts her solo career and puts school on hold for 2 months.
  • Elsie is promoted from Cleaning Devil to the Runaway Spirit Squad.
    • Dokuro Skull asks her to buy some DVDs for her.

First term

    First capture target 

The confidence of Mai-High's Unguided Missile

A Thursday - Ayumi's conquest: Day 1
  • Keima captures his 10,000th heroine (in games).
  • Ayumi dumps cleaning duty on Keima in order to participate in Track Club instead.
    • Keima cleans the school roof park and takes a break to answer emails.
  • Keima receives a provocative email and accepts the challenge. Unknown to him, it's a contract with Hell to be a buddy.
    • Elsie arrives and carries Keima off in order to catch their first Loose Soulnote .
  • Elsie and Keima arrives at a classroom. As Elsie searches for Runaway Spirits, Keima questions her.
    • Elsie tells him that she is a devil, but he does not believe her.
    • He tries to walk away but Elsie warns him about the collar and the consequences of breaching the contract.
  • Elsie's sensor goes off, detecting a spirit from Ayumi.
    • Elsie explains to Keima that the spirits are evil beings that escaped hell and hid themselves in the gaps of the heart.
      • She also explains what role the buddy plays in capturing the spirits and that he is to use love to fill the hearts.
      • Keima tells her that they made a mistake in picking him, that he only captures game girls.
  • Elsie cries for her misfortune.
    • Keima tells her to cancel the contract, but Elsie tells him that she can't as the contract binds them both and she will die with him.
  • At the track, Elsie asked Keima why he can't conquer real girls like he does in games.
    • He tells her the reasons that the Track Team isn't a "Track Team":
    1. None of them had their hair tied up.
      • Ayumi then ties her hair up. Keima can't believe what he sees and moves onto his next reason:
    2. A track team should wear bloomers, not shorts.
      • Elsie then uses her Hagoromo to turn all the team's clothes into bloomers.
    • Keima, now unable to back out, reluctantly agrees to conquer Ayumi.
Friday, the next day - Ayumi's conquest: Day 2
  • Keima sets up horizontal banners cheering Ayumi along the track.
    • Ayumi sees Keima and the banners and asks what he's doing.
    • Keima says it's for the competition coming up and he's cheering.
    • Ayumi thinks that it's his revenge for making him clean alone yesterday, and ties the banners over his head before heading back to the track.
  • Elsie asks Keima if it was alright making Ayumi angry.
    • Keima tells her that right now they need to increase the number of encounters (like watering a flower every day).
Ayumi's conquest: Day 3
  • More horizontal banners. Ayumi yells at him.
Ayumi's conquest: Day 4
  • Vertical banners. Ayumi yells that they aren't any better.
Ayumi's conquest: Day 5
  • Vertical flags this time. Ayumi just pouts.
  • Elsie comments that Ayumi seems to hate Keima more.
    • Keima tells her that "hate" can turn into "love", masking his overwhelming terror at getting no second chances.
  • The sempais come and chew Ayumi out, since the 2nd years are supposed to run after the 3rd years.
    • Ayumi tells them that she thought they weren't coming and that there isn't much time till the competition.
      • The sempais complain that Ayumi only got a representative spot for only getting a good time once.
      • Ayumi tells them if they are going to punish her they have to do it now. They order her to run 30 laps.
Ayumi's conquest: Last day
  • Ayumi looks over and doesn't see Keima or any banners. Her friends Miyako and Izumi joke that she seems sad.
    • Three advertisement balloons suddenly pop up.
      • Elsewhere, Elsie apologizes for making only three. Keima tells her that he needed only one.
  • Elsie enthusiastically announces that tomorrow is the competition and that Ayumi will show up those sempais. With all the cheering, Ayumi is certain to fall in love with Keima.
    • Keima, with a fruit basket in hand, wonders about her experience with her own sempais.
    • Suddenly Ayumi trips up on one of hurdles.
  • In the infirmary Ayumi is diagnosed with a sprained ankle.
    • Miyako and Izumi wonders if it wasn't an accident. The sempais openly mock her.
      • As Elsie cries for the misfortune, Keima analyzes the situation, announcing that he "can see the ending" and that he will now confess to her.
  • That night Ayumi, with her foot in a cast and a crutch, comes to the sports field to see Keima after receiving the fruit basket and asks what he was thinking.
    • Keima tells her that he thought she would get her strength back.
    • Ayumi threw fruit at him, arguing that with her foot she can't.
    • Keima tells he that she can because she isn't injured.
      • His statement causes her to pause.
    • She argues that one does get injured if they go at full speed.
      • Keima tells her that he knows that she didn't go full speed due to not tying up her hair at the time.
    • He then asks if she was planning to trip from the beginning.
    • Exposed, she reveals her thoughts.
      • She believes that the sempais' participating would be better, because even though she has the spot due to getting a good time on her run once, she is unable to get any better even if she practices. It would be bad if in the end she just got last.
  • Keima reassures her that it'll be fine if she just does her best, and if she was worried about rankings, she's placed first in his heart.
    • Embarrassed, Ayumi starts to pelt him with fruit and yells at him until she finds her track shoes in the basket.
      • She asks him if he will come and cheer for her. He answers yes and they kiss.
  • The Spirit is expelled and Elsie captures it.
    • Sometime after this Ayumi and many others' memories are changed.
The day of the competition
  • Ayumi wins first place in the competition.

    Elsie moves in 

A devil of a little sister

Sometime after the competition
  • Ayumi celebrates with class 2-B.
  • Keima wonders about what Elsie meant when she said "finishing her arrangements" some time ago.
    • Elsie comes into class and introduced herself as Elsie Katsuragi, Keima's little sister...
  • The class surround Elsie, asking her questions.
    • One of the guys says something rude about Keima and Elsie responds by stating that "soon every girl in the world will fall in love with my[her] big brother".
      • The whole class laughs.
  • After school Keima walks home while being annoyed at Elsie following him.
    • He demands to know why the contract isn't fulfilled by now. She says that there are more spirits in the town.
      • She explains that this is why she had her chief make the "arrangements" to make her his sister in the same class to respond quickly.
  • Keima doesn't want her to come to his house, but she tags along until they get there, where Keima's mother Mari invites her in.
    • When Mari asks who she is, Elsie tells her that she is her husband's illegitimate daughter and gives her a letter.
      • After reading the letter Mari calls Keiichi and berated him.
    • Elsie is taken into the Katsuragi family.
  • While Mari's filing for divorce (she never goes through with it), Keima goes and buys games. Elsie follows and listens to his complaints of not accepting her as a little sister.
  1. B - Blood: They do not have the same blood in their bodies.
  2. M - Memories: They don't share any memories with each other.
  3. W - Wonnichan Moe (Love for their brother): She causes him trouble.
    • Elsie bites him to drink his blood to try to fulfill the first condition.
      • Elsie decides to be a good little sister for him.
  • Elsie cleans the house, then ties Keima down and force feeds him food from Hell (Pescatori Styx).
    • Elsie inadvertently destroys part of the house and the neighbor's house when trying to demonstrate her broom. Keima gets diarrhea.
      • Sometime between now and summer vacation, the neighbors move and their former house is fixed leaving it vacant.
  • Keima takes a bath and thinks over on what happened, and admits that Elsie (in her own way) is fulfilling the conditions.
    • Elsie sneaks in the bath in an attempt to help Keima.
    • She tells Keima of her own real older sister and that she wants to make her proud.
    • Keima begrudgingly agrees to partner up with her, rationalizing it as getting rid of the collar as soon as possible. Elsie tries to do something nice and washes Keima's PFP with soap and water, ruining it.

    Second capture target 

The pride of the poor little rich girl

Day after Elsie moves in
  • During history class Elsie tries to pass a note to thank and apologize to Keima.
    • Chihiro reads the note aloud and embarrasses both Keima and Elsie by mentioning the bath incident.
  • At lunchtime, Keima and Elsie walk until they reach the Demeter Maijima bread stall.
    • Elsie wants an omelet soba bread, but then her sensor goes off.
      • Mio appears and buys all of the omelet soba bread. Elsie confirms that she is the one who has the spirit.
  • Sometime near the end of school, Keima and Elsie talk about Mio while observing her.
    • Keima practices confession lines over with Elsie, much to her embarrassment.
The next day - Mio's conquest: Day 1
  • After school Keima confesses to Mio.
    • Mio has her chauffeur Morita put him in a submission hold before leaving for home.
  • Keima and Elsie follow the car and discover that Mio is poor and living in an apartment.
    • They overhear Mio and Morita arguing and learn that Mio's family lost their fortune when her father died.
  • Morita quits and leaves.
    • Mio tries to chase him but stops when she sees Keima. (Elsie hides beforehand)
      • Mio slams the door in Keima's face.
Mio's conquest: Day 2
  • In the morning, Mio waits in vain for Morita.
    • Keima comes and offers her a ride on his bike.
      • She refuses but then Elsie uses her Hagoromo to change it into a cycle rickshaw that has a frilly cart. Mio then agrees, not wanting to walk.
Mio's conquest: Day 3
  • Keima's rickshaw cart is now fancy.
Mio's conquest: Day 4
  • The rickshaw cart is now a mech head.
Mio's conquest: Day 5
  • The rickshaw cart is now a locomotive.
    • Keima collapses due to exhaustion.
    • Mio uses her whip as a charm to lift his spirits.
      • Mio stops herself when she realizes her fun with Keima, and goes home.
  • Outside the apartment Keima and Elsie discuss Mio's attitude.
    • Keima reviews all the events.
    • Keima finds the party invitation and announces that he "can see the ending".
Mio's conquest: Last day
  • The rickshaw cart is a pumpkin carriage (like Cinderella).
  • The 63rd "Flower Banquet".
    • Sometime later at night past 6pm, Mio waits for Keima at the Miyamaki Manor, Rose Hall's rear garden.
    • Keima meets up with Mio, and she berates him for them being in the garden.
    • Keima tells her that he had no confidence in dancing and wants her to teach him.
      • She declines at first but seeing him interact with a maid (Elsie), she agrees.
  • They dance and chat with each other until they're interrupted by three other male guests.
    • The three openly mock her and her family's misfortune before going back to the hall.
  • Mio gets angry but Keima tells her that her actions of trying to preserve her memories of her father are enough and it's time to move on and live her own life.
    • Mio tries to resist but is distraught, as Keima being part of her life is starting to make her forget her father.
    • Keima tells her he wants a place in her heart and gives her an ultimatum: join the party if she hates him or be with him.
      • Mio and Kiema kiss.
  • The spirit is expelled and Elsie captures it.
    • Sometime after this Mio's and others' memories are changed.
      • Morita returns sometime after this.
The next day
  • At lunchtime Elsie thanks Keima for his hard work as he complains of being tired.
    • Mio appears and asks them if she has enough to buy an omelette soba bread.
    • Keima tells her she has enough for two. She thanks him and goes on her way but not before giving Keima a longing look.
  • Keima and Elsie comment on Mio's behavior.
    • Elsie asks for bigger roles next time but Keima blows her off.

    Daily life 

More than a God, less than a human

A Saturday
  • Elsie is cleaning and cooking in the morning when Mari walks in.
    • Mari praises her wishing she was her real daughter.
    • Elsie shows Mari the handwich she made for Keima.
  • Keima appears looking like an undead.
    • Keima complains that he is this way due to not playing enough games.
    • He announces that no one bother him, for he is going to be in "God of Conquest Mode", and goes to his room.
  • Elsie follows and after picking the lock spies on Keima.
    • She observes Keima's "God of Conquest Mode"
Sunday - The next day
  • After 23 hours of nonstop playing Keima hallucinates and sings until Elsie calls out his name.
    • He asks what she's doing and she tells him that she has been there for a while.
      • She reminds him of the importance of eating and gives him the handwich she made yesterday. She subtly blackmails him with the song he sang, saying she might hum it in school tomorrow.
  • Elsie later sends the report of what happened to Dokurou Skull.

    Third capture target 

The insecurity of the twinkling rising star

A Sunday(tentative)
  • The Katsuragi family (Keima, Mari, and Elsie) are eating dinner and watching the TV.
    • Kanon is announced as the winner of NNS best music newcomer award.
  • Keima and Elsie argue about the concept of idols until Mari tells them to stop.
The next day
  • At lunchtime Elsie tries to ask Keima if they could eat together but he isn't there.
    • She then notices the school (mostly the boys) are acting strange.
      • Hiroko "Mappy" Matsumiya and Chihiro tell her it is because Kanon is coming back to school.
  • Keima is on the school roof park playing. Kanon is there as well, humming.
    • Kanon talks to herself until she notices Keima.
    • Kanon tries to talk to him but he just says "Who are you?" and blows her off.
  • Kanon shocks him with her stun gun.
    • Kanon cries and shocks him some more.
  • Elsie comes to the park and starts to ask Keima why he didn't tell her that Kanon was in the same class as they are, but gets distracted when she sees Kanon.
    • Elsie takes Keima's PFP and gives it to Kanon to sign, which she does.
    • Elsie praises Kanon while the latter tries to be modest.
  • Elsie berates Keima for not saying anything about Kanon when they were in the same class.
    • Kanon snaps and shocks Keima some more.
    • Elsie's sensor reacts.
  • Kanon laments at not being recognized by a classmate and decides to defeat him (turn him into a fan of hers).
    • She asks for his name and after hearing it she goes in the building.
  • Keima comments on the dangerous situation he's gotten into and doesn't want to meet her again.
    • Elsie then tells him that Kanon has a spirit.
The next day - Kanon's conquest: Day 1
  • In the morning Elsie talks about Kanon.
    • Keima says he does not want to get involved due to her having stun guns and wiping his data.
    • Meanwhile Kanon has just finished her work.
      • Keima finds a CD case with a note from Kanon to meet after school.
      • Some time between now and after school Kanon sets up a stage in the school park.
  • After school Keima meets with Kanon who performs ALL 4 YOU for him.
    • Other students hear the song.
    • Elsie wonders why Kanon has gone through the trouble for Keima.
  • Keima plays it cool, making Kanon depressed.
    • Kanon is about to shock Keima but abruptly leaves, telling him to come back tomorrow.
The next day - Kanon's conquest: Day 2
  • After school Kanon performs Happy Crescent for Keima.
    • Keima wonders why Kanon is fixated with one person not knowing who she is. He also tries to decide whether or not to ignore her.
  • After Kanon finishes her song she sees Keima asleep, gets depressed and disappears.
    • Elsie panics but Keima tells her to look carefully and they can just make her out.
    • Kanon mumbles that nothing changed, that she is still invisible.
  • Keima says he was listening.
    • Kanon tries to shock him, calling him a liar and stating that he was sleeping, but Keima dodges her, letting her instead hit a tree behind, felling it.
    • Keima defends himself by saying that her song was heavenly.
      • Keima slips a CD case in her coat.
    • Kanon calms down a little and walks away.
  • Keima is relieved he survived.
    • Elsie berates him for ignoring Kanon.
    • Keima tells her he did it to find out Kanon's problem.
      • Keima receives an e-mail from Kanon to meet her.
  • Keima meets Kanon and notes that she is still sad (and transparent).
    • Kanon asks him if her song reached him.
    • He says yes; Kanon was relieved and gets happy (and visible) again.
  • She asks him if they could exchange mails, noting that she doesn't have friends at school.
    • Keima says yes and receives a mail from Kanon asking him to take care of her (in a yandere wall of text kind of way).
Several days later - Kanon's conquest: Last day
  • Keima meets with Kanon by Narusawa Seaside Hall before her concert.
    • Kanon explains how exciting the event will be.
    • Keima sits down, playing Kanon's music on his PFP, which delights her.
  • She leans toward him asking if her songs are good and to praise her if they were.
    • Keima pats her head.
    • Kanon leaves to prepare for the show.
      • Some time while getting ready, Kanon gets nervous, turns invisible, and runs off in a panic.
  • After Kanon leaves Elsie flies in and praises Keima for his plan but Keima believes something is missing.
    • The crew panics because Kanon is missing; Keima announces that he "can see the ending".
    • Keima and Elsie search for Kanon.
  • After a while they rest on a bench still unable to find Kanon.
    • Elsie remembers that her sensor can find the spirit in Kanon.
    • The sensor reacts and Keima spots Kanon nearby.
  • Keima consoles her.
    • Kanon asks Keima to stay with her.
    • Keima declines, saying that she needs to be more resolved and shine on her own.
    • Kanon says she can't, but Keima tells her that she already has.
      • The audience in the hall is cheering for Kanon.
    • He tells her that he can't have her to himself.
  • Kanon tells Keima that she would have been happy if she just sang for just one person before saying good bye to him.
    • They kiss; the spirit is expelled and Elsie captures it.
      • Kanon's and other people's memories are changed.
  • Kanon performs her concert.
    • Elsie and Keima compliment and comment positively on Kanon.

    Coupling with each other 
A school day
  • At 6:00 Elsie cooks a bento for Keima as Mari does laundry.
  • Keima is attacked by the hellish tentacle bento.
    • Keima and Elsie argue and Keima calls her a Bugnote  Demon, causing Elsie to become depressed.
  • Later at school, Elsie is still crying.
    • Chihiro asked her what's wrong.
    • Elsie tells her and Chihiro tells her not to mind Keima as he overhears them.
    • Chihiro gives Elsie a teen girl magazine with a recipe for cake and Elsie decides to bake it.
      • Sometime before 2nd period Elsie makes a substitute Hagoromo doll and goes to the south building 4F, home economics room.
  • 2nd period Kodama hands out the graded tests and argues with Keima who got 100.
    • Kodama calls out for Elsie who doesn't answer. Keima then notices that it was a doll.
    • Elsie follows the directions of the recipe using Hell ingredients.
    • One of the eggs from Hell is a mandragonnote , which hatches and chases Elsie.
      • Elsie runs and makes the meringue at the same time.
  • 2 hours later the Elsie doll deflates a bit and Keima is looking for the real one.
    • The mandragon attacks Keima but flies away in the end.
    • Keima is confused but then Elsie appears from the bushes holding a bowl.
  • Elsie turns away and cryptically tells Keima to meet her in the home economics room later in order to show her true self and leaves.
    • Keima starts to wonder what routes he could have taken to fix their relationship, but shakes it off, stating she was not a capture target.
      • Back at the home economics room Elsie continues following the directions too literally, as well as using Hell ingredients, into 6 th period.
  • At 6th period physical education Kodama substitutes for Kimura and instead of basketball he changes it into running laps.
    • Keima is struggling and Kodama mocks him. Meanwhile Elsie is finishing the cake as she imagines Keima praising her, but the mandragon's eaten the strawberry.
    • The other Hell eggs Elsie brought are hatching and draw closer to the cake. Meanwhile Keima becomes defiant and retorts back to Kodama.
    • Kodama is about to strike Keima, then there's an explosion. Meanwhile Elsie tries to defend the cake which ends up blowing up the home economics room.
      • The mandragon ends up in the track field.
  • Everyone on the track is dumbfound at what happened, but Keima remembers that Elsie was supposed to be there and runs to her.
    • Kodama tries to grab Keima but instead gets the mandragon which attacks him and the students on the field.
  • Keima reaches what is left of the home economics room and sees Elsie crying while trying to fix her cake.
    • Elsie berates herself.
      • Keima resigns himself to making her feel better.
  • Keima grabs the cake, tells Elsie she is a failure cause he hates sweets and eats the cake.
    • He then apologizes to her for the comment earlier that morning.
    • As they're about to go home Elsie remembers the last direction and licks the cream off of Keima's face.
    • Meanwhile Kodama tells Nikaido what happened at 6th period but she blows him off.
      • Some timet later the home economics room is repaired. The memories of anyone not in the Runaway Spirit Squad are probably changed.

    Fourth capture target 

The awkwardness of the quiet library girl

A normal day - In school (The day after the cake incident/disaster)
  • Keima is having stomach problems from yesterday's cake.
    • He blames Elsie for her lack of common sense of the human world.
    • Elsie retorts that back in school in Hell her best subject was on Japanese... up to the point of Commodore Perry's arrival.
      • Keima tells her to go to the school library later.
  • At lunch time, Elsie goes to the library.
    • Elsie is amazed at the place and tries to find common sense.
  • Elsie finds a book on fire trucks and falls in love with them.
    • Elsie wants to find more on fire trucks and goes to the information desk.
  • At the information desk Elsie finds a girl reading with books around her and she tries to get her attention but to no avail.
    • The girl just reads her book and when she finishes it she falls asleep.
    • Elsie shouts a bit and surprises the girl.
  • The girl collects herself and asks Elsie how she could "be of service" (in an old dialect she picked up from her book).
    • Elsie picks up on it; the girl corrects herself and asks how she can help her.
  • Elsie asks if there are more books on firetrucks.
    • The girl thinks for a while before telling Elsie to come back after school.
    • Elsie repeats the girl's answer to be certain of the time, making the girl nervous to think of a response.
    • Elsie's sensor reacts to the girl who quietly tells her to be a little quieter.
  • After school, Elsie drags Keima to the library and tells him of the library girl.
    • Keima complains about librarians (in games) and wonders if the girl is excellent, but Elsie doesn't know from interacting with her.
    • Then the girl shows up with a flatbed cart of all 458 books with fire trucks in them.
  • Keima is amazed that the library has a large search program.
    • The girl tries to tell him she actually read and memorized all the books, but is too nervous to say anything, thinking it might weird him out. Then she thinks about it more and berates herself before going back to her desk without a word. She continues to think to herself how hard it is for her to talk to others but surmises that she would be alright if she has her books.
    • Keima notes that the girl was a good person, but Elsie was a bit worried.
The next day
  • Elsie tells Keima the stats of the girl, Shiori Shiomiya, notes that she was quiet, and wonders if Keima can capture her.
    • He doesn't know, so he will listen to the voice of her heart (read the screen), but Elsie reminds him it's not a game.
  • At lunch time in the library, Shiori is sadly collecting books for disposal.
    • Keima and Elsie spot her.
  • Shiori tries to reach a book on the top shelf but stumbles back when she pulls it out.
    • Keima catches her with his chest and the book with his hand.
  • Shiori jumps off in surprise and recognizes Keima from yesterday.
    • Keima puts the book in the disposal box.
    • Shiori tries to thank him but messes up due to reading the title of the book in her hand.
  • Shiori gets embarrassed, mentally chastises herself, and tries to walk away.
    • Keima then says aloud that they don't need books any more (which makes Shiori stop in her tracks), that they take up space and should be converted to data.
    • Shiori wants to tell him off, but decides against it, trying to respect his opinions.
  • Keima then says after they are scanned, the books should be discarded.
    • Shiori walks up to him and calls him stupid, then realizes what she's done and walks away.
  • Elsie later berates Keima saying books have their own merit.
    • Keima retorts saying that he is only concerned with the contents.
    • Elsie tries to tell him that he didn't have to pick a fight with Shiori.
    • Keima tells her because he did, he was able to hear Shiori's monologue, her inner-voice. He then asks what Elsie was doing.
    • Elsie shows that she was reading the fire truck books Shiori found for her, which causes Keima to think Elsie won't be helpful again.
  • Back at the information desk, Shiori berates herself for messing up thanking the boy but being clear when she called him stupid.
    • She thinks back of the times in her life she was unable to communicate.
    • She then affirms that she doesn't need to interact with anyone and will live in the world of books.
      • Keima then says that he can hear her inner-voice but Elsie reminds him that Shiori only called him "stupid".
  • After school Keima and Elsie overhear the Library Committee meeting on the media booth they will set up in next week's recess.
    • Shiori stands up as if to say something, but is unable to, and the meeting is adjourned.
  • Elsie is concerned for Shiori speaking up for herself, but Keima tries to dismiss her.
    • Elsie then wonders why Shiori got the spirit in the first place and reasons that she might actually want to talk more but Keima dismisses her.
  • Shiori was walking by lamenting on not talking and wished that humans developed telepathy instead of talking.
    • She then spots Keima writing in a book and takes it from him.
    • She then remembers him from yesterday and glares at him while thinking angry thoughts.
  • Elsie notices what Keima has done.
    • Keima explains that he was editing due to there being incorrect information in the book. He also states information that isn't correct is worthless.
    • Shiori does see his point but still stares him down because he wrote in a book.
  • Keima then states that books are worthless if they can't edit it immediately.
    • Shiori then calls him an idiot and walks away.
  • Elsie comments that she is now used to Keima making girls angry. Keima tells her that he was talking to Shiori.
    • Elsie points out that she only changed from saying "stupid" to "idiot".
    • Keima tells her it is a big difference. That she may look quiet on the outside but it doesn't mean she's like that on the inside.
The next day
  • At the library, Shiori sees Keima again scribbling and decides to tell him off.
    • After his book was taken away, Keima corrects Shiori that it was his book and not the library's and asked for it back.
  • Shiori was embarrassed and mental berates herself for trying to be aggressive. She struggles between apologizing or not.
    • She then berates Keima openly and apologizes to him mentally when she wanted to do it the other way.
    • When her tirade leads to her openly complaining about of the visual and audio booths. When she noticed, she shuts up and leaves with the book.
      • Keima calls out to her wanting his book back.
And the next day
  • Shiori spies Keima playing his PFP in the library.
    • She mumbles that she told him that he isn't allowed in the library anymore and he is being mean coming anyway.
  • Keima notices and tells her that she was speaking normally to him now.
    • Shiori was shocked and wonder if it was due to speaking to him yesterday. After reflecting she notes that she went to him yesterday and today also.
  • Keima then puts his PHP down and said that the library was a great place which caught Shiori's attention.
    • Kema continues that it was loud outside and he wants to live without interference.

    On a Crusade 
A school day
  • Keima is having a hard time trying to conquer Sora Asuka from the buggy game Crayon.
    • Elsie asks what's wrong and Keima shows her how buggy it is.
  • Keima gets depressed but his will is reignited when Elsie calls it "impossible".
    • He drags her out of the class to make her help.
  • On the roof park Keima and Elsie try to conquer the game; Keima plays as Elsie writes down the choices.
    • Keima explains that the game can't be saved, which makes Elsie want to run, but Keima forces her to stay by reminding her of the problems she causes him.
  • 7 hours later Elsie is exhausted and tries to reason with Keima.
    • Keima tells her that he is doing it for Sora.
  • Elsie suggests that they write to the company but Keima tells her that it went bankrupt.
    • He makes the resolve to save Sora.
  • The game loop ends but the file is corrupted.
    • Keima and Elsie go through the ordeal again until they see the ending.

    Fifth capture target 

The dueling duality of Mai-High's Sapphire Princess

    District Chief Haqua arrives 

    Sixth capture target 

The longing of the normal girl

    Daily life once more 

Shopping with Keima

Mari's birthday

May 25

    Seventh capture target 

The pure idealism of the trainee teacher

    Elsie's activities 

    Eighth capture target 

The world of the Moon Child

    Haqua and her buddy 

    Ninth capture target 

The lament of the swimmer girl

    The waning of the first term 

Helping four girls and an idol

The biannual meeting of the Runaway Spirit Squad

Summer days

    Memories with a childhood friend 
July 21

    Tenth capture target 

The loneliness of the ghost girl during Obon

Obon: Day 1
  • In Yamaguchi Village Denma Katsuragi (Keima's grandfather) is making a bowl.
    • Mari, Keima, and Elsie drive up. (Keima is carsick)
  • Denma greets them and trades snide remarks with Mari.
    • Denma is knocked away by his wife who kindly greets Mari.
      • They ask about Keiichi and Mari tells them that he is away on business.
  • In the house the Katsuragi family chat with each other while being served watermelon.
    • Keima's uncle comments that Mari is beautiful.
    • Keima's aunt mentions that Keiichi and Asa are not there and that she turned 42.
    • Denma is mad that Mari removed his bowls from the shop.
    • Elsie gives Denma a tapping message which calms him down.
      • Keima's aunt asks Mari who Elsie is and Mari tries to explain.
  • Denma shows Keima the disorganized storage room full of games the latter sent to the former.
    • Denma then gives Keima a bowl with a (badly) stylized picture of a game character.
      • Elsie comments that Keima's grandfather was thinking of him as Keima reorganizes the storage room.
  • Later during the grave visit, Denma tells everyone to pray properly.
    • Elsie tells Keima the proper way to pray; Keima comments whether she (a devil) should be praying in the first place.
  • While they pray, Elsie hears something and asks if Keima said anything, which he said he didn't.
    • Mari then comments that Elsie might have heard a ghost, which freaks Elsie out.
  • After praying, Elsie comments how nice and quiet the countryside is.
    • Keima comments that there were once more people and without people traditions die out.
  • The duo then hear someone singing a creepy song.
    • They turn and see a young girl holding a straw doll asking them to play with her.
  • Airi (the girl) is then called by her grandmother, whom Keima's grandparents greet.
    • Before Airi and her grandmother leave, Airi laughs maniacally and says "I'll cut off your head", a line from the song, to Elsie.
    • Keima comments how creepy Airi was and Elsie wonders if the earlier voice she heard belonged to Airi.
      • Mari, Keima, and Elsie are assigned to sleep in the living room.
  • That night, Elsie wakes up wanting to go to the toilet and wakes Keima up to help walk her to the bathroom due to being scared. (She leaves behind her sensor)
    • Keima complains she should go on her own.
    • Elsie tells him that it's due to the graves being close. What would she do when a ghost came?
    • Her statement causes Keima to question her being a devil.
  • When they reach the bathroom they separate.
    • As Keima waits in the hall and Elsie finishes using the facilities, they see a ghostly apparition singing the creepy song.
Obon: Day 2
Obon: Day 3

    Eleventh capture target 

The sweet intentions of the ramen girl

    Summer's end 
August 31

Troubles with three devils, and a goddess with the childhood friend

Summer Wars

Second term

    Twelfth capture target 

The victories of the shogi girl

    Thirteenth capture target 

The escape of the captive princess

    Fourteenth capture target 

The big dreams of the ambitious sister

    Daily life again 

The Melancholy of Elsie

First of all a triage

Three way pairing

The sports festival

    Fifteenth capture target 

The robot girl's designs

    New captures from old conquests 

The sun goes down

    The Climactic Mai High Festival 
November 5 (Friday) - Mai High Festival Eve
November 6 (Saturday) - Mai High Festival: Day 1
November 7 (Sunday) - Mai High Festival: Last Day

    The Heart of Jupiter 
November 12 (Friday)
  • It has been five days since the end of the Mai High Festival; Mari has since returned from South America but Keima has been a recluse.
    • Everyone from Vintage has been captured.
    • Haqua visits Elsie and updates her on what's been going on with the Runaway Spirit Squad.
      • Haqua has returned to the Squad.
      • Nora has been promoted to head district chief for her part in Vintage's destruction.
    • Elsie expects the Squad won't have any work now, as the goddesses will capture the spirits. Haqua wonders if it will be that simple.
  • Keima sets out for school.
    • He meets Tenri, who's been waiting for him on the way.
    • Together, they walk to Maijima High.
      • Keima asks why, as Tenri goes to a different school; she doesn't manage an answer.
  • As he enters the school, Keima experiences a vision: the school empty of everyone, save for an enigmatic girl sitting under a tree, holding an orb.
    • Tenri snaps him out of it.
  • Elsie realizes Keima's disappeared, and hurries to school in hope of finding him.
  • Haqua receives a confidential message from Hell's Constitutional Ministry, informing her Dokuro has committed treason and will be discharged as chief.
    • Nora arrives at the Katsuragi home.
    • She informs Haqua that Dokuro's 'treason' was being the leader of Vintage.
  • Keima enters the first 'world', where Maijima High is an all-girls school.
    • As he tries to escape the angry girls, the 'world' falls apart and he sees the mystery girl again.
  • Keima's woken by Elsie, and finds himself outside the real Mai-High.
    • Keima realizes something weird happens whenever he tries to go in.
    • Diana senses a powerful demonic miasma surrounding Maijima High, and goes to tell her sisters.
  • Nora tells Haqua Dokuro was disposed of while resisting during the investigation.
  • Keima enters the second 'world', where Ayumi, Yui, Tsukiyo, Shiori and Kanon are all openly competing for his love.
  • Haqua is suspicious of the reasons for Chief Dokuro's death.
    • With prompting from Nora, Haqua realizes the goddesses must be Hell's next target. However, because their original goal was the goddesses' resurrection, Hell can't want them dead.
    • Nora asks Haqua where Keima is; she has a memento from Dokuro to give him.
  • Keima enters the third 'world', an RPG mechanics universe.
  • Keima wakes up in the fourth 'world', where Maijima High is an all-boys school.
  • Haqua and Nora arrive at Maijima High.
    • Nora shows Haqua Dokuro's memento: an orb that is apparently the key to saving the world.
  • Keima's attempt to escape the fourth 'world' transports him to a Maijima High which has become a desolate wasteland.
    • A mystery voice informs him this is the future of the world.
    • Keima demands to know who's talking; he remembers the voice from somewhere.
    • He sees the mystery girl under the tree again.
  • Mars, Minerva and Vulcan assemble to investigate the miasma.
    • Minerva identifies the miasma as a Weiss spell, and sees something rising from the theater.
  • Keima asks the girl who she is. She doesn't know, nor why she's here. She didn't want to be born again.
    • Keima asks her how to leave. Instead of answering, she regresses into an infant.
  • Mars, Minerva and Vulcan arrive at the theater, now joined by Mercury.
    • They meet Elsie and an unconscious, miasma-ridden Keima.
    • Tenri arrives, and explains what's happening; Keima is having a dream, probably about the future of the world.
    • She tells the goddesses Keima needs help going on a journey to Maijima ten years ago.
  • Keima awakes as Apollo joins the other goddesses.
    • He finds himself inside a magic circle created by the goddesses.
    • Tenri tells him about his forthcoming journey.
  • Haqua and Nora arrive outside the barrier surrounding the circle, where they meet Elsie.
    • Tenri leaves the circle, and asks Nora for the 'key', the orb Nora's being carrying; with it, Keima can go back in time.
  • The goddesses begin the travel spell.
    • Tenri brings Elsie into the circle, so she can go with Keima.
    • Tenri tells Keima he'll have to save a girl - the mystery girl he's already met - which will affect everyone's future.
  • The goddesses complete the spell.
    • Keima (age 17) switches minds with Keima (age 7).
    • Elsie is transported in time.
    • The goddesses make sure Keima's unconscious body is safe.

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