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Timeline / The Silver Case

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Sources include the website for The Silver Case HD Remaster, the "kamuinet" website, and the hint booklet for the remaster.

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    before 1999 
  • December, 1975: As detailed on the "kamuinet" website, Kamui kills the mayor of Mitama City.
  • March, 1979: Tetsugoro Kusabi arrests "Silver Case" suspect, Kamui Uehara, as the later was caught executing another crime.
  • August 2, 1979: Riru Yukimura dies to a mob in Mikumo 77.
  • August, 1984: Kamui's criminal trial is canceled due to "high-level mental disorders".
  • September, 1984: Kamui is committed to IMM Hospital for counseling and treatment.


#0: lunatics

  • January 29, at 11:32pm: Kusabi is attacked on his way home by an unnamed assailant. Said assailant escapes to the Cauliflower railroad satellite station.
  • January 30:
    • 12:15am: On a call from the Heinous Crimes Division, Special Forces Unit "Republic"—comprised of Commander Daigo Natsume; and recruits Inomata, Sakamoto, and codename: "Akira"—depart for Cauliflower.
    • 12:29am: Both Kusabi and the Republic unit arrive at Cauliflower. Republic begins its first mission: to dispose of the assailant, with Kusabi providing backup.
    • On the rooftop, "Akira" finds himself in a standoff against the assailant, who is speaking incoherently. However, "Akira" doesn't take the shot; Kusabi kills the man instead. The "crime virus" has affected the other people within Cauliflower.

#1: decoyman

  • March 22: During a secret meeting with an acquaintance, Kusabi gets a tip that "Kamui is about to make a move".
  • March 27:
    • At around 10-11pm: Kamui Uehara kills his counselor, Yuriko Sonoda, and escapes IMM Hospital.
    • 11:15pm: Republic is dispatched to secure Kamui.
    • 11:45pm: Republic arrives to secure Kamui. Within ten minutes, Kamui kills Sakamoto and Inomata, then leaves Natsume in critical condition and "Akira" with severe psychosis.
  • March 28:
    • 12:38am: Kamui manages to lose the satellite tracking on him, presumably by going underground.
    • 7:04am: Kusabi and Sumio Kodai arrive at IMM Hospital to learn about Kamui's escape. Kusabi and "Akira" meet again.

#3: parade

  • July 10?: The Yukimura mansion is destroyed in an explosion under HCU stakeout (Kodai, Kusabi, and "Akira").
  • July 31: Chairman Yukimura calls his syndicate's management to Snow Tower for a secret meeting, then blows up the building, killing all 11 people.
  • August 1 or 2: Mikumo 77 is bombed, leaving nothing but a crater behind.

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