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Pre-Cobra Kai

  • John Kreese meets Betsy. They begin a relationship after Kreese saves her from her abusive boyfriend David.
  • John Kreese joins the United States Military and is deployed to Vietnam.


  • John Kreese and Terry Silver learn Tang Soo Do from Captain Turner while serving in Vietnam.
  • Betsy is killed in a car crash.
  • John Kreese murders Captain Turner. Terry Silver swears a life debt to Kreese.


  • The first All Valley Karate Tournament is held.


  • The Cobra Kai dojo is founded by John Kreese and Terry Silver and enters its first All Valley Karate Tournament.


  • Johnny Lawrence joins the Cobra Kai dojo.


  • John Kreese and Terry Silver travel to South Korea to receive instruction from Kim Sun Yung. Kreese declines Silver's proposal to enter Cobra Kai in the Sekai Taikai.


  • Johnny Lawrence competes in his first All Valley Karate Tournament but is defeated in the quarterfinals by Darryl Vidal. Vidal will later go on to become the 1981 All Valley champion.


  • At a screening of Rocky III, Johnny Lawrence meets Ali Mills for the first time. After multiple attempts, he succeeds in convincing her to go on a date with him and they begin a relationship.
  • Johnny Lawrence wins the All Valley Karate Tournament for the first time.


  • Tommy upsets Darryl Vidal in the semifinals and ends up in the finals against fellow Cobra Kai member, Johnny Lawrence.
  • Johnny wins his second All Valley Karate Tournament without losing a single point, defeating Tommy in the finals.
  • Bobby Brown defeats Vidal in the third place match, completing a Cobra Kai clean sweep of the podium positions.


  • Johnny Lawrence and Ali Mills break up after Johnny gets drunk on a night out with his Cobra Kai teammates and forgets her birthday the next morning.
  • Daniel LaRusso moves to the San Fernando Valley.
  • December 19:
    • Daniel LaRusso wins his first All Valley Karate Tournament, defeating Johnny Lawrence 3-2 in the final.
    • John Kreese assaults Johnny Lawrence in the parking lot after the tournament, causing all of his students to abandon the Cobra Kai dojo. Kreese is defeated by Nariyoshi Miyagi, and swears revenge.


  • Daniel LaRusso and Nariyoshi Miyagi travel to Okinawa to visit Miyagi's dying father. LaRusso defeats Chozen Toguchi in a fight to the death, but spares his opponent's life.
  • John Kreese contacts Terry Silver, who hires Mike Barnes as Daniel's opponent (while also "mentoring" Daniel via questionable methods).
  • Daniel LaRusso wins his second All Valley Karate Tournament, defeating Mike Barnes in the final Sudden Death match. The Cobra Kai dojo receives a lifetime ban from the tournament for the unsportsmanlike behaviour of Barnes and senseis John Kreese and Terry Silver.


  • November 15: Nariyoshi Miyagi passes away after a long illness.


  • Xander Stone of Topanga Karate wins the All Valley Karate Tournament.

Season 1: August 2017 - May 2018


  • August:
    • Johnny Lawrence meets Miguel Diaz.
    • Johnny Lawrence reopens the Cobra Kai dojo, with Miguel Diaz as his first student.

  • November:
    • Aisha Robinson joins Cobra Kai.
    • Many more students (including Eli and Demetri) join Cobra Kai after Miguel's ass-kicking of Kyler and his gang.
    • Eli "flips the script" to become Hawk.
    • Robby joins LaRusso Auto and becomes Daniel's student.


  • May 19:
    • Miguel Diaz wins the All Valley Karate Tournament in its 50th edition, defeating Robby Keene 3-2 in the final.
    • Daniel LaRusso opens the Miyagi-Do dojo.
    • Kreese returns.

Season 2: May 2018 ~ August 2018

  • The first episode of season 2 opens right after the All-Valley tournament.
  • Sam LaRusso rejoins Miyagi-Do.
  • Kreese joins Cobra Kai as a co-sensei to Johnny.
  • Cobra Kai crashes Miyagi-Do's demonstration during the Valley Fest.
  • Demetri joins Miyagi-Do after he gets a beating from Kreese.
  • Many more Cobra Kai students (Chris, Nathaniel, Abe, Lil' Red, Frank) defect to Miyagi-Do after Daniel gives a rousing speech in response to the Cobra Kais (Hawk, Mitch, Big Red, Edwin) trashing the dojo.
  • Tommy dies after a long battle with cancer, but not before spending one last time with his Cobra Kai gang.

  • August 18: A karate riot breaks out at West Valley High School between members of the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do dojos. Miguel Diaz is kicked over a second-floor railing by Robby Keene and is hospitalized with life threatening injuries. Keene becomes a fugitive from the police.

  • August 18 ~ September 2:
    • John Kreese seizes control of the Cobra Kai dojo.
    • Robby Keene and Tory Nichols are expelled from West Valley High School. Keene remains a fugitive while Nichols is put on probation.
    • Samantha LaRusso, Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz, Demetri, Mitch, Chris, Bert, Nathaniel and all other participants of the school brawl are suspended from school for two weeks.
    • Aisha Robinson's parents move her to a private school.
    • Raymond "Stingray" is arrested for assaulting minors and put on probation.

Season 3: September 2018 ~ December 2018

  • September 2: A public meeting is held at West Valley High School to discuss the events of August 18.
  • Robby is sent to juvie after Daniel turns him in.
  • December 19:
    • 34th anniversary of Daniel LaRusso's first All Valley Karate Tournament win.
    • Johnny Lawrence, Daniel LaRusso and Ali Mills reunite at the Encino Oaks Country Club.
    • Several Cobra Kai students, including Tory Nichols and Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz, invade the LaRusso home and attack a group of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang students. The Miyagi-Do/Eagle Fang alliance are victorious in the resulting fight, and Hawk defects from Cobra Kai to join them during the fight.
    • After a fight at the Cobra Kai dojo, Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence and John Kreese agree to settle their differences once and for all at the All Valley Karate Tournament.

Season 4: December 2018 ~ 2019

  • Johnny Lawrence's Eagle Fang and Daniel LaRusso's Miyagi-Do merge to form one dojo at Miyagi-Do.
  • John Kreese attempts to recruit Terry Silver, only for the latter to decline his invitation. Terry Silver eventually gives in to Kreese's persuasion and his PTSD and rejoins the dojo as co-sensei.
  • Kenny enrolls in West Valley Middle School and is bullied by his peers (including Anthony LaRusso). This reaches its peak when Anthony and his gang catfish him by luring him to the park in his "Dr. Scribblebottoms" cosplay.
  • Kenny tries out Cobra Kai after his brother Shawn Payne directs him to Robby. He is rejected by Kreese after his sparring match against Kyler goes poorly. After some teaching from Robby, Kenny faces Kyler again and delivers a sneak attack punch to his face. This impresses Kreese enough to grant Kenny a spot.
  • Hawk uses his engineering skills to expand the Miyagi-Do dojo with a sparring deck.
  • The Miyagi-Fangs and Cobra Kais square off at the Drive-In movie. However, this ends up leading to a prank instigated by Miguel as he lures them to the sporting field to get drenched in sprinklers.
  • Kreese and Silver visit the Miyagi-Do dojo again, the latter re-encountering Daniel much to his horror. This scares Daniel enough to cause a rift between Johnny, which reaches its climax in a tournament-style fight on the sparring deck.
  • Hawk is ambushed by the Cobra Kais at the tattoo parlor as they shave his mohawk.
  • The fight between Johnny and Daniel ends in a draw, but Hawk showing up without his mohawk is enough for Johnny and Daniel to split up their dojos given their tension going too far.
  • The All-Valley Board agree to modify the tournament with new additions
    • A separate boys and girls bracket for the face-off competition, each of them having their own champion.
    • A grand champion contest consisting of points obtained from both the skills and combat competitions.
    • Speaking of skills, this gets added in after all the All-Valley tournaments only consisted of face-offs.
  • Demetri successfully recruits a dejected Eli to Miyagi-Do after giving him a pep talk.
  • Silver introduces a series of new merchandise he purchases (particularly from Champion sportswear) as a first step to expand Cobra Kai. This is enough to attract Piper Elswith and her gymnastics troupe to the dojo despite Johnny's attempt to persuade her by presenting himself as a woke supporter.
  • Johnny successfully finds a female champion by seeing Devon Lee's aggressive spirit in a debate competition.
  • Tory is re-enrolled to West Valley High School with help from Amanda LaRusso.
  • Kenny manages to beat up Anthony and his gang in the middle school library by having them split up and taking them all one by one.
    • This is followed up by Principal Fitzpatrick revealing Anthony and his gang's past actions with proof of evidence leading up to their suspension.
  • Stingray attempts to re-join Cobra Kai only to be rejected by Kreese.
  • Johnny faces off Silver at the old Cobra Kai dojo and is beaten badly to the point that Kreese intervenes. This ends up become the final straw that rifts Kreese and Silver's camaraderie apart.
  • The West Valley Junior Prom happens.
    • Miguel goes out with Sam. Robby goes out with Tory. Kyler appears to go out with Piper, but is also accompanied by another female. Both Bert and Nate have dates as revealed in the deleted scene (Nate ends up going with Lexi DiMarco despite Bert's doubts). Demetri and Eli starts out going solo, until Yasmine reveals herself and takes Demetri with her.
    • Stingray invites the West Valley prom-goers to his house for an afterparty. A fight ensues between the two couples (Miguel and Sam vs. Robby and Tory).
  • Stingray re-enters the Cobra Kai and attempts to re-enlist only for Silver to give him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • The 51st All-Valley Tournament.
    • The tournament begins with the skills competition.
      • Demetri kicks offs with his kama demonstration.
      • Sam also has a weapons demonstration, using sais.
      • Tory's weapon demonstration has her wielding a katana.
      • Mitch uses a bo staff for his weapon demonstration. It doesn't end well though.
      • Robby and Miguel demonstrates the kata.
      • Kenny, Devon, Piper, and Eli do wooden-board breaking demonstration. Eli unfortunately misses the last board, which can be contributed to a lack of confidence from everything that he had experienced from losing his mohawk.
      • Chris and Kyler do stone-breaking demonstrations, the latter resorting to using his head.
    • Carrie Underwood makes a guest appearance prior to the preliminaries.
    • The preliminary fights begins.
      • Miguel, Sam, Demetri, Eli, Robby, Tory, Devon, and Piper advance to the quarterfinals.
      • Kyler and Kenny advance to the quarterfinals by defeating Chris and Nate respectively using Miyagi-Do moves.
      • Mitch and Bert are eliminated prior to the quarterfinals.
    • The quarterfinals begins.
      • Miguel defeats Post from Locust Valley Karate to advance to the semi-finals.
      • Demetri defeats Robson from All-Star Karate to advance to the semi-finals.
      • Eli shuts-out Kyler to advance to the semis after receiving a pep talk and passionate kiss from Moon.
      • Robby defeats his mentee, Kenny, after making full-use of Kreese's "no-mercy" mindset.
      • Sam defeats Piper after utilizing both Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang fighting styles.
      • Tory defeats Devon despite Johnny calling out on a few referee errors.
    • The semi-finals begins.
      • Miguel and Eli face-off but Miguel re-injures his back after attempting Johnny's flying-tornado kick. Miguel eventually forfeits the competition to leave for Mexico in finding his father. This automatically grants Eli the victory and a spot in the finals.
      • Robby shuts out Demetri despite the latter making him work for it.
      • Sam and Tory both beat their opponents with ease to face each other off in the finals.
    • Kenny succumbs to Kreese and Silver's corruption after his No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Anthony. Robby sees this and is horrified.
    • The finals begins.
      • Eli defeats Robby in Sudden Death (2-1), given the latter is distracted by Kenny's ruthlessness. Eli wins the Boys' championship as Miyagi-Do advances to first place standing.
      • Tory defeats Sam 3-2 despite numerous errors from the referee. Tory wins the Girls' championship as Cobra Kai moves to first place and wins the overall tournament as Grand Champion.
      • As Cobra Kai wins the championship, Silver announces his resumed plan to expand Cobra Kai as a franchise.
    • Tory finds out that Silver rigged the tournament in Cobra Kai's favor by bribing the referee.
  • Robby makes up with Johnny after seeing the cost of Kenny's corruption to Cobra Kai. It is later revealed that the Reseda Cobra Kai dojo that Johnny previously opened has been closed down as part of Silver's expansion.
  • Silver frames Kreese for his aggravated assault on a desperate Stingray, leading to the latter's arrest.
  • Seeing that Cobra Kai is too big of a threat to ignore, Daniel recruits Chozen to take them down.

Season 5: Summer 2019

  • Terry Silver opens his new flagship dojo in Encino and kicks off Cobra Kai's expansion.
  • Daniel closes down Miyagi-Do per agreement with Kreese.
  • Kreese is convicted of his alleged assault against Stingray and is sentenced to prison.
  • Johnny and Robby manage to find Miguel in Mexico; Miguel meets his biological father, Hector Salazar, only to be heartbroken by his lack of remorse for his criminal activities.
    • On the way back, Robby reveals that he quit Cobra Kai after seeing how much corruption it had done to Kenny.
  • Silver recruits numerous senseis in the valley as part of his expansion, including an undercover Chozen (going under the name "Joikichi").
    • Silver eventually finds out about Chozen's true identity and has his recruited senseis attack him. Chozen defeats them all in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Carmen is revealed to be pregnant with Johnny's child.
  • Sam breaks up with Miguel (again) citing personal desires to find herself.
  • Daniel and Chozen reach out to Mike Barnes in hopes of uncovering Silver's old friends. After a confrontation-turned-misunderstanding, Barnes reveals himself as a changed man for the better  even going as far as to cut ties with Silver and help Daniel take him down by contacting Silver's lawyer.
    • However, Silver's lawyer gets a hold of the message and relays it to Silver. Silver retaliates by burning Mike Barnes's furniture store down.
  • Johnny works as an Uber driver by Shannon's suggestion, which goes poorly.
  • A series of scuffles between the Miyagi-Fangs and Cobra Kai takes place in the waterpark.
    • Kenny, Kyler, and the other Cobra Kais bully Anthony by stuffing him in tubes and kicking him into the lazy river. Hawk attempts to intervene before Tory asks him to back off.
    • Tory and Hawk race off in the waterslide. Tory wins, mainly due to Kenny deflating Hawk's tube.
    • Hawk faces off Kenny in response to his loss. Robby and Miguel intervenes, which get chaotic enough for the lifeguard to kick everyone out of the waterpark.
    • Robby breaks up with Tory due to Tory's continued allegiance with Cobra Kai.
  • Daniel and Amanda attend a charity auction event only to find out it is hosted by Terry Silver.
    • Amanda leaves Daniel (albeit temporarily) after Daniel's continuous tensions with Silver having a negative effect on the family.
  • Stingray is accepted into Silver's Cobra Kai and is given Johnny's old Cobra Kai car (as well as a brand new apartment and other luxuries) as a gift.
  • Daniel and Chozen find a newspaper modified by (later revealed to be) Tory as an attempt to prove Kreese's innocence.
    • Daniel and Chozen later attempt to interrogate Stingray to no avail.
  • Robby moves in with Johnny, but continues to have tensions with Miguel. This reaches its peak when both boys fight under Johnny's supervision (by Daniel's idea), to which they make up after Miguel refuses to kick Robby off the balcony. Both boys later find out that they are having a new sibling through Carmen's pregnancy.
  • Amanda and the LaRusso siblings visit Ohio, where they are reunited with Amanda's mother and cousin, who is revealed to be Jessica Andrews, Daniel's friend/love-interest in Part III.
    • Amanda and Jessica are also reunited with Lizzie-Anne Rooney, their former high school bully, and get into a scuffle with her and her gang before Sam rushes in.
    • Jessica reveals to Amanda of Daniel's history with Terry Silver, which contributes to Amanda's realization of Daniel's continuous feud with him.
  • Daniel faces off against Silver in Stingray's apartment only for the former to lose badly despite getting a few pretty good hits.
  • Tory is revealed to act as a spy for Kreese in infiltrating Silver's Cobra Kai as their top student.
  • Terry Silver recruits Kim Da-Eun and The Fist to reinforce his expansion.
  • Devon is later revealed to be training at Topanga Karate after Eagle Fang shuts down. However, Silver acquires Topanga as another Cobra Kai dojo and promptly removes Rosenthal as sensei.
  • Johnny and Chozen face off Hyan-Woo, only for Kim Da-Eun and the rest of The Fist to intervene.
  • Kreese's prison life is summed up by his meetings with Tory, his therapy sessions, and being harassed by fellow inmates. He laters gains respect from the latter after delivering Curb Stomp Battles to them.
  • The combined Miyagi-Fang dojo are once again reunited, with Robby rejoining Miyagi-Do, Anthony finally stepping up to learning karate from his dad, as well as Chozen and Johnny coming in as Daniel's co-senseis.
  • Cobra Kai continues their expansion; Anthony is given a brutal swirly from Kenny, Kyler, Edwin, and Big Red.
  • Chozen kicks off teaching the Miyagi-Fangs by having them protect eggs from him. All of the students fail to do so.
    • Demetri's protection proves to be ineffective as Chozen's kunai pierces right through it (breaking the egg in the process).
    • Chozen breaks the tree branch Chris was on as the latter falls on top of Mitch, effectively breaking the eggs.
    • Bert and Nate's platform is tipped over by Chozen, also breaking their eggs.
    • Robby attempts to bury the egg only for Chozen to be right there when it happens.
    • Eli dares to take Chozen on, which goes as well as anyone expects. Anthony later has his egg broken after he willingly gives it up.
    • Miguel is distracted from the lesson by catching up with Sam, having his egg broken in the process. Sam's egg is later broken after Chozen reveals it in his hand.
    • The Miyagi-Fangs successfully pass Chozen's lesson after Anthony suggests they work together.
  • Silver and The Fist kick off their lessons as a team.
    • Kyler and Kenny face off against Sensei Odell. It goes poorly due to Kyler's incompetence as a leader, which prompts Silver to encourage Kenny to reach his potential. The two eventually succeed with Kenny taking charge.
    • Tory and Devon face off against Kim Da-Eun. They fail to pass.
  • Daniel and Johnny successfully interrogates Kreese into revealing Silver's ultimate plan by tricking him into thinking Daniel will contact his lawyer in bailing him out.
    • Silver's plan is to have Cobra Kai enter in the Sekai Taikai.

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