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Timeline / The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum

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  • April 14: Marcus Renee is born to David and Megan Renee.
  • May 21: Porter Stanley is born.
  • August 10: Rebecca Kleiner is born.


  • March 27: Jacob Renee is born


  • December 26: Anastasia 'Ana' Bjorgman is born.


  • (?) David Renee sacrifices his life to save his fellow soldiers during a skirmish gone bad in the Gulf War; among those men saved is Richard Stanley, Porter's father. Porter and Marcus would later meet at David's funeral. Marcus vows to become a great Marine like his father and defend the people he loves.
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  • August 3: Yon-Soo Park is born.


  • April 20: Viktor M. Kraber is born
  • August 15: Stephan Bauer is born.


  • April 17: Porter's younger brother, Charles David Stanley is born.


  • January 9: Hyong-Jin Kang is born.
  • September 9: Verity Carter is born as the result of an unplanned pregnancy - she is subsequently adopted by airline worker Mike Carter and his wife Jazmin.
  • December 14: Yon-Soo Park performs in a Christmas play and decides to become an actor and a singer.


  • March 1: Saint David's Day. Teresa 'Tess' Jones is born, the only child of Evan Edwin Jones and his then-wife Gloria Jones-nee-Baker.


  • September 11: Al Qaeda aligned terrorists attack several areas of the United States, spurring Marcus' resolve to protect the people he cares for.


  • November 22: Marcus signs up for the Marines.
  • November 27: Porter signs up for the Marines


  • March 16: Marcus' first deployment.


  • June 19: Jacob signs up for the Marines.
  • August 4: Hyong-Jin's father dies from illness brought on by unsafe conditions at the coal mine he worked at. Hyong-Jin vows to watch over his mother and sister and take care of them.
  • November 26: Marcus' second deployment.


  • October 10: "Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls" premieres on TV and is a smash success with not only its target audience but also has gained a fandom with teenage/twenty-something young men.
  • October 29: Jacob's first deployment.


  • September 1: Yon-Soo's parents say they'll allow him to pursue acting as long as he gets his mandatory military service done. He signs up for the Republic of Korea Reserve Forces.


  • June 23: Ana receives her degree in chemistry in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
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  • September 31: Yon-Soo completes his conscription. He jets off to America to go to acting schools.
  • December 12: Marcus' third deployment.


  • February 13: Ana Bjorgman applies for a chemistry teacher position in Russia, but is reluctantly roped in into a weapons smuggler group.
  • April 23: Viktor Kraber's children Peter and Anka are born.
  • May 15: Viktor Kraber marries Kate Baldwin, the mother of his children, in a small ceremony.


  • January 13: Marcus signs up for overseas duty in France as an Embassy Guard
  • March 10: Jacob joins the Secret Service
  • July 9: Romantic sitcom "The Baker's Dilemma" premieres on the Korean Broadcasting System channel to high ratings and positive reviews. It's Yon-Soo's "big break" that propels him to stardom.


  • February 2: Wealthy businessman Francis Alvarez reports the disappearance of his wife Sophia and daughter Maria, who disappeared on a shopping trip. Cartels are suspected, but police and informants alike claim that there were no plans to kidnap his daughter or wife. Nothing is ever proven.
  • May 9: Porter is stationed in South Korea.


  • February 6: Equestria manifests at CERN, bringing many gifts to humanity, including the ponification potion.
  • Spring: After initial diplomatic overtures are concluded, the question of long-term relations between Earth and Equus comes into play. A major point of issue is the ponification serum, which Jacqueline Dionna Reitman is supporting the public distribution of as an alleged 'miracle cure'.
  • May 10: "The Baker's Dilemma" series finale premieres to fanfare and high ratings.
  • June 3: Porter starts dating KBS news reporter Eun-Hee Lee.
  • June 4: Jazmin Carter, wife to Mike and mother to 18-year-old Verity, is one of the first humans admitted to take the ponification potion in a Boston hospital
  • June 11: Reverend James Thomas, in a desperate attempt to save his daughter Harriet after she is diagnosed with terminal cancer, allows for her to take the ponification serum. As time goes on, Reverend Thomas is unnerved by Harriet's sudden changes in personality and growing distance from him.
  • July 9: Harriet Thomas (who has taken to calling herself Lavender Dreams) leaves earth, abandoning her family to live in Equestria. Realizing Harriet's case is not an isolated incident, Reverend Thomas reaches out to other people, starting a support group in his daughter's name.
  • August 23: Religious unrest in Indonesia, over the existence of Equestria, leads to an early election being planned for early 2019. Incumbent President Jokowi bases his campaign on human-equine cooperation.
  • October 27: First Conversion Bureaus open on earth.
    • The London Conversion Bureau is opened after a week of delay.
  • November 12: Dr. Erika Kraber starts psychologically examining the newfoals to see if they are still the same people that took the potion, publishing her reports in a series of notes and vlogs. Her son, Viktor, participates in some of these experiments.
  • Fall/Winter: (Exact date unknown) PER formed.
  • December 3rd: Stellar Wind leaves Equestria. Within 12 hours, he is enlisted by a human weapons smuggler group as their navigator.


  • February 6: To mark the one-year anniversary of the CERN incident, Equestria announces an expanded Conversion Bureau program. 100 new facilities are to be built across the world, with half scheduled to open simultaneously on May 1st. This is Celestia goading the situation, trying to prompt a casus-belli for war on humanity.
  • March: In response to the growing sense of wrongness newfoals exude, many protests are started to have the potion examined by separate groups. FDA and several other health organizations insist that the potion is harmless. Repeated failure on the part of Reverend Thomas to find a legitimate source decrying the potion leads the Harriet Thomas Foundation to be reorganized and become the Human Liberation Front. Due to this radical change, Reverend Thomas is ousted. The organisation is subsequently militarized, with individuals seeking violent revenge against Equestria joining it to take up arms. Equestrian-backed agents provocateurs planted within the organisation help stir up this agitation.
    • A joint legislative and executive election in Indonesia occurs. Joko Widodo narrowly wins over the conservative Muslim candidate. His cooperation policy enables the PER to establish a significant presence in the country.
  • April 21: PHL formed, partly to provide a peace-seeking alternative to the HLF.
  • April 23: Viktor Kraber returns home late, to find the horrific implications that his children and wife were ponified at his children’s own birthday party. He tortures the pony clown Pinkie Pie had brought for fifteen hours, then joins the HLF.
  • May 1: May Day. Around the world, ten of the brand-new second-generation Conversion Bureaus are targeted on their opening days in the radicalised HLF’s first major co-ordinated attack. Locations attacked are Salem (MA), Sleepy Hollow (NY), South Padre Island (TX), Hong Kong (China), Sydney (Australia), Hiroshima (Japan), Mexico City (Mexico), Cape Town (South Africa), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Brony (a tiny village in Poland). Damage to the individual bureaus varies from total destruction, to minor structural damage (the Sleepy Hollow facility is reopened within a week). Despite encouragement to 'keep things professional', a large number of Bureau staff are severely injured or killed outright during the attacks.
  • May 1-21: What will later be known as the "Three Weeks of Blood". Despite government denunciation of the HLF's actions, many of the public see the May Day attacks as a justified response against a hostile culture. The HLF, flushed with success, begins to lose control of its membership as many of its smaller cells begin to orchestrate and carry out their own attacks, hoping to ride the wave of popular support.
  • May 4: Equestria - The Hand-In-Hoof Riots - mass anti-human demonstrations break out in Equestria, in response to photos of the May Day attacks disseminated into Equestria by a PER-affiliated journalist, while clashing with PHL-affiliates and others who argued to leave humans alone. Curiously, despite the PER supporters having smashed the storefronts of pro-human ponies and otherwise hurting them, the PER supporters are labeled as 'peaceful protesters' by Equestrian news outlets while the pro-humans were labeled as violent agitators.
  • May 8: Equestria - The Great Battleship Strike, in which pegasus yardworkers assigned to creating skyliners lay down their tools and take the opportunity to unionize, claiming that they are sick and tired of being forced to build weapons, demanding an explanation for what they're building and why. In response, pegasus royal guards stomp the protest out. Brutally. In response to this, Blizzard Flurry leaves Equestria.
  • May 9: A restaurant Lyra Heartstrings was eating at is bombed, placing the stallion Claw Hammer (alias: Aegis) into a coma. It is one of the many 'wildcat attacks' being orchestrated by the HLF and like-minded human supremacist groups.
  • May 14: Graz Conversion Bureau in Austria is destroyed by Viktor M. Kraber.
  • May 15: Welcome To Night Vale has a pony guest star.
    • First recorded instance of 'underground railroad' groups in Equestria, funneling ponies to human lands.
  • May 18: Prof. Timothy Hobbes, Doctors Richard Hoffman and William H. Oswald are withdrawn from the London Conversion Bureau. Hobbes and Oswald display symptoms of psychological and mental damage. Dr. Hoffman is sent to MI 5 to report his findings on the newfoals.
  • May 20: Viktor M. Kraber participates in the destruction of the Innsbruck Conversion Bureau in Austria, using weaponry from Nazi stashes found in the mountains. This is the climax to several days of violence by Kraber and other recent HLF recruits against neighborhoods in Innsbruck that contain Equestrian expatriates and humans who associate with them.
  • May 21: After three weeks of violence against ponies, Equestria seals its consulates and the conversion bureaus. Celestia now has her casus-belli, as biased reporting of the "Three Weeks of Blood" has turned much of Equestria’s public opinion against Earth and its peoples. All attempts by Earth at continued diplomatic contact are met with silence. Many ponies find themselves stuck on Earth with no means of return due to another barrier overlapping the initial barrier within the CERN portal, barring anything from returning to Equestria. Questions and rumors begin to spread. Celestia's orders to seal the bureaus comes just too late for the Ganz Conversion Bureau in Austria, which is destroyed by Kraber and his associates as an encore to their actions in Innsbruck. The Ganz bureau becomes the last bureau to be attacked before the unofficial commencement of hostilities on May 29th.
  • May 29: "Day Zero" in future nomenclature. At 12:01am (CET) the Barrier begins to slowly expand from the portal, destroying the CERN campus after a single day and continuing to spread. The casualties are enormous.
  • June 30: Queen Celestia ponifies a large gathering of news reporters in Berne, Switzerland, during a press conference to address the barrier's expansion. Eun-Hee Lee is among those reporters, spurning Yon-Soo (who were co-workers and friends) and Porter to fight the Solar Tyrant. Humanity immediately declares war.
    • Octavia Melody is murdered by Royal Guards during a party she and Vinyl Scratch were throwing with several of their human musician friends. Vinyl immediately joins the PHL.
  • July 1: Queen Celestia launches her first wave of attack by trying to ponify the heads of state of Earth's major nations (including the entire G8). Results are mixed, especially when Queen Elizabeth the Second sacrifices herself in Balmoral Castle (her Scottish residence) to allow the rest of the British royal family time to hide and escape. Her last words become known as The 'Balmoral Address'.
    • Jacob Renee safely gets the President, his family and much of the White House evacuated before the Tyrant's forces can reach them. Unfortunately, he is ponified in the process by Celestia's top officer Twilight Sparkle.
  • July 28: Yon-Soo, Porter, and Hyong-Jin, the first 3 members of the Dragons of the East, meet in the Korean DMZ after a mission to get refugees (and in Hyong-Jin's case, evacuate the Dear Leader) out of North Korea goes horribly wrong. The trio safely make it to Seoul and Yon-Soo and Hyong-Jin vow to become better fighters.
  • July 29: Viktor Kraber and Kagan Burakgazi blow up the Istanbul Conversion Bureau together, having apparently tried to form 'lone wolf' terrorist bombings that coincided with each other, striking up a lifelong friendship. They later laughed it off in a cafe in Kas, Turkey. Rumors abound that they are in a committed homosexual relationship, which Kraber and Burakgazi later confirm.
  • August 7: North Korea is overtaken by Solar Empire forces and PER, the majority of the population ponified. The region is bombed with nuclear weapons from Russia and China to prevent the spread of newfoals and the construction of a portal station; their leader's fate is currently unknown. He is presumed either dead or ponified.
  • August 8: The Massacre at Fethiye.


  • January 10: Seized by 'Horrible Nightmare Visions', a pegasus and aspiring electrician named Macroburst is struck with the idea to improve on existing power plants, foreseeing scarcity of power and an energy crisis.
  • January 11: Yon-Soo and Hyong-Jin have gone through intensive training to become better soldiers. They and Porter are later reassigned to the Russian front in St. Petersburg.
  • January 20: A PER member named 'Nutmeg' Morely is found in Iskenderun, stabbed to death with a very large ceramic rat and kicked in the face, hanging upside down from a lamppost. The words "you're welcome" are found written in Afrikaans and Turkish, spray painted on a piece of cardboard duct-taped to the lamppost.
  • February 20: The United Nations plans to fill the Yellowstone caldera with nuclear weaponry as a failsafe plan. The Russian submarine Yuriy Dolgokuriy is the first submarine whose nuclear armament will be stripped in Summer/Fall 2020.
  • Spring: EU Forces assisting in the evacuation of Paris discover the Changelings' Queen, Chrysalis. She reveals the hollow love of the newfoals killed her hive off and rendered her sterile, making her the last of her kind. She’s taken in by the PHL and starts training Trixie Lulamoon in the art of shapeshifting.
  • March 4: The final episode of Doctor Who Series 13 is aired. The finale received the highest ratings of the show since 2013's Day of the Doctor, despite the ongoing war. The show had a significant consultant in the form of Doctor Whooves, working with them since the end of Series 12. Due to the war however, the BBC has announced that Series 13 will bring the 57 year old show to a close until further developments arise.
  • April 10: The Rothera Research Station in Antarctica is resupplied with weaponry and fresh faces. The Station's incumbent personnel is informed of the outbreak of war, having been isolated for months.
  • May 19: A mass public execution of suspected PER members and cells takes place in China. When information comes out stating the suspects never received a trial, widespread riots and paranoia break out across the country.
  • May 23-29: Britain falls to the barrier over the course of a week. King Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are ponified during the evacuations; Charles' eldest son William is subsequently crowned King of the former United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. His remaining subjects and the surviving member nations of the Commonwealth rally around him as a (comparatively) young and dynamic monarch.
  • Summer: The majority of Continental Europe has been consumed by the Barrier, which noticeably slows down once it hits the Atlantic Ocean. This is later referred to as the Great Lull.
  • June 3: PHL R&D hires Sebastian Irving, and begins researching new solutions to the war.
  • June 28: The Barrier Evacuation Engineer Corps is formed to help evacuate America in the event of barrierfall.
  • July 3rd: The Yuriy Dolgokuriy intercepts a distress call from the Mamayev Kurgan.
  • July 6th: Having determined the source to be genuine, the Yuriy Dolgokuriy contacts the Indonesian Navy for reinforcements. The Navy sends a Kopassus detachment onboard the KRI Gajah Mada to retrieve their missing President.
  • July 19th: President Jokowi steps in Jakarta for the first time in months, and reforms the government to form an effective wartime one, having been under threat for the past months by PER forces. The PER is ousted by mid-2021. The operation to retrieve Joko Widodo has been deemed a major propaganda victory.


  • February 9th: Senator Patrick Goleman's HLF compound in Alaska is taken over by U.S government forces.
  • March 3: First recorded instance of PER sub used for mass ponification of ships or islands.
  • April 25: Cidade de Deus Crisis: A potion-bomb is set off within Rio de Janeiro's Cidade De Deus favela. Military forces and police are deployed to take care of the PER's cells. There were heavily casualties on both sides, and the government was forced to use poison gas on the area for the sake of public safety.
  • May 1: Battle of Portland, Maine. PER members claiming to be refugees are killed by HLF, their hands and feet cut off in parodies of hooves. At least one of the HLF members present at this massacre was Viktor M. Kraber.
  • May 3: Ernst Kasparek escapes his PER hideout with a cargo full of enchanted equipment, and makes his way to America on an abandoned plane.
  • May 10: Ernst Kasparek is physically beaten by the PER, and later saved by Lyra and Marcus.
  • May 11-14: Battle of the Mamayev Kurgan. A Company of Royal Guards and newfoals successfully halt the Russian attempt to capture Volgograd, but destroying the company as a fighting force. Their de facto commander, Lieutenant Winter Truce, is listed as missing in the aftermath of the battle. Russian forces are withdrawn due to the barrier's arrival.
  • May 12: The barrier destroys St. Petersburg and shortly afterwards, Moscow. Russian soldiers Khan Aitmatov, Ivan Melnik and Sergei Zaslavski, and ponies Firebrand and Blizzard Flurry join Yon-Soo, Porter and Hyong-Jin.
  • May 13: Vladimir Prison Riot: Prisoners in the Vladimir Central Prison riot, staging a mass jailbreak. Many of them join the HLF.
  • May 14: The PER attacks Washington DC with a massive force of newfoals and Empire loyalists. President Jack Davis nukes the city to prevent it from falling to Queen Celestia's hooves. Top newfoal officer and husband of Twilight Sparkle, Stalwart Heart (formerly Jacob Renee) is killed by Marcus before Scorched Earth/Burn House protocol is enacted. FBI and local law enforcement double down on searching for PER members and especially Jacqueline Dionna Reitman.
  • July 17: An anonymous tip leads government and HLF forces alike to the location of Jacqueline Dionna Reitman.
  • July 20: All hell breaks loose. The PER's Agua Caliente settlement is destroyed, scores of newfoals, ponies and human members of the PER are massacred. Jacqueline Reitman survives and is arrested. She is given the death penalty.
  • August 8: Lyra Heartstrings and Marcus Renee receive Princesses Luna and Cadence in Reykjavik. When Queen Celestia personally intervenes, Luna stays behind to draw her fire. She is petrified on the spot by her sister.
  • September 5: The Dragons bust a large Russian HLF group (later identified as the Petrograd Otriad) in southern Siberia. They find two pony survivors named Aquamarine Glimmer and Comet Tail. Not wanting to stay on the sidelines and hating the Solar Empire for how it corrupted their family and friends, they ask to be trained by the Dragons. Their request is granted, and their training commences immediately.
  • September 28th: First tests of enchanted gear go underway.
  • December 2: Ambassador Lyra Heartstrings brings a book of runic magics to the PHL. Immediately, they begin speculating on weapon applications. The Thunder Child's commissioning is halted to allow her to be used as a testbed for new weaponry.
  • December 7: Peterson's Mutiny. Rebecca Kleiner takes charge of her ship, and leads what is soon to be called the "Stampede Fleet" to victory against PER insurgents in the South China Sea.
  • December 25th: Sint Erklass is assassinated in Equestria


  • January: The Thunderchild commences service as a floating test bed for magi-tech that is to be utilized in combat.
  • February 10: Aquamarine Glimmer and Comet Tail complete their training to become better soldiers. Porter Stanley is promoted to Captain.
    • The Battle of the Thunderchild commences over Iceland. In an attempt to distract enemy forces and buy refugees time to escape from the onslaught, Lyra faces them herself in a defiant last stand; the HMS Thunderchild is sunk at the end of the battle, before the crew was ponified (except for three that committed suicide). Lyra Heartstrings and her lover Bon-Bon are taken back to Equestria by the Solar Empire's forces. A fixed trial is arranged, and Lyra is sentenced to death by petrification and shattering while Bon-Bon is forced to watch. Doctor Whooves and his family are able to save Bon-Bon but are too late to save Lyra. Bon-Bon is exposed to the Eye of Harmony, inducing a temporal stroke that leaves her with a case of chronological lobular desync disorder; this, combined with the trauma of witnessing Lyra's execution, has all but irreversibly damaged her mental state.
  • March 2: The Dragons are sent on a transcontinental mission with PHL members to safely transport goods, artifacts and pieces of human history across Siberia and into the hostile territory of China. Their train is attacked by a heavily armed faction of the PER and several newfoals in Erenhot, a town on the Chinese/Mongolian border. The Dragons are able to hold off the assault as their comrades save their cargo and any other bystanders but the whole town of Erenhot is destroyed in the process by Firebrand whipping up a fire tornado. The Dragons wind up stranded in the middle of China.
  • March 5: The Dragons cross paths with the Bridle Path, an underground railroad movement in China helping to smuggle refugees safely across the HLF and PER infested zones of Central China. Former Ukrainian HLF member Tatiana Barisov joins the Dragons.
  • March 6-7: The Dragons dispose of the Blood Tigers, China's largest HLF unit led by Warlord Feng Gui Zhou, freeing numerous trafficked people and pony hostages, including a young mare named Coal Embers. Comet Tail receives her cutie mark defending Yon-Soo while he's injured. In one of the skirmishes, Sergei blows up a section of the Great Wall of China.
  • April 20: After copious research on runic weaponry, the first human runic weapon, a machinegun known as the F3-Thunderlord, is put to the test. It explodes, violently, though servicemen assigned with testing it were impressed by its stopping power.
  • April 24: The F3-Thunderlord is reworked, making explosions far less likely. It's put into live combat tests, and becomes a favorite of American servicemen. Immediately, the Bundeswehr set to augment their M G2019s with its runes and enchantments.
  • June 10: Viktor M. Kraber steals a modified prototype MG 2019.
  • July 5: Hurricane of Tokelau
  • July 22: PHL pony nurse Sutra Cross is captured by the HLF.
  • July 23: Crowe Laboratories and Ogunleye Futuristics pledge their allegiance to the PHL, and begin work on new weaponry for the PHL. Prototypes of Vinyl Scratch's bass cannon surface.
  • July 24: Astral Nectar and Dancing Day, a mother and daughter affiliated with the PHL, are found miraculously unharmed in Colebrook, NH, after escaping an HLF 'checkpoint'. This is attributed to Viktor Kraber sparing their lives.
  • July 25: The Raid of the Sorghum: HLF personnel attempt to capture the Sorghum mobile oil drilling platform.
  • August 11: Sutra Cross' body is recovered from the Boston Harbor while videos were released on the Internet of her getting tortured and then killed by the HLF. (Said videos have been taken down, all data has since then been purged)
  • August 12: The Dragons of the East are rescued from a storm by Captain Kleiner's watchmen and brought to a "Dead End" refugee camp in Indonesia. Unable to stand watching the civilians go on with apathy, Yon-Soo spurs them to fight back and at least die with dignity as humans. Training programs for civilians, using Yon-Soo and Hyong-Jin as templates, become popular amongst refugees.
  • August 17: In the 77th Independence Day celebrations, President Widodo approves of the civilian training program and provides significant funding from the Indonesian Government.
  • August 25: FBI and CIA narrow down and locate the site of where Sutra Cross was held and murdered. It is discovered to be the HLF settlement called Defiance, located north of Berlin, in New Hampshire's Great North Woods along the grade of the old Success Pond Railroad.
  • August 27: The Raid of Defiance. Marcus Renee and a taskforce composed of the PHL, USMC and US Army's best soldiers lay waste to the biggest HLF settlement on the Eastern US. All members that were found at the site were either killed or arrested, Fergus Farnowitz attempted to flee and fool the Berlin Police, and was promptly arrested.
  • August 28: The First Great HLF Purge begins, as the PHL find HLF-connected sites, members either killed, arrested or given the chance to defect.
  • September 3: Viktor M. Kraber and Kagan Burakgazi surrender themselves to the PHL. Unfortunately, the HLF in Kraber's base catch wind of his defection, and leave him inside while it's exploding and on fire.
  • September 5: PER attack a PHL hospital Kraber is recuperating at. Using a stolen pistol, a knife, surgical equipment, and later a rifle, he disposes of them all, and is credited with saving almost every life in the hospital.
  • October 1: Angus Reid defects from the HLF, gutting the numbers of the infamous HLF unit Taskforce Paris. His infamous speech decrying the group as being "all yammer and no hammer" spurs many others to leave the HLF.
  • December 20: Verity Carter, now an operative for the HLF, infiltrates the PHL HQ in New York. She subsequently fails to report back into her handlers, who presume her either MIA or KIA.
  • December 25: The King's Speech.


  • February: Queen Chrysalis succumbs to the poisoned love of the newfoals that has been rotting her body away from the inside. Her death signifies the extinction of the changelings.
    • In the same month, a pony claiming to be Verity Carter attempts to make contact with the HLF. Assuming one of their best operatives has been 'turned newfoal' and betrayed them, they declare her "officially" dead, and circulate orders calling for her to be destroyed upon sight.
  • November 9: Thursday. Lightning Dust crashes in Maine. She is the first 'true' Equestrian to set hoof on Earth, and her arrival is far from graceful.
  • November 10: Friday. Train 9782 departs Halifax around 3 AM. Lightning Dust is picked up by the Salvation Army not long after first light and taken for medical treatment: with the help of the PER and after a temporary truce is struck with the local HLF commander, the Colchester County Hospital in Truro, Nova Scotia is seized so that she can be treated. Train 9782 arrives in the same area after noon, having traveled slowly up from Halifax (being delayed several hours at Windsor Junction), and manages to penetrate the HLF lines to reach temporary safety with the PHL.
    • In the resulting chaos, Rio Deneter, a PER volunteer, is ponified, resulting in the creation of Nepenthe, the first 'Pretty Private'.
      By late-afternoon, the Battle of Truro has resolved itself with no definite victors. Having collected its cargo and several stowaway passengers (including Lightning Dust), train 9782 rolls out north as the evening sets in.
  • November 11: Saturday. During mid-morning, the Barrier overruns Truro (Halifax falls ten hours later, during the evening). Simultaneous to Truro's fall: Obayana, Esosa, and Enitan Adebayo, and assorted PHL-aligned soldiers assist in evacuation of sites in Northern Malawi.
    • Train 501 departs from North Conway, NH.
  • November 16: A Thursday. Marcus Renee mysteriously vanishes following a dusk-time/last light skirmish with Queen Celestia's right hoof mares, the Elements of Harmony.
    • Equestria: Everything begins.
  • November 17: Second Battle of Boston. Queen Celestia sends out a Mirror Pool clone of herself to investigate odd magical activity. The clone is defeated through the combined forces of the PHL's runically enhanced weaponry, Stephan Bauer's infamous Claymore, a well-placed shot from an anti-alicorn bullet, and the arrival of both Discord and Princess Luna. The Tyrant leaves behind a "letter for humanity" announcing she will commence her final attack in two weeks.
  • November 20: Fu'an riots.
  • November 21: PHL spy Fancy Pants/Trade Secret is discovered to have killed himself when his newfoal servants discover his allegiances. He sacrifices himself to ensure his pregnant wife's safe escape from the empire and uses an enchanted bomb to hold the Tyrant off when she tries to dispose of him personally. His widow Fleur De Lis subsequently defects to the PHL and gives them vital information on the Empire’s superweapon ship, The Beneficence.
  • November 26: Viktor M. Kraber liberates the Detroit Dead End from PER remnants, while fending off HLF attempting to steal PHL gear.
  • November 31: The Second Battle of Boston resumes.
  • December 1: "True" Equestria's armies arrive on Earth to aid humanity against the Solar Empire. The Atlantic Blitz begins.
    • On that same day, a small infiltration team begins the operation to destroy the machine producing the Barrier from the inside.

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