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Webcomic.Sunstone began publication as an unstructured collection of artworks with recurring characters and only developed a coherent storyline much later. As such, early strips were published largely out of order, though the general plot direction was usually visible.

Disclaimer: The following represents an attempt to compile a coherent chronology by a fan, based on their best understanding of the series' plot, and as such, may deviate from the author's intended chronological order. Moreover, only strips published before April 27, 2012 are listed below, since the original author began publishing new strips (mostly) chronologically shortly before that.


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Unspecified past

Flashbacks of various characters' lives before Allison met Lisa.

First Night

Events leading up to Allison and Lisa's first meeting IRL, their first night together, and the aftermath.

Before Anne

A largely unstructured collection of episodes from the period of Allison and Lisa's relationship before they met Anne. The earliest artworks belong to this period.

Enter Anne

Anne the tattoo artist comes into Allison's possession and bonds with Lisa.

Ménage à trois

Another unstructured collection of episodes from Allison, Lisa, and Anne's life together.

Christmas Break

Allison, Lisa, and Anne celebrate their first Christmas together. Anne resolves to make Alan crossdress. Allison and Lisa confess their feelings for each other.

Anne's Challenge

Anne enters Alan's possession.

Valentine's Day

About two months after Ally x Lisa and Alan x Anne's respective official hookups.

Unspecified future

Flashforwards to future events still outside of the current timeline.

Alternative Title(s): Shiniez


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