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Timeline / Space Channel 5

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Yes, even probably the wackiest rhythm game ever to hit the world has a working timeline. Events will go from beginning to end. Spoilers aren't marked.

    Pre-Space Channel 5 to Space Channel 5 
  • Ulala is born.
  • At some point, Ulala gets into news shows, thanks to a show on Channel 1.
  • Ulala and her family board the ship that would later explode, killing all but Ulala. Ulala eventually gets rescued by Jaguar.
  • Ulala gets taken in by Channel 5.
  • Ulala, as an adult, gets a job at Channel 5.
  • Ulala, now 22 years old, gets promoted and becomes a new reporter, and begins her investigation on the Morolians.
  • Ulala meets Pudding, a teen reporter from Channel 42, and defeats her.
  • Ulala and the people she rescued confront the first Morolian boss, Coco Tapioca.
  • The Space Symphony is invaded by Morolians, and Ulala goes to report there.
  • Ulala meets Jaguar, who she later finds out was the one who saved her life.
  • Ulala confronts Morolina, the second Morolian boss, and saves the Space Children in the process.
  • Ulala sets off for the Asteroid Belt, and encounters both Jaguar AND Pudding.
  • Ulala confronts the last boss, Morolian Monroe.
  • Ulala frees the Morolians of their hypnosis, and escapes the hideout.
  • After Jaguar does some research, he finds out that the true enemy is at Channel 5 Studios.
  • Ulala confronts Blank, who runs away, leaving Ulala to save the Morolians alongside Pudding and Jaguar.
  • Ulala finally confronts Blank's creation, Evila, who later upgrades to Giant Evila.
  • Ulala gets knocked out, but eventually defeats Blank once and for all.

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