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All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

This page is largely based on the updates on the Twitter blog Shady Oaks Smp Updates and is currently under construction.
Streams/Episodes involving all/most members of the server, usually "event" streams, should be properly named. Ones which do not fall into this category would be classified as an "in-between" stream. Lore-relevant streams should be marked with an asterisk (*).
Also, due to the unmarked spoilers for different perspectives and the "snitches get stitches" rule, if any members of the SMP ever stumble across this page, they are strongly advised to leave immediately.

The Kindness Arc

  • 26 Jan 2021 — The First Stream*
    • iBallisticSquid, DanTDM, Thinknoodles (Justin) and ThnxCya (James) join the SMP.
    • They give the first tour of the central hub.
    • James finds Kindness in a chest near a ravine, the chest being labelled "in case you have to kill someone with Kindness". He gives it to Squid.
    • The boys find diamonds and build a nether portal.
  • 27 Jan 2021 — In-Between Streams
    • Squid starts building his house.
    • Squid trolls Dan by filling his house with signs and buttons.
    • Dan trolls Squid back by encasing him in obsidian and cobwebs in his house while he is AFK, and tries to frame Justin.
    • Dan also raids a bastion in the nether and starts building his gambling stall.
    • Squid plans to bet Kindness at the gambling stall.
  • 28 Jan 2021 — The Gamble Stream*
    • Squid and James make a deal over Kindness to get out of the gamble.
    • At the gamble stall, Squid wins four pieces of steak, while Dan wins ten bones from James, a diamond axe from Justin, and his diamond pickaxe back from Squid.
    • Squid makes a new rule so that there could only be one set of netherite gear on the server.
    • Dan uses his newly won bones to tame a dog and names him Gamestop.
    • Dan goes into the nether and dies in lava, losing both diamond tools.
    • Squid finds a nether fortress and raids it, getting blaze rods and diamonds from the journey.
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    • Justin finds Dan's horse and returns it to him, who names the horse "E-Boy".
  • 29 Jan 2021 — Squid's Birthday Stream
    • Squid has tamed a donkey and names him GanDONK.
    • iHasCupquake joins the SMP.
    • Squid finds a stronghold. The end portal has one eye of ender in it.
    • Dan makes plans to move and build a skyscraper behind his gambling stall.
    • Cupquake makes plans to build a bakery.
    • Squid buries Justin's dog into the ground as a prank.
  • 31 Jan - 2 Feb 2021 — In-Between Streams
    • James makes a machine to convert concrete powder into concrete.
    • Squid starts building his quest shop, Kraken's Hollow.
    • Dan makes plans to start a car dealership/rental but with horses.
    • Any rumours regarding Stampy's involvement on the server are jossed.
    • Dan continues work on his skyscraper, TDM Towers. He also finds a horse which he names "Neighblade".
    • During a mining trip, Dan finds another abandoned mineshaft and a dungeon. He gets the music discs "13" (which he donates to Kraken's Hollow) and "Blocks", as well as a Curse of Vanishing enchanted book.
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    • Squid builds a massive ad across the square from TDM Towers.
    • Dan and James plan to use the Curse of Vanishing book to get revenge on Squid for scamming both of them regarding the Kindness debacle.
  • 3 Feb 2021 — New Member Stream
    • BigBStatz joins the SMP.
    • Kraken's Hollow is opened for business.
    • Cupquake automates her wheat farm and builds her bakery.
  • 5-9 Feb 2021 — In-Between Streams
  • 10 Feb 2021 — Curse Stream*
    • Dan and Squid go through with the restricted quest.
    • At the same time, the deal between Dan and James takes effect as Dan puts the Curse of Vanishing on Kindness after killing James.
    • After realizing what had happened and confronting them over it, Squid bans Dan and James from Kraken's Hollow and tells them that like the sword, their friendship is damaged.
    • Squid gets possessed by Kindness and receives a compass directing him to the next netherite item.
  • 11 Feb 2021 — Post-Curse Stream*
    • Kindness speaks to Squid and tells him to find someone and follow the compass to the next netherite item.
    • Squid brings Justin to his house and tells him about Kindness speaking to him and the compass.
    • Kindness speaks to Justin and nearly succeeds in controlling him as well.
    • Squid seeks out Dan's help in healing his red right arm. He was healed on his third attempt.
    • JeromeASF and YammyXOX join the SMP.
    • Squid gives Justin the compass pointing towards the location of the next netherite item. Justin puts it into an ender chest.
    • Squid steals E-Boy and hides him.
    • Squid is confronted about his arm and Kindness by Dan, James and Justin.
    • Squid denies having Kindness, causing Justin and James to suspect Dan had it.
    • The three discussed the situation in private, and Dan and James talked about their sides of the story with Justin, until they realize they are being spied on by a slippery Squid.
    • They also discuss with Jerome about his upcoming berry business.
    • Squid gets possessed by Kindness and kills Dan in revenge for the Curse. He also announces that the next netherite item has been found.
  • 13-16 Feb 2021 — In-Between Streams
  • 17 Feb 2021 — The Hunt for Netherite Stream*
    • Some new additions to the server are toured, such as the newcomers' minecart tour track and the Prime Pond.
    • The "Gallery of Squid" prank is opened and toured.
    • Justin discovers a border has been set up around Shady Oaks so that it does not rain inside.
    • Justin kills James and chases Dan down for almost 2 minutes until he jumps off a ledge to his death, in order to activate the compass and blames the weather for his actions.
    • Justin gives Dan a fake compass which points to the spawn of the world instead of the lodestone-activated compass leading to the next netherite item.
    • Justin and Squid follow the lodestone compass, which leads to a corrupted village, with a cave hiding a netherite pickaxe named "Unearthing Revenge" in the Standard Galactic Alphabet. Justin decides to keep it.

The Unearthing Revenge Arc

  • 18 Feb 2021 — In-Between Stream
  • 19 Feb 2021 — Secret Project Stream
    • EckoSoldier joins the server.
    • Squid accidentally reveals that Unearthing Revenge has been found and retrieved.
    • Dan reveals his secret room used to investigate netherite tools and continues to build it.
  • 20-22 Feb 2021 — In-Between Streams
  • 23 Feb 2021 — The Slice of Life Stream
    • Ecko works on building his grinder.
    • Cupquake takes the Headless Nick quest from Kraken's Hollow. She eventually gives up on it and uses the opportunity to gather resources from the Nether.
    • Justin finishes the roof of his house.
    • Dan returns home with his fishing loot. He ends up missing a lot of the action on the stream due to having a collaboration with TommyInnit.
  • 24 Feb 2021 — The Chaos Stream*
    • Squid returns Big Jibber to his rightful owner, James.
    • Squid and James become suspicious of Dan.
    • Squid tunnels towards Dan's base. Justin discovers this, leaves, kills Dan in self-defense (since Dan tried to kill him first) and snitches on Squid.
    • In a fit of rage, Squid reveals that Justin has the netherite pickaxe.
    • James distracts Dan while Squid sneaks into his secret base. Dan finds out and confronts him.
    • Dan hires Ecko as his spy and confides in him about his secret base.
    • Ecko reveals to Dan that Squid and James are working together and have invisibility potions.
    • James takes Big Jibber for a test run and accidentally kills him.
    • Dan gets upset for unknown reasons and tries to steal __'s bird and ends up killing him in the process.
  • 25 Feb 2021 — Post-Chaos Stream
    • TheAtlanticCraft joins the server.
  • 26-27 Feb 2021 —
  • 28 Feb 2021 — __ Stream
    • Squid and James hold the cardboard cutout of Dr. Trayaurus and Dan's strider hostage, and interrogate Dan on what happened to Pigeon and E-Boy. During this time, Squid is being controlled by Kindness. The strider is killed in the process. The three eventually come to an agreement.
  • 1-2 Mar 2021 — _ Stream
  • 3 Mar 2021 — __ Stream
  • 7 Mar 2021 — __ Stream
    • PrestonPlayz joins the server.
  • 12 Mar 2021 — Goodbye Ender Dragon Stream
    • SB737 joins the server.
    • Everyone other than Justin, BigB, Cupquake and CodyRoster  visit the End to defeat the Ender Dragon and explore an End city.
  • 18 Mar 2021 — Horse Race Stream

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