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This is essentially the Definitive Timeline from the Ultimate Fan Guide, but with additions and changes based on Seasons 14 and onward. Some of these added events, especially standalone stories from the anthology, do not have a given date. As such, their placement is based on rough estimates.

WARNING: All spoilers on this page are unmarked. Proceed at your own risk.


  • A Black Hole deposits Genkins to the beginning of the universe. In his maddened state, he proclaims himself god and creates the AI that would become the Cosmic Powers, including himself, and renames himself Chrovos. The same Black Hole deposits Lopez there as well.
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  • Another Black Hole deposits Huggins and Muggins parents to the beginning of the Universe. Huggins herself later joins them after being sent through a black hole by Genkins.
  • The Big Bang occurs.
  • The Cosmic Powers use a powerful weapon known as the Club to seal Chrovos away, and construct the Labyrinth to keep them sealed. Chrovos slowly loses their mind due to isolation, and forgets their past identity as Genkins.


2523 - 29 years before Blood Gulch

  • Agent Carolina is born.

2529 - 23 years before Blood Gulch

  • Allison Church dies in the Great War.

2535 - 17 years before Blood Gulch

  • Leonard Church receives doctorate in AI theory.

2545 - 7 years before Blood Gulch

  • Dr. Leonard Church's Project Freelancer is cleared for funding.

2547 - 5 years before Blood Gulch

  • Project Freelancer receives a single AI, designated Alpha.
  • Project Freelancer attempts to find an ideal soldier to pair with Alpha. Fifty new recruits are selected and field-tested. Not many survived.
  • Agents Ohio, Iowa, and Idaho are dropped from Project Freelancer under mysterious circumstances.

BETA. The Alpha spontaneously creates a standalone, sustainable by-product. This fragment, designated Beta, is cleared for active duty under the code name Agent Texas.

  • Dr. Church applies for more AI units and is denied. He is told that AIs are extremely valuable assets-each one in the field presents an incredible security risk.
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  • A small number of simulation outposts are built.

2548 - 4 years before Blood Gulch

  • Intel stolen by Agents North and South points Project Freelancer to the Sarcophagus.
  • Inspired by the generation of Beta and working with his project's Counselor, Dr. Church devises a way to engineer fragments of Alpha by reverse-engineering a personality disorder. All attempts fail.
  • Two Freelancer teams steal the Sarcophagus, destroying part of a city in the process.

2549 - 3 years before Blood Gulch

  • The Sarcophagus's alien contents are used to harvest Delta.
  • Agents Carolina and Texas are sent to Desert Gulch Outpost for training. Red Team wins, but at the cost of their team member Biff. As Desert Gulch was the only outpost still locked in stalemate, Project Freelancer collects the files on the two teams should they need to create a similar scenario.
  • Agent Carolina offers her AI to Agent Maine, who has lost the ability to speak.
  • UNSC Oversight Subcommittee formed, Malcolm Hargrove named Chairman after his predecessor is forced to resign in a political scandal instigated by an anonymous source.
  • Project Freelancer ramps up production of its AI units.

2550 - 2 years before Blood Gulch

  • CT defects from Project Freelancer.
  • Agent Washington is implanted with the Epsilon AI. The AI attempts to kill itself in Agent Washington's mind, severely damaging his mental state.

THE BREAKOUT. Agent Texas leads an attack to free the Alpha, who is so fragmented he no longer recognizes her. The Mother of Invention crashes on Sidewinder in the fallout. Agent Maine uses these events to try and obtain new AI. He, Carolina, and Texas all go MIA.

2551 - 1 year before Blood Gulch

  • The state of Florida sinks into the ocean.
  • The Gamma AI forcibly removes itself from Agent Wyoming and goes into hiding.
  • More simulation outposts are built all over the galaxy.
  • Agent York leaves Project Freelancer.
  • Carolina secretly enlists in the UNSC under a fake name.

2552 - The year of Alpha's arrival at Blood Gulch

  • Alpha is placed in the care of the jovial Captain Butch Flowers, formerly Agent Florida of Project Freelancer.

BLOOD GULCH. Using the information collected from Desert Gulch as a basis, Captain Butch Flowers is sent to track down simulation troopers identical to the ones who were stationed there. After he finds them (two for his Blue team - including Pvt. Jimmy, who is implanted with the Alpha and assumes the name Church - three for Reds), they are stationed at Blood Gulch with Alpha and himself, forcing a stalemate that will last for years.

  • A malfunction on Blood Gulch's supervising AI VIC makes the list of backup troops for Flowers to be replaced from Freelancers to other Sim Troopers.
  • Captain Butch Flowers dies of an aspirin overdose, leaving Church to assume command.
  • Sarge builds Lopez, while command sends two rookies and two vehicles to Blood Gulch.
  • Church is killed by the rookie Caboose.
  • Red Team FH57 arrives at Blood Gulch, only to disappear just as quickly.
  • Freelancer Texas arrives at Blood Gulch.
  • Texas is killed by the Red rookie Donut. The Omega AI goes missing.
  • Agent Washington is cleared for active duty and assigned to locate and acquire missing Project Freelancer assets under the new designation Recovery One.

2553 - 1 year after Alpha arrives at Blood Gulch

  • Medical Officer DuFresne arrives at Blood Gulch to assist both teams. The Blues nickname him Doc.
  • Omega turns out to be inside Caboose. Once he's expelled, Omega hides inside Doc.
  • Private Tucker overheard a transmission between the Reds and VIC. Command conscripts Wyoming to assassinate Tucker.
  • Omega kidnaps/recruits Lopez for his domination cause. They're stopped by both the Reds and Blues and a mysterious alien.
  • Private Tucker is impregnated with the first human-alien baby.

RECOVERY ONE. After York is killed in battle against Wyoming, Agent Washington retrieves his AI, Delta. An enemy later designated as The Meta attacks North, South, and Washington to collect AIs. Washington is betrayed and left for dead.

  • Another Blue rookie, Kaikaina "Sister" Grif (whose brother Dexter is a Red), arrives in Blood Gulch.
  • Motivated by their experience with the Sarcophagus, Omega and Wyoming kidnap Tucker's alien baby, believing he holds enormous power. Agent Texas agrees to join them.
  • Agent Wyoming is killed, and Agent Texas and Omega are once again MIA as their Pelican explodes leaving Blood Gulch.
  • A film crew is sent to Blood Gulch to get footage for a Red team recruitment video.

THE GREAT WAR ENDS. Soldiers return from duty, and troopers from Blood Gulch outpost are reassigned after the catastrophic end to their simulation.

  • Private Tucker and his son, Junior, become ambassadors for human-alien relations.
  • Unable to return to normal life, former soldiers Locus and Felix become bounty hunters alongside Siris.
  • Red leader Hutch dies from a heart attack, and the other Reds and Blues stationed with him gun each other down shortly after.

2554 - 2 years after Alpha's arrival at Blood Gulch

  • A Pelican crash-lands at Outpost 17, Valhalla.
  • The Meta ransacks Valhalla in search of Texas and Omega.
  • The UNSC Oversight Subcommittee investigates Dr. Leonard Church.
  • Agent Washington is once again cleared for active duty in order to hunt The Meta. He makes contact with the Reds and Blues from Blood Gulch outpost.
  • Agent South is killed. Official reports state that she is another victim of The Meta.
  • A soldier calling himself CT lays siege to an ancient alien temple.
  • The Blues are deleted from Command's databases.
  • Project Freelancer's crimes are exposed by Agent Washington, who is imprisoned for aiding in the destruction of valuable UNSC property.
  • The Alpha is erased by an EMP at Command. All fragments go out too with the exception of Epsilon, whose pod is taken away by Caboose.
  • Dr. Leonard Church is brought to justice for war crimes by Malcolm Hargrove.

2555 - 3 years after Alpha's arrival at Blood Gulch

  • The Reds and Blues are sent to Valhalla. Once Donut tells them about a temple where Tucker is, three of them leave.
  • Agent Washington is cleared for duty to hunt the Epsilon AI unit, along with The Meta.
  • In the alien temple, the Reds and Blues join forces with Tucker and fight CT and his allies.

RESURRECTION. Caboose installs the failing Epsilon in an ancient alien artifact. Epsilon leads Caboose to a remote facility, where he is reborn as Church and creates another version of Tex from his memories.

  • Agent Texas and Epsilon infiltrate Sidewinder, where both are retrieved by Agent Washington.
  • Agent Maine and Agent Washington are KIA. The new mysterious leader of Blue Team reports that Washington died heroically in battle.
  • The failing Epsilon capture pod is logged into the UNSC Archives for storage.
  • The UNSC receives strange reports from Chorus, but ignores them due to the aftermath of recent Freelancer events.

2556 - 4 years after Alpha's arrival at Blood Gulch

  • Within the capture pod, Epsilon goes through various iterations of his memories in an attempt to find Tex.
  • The Blues and Reds, the same simulation troopers from Desert Gulch, find the Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility and learn the truth about the Red and Blue armies.
  • Agent Carolina tracks down the Reds and Blues.

2557 - 5 years after Alpha's arrival at Blood Gulch

  • Agent Carolina infiltrates the UNSC Archives, retrieving the Epsilon Unit.
  • The Director returns to the Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility.
  • Carolina leads an attack on the facility. The Director takes all of its systems offline and erases all data before taking his own life.

CHORUS. Contact is lost with the Hand of Merope somewhere near Chorus.

  • Private Simmons creates Basebook.
  • A ceasefire is called between the Federal Army of Chorus and the New Republic.
  • The UNSC prison ship Tartarus is boarded by space pirates.
  • Alien weapons burn out across the galaxy.
  • The Staff of Charon is spotted in Chorus airspace.
  • Malcolm Hargrove is placed under arrest.
  • The Reds and Blues go into hiding, vanishing from the public eye.

2558 - 6 years after Alpha's arrival at Blood Gulch

  • Vanessa Kimball becomes the first President of Chorus.
  • The Blues and Reds start killing Freelancers and attacking UNSC facilities. They are mistaken for the Reds and Blues, who are blamed for committing the crimes on behalf of Chorus.
  • At some point Loco is contacted by Chrovos and implanted with the idea to construct a Time Machine.
  • IDA reporter Dylan Andrews begins an in-depth investigation into the Reds and Blues. After weeks of searching, she finds them on a remote moon.
  • The Reds and Blues are spurred out of hiding by the Blues and Reds.
  • The Blues and Reds begin their attack on the UNSC. They are thwarted by the Reds and Blues, with help from Dylan Andrews and her assistant Jax Jonez. Those that survived are arrested and imprisoned.
  • Donut is hit by a stray blast from the Time Machine Loco built, causing his body to be destroyed. He is rescued from the Quantum Winds by Chrovos and turned into its agent, a Shisno.
  • The Reds and Blues vanish without a trace after going to get pizza.
  • Agent Washington, bearing a bullet wound in the neck, is left at Dr. Emily Grey's care on Chorus by an unknown party. Carolina arrives some time later to watch his recovery.

2559 - 7 years after Alpha's arrival at Blood Gulch

  • Jax Jonez begins shooting a movie based on his adventure with the Reds and Blues.
  • Sarge and Simmons arrive one day during the location shoot, and the former kills the actor playing Temple mistaking him for the real deal.
  • As Wash shows signs of brain damage, he accompanies Carolina to Jax's film set.
  • Shortly after the other Reds and Blues arrive at Jax's set and depart through portals, the studio cuts the funding for the film after seeing some casting changes made by Jax.
  • After Wash angrily departs after learning Carolina hid his medical condition, the Reds and Blues decide to go back in time and prevent him from getting shot in the first place.
  • Donut realizes he is being used by Chrovos and tries to seal them away himself, but is forced to fight against O'Malley across time and space.

PARADOX. The Reds and Blues succeed in saving Washington, but at the cost of shattering time itself. However, Donut manages to reinforce Chrovos's prison with the Hammer, preventing their escape. The fracture results in the creation of the "Everwhen", a period of time which can be changed and split further by alternate timelines. Chrovos instructs Genkins to create more paradoxes, which will weaken their prison until they can finally break free. Time after the original paradox continues, with contradictory events plaguing it.

2559 of the 2nd Timeline

  • Donut escapes Chrovos and visits General Doyle Hospital in the hopes of finding Wash, and is greeted by Dr. Grey. She details that Washington's frequent visits complaining about a neck wound that was not there inspired her to commit Insurance Fraud with the UNSC. The compensations paid for a new wing of the hospital, and financed Wash's profitable endeavour of funeral cannons.
  • While visiting Wash in his penthouse, Donut fixes his personality oscillations, turning him into a Shisno like himself, and they leave in a portal. They proceed to then turn the other Reds and Blues into Shisno, and attempt to correct the paradoxes created by Genkins.
  • The Reds and Blues are brought to the Labyrinth after impaling Genkins with the Club, forced to relive their worst fears. They are saved thanks to Donut and Doc, and convince the Labyrinth that Genkins is the enemy.
  • The Reds and Blues back Genkins into a corner, forcing him to jump into a Black Hole and return to the Beginning of the Universe.
  • The Reds and Blues return to 2558 to cause Wash's injury, undoing the original paradox, and creating the 3rd Timeline.

2558 of the 3rd Timeline

  • Wash successfully survives surgery after his injury and develops cerebral hypoxia. Lopez rejoins the Reds and Blues as they recover from their time traveling.
  • Donut decides to leave the group and do some traveling on his own.

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