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     2014 - 2043, Pre-Omnic Crisis 
  • Siebren de Kuiper is born in The Hague, Netherlands.


  • Reinhardt Wilhelm is born in Stuttgart, Germany.


  • Ana Amari is born in Cairo, Egypt.


  • Gabriel Reyes is born in Los Angeles, California, United States.


  • Torbjörn Lindholm is born in Gothenburg, Sweden.


  • Jack Morrison is born in Bloomington, Indiana, United States.


  • Omnica Corporation is founded as a lead in the robotics industry in response to the rise of automated workers.
  • Mako Rutledge is born in Australia.
  • Moira O'Deorain is born in Dublin, Ireland.


  • Omnics begin to be produced by the Omnica corporation.
  • Akande Ogundimu is born in Nigeria.


  • Omnics are used as a free labor source by humans, allowing humanity to prosper at the expense of Omnic servants.
  • Mei-Ling Zhou is born in Xi'an, China.


  • Hanzo Shimada is born in Hanamura, Japan.


  • Jesse McCree is born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States.
  • Angela "Mercy" Ziegler is born in Zürich, Switzerland.


  • Many begin to wonder about Omnic capability for souls. The Omnica Corporation is shut down after revelations of fraud, and the factories turned off. Omnics are kept in servitude.


  • Genji Shimada is born in Hanamura, Japan.


  • Amélie Guillard is born in Annecy, France.

Sometime in this era

  • Reinhardt joins the Crusaders, and is personally trained by General Balderich von Adler during his time with the Crusaders.

     2044 - 2050, Omnic Crisis and the beginning of Overwatch 
  • Omniums come back online, and they begin to crank out Omnics (mostly Bastion units) to wage a massive war against humanity. Forces held by guerrilla tactics used in strike forces sparks the war. The Omnic Crisis begins.
  • Fareeha Amari is born in Giza, Egypt.


  • Overwatch founded in response to the Crisis. The strike team consists of Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes, Ana Amari, Torbjörn Lindholm, Reinhardt Wilhelm, and Liao.
  • Omnic Crisis is at its peak. God programs are online and is in full force. Omnics begins to lose control to the God programs.


  • SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54, or "Bastion", is created.
  • Olivia Colomar is born in Dorado, Mexico.


  • Winston is born on the Horizon Lunar Colony.


  • Satya Vaswani is born in India.
  • Aleksandra "Zarya" Zaryanova is born in Russia.


  • The Omnic Crisis ends. Humanity begins to rebuild and get back to their normal lives. Peaceful Omnics are spared, but treated as second-class citizens in some places. Golden age begins.
  • Bastion is deactivated, left seemingly forgotten in the forests of Germany.
  • Lúcio Correia dos Santos is born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Lena Oxton is born in London, England.

Sometime in this era

  • The Battle of Eichenwalde ensues. All of the Crusaders that defended Eichenwalde, including General Balderich von Adler, sacrifice themselves so Germany would have enough time to formulate a counterattack against the Omnics.
  • With the loss of almost every member of the Crusaders, including von Adler himself, Reinhardt leaves the Crusaders.
  • Bastion is severely damaged during the war and is abandoned and forgotten in the forests near Eichenwalde.

     2051 - 2068, Golden era of Overwatch 


  • Jamison Fawkes is born in Australia.


  • Jack Morrison becomes Strike Commander of Overwatch, tension grows with Reyes.
  • Ana Amari becomes second-in-command.
  • Gabriel Reyes is put in charge of Blackwatch.


  • Australian government forms a deal with the Omnics to allow them to reside in the Outback at the expense of the current residents. Civil war breaks out between the Australian Liberation Front, a rebel faction consisting of the local human populace, and the Omnics, leading to the destruction of the Australian omnium and the Outback being turned into an irradiated wasteland. The Junkers form from the remains. Sometime after this point, Mako Rutledge and Jamison Fawkes become known as "Roadhog" and "Junkrat", respectively.
  • Omnic outcasts form Shambali, begin mediation on spiritual existence.
  • Tekhartha Zenyatta is created.
  • A colossal Omnic rises from the seas of East China and attacks South Korea. This attack repeats itself every few years. MEKA is formed as a response of this and begins a project that sees unmanned drones going into battle against the Omnic.
  • Jesse McCree is apprehended along with the Deadlock Gang, joins both Overwatch and Blackwatch.
  • Somewhere around these years, the Vishkar Corporation takes notice on Satya's talent in light-bending. They take her from her life of poverty, and train her to be their top enforcer known as "Symmetra". With her help, they manage to complete constructing a city based on light called Utopaea.


  • Hana Song is born in Busan, South Korea.

Sometime between 2057 and 2063

  • Overwatch sets up global eco-Watchpoints.
  • Mercy joins Overwatch.
  • Mei joins Overwatch and is assigned to work at Watchpoint: Antarctica.


  • Hammond is born.


  • Winston leaves the Lunar Colony after the other gorillas kill all the humans and take over, while Hammond fashions himself an escape pod hooked onto Winston's. Winston joins Overwatch while Hammond crash-lands near Junkertown, Australia, and turns his pod into a mech known as Wrecking Ball.
  • Hanzo and Genji's father dies. The former "kills" the latter at the orders of the elders for his "disobedience". Afterwards, Hanzo leaves the Shimada clan and travels around the world while at the same time avoiding Shimada's assassins who tried to kill him for abandoning the clan.
  • Genji is rescued by Overwatch in an operation led by Mercy, and made into a cyborg. He then joins Overwatch and Blackwatch.
  • Some time around 2066, the Antarctica Ecopoint is hit by a catastrophic polar storm that batters the installation and leaves the facility badly damaged, forcing it to shut down and leaving the scientists there stranded in the base. The scientists that worked there, including Mei, try to hold on for as long as possible, but eventually their supplies run out, forcing them to enter hibernation.


  • Lena Oxton joins Overwatch Flight Program and tests the ill-fated Slipstream. The result leaves her stuck outside of time until Winston invents her chronal accelerator. Though her days as a pilot are over, she becomes a field agent and is given the callsign "Tracer".

Sometime in this era

  • With every battle between MEKA and the Omnic ending with a stalemate, chiefly due to the Omnics having successfully adapted to MEKA's strategy of using unmanned drones to attack them, MEKA begins a project that sees their unmanned drones replaced by human-controlled mini-mechas in hopes of gaining a victory against the Omnics.
  • Wrecking Ball becomes Junkertown's champion.

     2069 - 2077, Rise of Talon, disbanding and reformation of Overwatch 
  • Terrorist organization Talon emerges with the intent of throwing the world into more chaos. However, they are thwarted by Overwatch member Gérard Lacroix at every turn.


  • After failing to directly kill Gérard multiple times, Talon turns their attention to his wife. Amélie Lacroix is kidnapped by Talon and neurally reconditioned. She is rescued by Overwatch agents, seemingly no worse for wear, and returns to her normal life. Two weeks later, she kills Gérard in his sleep. Amélie returns to Talon, and is biologically altered and trained to be the perfect assassin. She is given the codename "Widowmaker".
  • The Omnic Uprising is conducted in King's Row by the Null Sector. Overwatch intervenes despite orders not to get involved.

Sometime between 2069 and 2071

  • Gabriel Reyes forms a secret anti-Overwatch faction within Blackwatch with the intent of overthrowing the main branch led by Jack.
  • McCree, wanting no part in the conflict, leaves the organization.
  • The Shimada clan is effectively dismantled by Overwatch under Genji's command. Sometime after this point, Genji leaves due to his conflicted nature of being a cyborg. He begins wandering the world, eventually finding residence in the Shambali Monestary in Nepal, also becoming a student of Zenyatta, who helps him feel at peace.


  • Reyes leaks Overwatch intel and exposes Blackwatch's activities to the public out of spite to turn public opinion against Overwatch.
  • Ana Amari is "killed" by Widowmaker during a Talon hostage operation while acting as the head of operations. She decides to fake her own death.
  • Reinhardt is forced to retire following the failure of the mission and supposed death of Ana.
  • Morrison and Reyes battle each other at Overwatch's Swiss HQ, resulting in the explosion of the base. Both are listed as casualties. In actuality, both survived.
  • Overwatch is officially disbanded by the United Nations, made illegal by the PETRAS Act.
  • With Overwatch being made illegal, Talon rises in power, free to reign terror as they please.
  • Gabriel Reyes becomes Reaper, officially defects to Talon alongside the remains of Blackwatch and gets a seat on their inner council of leaders.
  • Junkrat discovers an unidentified secret treasure in Australian omnium, causing him to be hunted by the Junkers. Knowing he can't survive alone, he then hires Roadhog as his bodyguard in-exchange for a fifty-fifty split of the profits, and they begin a worldwide crime spree.
  • Reinhardt comes out of retirement to fight again.
  • Hana Song starts her undefeated streak record in Starcraft II.

Sometime between 2071 and 2073

  • MEKA, running out of options for who is going to pilot their human-controlled mini-mechas because of the immense level of reflexes required to pilot them, turns to professional video gamers and enlists their help to join the battle against the Omnics.


  • Hana Song becomes an undefeated Starcraft II player for three years in a row. Eventually, she leaves the eSports scene to join the MEKA and defend her homeland from the colossal Omnic. She is given the codename "D.Va".
  • Vishkar Corporation competes with Calado Corporation about improvement within Rio de Janeiro, but the people of Rio and its mayor prefer Calado. Vishkar sends Symmetra to investigate its dirty records, she finds none and they resort to setting fire to its main headquarters, thereby asserting its dominance and forcing the people to submit to its designs. In process, a community there is damaged due to the fire. Vishkar promises better living to the people, but all that happens is people being forced in labor works.


  • The second Omnic Crisis begins in Siberia. Zarya abandons her bodybuilding career in order to defend her home.
  • Vishkar Corporation is forced out of Rio de Janeiro after DJ and freedom fighter Lúcio, in response of the false promises and forced labors above, steals their sonic technology and leads a rebellion against the company. This makes him a recognized hero, which also gives more attention to his music career.


  • Soldier: 76 appears as a vigilante, roaming the world in search of both revenge and answers regarding Overwatch's downfall. Unbeknownst to the public, Solider: 76 is actually the presumed dead leader of Overwatch, Jack Morrison.
  • Lúcio releases debut album Synaesthesia Auditiva to massive success and becomes a worldwide superstar.
  • Fareeha Amari joins Helix Security International. She is given the callsign "Pharah".

Sometime between 2071 and 2076

  • Kurjikistan is under siege by a titanic Omnic piloted by weapon engineer Sven. Torbjörn travels there and puts a stop on his actions.
  • McCree lost his left arm and had to replaced it with a bionic one.


  • Reaper invades Watchpoint: Gibraltar in an attempt to extract the data of all former Overwatch agents on the behalf of Talon in order to assassinate all former members. Winston prevents them from accomplishing their task, and defeats Reaper.
  • Winston officially reinstates Overwatch, fully knowing the illegal nature of the operation. Besides Winston, members of the newly-reformed Overwatch that were called back include Tracer, McCree, Genji, Mercy, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt, as well as many yet-to-be identified operatives.
  • Peaceful monk leader Tekhartha Mondatta is assassinated in King's Row, London by Widowmaker on Talon's behalf, despite interception from Tracer. Widowmaker escapes unharmed. King's Row is turned into a cesspool of racism and cruelty towards Omnics.
  • When Hanzo sneaks inside the Shimada temple in Hanamura as part of his yearly tradition following his "killing" of Genji, Genji confronts Hanzo, revealing that he survived his attack and that he has forgiven him for his actions. Genji then informs Hanzo that the "world is changing once again, and it is time to pick a side" before leaving.
  • Soldier: 76 busts an illegal operation by Los Muertos in Dorado. However, a young girl named Alejandra is nearly caught in the crossfire, and he's forced to abandon his mission to protect the innocent child.
  • Lúcio begins world tour to promote Synaesthesia Auditiva.
  • Roadhog and Junkrat rob Banco de Dorado in Mexico.
  • Bastion is unexpectedly awoken, and explores the Earth with its bird Ganymede in tow while also keeping a low profile to the humans.
  • Reaper and Widowmaker raid a museum in an attempt to secure the powerful Doomfist for Talon. They are prevented from acquiring the weapon by Winston and Tracer, while two kids named Brian and Timmy witness the event.
  • Helix Security International's God program at the Temple of Anubis went rogue and controlling most omnics to strike on humans. Pharah manages to stop the program with the help of her team.
  • Soldier: 76 is confronted by Reaper in Egypt and saved by Ana, who has come out from faking her death.
  • LumériCo's classified documents detailing the corruption of CEO Guillermo Portero are leaked to the public by the hacker known as Sombra, who claims to be "only acting in the public interest".
  • LumériCo CEO Guillermo Portero "temporarily" steps down in the midst of the controversy.
  • Talon sends operatives Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra to Volskaya Industries to assassinate CEO Katya Volskaya. The mission becomes a failure when Volskaya "escapes" because Sombra sabotages the mission and personally blackmails Katya in exchange for her services.
  • As a result of Sombra's blackmailing, Katya Volskaya calls Zarya to help her eliminate Sombra.
  • Mei is awoken from cryostasis from Winston's recall. After barely escaping from Ecopoint: Antarctica, she sets out to rejoin Overwatch.


  • Doomfist is broken free from prison by Reaper.
  • Doomfist attacks Numbani International Airport. No casualties are suffered, but several OR15 robots are destroyed. Shortly afterward, Doomfist's gauntlet is reported stolen, presumably by Doomfist himself. Some time later, Numbani resident and preteen genius Efi Oladele, who witnessed the assault, modifies an OR15 chassis and christens her creation "Orisa".
  • After having been freed from prison, Doomfist rejoins Talon only to discover that fellow Talon councilman Vialli has steered the organization into a profitable direction away from Doomfist's goals of making the world stronger. A civil war ensues, ultimately ending in Doomfist killing Vialli. When all is said and done, Doomfist declares that there is a war to start.
  • Zarya confronts Sombra after having tracked her with the help of omnic hacker Lynx Seventeen. She narrowly escapes.
  • Reinhardt rejoins Overwatch.
  • Kishin Omnics attempt to strike Busan when D.Va and her childhood friend, Dae-Hyun, ended up spotting them on their radar. D.Va takes on all of them and prevents Busan from being damaged again, although her mech was destroyed and she suffered some injuries.
  • Null Sector, thought to have been neutralized 7 years prior, attacks Paris. Winston, Tracer, and Mei attempt to fight them off but are overwhelmed when a giant Null Sector robot appears. They are then joined by Genji, Reinhardt, Brigitte, E.C.H.O., and Mercy and with their combined effort, they manage to destroy the giant robot and drive Null Sector away from Paris. Overwatch's return is publicly confirmed by Winston.
  • Null Sector attacks Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lucio is assisted by Overwatch in fending them off.


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