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  • 1969:note  Janet Dawkins is born to Ella and Stanley. (4x10)
  • 1975: For Janet's 6th birthday, Stanley buys candles that keep relighting themselves, this causes a fire that Stanley tries desperately to put out. Ella and Stanley have a bit of a row after that and he stays in a hotel for a few days. (3x10)
  • 1978:note  Janet's 9th birthday is celebrated and is the subject of several temporal alterations by George and Arnie. (4x10)
    • While attempting to climb a tree, Janet falls and breaks her arm, resulting in a lasting twinge. As a result, Janet is taken to hospital, where it is found that she has a chronic scalp condition which is sorted.
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    • Travelling back from 2003, George attempts to prevent Janet's fall by telling her to come down for a sweetie. Though he successfully prevents her falling, he is punched by a Large Man.
    • Travelling back again to prevent Janet from going bald, this time with Arnie, George ensures that the 9 year old Janet falls out of the tree as he observes it. He is punched by the Large Man again.
    • Travelling back on his own, George makes sure Janet gets down from the tree before quickly leaving to avoid the Large Man, proceeding to leave a note regarding her scalp condition in 1987.
    • Travelling back with Arnie, George ensures that Janet falls out of the tree before travelling straight back to 2003. Unbeknownst to George at the time, Arnie conceives a son with Ella while getting beers.
  • 1985: As Tyler would later recall, some Venusians removed his brain in this year; it grew back later. (4x07)
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  • 1987: In 2003, George suggests altering history so Janet gets a nose job at age 18 but does not act on it. George leaves a note "from a friend", advising the 18 year old Janet to see a doctor about her scalp. The doctor she sees is Piers Crispin, who proves so helpful that the pair get married in this timeline. (4x10)
  • 1998: Mrs. Raven receives a £20 bonus for going a day without making a patient cry; only one had come in that day, whom Mrs. Raven chloroformed on arrival. (4x08)



  • George arrives on Earth and begins safeguarding the planet as Thermoman. (3x03)
  • Janet meets George's father Seamus. (1x05)
  • Janet's 30th birthday is celebrated. (1x06)
  • George is made familiar with the concept of Christmas as he has his first with Janet. (2x01)


  • George and Janet's 1st wedding anniversary. (4x08)
  • April 1: April Fool's Day is observed in Northolt. (4x10)
  • April 2: By repeatedly travelling through the Time Tunnels of Tartarus, George enjoys the same night in bed with Janet 49 times over. (4x10)
  • April 3: (4x10)
    • ''After initially preventing Janet's fall from a tree in 1978, George returns to the present where he finds that Janet is now bald. (Time and Time Again)
    • George and Arnie discuss the former's initial alteration to the timeline before going back in an attempt to make it perfect.
    • As a result of George's preventing both Janet's fall from a tree and her baldness, Janet is happily married to Piers and the couple have ten children by this point. Furthermore, Janet's parents and Mrs. Raven are happy people while Tyler is in a relationship with Miranda, a woman who lives in what would have been George and Janet's flat. Though George is tempted to leave the new time continuum be, he learns that Piers and Mrs. Raven are having an affair and so goes back to change history.
  • George and Arnie return to the present after mostly setting history back, with Janet still having her twinge. Janet introduces George to her younger brother Arnold, who has come to stay. Realising that Arnold is Arnie's son who he conceived with Ella in the past, George angrily books him in for a vasectomy. (4x10)

The Future

  • 2010: After getting lost in the Time Tunnels of Tartarus, George and Arnie emerge after leaving on April 1st 2003. This future is overwritten when they return to the present. (4x10)

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