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    Notes and Disclaimers 
Note that very few works in the Marvel Cinematic Universe provide hard dates for when they occur, thus events should largely be treated as best estimates. Specifically:
  • Unless stated otherwise, all films and TV episodes within the Infinity Saga are assumed to take place at some time near their release dates. For now, works after the Infinity Saga have no set assumption due to the Time Skip in-universe and disruption from the COVID-19 Pandemic out of it; explanations for their estimated placement are given in footnotes. Absent any other information, we're presuming events happen in release order.
  • Shows related to The Defenders sub-franchise are more vague as to their timeframe. Each season is assumed to take place a few months apart in the order of their release. The sub-franchise is listed here as starting in 2014, based on a line in the first episode of Daredevil referring to The Avengers as two years ago. It's also possible that the various shows may be take place a year later than listed, starting in 2015, reflecting Daredevil's release date.
  • TV series airing during the release of Avengers: Infinity War have not acknowledged the events of that film, and are stated by Word of God to be set before Infinity War.
    • The final seasons of all five Defenders shows are being assumed to take place before Infinity War, as the prior seasons had also been treated as occurring before their release dates.
    • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seasons 6 and 7 are currently being considered Alternate Timelines.note 
    • For simplicity's sake, only the first seasons of Runaways and Cloak & Dagger are currently included in this timeline. Further seasons that aired after the release of Infinity War are not listed at the moment.
  • This timeline only concerns the main universe and its most direct offshoots (currently those seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Loki). The Alternate Timelines of What If...? are not included here, nor are outside continuities that cross over such as the other Spider-Man film series; though they are occasionally referenced when they have information relevant to the main timeline.
  • Events listed in italics are events that happened in Alternate Timelines. The MCU generally follows the model that time travel (or even just randomness in the universe) creates branching timelines that don't affect the original timeline's history; though as you might expect its use can be inconsistent:
    • Loki explains that the Time Police known as the Time Variance Authority (TVA) enforce one specific "Sacred Timeline" and "reset" or "prune" all others, ending them shortly after their creation; though this practice ends as of the end of Season One. Specifics of creating and resetting timelines can be found with events from Loki in the "Beyond Time" folder.
    • The time-travel in Avengers: Endgame was permitted by the TVA as part of the Sacred Timeline, though the exact fates of the alternate timelines created are unaddressed.
    • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also follows the branching-timeline model, though both major alternate timelines seen go on for years and are not reset.
    • Runaways, however, uses the version of time travel where the new timeline overwrites the old one; when history is changed the time-travelers fade away and are Ret-Gone, but the effects they had on the past remain.
    • Ms. Marvel's brief trip through time involves a Stable Time Loop, with no branching.

Ancient Times

Before Humanity
  • Six immensely powerful singularities exist before the Big Bang. The Big Bang then causes the current universe to be born. These singularities are then forged into ingots by four cosmic entities (Eternity, Entrophy, Infinity, Death) and become tied to primal aspects of the universe (Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Time and Soul). These ingots become known as the "Infinity Stones". (Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Infinity War)
  • A race known as the Celestials comes into being, becoming the first living beings in the newly-created universe. With their infinite cosmic power and the guidance of their leader, the Prime Celestial Arishem the Judge, they create stars, planets, and other forms of life throughout the universe.
    • They also devise a process to ensure the longevity of their own species known as "the Emergence" - planting the seeds of a nascent Celestial into a planet, causing it to emerge once it detects a large enough sentient population at the cost of the planet's destruction.
    • To help in this process, Arishem uses his World Forge to create a genetically engineered race, later called the Deviants, to eliminate apex predators and ensure the survival of a planet's intelligent life; however, a flaw in their design causes them to evolve out of their original programming and instead target all life. In response, Arishem engineers another race, the Eternals, with the primary purpose of defending intelligent life from the Deviants, not knowing of their true purpose of allowing an Emergence to happen. After each successful Emergence, the Eternals are returned to the World Forge to have their memories erased to ensure their loyalty before being sent to a new planet. (Eternals)
  • A Celestial is killed by unknown means - its severed head eventually becomes the location of the space-borne mining colony "Knowhere". (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Somewhere in the universe, a Celestial emerges, yet finds itself completely alone. For centuries, this entity slowly learns how to manipulate matter until it forms an entire planet to serve as its body, naming itself "Ego". Realizing the futility of its existence if no other life is present in the universe, Ego creates a humanoid male vessel to search for other sentient beings. As he discovers other lifeforms, Ego plans to create offspring to ease his crippling loneliness of his belief of being the Last of His Kind, yet he finds his peers "disappointing". Laying out plans to spread himself across the universe, Ego plants pieces of himself on other planets to one day terraform into extensions of his being, yet discovers this process can only be activated by the presence of two Celestials. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)
  • Millions of years before the time of man, a meteorite plummets into the continent of Africa containing an incredibly dense yet durable metal called Vibranium. At least one other Vibranium meteorite or a fragment of the African one also crashes in the Atlantic Ocean. (Black Panther, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

Around 30,000 BC

  • Enoch Coltrane, a robotic Chronicom from Chronyca-2 in the Cygnus constellation, comes to Earth to observe its progress. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five)


  • The Infinity Stone of Power finds its way to the planet Morag, where it is stored in a temple vault. Morag eventually falls to global warming and is consumed by its oceans, though the tides briefly recede every few hundred years. (Guardians of the Galaxy, with additional details from Word of God)
  • A faction of blue-skinned humanoids known as the Kree genetically alter members of several species (including humans on the planet Earth) in order to serve as super-powered soldiers in their wars. The Kree assumed their human experiments are failures, but they and their descendants carry the potential for developing a variety of powers after being exposed to Terrigen Crystals. The people of this "Inhuman" sub-species develop insular communities and keep their powers secret from the unaltered mass of humanity; nevertheless, their existence is hinted at in legends and myths. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two)
    • One such community decides to divorce themselves from humanity entirely, founding a colony on the moon called "Attilan". (Inhumans)
    • An Inhuman called "Alveus" (Latin for "Hive") becomes so powerful he threatens to Take Over the World, until he's exiled to a distant planet using another Kree artifact, a black Monolith that can dissolve into a Portal Pool. A cult devoted to bringing Alveus back forms; in the meantime, its followers send him periodic Human Sacrifices for survival via possession, under the guise of studying the Monolith. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three)
  • The demon Cthon builds a temple on Wundagore Mountain, inscribing dark magic spells on its walls. The spells are eventually copied and compiled into a Tome of Eldritch Lore called "the Darkhold". (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)

    Human History ( 5000 BC onward) 
  • The human sorcerer Agamotto creates several magical artifacts to protect the Earth from inter-dimensional threats: one such entity is Dormammu, ruler of the "Dark Dimension", who seeks to engulf Alternate Universes into his domain. For his unparalleled skill in the mystic arts, Agamotto is dubbed by his peers as the "Sorcerer Supreme", and founds a dynasty of practitioners at the monastery of Kamar-Taj in what would become Kathmandu, Nepal. Of the many artifacts Agamotto has crafted, one such item is the Eye of Agamotto, which utilizes the Infinity Stone of Time. (Doctor Strange)
  • Five tribes fight over the African territory infused with Vibranium. As the war escalates, a warrior-shaman named Bashenga discovers a plant affected by Vibranium known as the Heart-Shaped Herb. Upon ingesting the Herb, Bashenga gains superhuman strength, speed and instincts, uniting the five tribes under one rule. He takes the title of "Black Panther" and founds the nation of Wakanda; however, the Jabari Tribe oppose Bashenga's rule, choosing to exile themselves into the mountains. Using Vibranium, Wakandans create an advanced technological society, yet isolate themselves from the rest of the world because of its potency. (Black Panther) Wakanda comes to believe that Vibranium only exists in their country, as they are unaware of the extra fragment of the meteor that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. Consequently much of their national identity and lore is based around their supposed sole ownership of the element. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
  • The inhabitants of K'un-Lun, an extra-dimensional city that becomes connected to an area in the Himalayas every fifteen years, discover a substance distilled from dragon bones that can resurrect the dead. Most of the city wants to altruistically use this to help the world, but five citizens discover a way to inherit Immortality from it. These five, known in the present as Alexandra, Madame Gao, Bakuto, Sowande, and Murakami, are exiled to Earth where they form the criminal organization the Hand, devoting themselves into returning to K'un-Lun, which involves "activating" an individual called "Black Sky". K'un-Lun takes steps in defending themselves: every generation, a citizen is selected to receive the power of the "Iron Fist" from the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying. This protector is then charged to guard the gates to K'un-Lun whenever the connection is open. Assisting this person is a group of warriors known as the Chaste. (Daredevil, Iron Fist, The Defenders)
  • A mysterious Celtic woman, who comes to be known as "The Ancient One", inherits the title of Sorcerer Supreme. Unknown to any other user of the mystic arts at Kamar-Taj, she betrays Agamotto's warnings by extending her life with small, periodic amounts of energy from the Dark Dimension, allowing her to stay in the role of Sorcerer Supreme for centuries. (Doctor Strange)
  • A group of beings were exiled to Earth from their home dimension. They either came to be known as "djinn" based on Arabian mythology, or they were the inspiration for the djinn myths in the first place. Also at some point, a society called the Red Daggers is formed in the region to protect it from supernatural threats such as the djinn. (Ms. Marvel)

5000 BC

  • Arishem sends ten Eternals - Ajak, Sersi, Ikaris, Phastos, Makkari, Druig, Thena, Gilgamesh, Kingo, and Sprite - to Earth for their latest assignment, protecting humanity from the Deviants while also subtly influencing humanity’s technological advancement in the process. However, they miss a pack of seven Deviants that were frozen during an Ice Age. (Eternals)

2988 BCnote 

  • During a Convergence event where wormholes open between worlds, Bor Burison, king of the realm of Asgard, defeats Malekith and the Dark Elves of the Svartalfheim realm, stopping the latter from using the Aether (the Infinity Stone of Reality, in liquid form) to usher in an age of darkness in the universe. Malekith sacrifices the majority of his troops to cover his escape; he and a few loyal soldiers enter hibernation to wait for the next Convergence 5,000 years later. (Thor: The Dark World)

Unknown (after 2988 BC)

  • Bor's son and successor, Odin Borson, inherits his father's role as King of Asgard after the former's passing.
    • The dwarves of Nidavellir make a pact of defense with Asgard, where Odin promises to protect the realms' greatest smiths. In return, the dwarf Eitri agrees to forge a mighty hammer, which is named Mjolnir and granted to Odin's daughter Hela. (Avengers: Infinity War)
    • Together with Hela, the Asgardians conquer eight other worlds (including Earth) through violent means; these conquered territories plus Asgard become known as the Nine Realms. Upon realizing Hela's ambitions outweigh his own, Odin confiscates Mjolnir and banishes her, using his life force to serve as the key to her prison. When Hela attempts to break free, Odin sends the Valkyries, an all-female group of warriors chosen to defend the Asgardian throne, to pacify Hela, but are all killed except for one. Wanting nothing more to do with Asgard, this sole surviving Valkyrie flees from her realm and eventually ends up working for the Grandmaster of Sakaar, a garbage-world filled with inter-dimensional wormholes. (Thor: Ragnarok)
    • To keep Hela's history a secret, Odin wipes out all records of her existence, while choosing to rely on peace and stability in order for the Nine Realms to co-exist with each another. (Thor: Ragnarok)

1550 BC

575 BC

  • The Eternals battle Deviants in defense of the city of Babylon, with Gilgamesh in particular killing a large bull-like Deviant. The following day, Ikaris finally confesses his feelings for Sersi, who reciprocates. (Eternals)
    • Sometime after leaving Babylon, Ajak confesses the Eternals' true mission to Ikaris. Remaining loyal to Arishem, Ikaris stays quiet about the Emergence.

332 BC

  • Alexander the Great conquers Egypt, ending its status as a world power.
    • The Egyptian goddess Ammit, the gods' executioner of condemned souls, takes Alexander as an avatar. However, she tires of waiting for judgment to pass on the evil and desires to punish them before they commit their crimes. Alexander betrays Ammit, and the other gods seal her in a stone figurine. Ammit's betrayal never makes it into the mythological record. (Moon Knight)

323 BC

  • Alexander the Great dies and is entombed as a pharoah in Egypt, with Ammit's prison hidden in his throat. The location of Alexander's tomb (and with it, the location of Ammit) is entrusted to a man named Senfu; and after he dies, clues to its location are buried with him in his sarcophagus. A magic scarab that acts as a compass pointing to Ammit is also created. (Moon Knight)
    • With belief in them waning, the Egyptian gods decide to withdraw from humanity and merely observe through their avatars. The moon god Khonshu disagrees and argues that they should continue protecting humanity, and the other gods banish him from their presence. While Khonshu abides by the other gods' decision to stay hidden, he quietly sends his avatars to punish and execute the wicked.

79 AD

  • Mount Vesuvius erupts, destroying the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
    • According to future Chaste member Stick, this was caused by the Hand in order to cover up their activities at mining the black substance from dragon bones located near the cities. (The Defenders)
    • A Variant of Loki and TVA Agent Mobius M. Mobius travel back to this time to test Loki's theory of another Variant of his hiding during apocalyptic events to keep the TVA off their trail. Loki causes a ruckus in the streets right before Vesuvius erupts, warning the people of Pompeii of their impending doom, but this fails to create a diverging timeline as a result, proving Loki's theory correct. (Loki Season One)


  • Sersi and Ikaris marry one another in a ceremony in the Gupta Empire, with the rest of the Eternals in attendance. (Eternals)



  • Laufey, King of the Frost Giants of the realm of Jotunheim, wages war throughout the Nine Realms, with one of their targets being Earth (or "Midgard" as the Asgardians call it). In response, Odin leads Asgard's armies, to do battle against Laufey's forces, beating the Frost Giants back to Jotunheim and stealing their weapon, the Casket of Ancient Winters. Laufey then commits to an uneasy truce with the Asgardians. When Odin takes the casket from the temple, he finds Laufey's infant son there abandoned in the cold, adopts him into his family, and renames him Loki. Upon leaving Midgard, Odin entrusts the Infinity Stone of Space, aka the Tesseract, to the Norse people, who revere the Asgardians as gods, incorporating them into their mythology. (Thor)
    • The Asgardians are also in contact with Earth's Eternals during this time, though the details are unknown. (Eternals)
    • In an alternate timeline, Loki is born female. She is nonetheless adopted by Odin and Frigga, and there is little significant difference from the original timeline. (The only known difference, other than Loki's gender, is that her parents were honest about her adoption.) (Loki Season One)


  • Somehow, a man named Xu Wenwu obtains ten ancient mysterious rings that grant him superhuman abilities, including Super Strength and immortality. Rather than using them for good, he seeks more and more power. First he does this publicly as a warmongering lord, but in later centuries, he and his organization (also called the Ten Rings) opt to stay in the shadows, influencing the next millennium of human history. (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)


  • Loki Season One:
    • In the alternate timeline where Loki is female, she is the Asgardian equivalent of a preteen when the TVA determines that she is in the process of diverging too much from their ideal "Sacred Timeline". (The exact event prompting TVA intervention is unknown.) They arrest Loki and reset the timeline. (This Loki comes to be known as "Sylvie" and will be identified as such in other entries.)
    • In a different alternate timeline, Loki kills his brother Thor while they are children, earning the ire of the TVA. He is quickly arrested and pruned, and the timeline is reset.


  • February 8: A Berserker Asgardian goes to live a life on Earth. Fearing of the power of his Berserker Staff if it were to fall into mortal hands, he breaks it into three pieces and scatters them across Europe (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One)


  • Asgardian sorceress Lorelei terrorizes the Nine Realms using her power of enthrallment, before being defeated by Sif and imprisoned in Asgard's dungeons.(Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One)


  • The Age of Exploration:
    • Word of Wakanda's technological advances leak out in the form of legends of a city of gold named "El Dorado". Numerous expeditions are sent to find it, but never come close as they focus on South America. (Black Panther)
    • 1521: While the Spanish Empire invades the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, the Eternals exterminate the (supposed) last of the Deviants. During the battle, Thena suddenly goes mad and begins attacking her allies before Gilgamesh manages to subdue her. The Eternals discover Thena has become afflicted with "Mahd Wy'ry", caused by the vast amount of memories she had acquired over the centuries. When Ajak suggests erasing Thena's memories to counter this, Druig lashes out at her leadership. Fed up with standing by and watching as humans slaughter each other, he brainwashes the entire city to stop the fighting. He then leads the humans into exile. As the Eternals decide to go their separate ways to await Arishem's return with their mission complete, Gilgamesh volunteers to watch over Thena and help deal with her Mahd Wr'ry, heading off to Australia to live in exile. (Eternals)
    • 1571: A Mayan tribe in the Yucatan Peninsula seeks to escape the disease brought by the Spanish conquistadors. Their shaman receives a vision of a Vibranium-infused plant growing in the ocean nearby, and when they consumed the plant it altered them so that they could breathe underwater and withstand ocean pressure. They migrate into the Atlantic Ocean, founding the city of Talokan around the Vibranium meteorite that had landed there. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
      • One woman was pregnant at the time of the change, and it caused a drastic mutation in her son: he was able to breathe in both air and water, his aging was slowed, and he had wings on his feet that allowed him to fly. He was named K'uk'ulkan after the mythical god, as he was believed to be the deity's mortal incarnation.
      • Early 1600s: K'uk'ulkan's mother dies of old age. Per her wishes the Talokan return to the surface to bury her, only to find that the conquistadors have enslaved the native Mayans. They burn the colonizers' plantation in retribution. During the attack, a priest declares that K'uk'ulkan is "sin amor" ("without love"), and from this he decides to take "Namor" as an alias.


  • In Aix-en-Provience, France, Sylvie places a pack of "Kablooie" candy from 2050 in a church to lure in TVA Minutemen to investigate, before assaulting and killing them and stealing their reset charge. Agent Mobius later arrives to investigate the scene, before heading back to the TVA upon hearing that another Loki has been apprehended for escaping after 2012's Battle of New York, resetting the timeline on the way out. (Loki Season One)


  • In Salem, Massachusetts, the witch Evonara Harkness and her coven attempt to execute her daughter, Agatha, for practicing forbidden magic and seeking power beyond her station, but Agatha turns the tables on them and drains their life force. (WandaVision)



  • Ikaris leaves Sersi, unable to stay with her while keeping their true mission about the Emergence a secret from her. (Eternals)


  • In Salina, Oklahoma, Sylvie plants a futuristic shovel-like tool to once again lure TVA Minutemen into a trap, again massacring them and taking their reset charge. TVA investigators arriving afterward clean up and reset the timeline. (Loki Season One)

Late 1800s

  • In the Old West, Kid Colt becomes a legendary gunslinger and ultimately gets his own comic book and movie adaptations in the 1940s. (Agent Carter Season Two)


Modern Era

    Early 1900s 
  • A secret society called the Council of Nine orchestrates the assassination of President William McKinley of the United States of America. (Agent Carter Season Two)
  • Sarah Rogers dies of tuberculosis, leaving her son Steve an orphan. (Captain America: First Vengeance)
  • Bucky Barnes saves Steve Rogers from a fight, and the two become best friends. (Captain America: First Vengeance)
  • The Council of Nine causes The Great Depression. (Agent Carter Season Two)
  • HYDRA is officially formed as a "deep science" research unit for the German SS under the leadership of Johann Schmidt, as the latest form of the cult that attempts to bring Alveus back through the black Monolith. (Captain America: The First Avenger, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three)
  • "The Red Room", a top secret Brainwashing training program, where young women are conscripted and turned into deadly assassins, is established in the Soviet Union. (Various)
  • A teenage delinquent known as "Stick", who was born blind, spends a few years in jail. Upon his release, he's taken in by The Chaste and becomes one of their most devoted members. (The Defenders)

    World War II (1939-1945) 
  • "Bletchley Circle" member Margaret "Peggy" Carter is offered a job as a field agent under her brother Michael's recommendation. She turns it down at first, but changes her mind when Michael is killed in the war. (Agent Carter Season Two)
  • Brilliant American engineer and inventor Howard Stark forms Stark Industries. (Various)
  • Johann Schmidt takes an unfinished Super Soldier serum created by German scientist Abraham Erskine. The effects morph and twist Schmidt into a monstrosity, earning him the epitaph "Red Skull". As Schmidt is convalescing, Peggy Carter breaks Dr. Erskine out Castle Kauffman (where he's being held), and they escape to America with a small amount of the unfinished serum. Erskine agrees to make a finished Super Soldier formula for the American government. (Captain America: First Vengeance)
  • 1942: In British Occupied India, the djinn search a Ten Rings temple for a pair of bangles that they believe will help them get home; but they only find one. When discovered by British soldiers, one of the djinn, Aisha, is separated from the others and takes the bangle with her. After her escape, she arrives in a small village, where she meets and falls in love with a Muslim flower farmer named Hasan. They eventually marry and have a daughter named Sana. (Ms. Marvel)
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
    • March 1942: The Red Skull obtains the Tesseract from its hiding place in a village monastery of Tønsberg, Norway. HYDRA makes leaps and bounds in weapons development; fortunately, little of this makes its way to Axis conventional forces.
    • Under the auspices of Howard Stark and Abraham Erskine, Steve Rogers, who desires to follow his friend Bucky Barnes in joining the army but was previously turned down due to his weak physical state, is selected for the American military's Super Soldier program. Erskine's completed serum is a success, giving Rogers superhuman capabilities. Unfortunately, Dr. Erskine is assassinated by HYDRA agents before he can re-create the serum's formula, leaving Rogers the only one of his kind.
    • With the prospect of a super-soldier army dashed, Rogers is instead relegated to performing in USO shows to drum up war bond sales, dressed as the propaganda mascot "Captain America".
    • 1943: Sergeant Bucky Barnes and the 107th Infantry Regiment are captured by HYDRA forces and held in an Austrian fortress. During their internment, HYDRA performs experiments on Barnes and several other captured soldiers, overseen by the Red Skull’s Swiss assistant Armin Zola.
    • 1944: During a USO show in France, Steve Rogers learns that the 107th Infantry Regiment have gone MIA, and with Peggy Carter and Howard Stark's assistance, he stages a rouge mission into Austria and rescues the entire surviving regiment from the fortress. Captain America then forms the "Howling Commandos" — with rescued soldiers Barnes, Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita, James Montgomery Falworth, and Jacques Dernier — under the authority of the "Strategic Scientific Reserve" (SSR, led by General Chester Phillips) to defeat HYDRA, now an independent entity separated from the Wehrmacht and broader Nazi chain of command.
      • June 1944: General John McGinnis steals Item 017, "Midnight Oil", intended to act as a stimulant and keep troops more energetic, from Howard Stark and exposes the Russian troops to it in the Battle of Finow. Item 017 turns out to instead mimic symptoms of extreme sleep deprivation, causing homicidal rage. The Russian troops end up slaughtering each other. (Agent Carter Season One)
    • February 1945:
      • Arnim Zola is captured and interrogated following a successful snatch-and-grab by Captain America and the Howling Commandos regarding the Red Skull's whereabouts. Unfortunately, Bucky is presumed killed-in-action during the operation after he seemingly falls to his death.
      • However, thanks to Zola’s experiments, he narrowly survives and is recovered by Soviet troops. Eventually, Bucky is secretly passed back into HYDRA's custody. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
      • After defeating the Red Skull's last-ditch effort to bombard the United States, Captain America is entombed in ice cryogenically when the Valkyrie super-bomber crashes in the Arctic Circle. The Tesseract, which the Red Skull took aboard the Valkyrie, is lost in the wreckage; the Red Skull himself disappears after accidentally activating the Tesseract shortly before the crash.
      • Deemed unworthy by the Tesseract to wield the power of any Infinity Stone, the Red Skull is subjected to immortality and sent to the planet Vormir where the Soul Stone is hidden. He's also given knowledge of how to obtain the Stone by killing the person one most loves, which he cannot do himself as he lacks any capacity for the emotion, thus sentenced to eternity as the Stone's guardian, revealing to anyone else who comes looking for it what is required of them to obtain it. (Avengers: Infinity War)
      • In Austria, HYDRA General Werner Reinhardt experiments with an "Obelisk" he found in the Hunan Province of China during the war (unknown to him, it is a Kree "Diviner" device storing a Terrigen Crystal). He discovers most people who touch the Obelisk are turned to stone, but a Chinese villager named Jiaying is immune to its effects (due to having latent Inhuman genetics). Before he can investigate further, an SSR force led by Agent Carter attacks the base and Reinhardt is arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. Jiaying is freed and returns to China, while the SSR proceeds to confiscate several pieces of HYDRA equipment including the Obelisk. At some point during his imprisonment, Reinhardt begins using the alias "Daniel Whitehall". (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two)
  • August 1945: World War II ends with the US forcing Japan's surrender by dropping two atomic bombs on the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th. Phastos, who had given humanity the knowledge and technology that led to the bombs' development, loses faith in humanity after viewing Hiroshima's ruins and goes into isolation. He later changes this stance after finding love and starting a family. (Eternals)

    Post-War (1945-1949) 
  • While searching the Arctic for any trace of Captain America, Howard Stark finds the Tesseract on the ocean floor. It remains in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody for the next several decades. (Captain America: The First Avenger)


  • Agent Carter Season One
    • Due to the sexism of the end of World War II and her boredom with being a Desk Jockey, Peggy Carter takes up a double life inside the remains of the SSR trying to clear Howard Stark's name against the mysterious organization "Leviathan". She also strikes a friendship with Stark's butler Jarvis.
    • May 8 (VE Day): Peggy Carter and the SSR stop Johann Fennhoff from dousing Times Square with Stark's Item 017 during the VE Day celebration, which would drive everyone into a homicidal rage and cause them to kill each other. Fennhoff is imprisoned, but Arnim Zola persuades Fennhoff to partner with him when they end up becoming cell-mates.


  • Agent Carter Season Two
    • During testing of the atomic bomb, the Isodyne Energy corporation obtains a sample of a possible extra-terrestrial, dimensional material they call "Zero Matter". In trying to obtain some for herself, genius scientist Anges Cully, who uses "Whitney Frost" as a screen name, is infected with Zero Matter and gains the ability to absorb anyone she touches.
    • July 7: Frost's experiments eventually cause an explosion of Zero Matter in the New Mexico Desert which goes down in history as a UFO crash.
  • August 15: The Partition of India. The British Empire withdraws from the region and, because of racial and ethnic tensions, they split British India into two nations, India (for Hindus, Sikhs, and other groups) and Pakistan (for Muslims), on the way out. Several communities now find themselves minorities in the "wrong" country, and violence explodes on both sides of the border as millions flee their homes. (Ms. Marvel)
    • Aisha is found by one of her djinn comrades, Najma, who wants her to use the bangle they found in 1942 to return to their home dimension. As attempting it with just one bangle would endanger Earth and her new family, Aisha convinces Hasan to take their daughter Sana and leave for Pakistan with other fleeing Muslims.
    • Najma catches up with Aisha at the train station, and Aisha confronts her alone after giving Sana the bangle. Najma is furious at Aisha's betrayal and kills Aisha. Meanwhile, Sana is separated from Hasan.
    • As she dies, Aisha hears Sana crying and manages to access the bangle's power remotely, summoning her future great-granddaughter Kamala from 2025 (though she believes that she summoned an older Sana instead). Kamala is able to reunite Sana and Hasan, and is sent back home afterward. Hasan and Sana settle in the city of Karachi, never learning the truth behind Aisha's disappearance.

Unknown (Post-1947)

  • After returning the Infinity Stones to their proper places in time, Captain America decides not to return to 2023 but to continue journeying back to the 1940s. Here he decides to have his dance with Peggy and live the original life he missed. (Avengers: Endgame)note 
  • General Chester Phillips, Peggy Carter and Howard Stark co-found the "Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division" (S.H.I.E.L.D.), the successor to the SSR. Its primary base of operations is in a bunker at the same military base in New Jersey where Captain Steve Rogers was enlisted into the Super Soldier program. (Various)
  • Thanks to SSR initiatives like "Operation Paperclip", where German engineers, scientists and technicians, and engineers from Nazi Germany and other foreign countries are brought to the United States for employment in the aftermath of World War II, Armin Zola keeps HYDRA growing within S.H.I.E.L.D., fueling them with false enemies and helping tip the world in the way of fear and order per HYDRA's favor. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
    • At some point, Zola gains access to the still-captive Bucky Barnes. Through intensive mental manipulation and cybernetic augmentation, Barnes is transformed into the "Winter Soldier", a near-legendary HYDRA operative responsible for dozens of assassinations of key historical figures. In-between missions, the Winter Soldier is debriefed, re-brainwashed and cryogenically frozen to preserve his effectiveness over the decades.
  • The United States military (including HYDRA infiltrators) secretly continues its super-soldier experiments, attempting to reverse-engineer Dr. Erskine's serum using a group of soldiers as guinea pigs, including black serviceman Isaiah Bradley. While Isaiah takes in the serum well, others became “unstable” due to its effects, with some even dying from it. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)


  • When K'un-Lun appears on Earth, the Chinese army is sent to investigate, but its soldiers are ambushed and slaughtered by the current Iron Fist. (Iron Fist Season One)

The Korean War (1950-1953)
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
    • 1951: The US sends Isaiah Bradley to eliminate the Winter Soldier. They encounter each other in Goyang, and in the ensuing Bar Brawl Isaiah manages to rip off the Soldier's mechanical arm.
    • A group of unstable super-soldiers are captured and imprisoned in a POW camp, and the heads of the US super-soldier program order a bomb strike on the camp in order to erase evidence of what they see as failures of the program. Isaiah defies orders and rescues the imprisoned super-soldiers from the POW camp, but they all die from the serum soon afterwards. As a result of his defiance, Isaiah is imprisoned by the military and experimented on for the next 30 years, while they erase his existence from their records.



  • The Roxxon Oil Corporation acquires the assets of Isodyne Energy, including their Zero Matter research. Over time, Zero Matter comes to be known as "Darkforce". (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four)

  • Russian physicist Anton Vanko defects to the United States and with Howard Stark invents the first "arc reactor", an energy generator capable of creating near limitless amounts of power. Sometime later, Vanko is ousted by Stark for stealing patents, including the arc reactor, and selling them on the black market. Vanko is deported from the United States of America back to the Soviet Union, where he spends the rest of his life there in disgrace following a stint in a Russian gulag. (Iron Man 2)
  • Ant-Man/Ant-Man and the Wasp
    • Henry "Hank" Pym discovers a revolutionary element he names the "Pym Particle", which can change the distance between atoms. Concerned about its possible misuse, he keeps the discovery to himself, joining Howard Stark and Peggy Carter as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D., while running secret missions for them in a suit powered by Pym Particles as the "Ant-Man". He continues studying the Pym Particle and its connection to a strange subatomic universe called the Quantum Realm for S.H.I.E.L.D., along with his wife Janet, Bill Foster, and Elihas Starr.
    • When Janet decides she wants to assist her husband in his world-saving endeavors, Hank creates a second Pym Particle-powered suit for her. Janet becomes the Ant-Man's partner, "The Wasp".
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. constructs a massive bunker codenamed "the Lighthouse" underneath Lake Ontario, intending it as a last refuge in the case of a world-ending scenario. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five)

  • Having failed to secure the Space Stone in 2012, Captain America and Iron Man from 2023 use the last of their Pym Particles to travel back to 1970. Here they break into the original S.H.I.E.L.D. base to steal the Tesseract and extra Pym Particles before returning home. In the process Tony runs into his father Howard and the two bond over the impending birth of the latter's son: Tony. Steve and Tony use the extra Pym Particles to return to 2023. (Avengers: Endgame)
    • Steve Rogers returns to 1970 to return the Tesseract and extra Pym Particles to their proper places, allowing the events of the MCU to unfold mostly unchanged.
  • May 29: Howard Stark and his wife Maria have a son named Anthony "Tony" Stark. Tony proves to be immensely intelligent, thus his parents send him off to boarding school and college as soon as possible. (Various; birth year given in Avengers: Endgame)
  • HYDRA leader Wilfred Malick dies, leaving behind sons Gideon and Nathaniel, who are then brought into the Alveus cult. They learn that Wilfred had cheated in the ceremonies to avoid being selected as a sacrifice to Alveus; Gideon begins cheating as well and Nathaniel is sacrificed. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three)


  • November 24: Having lost a bet to Thor, Loki hijacks Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 under the alias of "D.B. Cooper" to collect $200,000 in ransom, before jumping out of the plane over southern Washington and being teleported back to Asgard by Hemidall. (Loki Season One)


  • Arnim Zola learns he is terminally ill and transfers his mind into miles of electromagnetic tape in the New Jersey S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker, allowing his consciousness to survive his physical death. He also begins the planning for "Project Insight" by writing an algorithm for HYDRA's plans regarding the world. In addition, he creates several backup copies of his artificial consciousness and has HYDRA hide them across the world in the event that he gets discovered or destroyed. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, What If... Ultron Won?)
  • After an event called the "Hydrogen Wave Crisis" passes without incident, S.H.I.E.L.D. decommissions and abandons the Lighthouse base, but not before it is used as a storehouse for dangerous artifacts such as white and grey Kree Monoliths. Eventually, even S.H.I.E.L.D. forgets about the existence of the Lighthouse, while the alien observer Enoch discovers its location. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five)


  • During the the 1974 Stark Expo, Howard Stark discovers a new element, but is unable to synthesize it. He designs a diorama of the Expo fairgrounds as a blueprint in the hopes that someday his son Tony would have the technology to do so. (Iron Man 2)



  • In the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, young Wilson Fisk murders his abusive father, and starts believing he has to turn to criminal means to save the city from itself. (Daredevil Season One)
  • Yondu Udonta, a Centaurian sold into slavery as an infant, is rescued by Stakar Ogord, leader of the "Ravagers", joining their ranks. Years later, Ego recruits and tasks Yondu with delivering his children to him; Yondu is unaware of Ego killing his offspring if they do not inherit any Celestial abilities. Stakar discovers Yondu's deception, exiling him for breaking the Ravagers' code against child trafficking. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)
  • Kree soldier Mar-Vell comes to believe that her race's military campaign against another race, the Skrulls, is unjustified. Discovering the Tesseract on Earth, she begins infiltrating the planet's scientific community under the name "Dr. Wendy Lawson" with the goal of using it to power a faster-than-light starship that can help the Skrulls evade capture. (Captain Marvel)
  • The Eternal Kingo sets himself up in Bollywood as a series of identical actors. He hires as his valet a local man named Karun Patel, who (following an incident of trying to stake him as a suspected vampire) becomes his confidant for the next half-century. (Eternals)

  • Ego arrives on Earth and chooses Meredith Quill as his latest partner; together, they sire a son named Peter. Yet Ego finds himself unexpectedly attached to Meredith, enough to keep visiting her rather than leaving as he usually does. In order to ensure that this attraction does not divert him from his mission, Ego places a cancerous tumor inside Meredith's brain. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)


  • January 7: Grant Ward is born. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. note )
  • By this time, Jiaying's Inhuman ability to extend her life by absorbing Life Energy from others has been activated, though she only uses it reluctantly. She uses her decades of experience to mentor new Inhumans, including one named Gordon who lost his eyes but gained teleportation powers. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two)


  • November 22: Natalia Alianovna Romanova, aka "Natasha Romanoff", is born. As an infant, she is recruited by the Soviet KGB and conscripted into the Red Room. Her mother, however, objects to losing her daughter and tries to track Natasha down. Her search eventually threatens to expose the Red Room, and she is assassinated. (Black Widow and various other sources; birthdate given in Captain America: The Winter Soldier)


  • Sylvie lures another group of TVA Minutemen to a renaissance fair in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where she takes control of Hunter C-20 to take the others out, before taking her captive back to her base in 2050. Loki, Mobius, Hunter B-15, and other Minutemen later arrive to investigate the scene. Loki attempts to stall for time in order to make the timeline stick permanently so he can have his way, but the group heads back to the TVA and resets the timeline before that happens. (Loki Season One)


  • April 26: The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explodes, rendering the surrounding area radioactive and uninhabitable for decades to come; The Chaste believe this event was caused by The Hand as a coverup for retrieving the black substance from nearby dragon bones around Chernobyl. (The Defenders)


  • At a time of crisis, a Soviet inter-continental ballistic nuclear missile is launched at Washington D.C., with Ant-Man and the Wasp being deployed to try and stop it. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of the missile in time is to shrink even smaller and sabotage its mechanical wiring from within. In order to save the city, the Wasp shrinks herself into infinity to bypass the missile's titanium outer plating, trapping herself in the Quantum Realm. (Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp)
  • Rooted in grief and too afraid to tell his daughter Hope about his wife's fate, Hank and Hope grow distant and estranged from one another starting from when she was 7. (Ant-Man)


  • Jiaying falls in love with young American medic Calvin Johnson, who operates a clinic in her village. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two)
    • July 2: Jaiying gives birth to her and Calvin's daughter, Daisy Johnson.
    • A HYDRA task force (operating within S.H.I.E.L.D.) returns to Jiaying's village and abducts her. Knowing Whitehall's interest, Secretary Alexander Pierce paroles him and brings him to her. He vivisects her, using her DNA to restore his youth, and discards her remains. Calvin discovers her corpse and, in a desperate attempt to revive her, stitches her back up; thanks to her Inhuman powers, Jiaying is resurrected. Together, they search for their daughter, who had been taken to the United States by a "white hat" S.H.I.E.L.D. team and sent to the Saint Agnes Orphanage while being monitored. Eventually, Jiaying realizes she is becoming a monster due to her obsession, and returns to Asia.
  • Shortly after watching his mother succumb to her cancer, a young Peter Quill is abducted from Earth by Yondu Udonta as per his agreement with Ego. However, Yondu has since discovered Ego's motives with his offspring, and instead takes Peter in as part of his crew of Space Pirates. (Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)


  • Pietro and Wanda Maximoff are born to Iryna and Oleg Maximoff in Sokovia. (Pietro was born twelve minutes before Wanda.) (Avengers: Age of Ultron, WandaVision)
  • Hank Pym discovers Howard Stark has attempted to replicate the Pym Particles, but with no success. Given the events of what happened with Janet, Pym decides to keep the particles out of corporate hands forever, resigning from S.H.I.E.L.D. and cancelling the spread of its research at his own company Pym Technologies. (Ant-Man)
  • Realizing her former Kree comrades are closing in on her, Mar-Vell tries to take her Tesseract-powered prototype up to her space lab, with Air Force Captain Carol Danvers acting as her escort. However, they are attacked en route, forcing an emergency crash, where Mar-Vell reveals her alien nature to Carol and the nature of the prototype. Just then, Kree agent Yon-Rogg attacks, killing Mar-Vell. Carol destroys the engine per Mar-Vell's last request, but the subsequent explosion fills her body with Tesseract energy, giving her photon powers. With Mar-Vell and the engine lost to him, Yon-Rogg instead abducts Carol; the Kree suppress her memories and indoctrinate her as one of their own under the name "Vers". (Captain Marvel)


  • In England, a married pair of scientists from the neurological experimental group called "IGH" find that their son Kevin has a disorder that will soon kill him. They resort to using their invasive, painful work on him; their attempt is a success, which not only saves their son's life, but grants him the ability to command people to do whatever he says. After years of unwilling slavery to their son, the scientists escape, and without any adult guidance, Kevin grows up to be the sociopath super-villain called "Kilgrave". (Jessica Jones Season One)
  • Stick discovers Black Sky as a child and attempts to raise her himself so she will oppose The Hand, giving her the name "Elektra". Other Chaste members oppose Stick's decision, and when she's finally forced to kill another Chaste student in self-defense, he sends her to live with a Greek ambassador, adopting the surname "Nachios" as her own. (Daredevil Season Two)
  • Luke Cage
    • Cornell Stokes, grandson of notorious Harlem gangster Mama Mabel, begins making a name for himself as a street thug, earning him the moniker "Cottonmouth" after an incident where he loses three teeth. Meanwhile, his cousin Mariah Dillard remains determined to rise above the family's criminal past and help the neighborhood through legal means. (Season One)
    • (Flashback in Season Two)
    • Reverend James Lucas has an affair with his secretary, producing an illegitimate son named Willis Stryker; two years later, he fathers a son with his lawful wife named Carl. The sons grow up as friends, yet Carl has no idea Willis is his half-brother, who is aware of their relationship and grows increasingly resentful at their father's refusal to acknowledge Willis. (Season One)
  • Prince N'Jobu of Wakanda is sent to perform reconnaissance in Oakland, California. However, his time in the United States slowly radicalizes him, as he sees first-hand the mistreatment and discrimination suffered by African-Americans. He also falls in love with an American woman; together, they have a son named N'Jadaka (though N'Jobu also gives the child the Western name Erik Stevens). At some point, the mother is jailed for an unspecified crime. (Black Panther, including Word of God from the DVD Commentary)
  • Elihas Starr betrays Hank Pym and steals his research. Pym reacts harshly, getting him fired from S.H.I.E.L.D. and discredited. (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
  • Carol Danvers trains her way up through the ranks of the US Air Force alongside her best friend Maria Rambeau, whom she helps raise her daughter Monica alongside. Being barred from combat roles due to their gender, they're transferred to Project PEGASUS under Dr. Lawson to serve as test pilots for her prototypes.(Captain Marvel)
  • In the middle of the decade, CBS rejects the pilot for Caged Heat, a Magnum, P.I.-esque action show starring British actor Trevor Slattery. (All Hail the King)
  • A nurse takes pity on Isaiah Bradley and helps him fake his death, allowing him to quietly escape from military custody and lay low in Baltimore for the next five decades. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
  • The Soviet Union creates their own Super-Soldier, Red Guardian (real name Alexei Shostakov), to be a national hero the same way Captain America represented the United States. (Alexei claims that he fought Captain America himself somewhere in the middle of the decade, but this is has been questioned in-universe since Steve Rogers was still in suspended animation at the time.) (Black Widow)

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent John Garrett is critically wounded-in-action, while S.H.I.E.L.D. makes no attempt to extract him. Although Garret manages to survive, he turns against the organization and begins acting as a Double Agent for HYDRA. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One)
  • Wolfgang von Strucker, Jasper Sitwell, and Hale graduate from the HYDRA Academy. Strucker is groomed for leadership, and Sitwell begins his cover in S.H.I.E.L.D. Hale, being one of the few young women in HYDRA, is artificially impregnated for one of Daniel Whitehall's genetic engineering projects, while also being placed in the US Air Force where she would attain the rank of General. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five)


  • December 16: Howard and Maria Stark are assassinated by the Winter Soldier under HYDRA's orders. The Soldier also steals a case containing five vials of Super Soldier serum from Stark. HYDRA uses the vials to create a dedicated squad of assassins akin to the Winter Soldier. The serum makes them even stronger than Barnes, but also hyper-aggressive and borderline uncontrollable. (Captain America: Civil War)
    • Following the death of his parents, Tony Stark inherits and runs Stark Enterprises with his father's partner Obadiah Stane, developing weapons technology for the American military alongside his lifelong friend Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes of the United States Air Force, who acts as a liaison between Stark and the military. (Iron Man)


  • Black Panther:
    • Prince N'Jobu betrays Wakanda by hatching a plot to allow South African Arms Dealer Ulysses Klaue steal a quarter-ton cache of Vibranium from the country to use it and arm African-Americans with weapons to topple their oppressors. T'Chaka, the incumbent king and Black Panther, learns of his brother's deception through Zuri, another Wakandan agent posing as N'Jobu's partner.
    • First week of May:note  T'Chaka arrives in Oakland, California to confront N'Jobu, while N'Jobu is plotting to break his American wife out of jail. T'Chaka demands his surrender, but is forced to kill his brother to save Zuri. The two return to Wakanda, leaving N'Jobu's son Erik Stevens behind rather than compromise Wakanda's secrecy with his disappearance. Erik's mother eventually dies in prison.note 
  • Russian super-soldier Alexei Shostakov and Black Widow Melina Vostokoff are sent to Ohio in the United States as part of a deep-cover mission to infiltrate the North Institute, which is secretly a HYDRA installation (under the cover of S.H.I.E.L.D.) studying mind control as part of the Winter Soldier project. They pose as an ordinary American family with Red Room trainees Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova as their "daughters". (Black Widow)


  • Alexei Shostakov and Melina Vostokoff complete their mission objective, stealing S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA intel. They and their "daughters" escape the U.S. and rendezvous with their boss, General Dreykov. Dreykov has Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova sent back to the Red Room to be trained as Black Widows, and soon afterward has Alexei thrown in jail for an unspecified offense. (Black Widow)
  • Captain Marvel:
    • Yon-Rogg's Starforce squad is ambushed by the Skrull shapeshifters, and Carol Danvers (still believing she is a native Kree named "Vers") is captured and probed for information regarding Mar-Vell, leading them to Earth and her alias as "Dr. Wendy Lawson". Carol escapes while they're in Earth orbit, and a series of conflicts ensue as "Vers" tries to track down "Dr. Lawson" before the Skrulls do.
    • Tailed by Nick Fury, a level 3 S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, "Vers" and Fury decide to team up to stop the Skrulls, and their work takes them all over the US in the search for the truth. Not just of Project PEGASUS and Lawson's faster-than-light engine, but of "Vers"' true memories.
    • The trail eventually leads to Louisiana, where Danvers' former friend Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica now live. Monica happily greets her missing "Auntie Carol", as the two begin filling in Carol's personal memories. In the midst of this, Skrull leader Talos finally approaches Carol with the black box of her plane's crash, revealing to her the truth of her past.
    • Finally remembering enough to understand what the Kree did to her, Carol resolves to help the Skrulls escape the Kree once and for all. She recruits Fury, Maria, and Goose (Mar-Vell's pet "cat"; actually a dangerous creature called a flerken) to help her get the Skrulls to safety.
    • The Kree Starforce arrive just as Carol's team finds Mar-Vell's lab, and finally tapping her inborn determination to always fight on, Carol unlocks her full powers. Fighting off all the Kree and her former team, she sends Yon-Rogg back with a message that she's going to "end the war" in the near future.
      • During the battle, Goose scratches Fury's left eye, causing permanent damage.
    • Having modified Fury's pager, Carol leaves it with him to contact her for "emergencies", then takes off with the Skrulls to unite their scattered people and finally get them a new home.
    • Fury begins spit-balling an idea for a new initiative to have heroes that can help S.H.I.E.L.D. defend the world now that aliens are a threat they need to plan for. Getting inspiration one last time from Carol's flight name, he calls it "The Avenger Initiative".
  • Young boys Marc and Randall Spector explore a cave near their home in Chicago, Illinois. However, the cave floods with rainwater and Randall drowns. Their mother Wendy never forgives Marc for this. (Moon Knight)


  • Over the centuries, Xu Wenwu has reinvented himself from a warrior king to the most powerful person in the international underground, influencing leadership in nearly every country on Earth. Having run out of countries on Earth to dominate, Xu Wenwu seeks out Ta Lo, a mystical otherworld of mythological beings. However, upon arriving in Ta Lo, he falls in love with the warrior Ying Li. Having found his one true love, Wenwu puts away the Ten Rings and abandons his evil ways to grow old with Li. (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)


  • Military cadet Grant Ward sets fire to his abusive parents' home, nearly killing his (equally abusive) brother Christian. While in juvenile detention and awaiting trial, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (and HYDRA operative) John Garrett arrives and recruits Ward into S.H.I.E.L.D. Garrett begins the boy's training by stranding him in the Wyoming wilderness for six months. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One)
  • The United States launches a series of air raids on Novi Grad, Sokovia. Among the victims were ten-year-old Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, who were orphaned and trapped in the wreckage of their apartment for two days with an inert Stark-brand missle, which they feared could explode at any time. (Though Agatha Harkness later guesses that Wanda had unknowingly used latent magical abilities to make the bomb inert.) (Avengers: Age of Ultron, WandaVision)
  • In China, Xu Wenwu and Ying Li have their first child, Xu Shang-Chi. (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)
  • Wendy Spector grows emotionally and physically abusive towards her son Marc. As a result, he develops Disassociative Identity Disorder with at least two alternate identities, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. (Moon Knight)
  • December 31 (New Year's Eve): Tony Stark attends a New Year's Eve party in Bern, Switzerland, deliberately missing a proposition meeting with Aldrich Killian, the founder of Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). Instead, Aldrich proposes a partnership with scientist Maya Hansen, whose designs for a formula named "Extremis", a treatment that allows tissue regeneration from injuries, catches his eye. (Iron Man 3)


  • As a child, Matthew "Matt" Murdock is blinded by chemicals in a vehicular accident, yet it greatly increases his other senses to superhuman levels. Shortly afterwards, Matt's boxer father Jack Murdock is killed for not throwing a fight, and he is sent to the Saint Agnes Orphanage (presumably the same one as Daisy Johnson). Matt is recruited and trained by Stick on how to fight and see with his other senses, as a potential addition to the Chaste. However, as Matt begins forming an attachment to his mentor, Stick decides to abandon Matt, and the latter is left on his own. (Daredevil Season One)
  • Teenager Jessica Jones is the Sole Survivor of a car accident that kills her family, leaving her comatose. The IGH take her away for experimentation. Upon waking up, she discovers she has acquired superhuman strength, increased jumping capabilities, and a Healing Factor. (Jessica Jones Season One)
  • The Hand takes in orphaned child Colleen Wing, who is brought up by Bakuto to believe Madame Gao's Hand faction is false, while the "true" Hand is attempting to perform good in the world. She becomes a skilled martial artist, eventually starting her own dojo in New York City catering to youths suffering from poverty. (Iron Fist)
  • College student Phil Coulson begins to find evidence of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s presence in world events during his history studies. S.H.I.E.L.D. responds by recruiting him, placing him in their Communications Academy for training. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., various seasons)
  • In Argentina, Elihas Starr attempts to replicate Pym's quantum technology, but the experiment goes wrong and explodes. Starr and his wife are killed, leaving behind his daughter Ava who is rendered intangible by the quantum effects on her molecular structure. S.H.I.E.L.D. sends Bill Foster to investigate the aftermath, and he befriends Ava and helps her get a handle on her powers. S.H.I.E.L.D. also sees an opportunity in Ava's abilities, and begins training her as a spy and assassin. (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
  • On a distant planet of Titan, Thanos, the son of Alars, radically proposes to wipe out half the people to curb the problem of overpopulation. His idea dismissed and sneered by his fellow Titans, and Thanos is exiled from his homeworld; following the planet's devastation, he is left as its Sole Survivor. Turning his attention to the cosmos, Thanos begins conquering countless worlds through his ideology of balancing the universe by destroying half of all sentient life. In his conquest, Thanos gains control of the Chitauri, the services of their leader, "the Other", and the Outriders. With a region of space under his rule, the intergalactic community dubs Thanos "the Mad Titan". (Avengers: Infinity War)
  • Maria Rambeau establishes the Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division (S.W.O.R.D.), to monitor space for any extraterrestrial threats or potential allies. (WandaVision)
  • Ego has yet another child, a daughter named Mantis. While she doesn't display Celestial abilities, he does find her emotion-manipulating abilities useful and spares her life, taking her on as an assistant. (The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special)

  • August 10: Peter Parker is born. At some point he is taken in by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. (Spider-Man: Far From Home note )
  • NASA's "Project Pathfinder" sends a team of astronauts through the black Monolith (ostensibly for research, but in reality they were sent by HYDRA to feed Alveus). Three go insane and die, leaving the last member, Will, to survive on his own. At some point afterward, the Monolith moves from NASA's custody to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three)
  • New York businessman Harold Meachum is diagnosed with cancer. He is approached by Madame Gao with a deal to resurrect him in a healthy body in exchange for allowing her faction of The Hand to use his company "Rand Enterprises" to help smuggle their heroin operations. Harold agrees, but when his business partner Wendell Rand becomes suspicious and starts investigating, Harold murders Wendell and his wife by sabotaging their plane which crashes in the Himalayas. The Sole Survivor of the crash is their son Danny, who is rescued by K'un-Lun monks and brought to their city, but is stranded there until it reappears on Earth again. (Iron Fist Season Onenote )
    • In K'un-Lun, Danny learns of the prestigious position of Iron Fist, the city's defender, and begins training in hopes of earning the title.


  • Harold Meachum finally loses his battle with cancer, but thanks to The Hand's treatments, he soon revives. However, The Hand insists his survival remains a secret, but they allow his son Ward to be in on the deception so he can run Rand Enterprises on his father's behalf. (Iron Fist Season One)
  • In China, Xu Wenwu and Ying Li have their second child, Xu Xialing. (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)
  • Sana's daughter Muneeba marries Yusuf Khan in Karachi, Pakistan. Shortly after they have their son Aamir, they migrate to the United States and settle in Jersey City (partly to get away from the rumors surrounding the disappearance of Muneeba's grandmother Aisha during the Partition).(Ms. Marvelnote )


  • After five years of harsh survivalist training under John Garrett, Grant Ward is accepted into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Operations Academy where he, like Garrett, begins working as a Double Agent for HYDRA. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One)


  • At Culver University in Virginia, American General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross meets with Bruce Banner, a scientist who he is working with to create a means to make humans immune to gamma radiation, using Abraham Erskine's Super Soldier formula as a basis. In the midst of recreating the experiment, Banner is heavily exposed to gamma radiation, causing him to transform into a green-skinned, superhuman entity later named "the Hulk" if his heart rate elevates beyond a threshold for a period of time. In his rage, the Hulk destroys the lab, injuring and killing others, leading to Banner becoming a fugitive of the American government. (The Incredible Hulk)
  • Elsa Bloodstone is at odds with her father, the monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone; and leaves home under unknown circumstances. She is declared an Inadequate Inheritor and forfeits the right to inherit her family's heirloom, a mystic artifact also called the Bloodstone. (Werewolf by Night)


  • April 18: (Future?) S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie and his girlfriend Nicole welcome their baby daughter, Hope. Sadly, there are complications and Hope only lives four days. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four)
  • After ten years on the straight and narrow, Xu Wenwu puts the Ten Rings back on after some old enemies murder his beloved Ying Li. In his anger and grief, he reassembles his army and viciously trains his seven-year-old son, Xu Shang-Chi, to be a master martial artist and assassin. In the meantime, he neglects his relationship with Xu Xialing, partly out of grief for Li and partly out of his millennium-old ideas of gender roles. (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)


  • Matt Murdock meets Foggy Nelson at law school and strike up a friendship. They get a chance to work for a big law firm, but wanting to hold onto principle, they decide to start their own instead. (Daredevil Season One)
    • Stick sends Elektra to push Matt onto the path of opposing The Hand, albeit without his realization, by manipulating his emotions. The naive Matt is smittened by Elektra's thrill-seeking nature and bonds with her until she offers the mob boss who ordered his father's death for him to kill, but Matt refuses to cross the line; Elektra leaves New York afterwards. (Daredevil Season Two)


  • S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Phil Coulson and Melinda May are sent to Bahrain to investigate a possible "gifted" person (in actuality, a rogue Inhuman). May's actions of saving a S.H.I.E.L.D. team during the operation lead to her being given the In-Series Nickname "the Cavalry", though May is personally traumatized due to having to kill a child. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two)
  • Black Widow Natasha Romanoff, due to her potential threat to global security, reaches S.H.I.E.L.D. radar. Nick Fury, current director of the organization, sends S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Clint "Hawkeye" Barton to eliminate her, but Barton disobeys his orders and spares her life. Instead, he proposes S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit the Black Widow into their ranks. With some persuasion from Fury, the spy defects from Russia and joins S.H.I.E.L.D. To finalize her defection to S.H.I.E.L.D., Romanoff and Barton carry out a mission to assassinate the leader of the Red Room, General Dreykov, in Budapest. Natasha exploits the presence of Dreykov's young daughter, Antonia, and they level the block around the two. After engaging with Hungarian special forces, they remain in hiding for ten days, including two in a subway station air vent. Unknown to them, both Dreykovs survive. General Dreykov takes the opportunity to go further underground, while Antonia is critically injured, but later converted by her father into "Taskmaster", a deadly cybernetically-enhanced operative able to perfectly mimic the abilities of her opponents. (Black Widownote )


  • Natasha Romanoff encounters the Winter Soldier near Odessa, Iran, when he shoots through her to assassinate a nuclear engineer that she is escorting to safety. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
  • Yusuf and Muneeba Khan have their second child, Kamala. At about that time, Najma (a djinn associate of Muneeba's grandmother Aisha) also gives birth to a son, Kamran.(Ms. Marvelnote )


  • Unbeknowst to Tony Stark, Obadiah Stane begins selling Stark Industry weapons to the Afghanistan chapter of Xu Wenwu's Ten Rings. (Iron Man)
  • The 1999 bombings inflame civil unrest in Sokovia, with the populace protesting American aggression and their own government's weakness. The Maximoff twins eventually join the movement and become radicalized. At some point, HYDRA establishes a base just outside Novi Grad to take advantage of the unrest. (Avengers: Age of Ultron, WandaVision)
  • Hank Pym is voted out of Pym Technologies by his protege Darren Cross and his estranged daughter Hope. Hank retires to a bitter, sheltered life in his estate, while Cross decides to go after replicating the Pym Particle formula with Hope's help. (Ant-Man)
  • On one of their earlier missions, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Phil Coulson and Melinda May are sent to a Russian mining facility to acquire an unknown object. However, Russian soldiers were also dispatched to get the object. Ultimately, S.H.I.E.L.D. succeeds, and the Russian soldiers are interrogated and executed for failure. The only survivor, Anton Ivanov, becomes obsessed with Coulson, blaming him for his comrades' deaths and coming to believe that his involvement in multiple extraterrestrial incidents in the following years meant he was responsible for them. Coulson, for his part, considered it just another mission and later couldn't even remember what the object was. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four)
  • Willis Stryker's jealousy of his half-brother Carl Lucas leads him to frame the latter, sending him to Seagate Prison, headed by Warden Albert Rackham. During his incarceration, Carl slowly develops an attraction to psychologist Doctor Reva Connors. He is enlisted by inmates "Alvarez" and "Comanche" into illegal ring fights, backed by Rackham. When Carl and Reva attempt to blow the whistle on Rackham's corruption, the warden has Carl beaten. To save his life, Reva convinces Doctor Noah Burstein, a scientist at Seagate conducting experiments on prisoners, to put Carl into a healing bath. Although Rackham sabotages the attempt, the experiment accidentally turns Carl's skin Nigh Invulnerable and granting him Super Strength. Carl escapes Seagate and, with Reva's help, takes on a new identity "Luke Cage". Luke and Reva are later married in secret. (Luke Cage Season One)
  • During The War on Terror, Director William J. Rawlins III of CIA Covert Operations, Homeland Security Special Agent Carson Wolf, United States Marine Corps Colonel Ray Schoonover, and United States Army Colonel Morty Bennet form a massive drug smuggling coalition in Kandahar, Afghanistan, using elite US military personnel, with Marines Frank Castle and Billy Russo as their Unwitting Pawns, who believe they're simply a black ops organization called "Cerberus Squad". When Afghan police officer Ahmad Zubair begins investigating criminal activity in the region, Cerberus tortures and executes him. Gunner Henderson, a Cerberus member who becomes disillusioned about the group, covertly films the entire incident. One year after joining Cerberus, the team is sent after a high-value target against Castle's and Russo's instincts that it's a trap; and several Cerberus members are killed. Disgusted by the mission, Russo leaves the armed forces, returning to America alone, while Castle stays, transferring to another unit and serving in Iraq before heading back stateside. (The Punisher)
  • Erik Stevens/N'Jadaka joins the United States military, ultimately serving in the black-ops division. Due to an incredibly large kill count, he earns the moniker "Killmonger". (Black Panther)
  • Unable to cope with his mother's abuse and his father's inability to stop it any longer, now-teenage Marc Spector leaves home and eventually joins the military. (Moon Knight)

Infinity Saga

Phase One (2010-2011)

  • Spring: After a demonstration of the new "Jericho" missile for the American military in Afghanistan, Tony Stark is captured by the Ten Rings (on the orders of their benefactor Obadiah Stane, unbeknownst to Tony). He narrowly survives a shrapnel wound to the heart, thanks to fellow captive Yinsen creating an electro-magnet in his chest to keep the shrapnel from his heart. Stark is then forced by the Ten Rings to create weapons for them, but again with Yinsen's help, Stark instead creates a miniaturized arc reactor with enough fuel for a Powered Armor as a means of escape, but also to keep the shrapnel from reaching his heart and killing him. (Iron Man)
  • Fall:
    • King T'Chaka of Wakanda retires as his nation's protector, the Black Panther, and passes the mantle to his son T'Challa. (Black Panther Prelude)note 
    • Iron Man:
      • After months of captivity, Stark and Yinsen complete the armor, allowing them to break out. While Stark is able to escape his captors, Yinsen is killed in the process. Stark is later picked up by James Rhodes and American troops, returning stateside.
      • As a result of his incarceration and seeing his weapons being misused, Stark ceases all weapons development and manufacturing within Stark Industries, with Stane opposing Tony's decision. Retreating from the media and public, Stark builds a more powerful arc reactor and a new version of his armor.
      • When he is alerted his weapons are still being mishandled by the Ten Rings, Stark flies to combat the terrorists at Yinsen's village of Gulmira, attracting the American military's attention. Meanwhile, Stane retrieves and reverse engineers Stark's first armor from the Ten Rings, while S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson attempts to warn Stark of Stane's illegal activities, only for his warnings to keep falling on deaf ears.
      • Without a power source to fuel his suit of armor, Stane ambushes Tony and steals his arc reactor; fortunately, Stark reacquires the old reactor and rushes to combat Stane. Their fight results in an overload of the reactor at Stark Industries, causing Stane to fall into the reactor and killing him.
      • In the aftermath, Stark publicly acknowledges his identity and the press' new moniker of him as "Iron Man". Later that night, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury visits Stark and offers a proposal regarding The Avenger Initiative.
    • In Russia, Anton Vanko passes away just as Tony announces his identity. His son Ivan, who believes his father was cheated and robbed by Howard Stark regarding the invention of the arc reactor, begins building his own miniature version from plans his father kept after he was deported from the United States. (Iron Man 2)

  • May:note  Iron Man 2/Thor/The Incredible Hulk/The Avengers Prelude: Fury's Big Week
    • Five years after the accident that created the Hulk, Bruce Banner is hiding in Rio de Janeiro and trying to find a cure for his condition with the help of a contact known as "Mr. Blue". After his blood accidentally contaminates a bottle of soda at the plant where he works, General Thaddeus Ross traces the contamination back to Rio. The ensuing confrontation with Ross' squad and a gang of local bullies makes Banner become the Hulk again, sending him on the run once more. He heads towards the United States, with his movements monitored by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Jasper Sitwell.
    • Tony Stark relaunches his father's Stark Expo, hoping to bring together tech companies to make the world a better place. At the same time, he has to fend off the Department of Defense from confiscating the Iron Man technology for themselves. On top of everything, Stark is also secretly dying from palladium poisoning due to his arc reactor implant.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. places Agent Natasha Romanoff as The Mole in Stark Industries to keep an eye on Tony.
    • Preparing for his impending death, Stark appoints his assistant Pepper Potts as the new Chief Executive Officer of Stark Industries and gives James Rhodes access to the Iron Man armors.
    • Stark enters himself in the Monaco Grad Prix. During the race, Ivan Vanko attacks him with a version of his manufactured arc reactor and suit. Tony wins the fight and authorities arrest Vanko, but Vanko has proven Stark's boasts of being the only one with arc reactor technology false. Stark's business rival Justin Hammer takes notice and breaks Vanko out of jail to build him his own Powered Armor to sell to the American government.
    • On the same day Banner crosses the border into America, Stark holds a birthday party where he becomes inebriated and starts firing off repulsor rounds from his Iron Man suit. Fed up with his recklessness, Rhodes steals the Iron Man Mk. II armor to subdue him, then delivers the Mk. II to the United States Air Force.
    • Nick Fury confronts Stark, revealing Romanoff's operations with S.H.I.E.L.D. and giving him some of his father Howard Stark's old research material, as he believes the new element Howard had discovered years ago may serve as an improved power source for Tony's arc reactor. He places Stark under house arrest and assigns S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson to supervise, but Coulson is distracted by atmospheric anomalies in the Southwestern United States.
    • Hammer is hired by the United States Air Force to arm the Iron Man Mk. II; at the same time, Vanko secretly sabotages Hammer's Powered Armor project by hijacking it into using unmanned drones instead.
    • Coulson convinces Fury the anomalies are worth investigating, thus is sent to New Mexico, with Sitwell and Agent Clint Barton reassigned to join him. On the way, Coulson foils a gas station robbery, with Barton stopping at the same location the next night. (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer)
    • Finding his father's message to him in the 1974 Stark Expo footage, Stark is able to synthesize the new element, powering his arc reactor and curing his palladium poisoning.
    • While Hammer presents his drone project along with Rhodes in the enhanced Mk. II suit at the Stark Expo, Vanko calls Stark to gloat. Stark takes the bait and rushes to the Expo in his Iron Man suit, where Vanko commandeers Rhodes' unit and the drones to attack him and the crowd. Romanoff heads to Hammer Industries to apprehend Vanko, but he has fled; fortunately, Romanoff is able to return control of the Mk. II to Rhodes. Stark and Rhodes make quick work of the remaining drones before Vanko arrives in his own Powered Armor to fight them. Stark and Rhodes defeat Vanko, who activates a Self-Destruct Mechanism in a failed attempt at Taking You with Me. As Hammer is arrested for conspiracy and harboring a fugitive, Romanoff takes what she can of Hammer Industries' data for S.H.I.E.L.D. and destroys the rest.
      • Among the Expo crowd is nine-year old Peter Parker, whom a drone mistakenly identifies as Iron Man due to its facial recognition software registering his toy Iron Man mask as the real thing. Fortunately, the real Iron Man destroys the drone before it can open fire. (Child identified as Peter by Word of God for Spider-Man: Homecoming)
    • Thor Odinson, second born to Odin, prepares to ascend to the Asgardian throne when Frost Giants attempt, but fail, to retake the Casket of Ancient Winters. Believing the Giants are planning a preemptive strike against Asgard, Thor travels to Jotunheim to confront Laufey with his brother Loki, Sif and the "Warriors Three" (Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun). Thor's talk with Laufey devolves into violence until Odin arrives to rescue the Asgardians. However, a combination of his son's demeanor and willingness to break Asgard and Jotunheim's truce leads Odin to exile Thor to Midgard, stripping him of his powers and and his weapon Mjolnir. Odin also enchants Mjolnir so that only one truly worthy may lift it and claim its power.
    • Thor and Mjolnir land in separate locations across the New Mexico Desert: while astrophysicist Jane Foster and her mentor Erik Selvig come across the former, Coulson finds the latter and erects a facility around it for study. Discovering Mjolnir's location, Thor heads to the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. He is able to fight way to Mjolnir, but finds that it still judges him unworthy and he is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.
    • Loki discovers his Frost Giant heritage and confronts Odin, but the elder Asgardian falls into a Deep Sleep to recuperate his strength. Loki takes this opportunity to seize the Asgardian throne, while conspiring with Laufey to assassinate Odin.
    • Loki secretly visits Thor in S.H.I.E.L.D. captivity, falsely claiming Odin has died and that, as part of a new truce with the Frost Giants, Thor is to remain in exile indefinitely. Ashamed of his prior actions and realizing his own wrong-doings, Thor resigns himself to exile on Earth. Selvig arrives to negotiate Thor's release; although Coulson doesn't buy his claims regarding Thor, on Barton's advice, he plays along and lets Thor go while monitoring his actions.
    • With the Stark mission complete, Romanoff is sent to take on Sitwell's previous assignment to monitor Banner, who has been quietly trying to continue his gamma research at Culver University. Besides watching Banner, her mission is also to keep General Ross from discovering his location.
    • Realizing the extent of the Hulk's power displayed at Rio, British mercenary Emil Blonsky, hired by Ross, volunteers to be injected with the same Super Soldier serum replicated by Ross' scientists from Abraham Erskine's formula.
    • Ross is notified of Banner's whereabouts and sends troops to attack him at Culver University. After conventional forces and experimental Stark weapons fail against the Hulk, Blonsky is sent in, but is easily bested; he barely manages to survive thanks to the serum. Romanoff is on-site at the university, but stays hidden, as the Hulk is able to escape without her help.
    • Nick Fury meets with Tony Stark to discuss The Avenger Initiative. In light of Stark's difficult personality and everything that had happened to him recently, Fury states that S.H.I.E.L.D. will only hire Tony as a "consultant".
    • Discontent with Loki's rule, Sif and the Warriors Three head to Earth to convince Thor to return, but Loki sends enchanted Asgardian armor called the "Destroyer" to kill Thor. Sif and the Warriors Three are no match for the Destroyer, thus Thor offers his life if Loki will leave innocent bystanders alone. For this heroic act, Mjolnir deems Thor worthy again to wield it, restoring his powers and enabling him to defeat the Destroyer.
    • The Asgardians make a hasty retreat back to their realm just as Laufey enters Asgard to assassinate Odin, but Loki betrays the Frost Giant and kills him, using the attempt on Odin's life as an excuse to destroy Jotunheim via the "Bifröst Bridge", Asgard's primary method of travel through the Nine Realms. Thor is forced to destroy the Bifröst to stop Loki's plan; its destruction hurls the brothers to the edge of the cosmic abyss until Odin reawakens and rescues them, but Loki allows himself to fall into it when Odin rejects Loki's actions.
    • Thor returns to Asgardian society and reconnects with his father, though he states he feels he is unready to take the throne. Back on Earth, Jane and Selvig continue their research to find a way to open a portal back to Asgard, while S.H.I.E.L.D. takes possession of the Destroyer's remains.
    • The World Security Council grants General Ross authorization to access S.H.I.E.L.D. intel in his hunt for the Hulk. Fury confronts Ross and tries to warn him against sending Blonsky in the field, but is rebuffed.
    • Banner goes to meet "Mr. Blue", Samuel Sterns, in-person at Harlem, New York. Together, they try a potential cure for Bruce's mutation that seems to work, but Banner discovers Sterns has synthesized Banner's blood samples in hopes of using them for medicinal purposes. Banner is against it, fearing they could be weaponized, but their argument is interrupted by Blonsky and Ross' forces and Banner is captured.
    • In cleaning up the scene, Blonsky pressures Sterns into injecting him with Banner's irradiated blood, despite Sterns' warnings that its interaction with the serum he already has could turn him into an "abomination". Blonsky becomes Drunk with Power from his new mutation and starts rampaging through Harlem. In the process, Sterns receives a head wound and some of Banner's blood drips into it, beginning to mutate him as well.
    • Too late to keep Ross from capturing Banner, Romanoff enters Sterns' lab to keep his research out of the wrong hands. Sterns, going power-mad from his own mutation, asks her to join him in his conquest, but she disables him and takes him into custody.
    • Realizing only the Hulk is a match for Blonsky, Ross releases Banner and he transforms into the Hulk to do battle. The Hulk wins after a long, arduous fight, but makes a hasty exit just before the military arrives. Blonsky is taken into custody by the United States Armed Forces and imprisoned. Banner retreats to the Canadian wilderness, where he works on controlling the Hulk rather than curing him.
  • The World Security Council desires to recruit Emil Blonsky for The Avenger Initiative, and orders S.H.I.E.L.D. to negotiate with General Thaddeus Ross for his release. Aware of Blonsky's evil, power-hungry nature, Agents Phil Coulson and Jasper Sitwell send consultant Tony Stark as their representative as a way to sabotage the proceedings. The plan succeeds as Ross is angered by Stark's meddling and refuses to release Blonsky from captivity. (The Incredible Hulk, The Consultant)
  • The United States Air Force begins sending Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes on official missions using his modified Iron Man Mk. II armor, under the Code Name "War Machine". (Various)
  • Dr. Erik Selvig is approached by S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, who requests his expertise in studying the Tesseract and harnessing its energy. (Thor)
  • The Avenger Initiative is abandoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. in favor of the "Phase 2" project to weaponize the Tesseract. (The Avengers)
  • During a round of golf, Ross suffers a heart attack, requiring thirteen hours of surgery and a triple by-pass. He later claims the incident gave him "perspective". (Captain America: Civil War)

Phase Two (2012-2015)

    Unknown (Estimated early 2010s) 
  • Believing the Infinity Stones will grant him the fastest means to complete his plan of wiping out half the universe of intelligent life, Thanos sends his minions across the cosmos to find the Stones' whereabouts. Through unknown means, the Infinity Stone of Mind is acquired; Thanos houses the Stone inside a scepter, giving it Mind Controlling properties. Furthermore, he tasks his adoptive daughter Gamora to find the Infinity Stone of Soul. She discovers the Soul Stone is on Vormir, but withholds the information from Thanos. She burns the map to the Stone, but tells her adoptive sister Nebula she found it and has already burned the map. (Avengers: Infinity War)
  • Moon Knight:
    • Khonshu's current avatar, Arthur Harrow, becomes disillusioned with only punishing evildoers after the fact. He leaves Khonshu's service and instead devotes himself to finding and releasing Ammit, so that she may execute the evil before they commit their sins. He also begins gathering others to worship Ammit alongside him, forming a cult.
    • Marc Spector is discharged from the military after entering a fugue state and going AWOL. He instead goes to work as a mercenary for a former commanding officer named Bushman.
    • Marc and Bushman provide security for Abdallah El-Faouly, and archaeologist investigating the Egyptian gods. After Abdallah had found a temple to Khonshu, Bushman decides to kill everyone and take the treasures for himself; Marc tries to stop him but is left injured and dying himself. Khonshu offers to save Marc's life if Marc will become his newest avatar, which Marc accepts.
    • Marc approaches Abdallah's daughter Layla intending to tell her about what happened to her father, but could never bring himself to do so. He and Layla gradually fall in love.

  • Approximately 70 years since the crash of the Valkyrie HYDRA super-carrier, Captain America is discovered by a S.H.I.E.L.D. expedition team following a 2-year search in the Arctic, led by Director Nick Fury and Agent Phil Coulson. He is immediately thawed out by S.H.I.E.L.D. and slowly reintegrated into 21st-century American society. (Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers Prelude: Fury's Big Week)
  • Somewhere in the cosmos, Loki encounters the Other, leader of the Chitauri, who are aligned with the Mad Titan Thanos. Both parties strike a deal: Loki will head to Earth and retrieve the Tesseract for Thanos; in exchange, the Other will send the Chitauri to assist Loki with an army to Take Over the World. To ensure his cooperation, Loki is given the scepter containing the Mind Stone. (The Avengers)
  • "The Mandarin", the charismatic purported leader of the Ten Rings, claims to be the mastermind behind a series of terrorist attacks within the United States and across the globe that baffle intelligence agencies due to their inconsistencies. (Iron Man 3)
  • The Avengers
    • At a remote S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, Erik Selvig and a team of researchers are experimenting on the Tesseract when it activates on its own, bringing Loki to Earth. In the confusion of his arrival, Loki steals the Tesseract and brainwashes Selvig and multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, including Clint Barton, to assist in his escape.
    • In response to the theft, Fury reactivates The Avenger Initiative: Agent Natasha Romanoff heads to Calcutta, India to recruit Bruce Banner in order to trace the Tesseract's location, Coulson gives Tony Stark information on Selvig's Tesseract research at his high-rise complex "Stark Tower", and Fury hands Captain Steve Rogers the assignment of retrieving the artifact.
    • While a brainwashed Barton steals iridium in Stuttgart, Germany to stabilize the Tesseract's power, Loki creates a distraction, sending the Avengers to him; he willingly surrenders and is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.
    • Thor arrives on Earth from Asgard, who is adamant about bringing his brother back to his realm to face justice. The Avengers make a compromise with him to have Loki brought aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier as Banner and Stark continue searching for the Tesseract.
    • Tensions mount between the Avengers on their means to determine Loki's fate, including Rogers' discovery of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Phase 2 project of weaponizing the Tesseract's power. When Barton and a group of brainwashed agents attack the Helicarrier, Loki escapes; and although Romanoff is able to free Barton from Mind Control, Coulson is killed in the ensuing chaos.
    • Rallying behind Coulson's death, the Avengers determine Loki's location is in New York City at Stark Tower. In conjunction with an inter-dimensional device Selvig built, Loki uses the Tesseract to open a wormhole above the city, sending the Chitauri to Earth.
    • In the "Battle of New York", the Avengers hold off the invading Chitauri, but are quickly overwhelmed by its incoming waves. While the Hulk manages to beat Loki into submission, Romanoff makes her way to Selvig's machine; freed of the Mind Control, Selvig states Loki's scepter can be used to close the wormhole. At the same time, the World Security Council orders a nuclear strike on the city to stop the invasion, but Iron Man intercepts the missile and sends it through the wormhole, detonating on the Chitauri mothership, disabling all Chitauri forces on Earth, with Romanoff closing the wormhole using Loki's scepter afterwards.
      • Among the civilians caught up in the attack is the Bishop family, whose apartment is bombed and father Derek Bishop is killed. His daughter Kate sees Barton fight the Chitauri on a nearby rooftop, and is inspired to take up archery (in addition to her existing athletic disciplines) to protect her mother Eleanor. Meanwhile, Eleanor learns that Derek had been in debt to the Kingpin, and reluctantly starts working for him to repay that debt. (Hawkeye)
  • Post-Battle of New York
    • A team of Avengers from 2023 (Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk and Ant-Man) travels back to the Battle of New York to retrieve the Space, Mind and Time Stones. (Avengers: Endgame)
      • Steve secures the Mind Stone by convincing the HYDRA agents sent to retrieve it that he is one of them with a well-placed "Hail HYDRA", before defeating his 2012-self in a fight by shocking him long enough with the information that Bucky is still alive.
      • Bruce Banner travels to the Sanctum Sanctorum, where he finds the Ancient One defending it. Upon learning that her future student Doctor Strange gave the Time Stone up willingly, the Ancient One decides to trust Strange's judgment and entrust her Stone to Bruce, while also making him promise to return the Stones to their proper places and ensure that the new timelines aren't left defenseless due to impending calamities.
      • Tony and Scott fail in their attempt to steal the Space Stone when the 2012-Hulk bursts out of a stairwell and unknowingly knocks the Tesseract away towards Loki's feet. Loki uses the Tesseract to teleport away, landing in the middle of the Gobi Desert, where he is promptly arrested by the TVA and they reset his escape; however, the interference by the 2023 Avengers remains, as it was allowed to happen as part of the narrative of He Who Remains. (Loki Season One)
      • Scott and Bruce return to 2023 with the Mind and Time Stones, while Tony and Steve decide to risk traveling to 1970 for a second chance at the Tesseract.
      • Steve Rogers returns to 2012 to return the Mind and Time Stones to their proper places.
    • During the Chitauri attack, War Machine is busy fighting off a Ten Rings terrorist cell in China. He rushes back to help with the "situation in New York", but arrives just as the Avengers are having a post-battle shawarma meal. (Iron Man 3 Prelude)
    • Thor takes Loki and the Tesseract back to Asgard, while the rest of the Avengers disband immediately to avoid legal repercussions. (The Avengers)
    • Loki stands trial in Asgard and is imprisoned for his war crimes on Midgard. (Thor: The Dark World)
    • Loki's scepter is placed at a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility for further research until it is taken by defecting S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to HYDRA leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker to his research base in Sokovia. (Avengers: Age of Ultron: This Scepter'd Isle)note 
    • HYDRA scavenges Chitauri transmitters, hoping to contact aliens. They reach a group of various races called the Confederacy and the two form an alliance, with the Confederacy promising to shield Earth from Thanos in exchange for materials such as Inhumans to serve as soldiers (though in truth, they merely use the threat of Thanos to extort resources from his targets). (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five)
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. begins Project Insight, a system that will identify and stop threats to global security before they happen. Unknown to legitimate S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, HYDRA either quickly usurps the project or designs it from the start to eliminate any potential threats to its own rule. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
    • The aftermath of the Chitauri invasion in New York City leads to the Russian Mafia, Japanese Yakuza and Chinese Triads beginning their monopoly of crime and real estate in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of the city, alongside various other branches around the world. (Daredevil Season One)
    • Salvage contractor Adrian Toomes and his crew are hired to clean up the rubble left from the battle, until the "Department of Damage Control" (DODC) drives them out from business due to their ties to Tony Stark and the federal government. Incensed that their operations are seized, Toomes convinces his employees to keep already scavenged Chitauri technology and use them to create weapons for sale on the black market. (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
  • Former electrical engineer Scott Edward Harris Lang steals money from his employer "VistaCorp" and gives it back to people whom the corporation has stolen from, but is arrested. Scott begins serving a three-year sentence, leaving behind his wife Maggie Lang and their daughter Cassandra "Cassie" Lang. During his imprisonment, Scott is issued divorce papers by Maggie. (Ant-Man: Small Time)
  • December: Iron Man 3
    • In response to the Mandarin's ongoing terrorist attacks, American President Matthew Ellis re-brands James Rhodes from "War Machine" to the "Iron Patriot".
    • Tony Stark's security chief Happy Hogan is wounded in one of the Mandarin's attacks, causing an angry Tony to publicly anounced his address and dare the Mandarin to fight at his home. In response, the Mandarin orders gunships to destroy Stark's residence, though fortunately, Stark escapes in an Iron Man suit, fleeing to Tennessee where an earlier Mandarin-style attack. With the help of local kid prodigy Harley Keener, Tony goes underground to begin his covert investigations into the Mandarin. He determines the terrorist attacks are triggered by American military veterans subjected to Extremis; in reality, the Mandarin's "bombings" are the same veterans explosively rejecting Extremis. Upon discovering the Mandarin's location in Miami, Florida, Stark heads there to confront him.
    • Stark is surprised to find the "Mandarin" is actually Trevor Slattery, acting as a smokescreen for Aldrich Killian: after Maya Hansen partnered with Killian and AIM, he took her Extremis research as a means to weaponize it by healing wounded war veterans. The terrorist attacks were triggered to manipulate government agencies so he can run both sides of The War on Terror. To goad Stark into cooperating by fixing flaws in Extremis, Killian has Pepper Potts kidnapped and injected with Extremis. Meanwhile, Killian's followers lures the "Iron Patriot" a trap regarding the Mandarin's location and steals his armor. Stark and Rhodes escape capture just as Extremis soldiers attack incumbent President Ellis aboard Air Force One. Stark manages to save its passengers, but Killian abducts Ellis via the Iron Patriot suit, taking him to an impounded oil tanker. Killian intends to assassinate President Ellis on live media, thereby ascending the Vice-President to presidency, who will become Killian's government puppet due to his collaboration with Killian in exchange for curing the Vice-President's daughter.
    • Stark rushes to the tanker with multiple Iron Man suits, remotely controlled by "JARVIS", to combat Killian and the Extremis soldiers, while Rhodes heads to save the President. Stark traps Killian in one of his Iron Man suits and sets its Self-Destruct Mechanism, but it doesn't kill him; instead, an Extremis-enhanced Potts deals the killing blow herself. The Vice-President is arrested for his part in the conspiracy, Stark is able to stabilize and remove Extremis from Potts, and Tony finally undergoes surgery to remove the shrapnel near his heart, thereby relinquishing the need for an arc reactor.
      • Trevor Slattery is arrested for his involvement in Killian’s plan and incarcerated at Seagate Penitentiary, where he gains a small cult following. (All Hail the King)

  • Unknown (Estimated 2013):note  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four
    • A group of scientists at Momentum Labs in Pasadena, California attempt to create a quantum particle generator that can transmute energy into matter in violation of all known natural laws. The project leads, Joseph and Lucy Bauer, reach a breakthrough by consulting a Tome of Eldritch Lore called "the Darkhold". After a successful test, the Darkhold presents the possibility that such creation can be internalized as an innate ability; the Bauers and fellow scientist Eli Morrow are captivated by such god-like power, with Eli and Joseph coming into conflict over it.
    • Joseph hires a street gang to assassinate Eli. Due to a miscommunication by the gang to target Eli's black Dodge Charger, however, the thugs attack Eli's nephews Gabe and Robbie Reyes when they are driving their uncle's vehicle, killing Robbie and paralyzing Gabe. In response to Robbie's Dying Wish to protect his younger brother, a mysterious skull-headed motorcyclist arrives to pull Gabe from the wreckage and resurrect Robbie. However, the latter discovers he has made a Deal with the Devil and is possessed by an entity turning him into a similar skull-headed being which craves the slaughter of evildoers. The resulting killing sprees eventually turn Robbie into a Los Angeles Urban Legend known as the "Ghost Rider".
    • In a bid to claim the quantum generator's power for himself, Eli attacks the other Momentum scientists and uses the generator in reverse to destroy their bodies, but unknown to Eli, the spirits of the scientists remain trapped within the machine. Furthermore, Eli beats Joseph into a coma in a failed attempt to make him give up the location of the Darkhold. With the rest of the world believing the scientists are killed in an explosion and Morrow assaulted Bauer in Revenge, the former is imprisoned on manslaughter charges, leaving the Reyes brothers to fend for themselves.
  • June 16: A teenage version of Loki arrives into the MCU from another dimension, searching for his missing teammate Speed (his world's counterpart to Wanda Maximoff's future son Tommy). He leaves the next day, having recorded the visit in his universal passport. (Young Avengers Vol 2 #8)
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson is resurrected via alien DNA and multiple surgeries following his death at the hands of Loki. As per orders from Director Nick Fury, Coulson is tasked with a secret team of operatives to travel the world and help handle the rising number of super-powered, or otherwise, "gifted" individuals. This team includes his old colleague Melinda May, promising operative Grant Ward, and science/tech helps Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. Among the first of their discoveries is Daisy Johnson, going by the pseudonym "Skye", who is totally ignorant of her Inhuman heritage. Coulson is impressed by her hacking abilities and recruits her to his team. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One)
  • Ten Rings member Jackson Norriss, posing as a documentary filmmaker, interviews Trevor Slattery at Seagate, but during their last "session", more members of the Ten Rings attack the prison and break Trevor out, taking him to Xu Wenwu, none too happy about Trevor appropriating him and his organization. However, right as he’s about to be executed, Trevor breaks out into an impromptu performance of Macbeth. Wenwu, amused by his acting skills, decides to spare his life, instead keeping him prisoner while occasionally bringing him out for performances.(All Hail the King, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)
  • Fall: Thor: The Dark World
    • The rebuilt inter-dimensional bridge allows the Asgardians to ensure peace returns to the Nine Realms. Thor Odinson, Sif and the Warriors Three help defend the realm of Vanaheim from the invading Marauders. At the same time, the next Convergence event is about to begin, as portals between the realms appear sporadically. In London, Jane Foster investigates one such portal, only to be relocated to another dimension, coming across the Aether that had been hidden away by the Asgardians. When the Aether infects her body, Thor is alerted to her presence missing from Midgard. He returns to her world and takes her to Asgard for treatment, though Odin Borson warns the Aether cannot be destroyed, and will eventually kill Jane if it is not removed from her.
      • The Thor and Rocket Raccoon of 2023 travel back to this time to retrieve the Reality Stone/Aether. Thor is distracted by the presence of his mother, leaving Rocket to extract the Aether from Jane Foster on his own. After a pep-talk from Frigga, Thor summons Mjolnir to his hand and finds to his delight that he is still worthy. Thor and Rocket return to 2023 with the Reality Stone and Mjolnir. (Avengers: Endgame)
      • Steve Rogers returns to 2013 to return the Reality Stone and Mjolnir to their proper places, allowing events to unfold mostly unchanged.
    • Sensing the Aether has been released, the Dark Elf Malekith reawakens from hibernation and sends his remaining troops to attack Asgard. Thor's mother Frigga is killed while protecting Jane, but Malekith is forced to abandon the Aether when Thor intervenes. Although Odin orders his son not to go after Malekith, Thor recruits Loki for his assistance into getting to the Dark Elves' realm of Svartalfheim without using the Bifröst; in exchange, Loki will have his vengeance on Malekith for killing Frigga. Taking Jane with them, the brothers enter Svartalfheim while Sif and the Warriors Three stall Asgardian soldiers from their escape. Confronting Malekith, Loki tricks the Dark Elf into drawing the Aether from Jane's body without killing her, giving Thor the chance to destroy it. Unfortunately, Malekith merges with the Aether and leaves for an unknown location just as Loki is fatally wounded by Dark Elf soldiers.
    • Stumbling across a nearby cave, Thor and Jane discover another portal leading them back to Earth, reuniting with Erik Selvig in London. Determining Malekith intends to unleash the Aether at the center of the Convergence in the Greenwich district of London, Thor heads to fight Malekith, taking their battle across the Nine Realms through the portals. With Jane and Selvig's help, they use their astrophysics equipment to transport and lock Malekith back in Svartalfheim, where he is killed by the falling debris of his damaged ship.
    • Thor returns to Asgard and declines to take the throne, citing he must be ready at all times to protect the Nine Realms, which he cannot do as a king. He returns to Midgard with Odin's blessing, but unknown to him "Odin" is actually Loki, who faked his death and is now impersonating their father. Loki placed the real Odin under enchantment and exiled him to Earth, putting him in the care of the Shady Acres retirement home in New York City. (Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok)
    • Sif and Volstagg travel to "Knowhere" and give the Aether to Taneleer "The Collector" Tivan, citing that as Asgard already has possession of the Tesseract, having two Infinity Stones in proximity to one another is too dangerous.
  • Coulson and his S.H.I.E.L.D. team begin an engagement against "Project Centipede", a branch of HYDRA working on Super Soldiers with leftover technology from AIM and the Chitauri invasion. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One)
  • After a brutal childhood of martial arts training, Xu Wenwu dispatches 14-year-old Xu Shang-Chi to the United States to assassinate the leader of the Iron Gang, the criminal group who murdered Ying Li. Shang-Chi follows his orders, but is overcome with horror upon actually killing the man. Instead of returning to China, Shang-Chi remains in the US, adopting the American name "Shaun" to hide from the Ten Rings. "Shaun" begins attending an American high school, where he becomes close friends with Katy Chen, an American-born Chinese girl. (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)

  • In a secret HYDRA cell outside of the city of Novi Grad, Sokovia, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker begins experimenting with Loki's scepter on humans and recruiting volunteers through the country's civil war. Many subjects exposed to the scepter's energy die from fatal effects, but Pietro and Wanda Maximoff are the only ones to survive. While Pietro is granted Super Speed, Wanda’s exposure to the Mind Stone ends up greatly amplifying her magic abilities. The twins would be informally classified later by S.H.I.E.L.D. as "Enhanced", individuals granted superhuman abilities as a result of experiments and science. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, WandaVision)
  • Spring: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    • Shortly before the completion and public launch of Project Insight via a trio of Helicarriers, Director Nick Fury is alerted to corruption within S.H.I.E.L.D. when he discovers an encrypted file that even his clearance cannot open. Unfortunately, one of the few people he entrusts with this information is Secretary Alexander Pierce, who is secretly a member of HYDRA. Pierce dispatches the Winter Soldier to assassinate Fury before he discovers anything more, though Fury manages to pass on the files and a warning that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been compromised to Captain Steve Rogers before he dies.
    • Pierce questions Rogers about Fury's last known actions, but Rogers heeds Fury's warning and declines to share intel. Pierce responds by having a STRIKE team led by Brock Rumlow try to apprehend him, but Rogers dispatches them in an Elevator Action Sequence Curb-Stomp Battle. Rogers then goes on the run with his ally Natasha Romanoff, and they try to track down the files' source. The trail leads to the abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D. base hidden in New Jersey, where Rogers and Romanoff discover the digital consciousness of Arnim Zola. Zola explains how HYDRA had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. and fostered global chaos so that people would give up their freedom in exchange for security, and how Project Insight is to be the final step in that plan. As Zola distracts Rogers and Romanoff, STRIKE attacks and destroys the bunker, but the two manage to escape.
    • Heading back to Washington D.C., Rogers and Romanoff seek refuge with Sam Wilson, a pararescue veteran whom Steve recently befriended. Wilson offers his help, explaining he had used an experimental EXO-7 "Falcon" jetpack during his military service that could prove useful. The group confronts Agent Jasper Sitwell, having deduced he is allied with HYDRA, and forces him to reveal Project Insight was built to determine anyone that could be a potential threat to HYDRA and wipe them out.
    • The Winter Soldier intercepts Rogers' team and assassinates Sitwell. During their fight, Rogers discovers the Soldier is his old friend James "Bucky" Barnes, but he and his allies are captured by STRIKE teams. Fortunately, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill rescues the group and takes them to Fury, who was Faking the Dead to plan for a sabotage of Project Insight using computer realignment chips, so that the Helicarriers will attack each other rather than their intended targets. When the World Security Council arrives at the Triskelion for the project's launch, Rogers, Wilson, and Hill infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and expose HYDRA's deception. Romanoff, disguised as one of the Council members, disarms Pierce's men and leaks classified information from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database, including HYDRA's activities, to the public. Fury arrives to access the classified information necessary to change the Helicarrier's targets, and when Pierce kills the members of the World Security Council, Fury executes him. At the same time, Rogers and Wilson head to the Helicarriers to replace the chips with the sabotaged ones, but the Winter Soldier arrives to stop the Captain, yet is too late to prevent the Helicarriers from destroying each other. Rogers refuses to fight his friend and is beaten when the Helicarrier he is aboard crashes into the Triskelion, throwing him into the Potomac River. However, the Winter Soldier rescues Captain America before Rogers drowns, and then disappears.
    • With HYDRA ousted and S.H.I.E.L.D. fractured from the exposé, Romanoff goes before a Senate subcommittee arguing for her actions in leaking information, Fury heads underground to Eastern Europe to continue the covert war against remaining HYDRA cells, Hill applies for a position in Stark Industries, while Rogers and Wilson go to find Barnes. A critically wounded Rumlow is hospitalized due to a Helicarrier crashing into the Triskelion while he was inside, and Barnes pays a visit to a Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution to recover his memories.
  • The Fall of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • Among the HYDRA agents exposed are Grant Ward and John Garrett, the latter being the head of Project Centipede whom Phil Coulson's team has been pursuing for the last few months. Despite being shaken by the betrayal of their allies and the loss of S.H.I.E.L.D. resources, Coulson's team manages to destroy Project Centipede, arrest Ward, and kill Garrett. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One)
    • As a result of Fury going underground, he relinquishes his position as S.H.I.E.L.D. Director; in his place, Fury appoints Coulson as the new head of the organization. However, Robert Gonzales spearheads another S.H.I.E.L.D. faction, formed in the wake of HYDRA's exposure, marking the beginning of the "S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War", as Gonzales believes in being transparent with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s goals rather than Fury's style of secrecy and compartmentalization. Gonzales' faction also claims the black Monolith, as he was overseeing it when the fracture happened.(Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seasons One and Two)
    • Released from being a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, Ava Starr is given a home by her mentor Bill Foster. (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
    • One of HYDRA's scientists on the Winter Soldier program, Dr. Wilfred Nagel, is recruited by the CIA for their own super-soldier project and is provided with samples of Isaiah Bradley's blood to study. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
  • Madame Gao and Murakami's lieutenant Nobu Yoshioka join forces with Wilson Fisk as he continues his plan to save Hell's Kitchen from itself, using his assistance to buy a piece of real estate that sits on top of a dragon's remains, hidden deep beneath the Earth that will enable them to create more of the resurrection serum. (The Defenders)
  • Matt Murdock, feeling he is ready, begins his vigilante work in Hell's Kitchen, acting as a lawyer by day, but living as a masked crime-fighter by night. During a failed attempt at rescuing a kidnapped boy, Matt is nursed back to health by a nurse named Claire Temple, who keeps his identity secret. With the help of his allies, one of whom is Karen Page, who works alongside Foggy Nelson and Matt at their law firm, Murdock is able to dismantle Wilson Fisk and his criminal empire, who is imprisoned for his crimes, while his co-conspirators are either killed or forced to flee the country. Although Nobu dies, he is resurrected by The Hand, while Gao leaves for China when it becomes clear Fisk's help is at an end. For his deeds in Hell's Kitchen, the media dubs the masked vigilante as the "Daredevil". (Daredevil Season One)
  • Jessica Jones makes a brief attempt at being a superhero, only to fall prey to Kilgrave, who forms a twisted attachment to her during her imprisonment under him. After several months of being his personal tool, Jessica breaks free of her mind control after being ordered to kill another unwilling accomplice: a prison counselor by the name of Reva Conners. She manages to escape when he's hit by a bus, but he survives. (Jessica Jones Season One)
  • Summer: Guardians of the Galaxy
    • 26 years after he was taken from Earth by Yondu Udonta, Peter "Star-Lord" Quill heads to the planet Morag to steal an orb, where he claims it and evades capture from followers of the Kree fanatic, Ronan the Accuser, who is also seeking the orb as per an agreement with Thanos to help him destroy the Nova Empire's capital of Xandar.
    • A team of Avengers from 2023 (Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine and Nebula) travels back to this time to retrieve the Power and Soul Stones. (Avengers: Endgame)
      • Rhodes and Nebula successfully knock out Star-Lord and retrieve the Power Stone before he can, with Rhodes returning to 2023 but Nebula being forced to stay due to her network-connection to her past self. Thanos notices the connection affecting 2014-Nebula and cancels plans to have his daughters aid Ronan. Instead, he uses 2014-Nebula to access 2023-Nebula's memory files, discovering that he ultimately succeeds, but that the Avengers have killed him and are trying to undo his work.
      • Clint retrieves the Soul Stone after Natasha sacrifices herself and returns to 2023.
      • Thanos captures the 2023 Nebula and has the 2014 Nebula take her place and travel to 2023, where she can summon all of Thanos' forces through the quantum tunnel.
      • Steve Rogers returns to 2014 to return the Power and Soul Stones to their proper places. However, Thanos and his forces never return, having been destroyed with the power of the Infinity Stones by Tony Stark in 2023.
    • Looking to sell the orb on Xandar, Quill is ambushed by the assassin Gamora, Thanos' adoptive daughter and Ronan's ally, who takes the artifact, but both are intercepted by bounty hunters Rocket and Groot. The four are arrested by the "Nova Corps" and taken to the "Kyln" prison, where an inmate named Drax attempts to kill Gamora because of her association to Ronan, who killed his family, but Gamora states she has betrayed Ronan, as she is unwilling to help him destroy worlds using the orb. Upon learning from Gamora of a party interested in purchasing the orb, Quill, Rocket and Groot help Gamora escape the Kyln in his ship, the Milano; Quill also convinces Drax she can help him bring Ronan to him to sate his vengeance.
    • Ronan meets with Thanos to discuss Gamora's betrayal, thus Thanos sends Gamora's adoptive sister Nebula to retrieve the orb. Quill and his companions head to the mining colony Knowhere to meet Gamora's buyer, Taneleer Tivan, who reveals the orb contains the Infinity Stone of Power. Before the transaction can be completed, Tivan's assistant grabs the Stone, but its power cannot be wielded by ordinary individuals, thus she explodes, engulfing Tivan's archives. Ronan arrives at Knowhere after an inebriated Drax summons him, but is easily defeated by Ronan, while his forces and Nebula steal the orb and strand Gamora in space. Quill rescues her and is forced to contact Yondu for help; unfortunately, Yondu reveals Quill betrayed his crew for having stolen the orb from them in the first place since Morag, but Rocket, Drax and Groot threaten to destroy Yondu's vessel in order to rescue the two. Quill negotiates a truce between their groups by convincing Yondu and his allies they can recover the orb from Ronan.
    • Aboard his ship Dark Aster, Ronan takes the Power Stone and places it into his warhammer, claiming it for himself, while reneging his deal with Thanos; due to her own mutual hatred for her adoptive father, Nebula agrees to help Ronan destroy Xandar. With assistance from the Nova Corps, Rocket in the Milano and Yondu's Space Pirates fend off Ronan's forces on Xandar, but Ronan uses the Power Stone to decimate the Nova Corps' fleet. Aboard the Dark Aster, the rest of Quill's party defeats Ronan's soldiers and Nebula, who escapes, but they aren't strong enough against Ronan and an Infinity Stone. When Rocket crashes the Milano into the Dark Aster, the damaged ship crashes onto Xandar's surface and Groot sacrifices himself by shielding his companions from the wreckage. Before Ronan can destroy Xander with the Stone, Quill distracts him long enough for Drax and Rocket to break Ronan's warhammer apart, allowing Quill to take the Infinity Stone. Although its energy should be destroying Quill, Gamora, Drax and Rocket help him control the Stone and kill Ronan.
    • As per their deal, Quill hands the Infinity Stone to Yondu, who leaves Xandar with his allies, except Quill handed a fake; the real Stone is given to the Nova Corps for safe-keeping. For their heroism, Quill's group has their criminal records expunged by the Corps and are publicly hailed as the "Guardians of the Galaxy". Furthermore, Quill learns from the Corps of his Half-Human Hybrid nature - the reason he can utilize the Power Stone is due to his non-human father being part of an ancient species. With a repaired Milano, the Guardians head to an unknown location, taking along with them a growing sapling from Groot's body.
      • Yondu's forgiveness of Peter for denying him the Power Stone causes more resentment among his crew who have grown weary of him always letting Peter off the hook. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)
      • Ego, who has been searching for Peter since Yondu's refusal to deliver him, learns about the Guardians' exploits, and knowing that only a Celestial is capable of surviving the use of an Infinity Stone, realizes Peter is his son he had with Meredith. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)
  • The new "baby" Groot begins to grow and mature, and starts to get into misadventures. (I Am Groot)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    • Three months after Ronan's defeat, the Guardians of the Galaxy perform multiple mercenary work across the cosmos. They are employed by the "Sovereign", who relinquish their captive, Nebula, into the Guardians' custody after completing their latest task of protecting a set of powerful batteries. Rocket steals some of the batteries for the team to sell for higher profit, which is discovered by the Sovereign shortly thereafter. The Milano is severely damaged by pursuing Sovereign drones, until they are saved by Ego and his empath servant (secretly his daughter) Mantis. Peter, Gamora, Drax and Mantis leave for Ego's planet and his explanation of Peter's origins, while Rocket and Groot remain to fix their ship with the imprisoned Nebula.
    • Sovereign high priestess Ayesha hires Yondu and his Space Pirates in capturing the Guardians; when they find their ship and surround Rocket, Yondu reveals he intends to let them go again. Outraged by his continual forgiveness of Peter, many of Yondu's crew members stage a mutiny, aided by Nebula after she convinces Groot to free her to falsely help Rocket. Yondu loyalists are Thrown Out the Airlock from his ship, the Eclector, while Nebula leaves, intending to take Revenge on Gamora and Thanos. Meanwhile, Yondu's right-hand man Kraglin Obfonteri frees him, Rocket, and Groot, making quick work of the mutineers and head for the rest of the Guardians in a "Quadrant" of the Eclector once Yondu hears that Peter is with Ego, knowing what the latter intends to do. Before the last of the mutineers die, they send a warning to the Sovereign of the Guardians' whereabouts.
    • Nebula arrives on Ego's planet to kill Gamora, but the two form a truce after discovering the bodies of Ego's offsprings in the planet's caverns. Meanwhile, Ego initiates his terra-forming plan by triggering Peter's latent Celestial abilities until Peter is taken aback by his father's statement of causing Meredith Quill's death and engages him. Furthermore, Mantis reveals Ego's plan to Drax, who relays this to Gamora and Rocket's group as their arrive on the planet. However, Sovereign drones also arrive to kill the Guardians, but are defeated when the Guardians reunite with Peter. Using the Sovereign batteries as a bomb, the Guardians plant the device in Ego's brain, located in the planet's core, to kill him. Peter continues to fight Ego to give the Guardians time to escape the planet before it explodes, though Yondu sacrifices himself to save Peter when his Celestial powers disappear with Ego's death.
    • Reconciling with Gamora, Nebula chooses to seek out Thanos by herself, as the Guardians hold a vigil for Yondu, accompanied by Stakar Ogord and the Ravagers, who accept Yondu as one of them again posthumously. Kraglin and Mantis stay with the Guardians of the Galaxy, while Stakar, inspired by Yondu's heroics, reforms a team with fellow Ravagers Aleta Ogord, Martinex, Kurgarr and Mainframe. Ayesha, still incensed by the Guardians' slight against her and the Sovereign, creates an artificial being with the intent on seeking the Guardians out and destroying them, naming this entity "Adam".
  • Kilgrave launches a campaign of torture involving everyone Jessica Jones knows to force her to return to his servitude. Luke Cage is also drawn into the fight against Kilgrave as Jessica's last act under his control is killing Reva Connors, who is revealed to be Luke's wife. Jones, who developed an immunity to his powers after the aforementioned killing, is ultimately able to kill him and resumes her work as a private investigator. Luke heads to Harlem afterward. (Jessica Jones Season One)
  • Fall/Winter: Months following the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., Rumlow reawakens from his hospitalization. Furious at HYDRA's defeat, he escapes and recovers items belonging to a S.H.I.E.L.D. research and development lab, setting up an arms deal to draw out fellow HYDRA agents. However, Rumlow kills the HYDRA members as a message, indicating he no longer works for them. He begins setting himself up as a freelance mercenary under the alias "Crossbones". (Captain America: Civil War Prelude)
  • As Director Coulson works to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D., Daniel Whitehall attempts to reclaim the Kree Obelisk. Meanwhile, Calvin Johnson learns that his daughter Daisy is alive and now a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and becomes obsessed with reuniting with her. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two)
  • National Security Agency Analyst David Lieberman is sent the video of Ahmad Zubair's death for assessment; instead, he sends it to Homeland Security Agent Dinah Madani. However, CIA Covert Operations Director William Rawlins sends Homeland Security Special Agent Carson Wolf after Lieberman for leaking the video, but the latter survives a contrived public execution by Faking the Dead to protect his wife and children's safety, heading into hiding. Rawlins and Marine Corps Colonel Ray Schoonover believe ex-Cerberus Squad member Frank Castle to be the leak's source, ordering Billy Russo to kill the Castle family. He refuses; instead, Rawlins arranges for a botched drug sting operation involving the "Blacksmith" to cover their tracks, as Castle's wife and children are killed in the crossfire between gangs at Central Park in New York City. Using resources provided by Rawlins, Russo creates private military contractor "Anvil". (The Punisher)
  • Daredevil Season Two
    • Ex-United States Marine Corps veteran Frank Castle reinvents himself as a vigilante, waging a one-man war against the "Dogs of Hell", "Kitchen Irish", and Mexican Cartel in Hell's Kitchen with zero restraint, whom he believes were responsible for the deaths of his wife and children in the Central Park massacre. Castle's actions bring him into opposition with the Daredevil. When Kitchen Irish leaders arrive to seek Revenge on Castle, they capture him, but the Daredevil assists in Castle's escape; however, Frank surrenders himself to the police and stands trial for his crimes, with Matt Murdock defending him. Unfortunately, Castle purposefully destroys his own defense, believing his actions are justified and is sent to the same prison as Wilson Fisk. The former crime lord believes he can use Castle to get rid of his competition, thus engineers his escape. Castle also deduces the Blacksmith's identity to be his former Cerberus superior Marine Corps Colonel Ray Schoonover and guns him down, believing this is as far as the conspiracy goes. Discovering a hidden cache of Schoonover's weapons, Castle embraces the district attorney's moniker of him, "The Punisher".
      • With Matt distracted by other matters (see below) and effectively abandoning the Castle case, he and Foggy Nelson dissolve their business partnership and go their separate ways. Foggy is subsequently hired by "Hogarth, Chao, & Benowitz", as attorney Jeri Hogarth is impressed by his defense of Castle.
    • Elektra returns to New York seeking Matt's help with the Yakuza; he reluctantly agrees unless she promises to leave the city when they are finished. Their investigation leads them to The Hand, who have now demolished the building over the dragon bones and are digging a massive hole down to it. Stick arrives and finally reveals to Matt the nature of The Chaste and their war against The Hand. Matt offers to take Elektra back and help her defeat The Hand if she ends her relationship with Stick and The Chaste; she agrees. Angered by her betrayal, Stick sends an assassin to kill Elektra, but is unsuccessful; instead, The Hand captures him. Matt tracks down The Hand torturing Stick, yet Elektra intends to kill him until The Hand reveals she is the Black Sky. Murdock urges her not to cooperate with them and Elektra helps him escape with Stick; unfortunately, she dies protecting Matt from the resurrected Nobu Yoshioka, who Stick promptly dispatches permanently. The enraged Daredevil defeats his attackers with unexpected help from the Punisher.
      • As Matt and Stick mourn Elektra's death, surviving members of The Hand recover her body. Alexandra insists Elektra be brought back despite this using up the last of the resurrection serum The Hand currently has, and manipulates the process so she has no memories and is purely devoted to The Hand. Alexandra proceeds to build the headquarters for a company named "Midland Circle" over the bone site as The Hand's new front. (The Defenders)
      • Realizing Castle could be the perfect ally to exonernate him, David Lieberman leaves a disc of the video containing Afghan police officer Ahmad Zubair's death in Castle's house labeled "Micro" for him to retrieve, just as he returns to burn it down. (The Punisher)
    • On Christmas Day, Matt, still coming to grips with Elektra's death, calls Karen Page to meet him and reveals to her his identity as the masked vigilante Daredevil. However, he retires as the Daredevil, devoting himself to pro bono legal work.

  • Spring: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two
    • The Obelisk is activated, triggering terrigenesis in both S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Johnson (who gains vibrational-manipulation powers) and the duplicitous "Raina" (who has had her appearance changed drastically and can now see the future).
    • In the conflict over the Obelisk, Daniel Whitehall is killed. Other HYDRA leaders attempt a peaceful transfer of power, but S.H.I.E.L.D. manipulates them into attacking each other before sweeping in to clean up what's left; dealing a crippling blow to the organization.
    • Calvin Johnson begins bringing together various Enhanced in an attempt to strike at S.H.I.E.L.D.. However, upon realizing his wife Jiaying and daughter Daisy are alive he tries to reform himself, wanting nothing more than to be a family again.
    • Robert Gonzales' S.H.I.E.L.D. faction reveals itself and makes their intentions known to bring down S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Phil Coulson and his team.
  • Luke Cage Season Onenote 
    • Months after moving into Harlem, Luke Cage keeping a low profile as a sweeper at a barbershop owned by ex-gangster Henry "Pop" Hunter and a dishwasher at the "Harlem's Paradise" nightclub, owned by Cottonmouth. He's drawn into Cottonmouth's gun-running operations in the neighborhood when thieves steal Cottonmouth's money during an arms deal. Assisted by ex-Seagate inmate Alvarez, known now as "Shades", who works for weapons supplier "Diamondback", Cottonmouth's men inadvertedly kills Pops during a drive-by shooting to silence the thieves. Luke retailiates by going after Cottonmouth's businesses; his illegal assets fuel his cousin Mariah Dillard's campaign to clean up Harlem. This street war brings Luke into the media spotlight, including the attention of Detective Misty Knight of the New York Police Department. Cottonmouth's obssession with Luke leads to an argument between the cousins where Mariah murders Cottonmouth. Shades uses the latter's death in a plan to frame his murder on Luke. Meanwhile, Claire Temple returns to Harlem, who meets with Luke just as he is shot and wounded by Diamondback using a bullet manufactured from Chitauri technology; Luke also discovers Diamondback is actually Willis Stryker, who finally reveals he is Cage's half-brother.
    • Luke and Claire escape from the police, who suspects the former of killing Cottonmouth, to find Doctor Noah Burstein, whom Claire believes can restore Luke to normal as the Chitauri bullet penetrated his iron-like skin. Mariah forms an alliance with Stryker to smear Luke's public image, presenting his confrontations with the police as aggressive; Detective Knight, who has spent enough prior time with Luke to know of his innocence, defends his actions. When a rejuvenated Luke returns to Harlem to confront Mariah at Harlem's Paradise during a rally against super-powered individuals, Stryker frames his brother using hostages, but Luke rescues them and takes the fight directly to Stryker, defeating him on Harlem's streets. Unfortunately, Luke's identity as Carl Lucas is ousted, and he is arrested for escaping prison, returning to Seagate to continue his sentence. Mariah's ties to crime cannot be proven due to the death of a key witness from Shades, while Doctor Burstein subjects a beaten, comatose Stryker to the same experiments that created Luke.
  • Director Coulson discovers the location of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker's HYDRA base in Sokovia, thus forwards the information to Maria Hill, who contacts the Avengers. Coulson also initiates "Theta Protocol", a program meant to maintain decommissioned S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier No. 64 in working order. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
    • Approximately one year after Captain Steve Rogers exposed HYDRA within S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers raid Strucker's HYDRA facility successfully, taking him prisoner and retrieving Loki's scepter; the Maximoff twins, however, escape from the Avengers.
    • Before Thor Odinson can return to Asgard with the scepter, Tony Stark analyzes it and determines the weapon's gem houses an Artificial Intelligence-like construct. Persuading Bruce Banner for his assistance, Stark secretly creates "Ultron", a global defense program set up to be Earth's first line of defense against extraterrestrials. Unfortunately, Ultron becomes self-aware, deducing humanity must be exterminated, disseminates JARVIS' program and escapes with Loki's scepter to Strucker's HYDRA base, where it begins building bodies for itself alongside an army of Mecha-Mooks; furthermore, Ultron recruits the Maximoff twins, due to their mutual hatred for Stark as a result of their parents dying from Stark's weapons before his capture by the Ten Rings.
    • When the Avengers learn Ultron has killed Strucker in prison, they research Strucker's contacts and discover that the AI is headed to Arms Dealer Ulysses Klaue, who intends to buy Vibranium metal from him in South Africa. The team engages Ultron and the Maximoff twins, but Wanda's power of inducing hypnosis sends a majority of the Avengers into hallucinations; the Hulk, who is affected the most, flies into a rampage towards a nearby city, prompting Stark to physically subdue him. Ultron and the twins escape with the Vibranium, while the Avengers head to a safe-house to recover; Thor, however, goes to consult Erik Selvig for his help with interpreting his hallucination.
    • After Nick Fury arrives to rally the team, the Avengers realize Ultron intends to build itself the perfect body by forcing South Korean geneticist Helen Cho, an expert in synthetic tissue generation, to create a Nigh-Invulnerable Vibranium body and the scepter's gem to house Ultron's programming. As Ultron uploads into the body, Wanda is able to read the AI's mind; upon seeing its goals are not the same as the twins, the Maximoffs flee. Although Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton are able to steal the body without Ultron completely uploading into it (with the Maximoffs' help), the AI takes Romanoff and retreats to Sokovia.
    • The body is brought back to Stark Tower, and Stark and Banner believe the synthetic can help the Avengers by uploading JARVIS, who has been hiding in the Internet when Ultron attacked, into it. While Rogers and the Maximoff twins argue against the decision, Thor returns to activate the body; he assesses the gem on its forehead is the Infinity Stone of Mind, after his hallucination has been interpreted, and agrees this Artificial Human "Vision" is not a threat.
    • The Avengers, with the Maximoffs and Vision, leave for Sokovia, where Ultron uses the remaining Vibranium to build a machine lifting the city of Novi Grad into the sky, then Colony Dropping it back to Earth, causing global extinction. Banner rescues Romanoff, who turns him back into the Hulk, and the two join the battle with the Avengers against Ultron and its Mecha-Mooks in "The Battle of Sokovia"; meanwhile, Fury, Hill, James Rhodes in his War Machine armor and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrive to evacuate civilians using Helicarrier No. 64. Unfortunately, Pietro is killed and Ultron is able to plummet the city; however, Stark and Thor overload the machine, shattering the landmass before landfall.
    • As the Vision destroys Ultron's last body, Hulk takes a "Quinjet" on a self-imposed exile, having endangered enough civilians following his South Africa rampage.
    • The Avengers begin relocating to a new facility in upstate New York, though Avengers Tower remains operational for the time being. Thor decides to return to Asgard and research on who is gathering the Infinity Stones within the last few years (though he still visits Earth to continue his relationship with Jane). Although Stark leaves the team to pursue other projects and Barton retires, Rogers and Romanoff recruit Rhodes, Sam Wilson, Vision and Wanda as new members of the Avengers.
  • Helmut Zemo, a Sokovian Baron and ex-colonel of the covert government kill squad "EKO Skorpion", grieves for the loss of his family during the Avengers' battle with Ultron, and vows Revenge against the former. (Captain America: Civil War)
  • The Quinjet carrying the Hulk leaves Earth, heading into the cosmic unknown, eventually landing on the world of Sakaar. Taken in by the Grandmaster to be his "champion" in the combat arena, the Hulk spends the next two years fighting, refusing to revert back into Bruce Banner. (Thor: Ragnarok)
  • In the wake of the attack, Sokovian territory is quickly annexed by its neighbors and the country is no more. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two
    • In light of a need to form a calm, united front dealing with remaining HYDRA and new Inhuman groups, the two divisions of S.H.I.E.L.D. decide to compromise: for sending a Helicarrier to assist the Avengers in Sokovia, Coulson will remain as director of S.H.I.E.L.D., while Gonzales' faction acts as a security check against the former.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans come to the brink of war as the corrupted Inhuman leader Jiaying kills Gonzales with Terrigen Crystals while making it seem as if he attempted to assassinate her. Thanks to the timely work of Coulson's team, they kill Jiaying and re-establish a tenuous peace with the Inhumans. Meanwhile, in the fallout of the battle with Jiaying's forces, her stockpile of Terrigen Crystals is dumped into the ocean and enters the food chain; furthermore, during an investigation of the black Monolith that was retrieved from Gonzales' faction of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Jemma Simmons is accidentally sent through it and trapped on an alien planet.
  • Sometime after Thor departs Asgard to search for the Infinity Stones, "Odin" accuses Heimdall of treason in order to prevent him from discovering and exposing that he is actually Loki in disguise. Heimdall evades capture and escapes to the wilderness outside the city, and Skurge is appointed to be his replacement as Asgard's gatekeeper. Sif is also sent into exile at some point for the same reason. (Thor: Ragnarok, with Sif's fate given by Word of God)
  • Marc Spector and Layla Abdallah El-Faouly marry. While Layla knows about her husband's activities as the avatar of Khonshu, she is kept unaware of Marc's DID and of his involvement in her father's death. (Moon Knight)
  • Summer: Iron Fist
    • In K'un-Lun, Danny Rand defeats Shou-Lao the Undying, receiving the power and title of the Iron Fist, but abandons his post when the connection to Earth appears again. He returns to New York City to discover Harold Meachum's children Ward and Joy now run Rand Enterprises, with Harold still believed by the public to be dead. Assisted by Jeri Hogarth, Danny proves his identity and reclaims his father's place in the company, but his morally-upright, yet financially-unsound business decisions prove ineffective for the corporation. Meanwhile, having learned of Danny being "the sworn enemy of The Hand", Harold begins plotting to use Danny to break himself free of The Hand's control by revealing himself to Danny, alerting him to The Hand's infiltration of Rand Enterprises. Danny begins investigating and starts to interfere with Madame Gao's heroin operation. Unfortunately, Danny's corporate actions forces the board of directors to move him, Ward and Joy out of the comapny. Due to a combination of stress involving Harold's control over him, failed attempts at manipulating Danny, the possibility of losing his career, his own involvement with The Hand, and a drug addiction, Ward kills his father. However, Harold comes Back from the Dead due to his new body given to him by The Hand; his morality lessened, Harold blackmails and threatens the board of directors at Rand Enterprises to let him and his children back into the company.
    • Danny meets Colleen Wing, who keeps her association with The Hand secret, hoping to recruit Danny into their ranks, beliving K'un-Lun monks have "brainwashed" him. Joined by Claire Temple after she learns about their connection to The Hand, the three abduct Gao for her involvement in the death of Danny's parents, but Colleen sustains a poisoned wound. Fortunately, Bakuto arrives to help, who moves them into his base of operations and imprisons Gao. Colleen tells Danny the truth of her allegiance to The Hand, but he severs his bond with Colleen, furious at her deception and intent to recruit him. Danny escapes Bakuto's compound thanks to the arrival of Davos, a citizen and his friend from K'un-Lun.
    • Shattered by her faith in The Hand, Colleen declines to inform Bakuto of Danny's whereabouts. Danny forgives her, and together with an uneasy Davos, they intervene when Bakuto takes the Meachums hostage. Colleen kills Bakuto, but Davos turns against Danny for his refusal to accept K'un-Lun's hardline stance against repentant members of The Hand. Bakuto's body disappears when Danny and Colleen fight off Davos. His deal with The Hand over, Harold takes the opportunity to frame Danny for Madame Gao's heroin operation. Going on the run from authorities with Colleen and Claire, they receive assistance from Ward, who has grown disillusioned with his father's methods. Making common ground with Gao, who reveals Harold killed Danny's parents, they make a final attack on Rand Enterprises and Harold, with Gao escaping imprisonment from Bakuto's compound. Danny and Ward kill Harold, cremating his remains to prevent his resurrection. Joy, meanwhile, believes Danny to be the cause of her problems, and secretly meets with Davos, who desires to kill Danny. Realizing he needs to fulfill his duties as the Iron Fist, Danny invites Colleen to return to K'un-Lun with him, but discover dead Hand assassins at the gates, and the city having vanished.
  • Ant-Man
    • Realizing his protege Darren Cross is close to recreating the Pym Particle-powered Ant-Man suit with his own modified version called the "Yellowjacket", Hank Pym decides to steal the suit and destroy Cross' research before he can weaponize it; Hope van Dyne, having grown uneasy with Cross' methods, joins her father's efforts.
    • Scott Lang is released from prison and moves in with Luis, a member of Lang's old crew. When Scott fails to reconcile with his ex-wife Maggie Lang and her police-detective fiance Paxton with regards to providing child support for Cassie Lang, he agrees to join Luis in a heist on a rich homeowner from information he came across. Although Scott believes he failed after stealing what appears to be an old motorcycle suit, upon trying it, it is actually the Ant-Man suit. Confused, Scott returns the suit to the home, only to be caught by police. Pym, who is the homeowner, breaks Scott out of jail by smuggling the suit for him to use.
    • Pym confesses Luis' information was provided by Pym himself: the heist was a test to see Scott's burglary skills. The impressed Pym decides to have Scott become the next Ant-Man and steal the Yellowjacket, with his combat training and use of ants as helpers overseen by Hope.
    • To aid in their mission, Pym sends Scott to steal a device from an old Stark Industries warehouse, only to discover to their horror that it's been converted into the Avengers' new headquarters. Scott gets into a brief scuffle with Sam Wilson, but successfully escapes with the item.
    • Cross has perfected his replicated Pym Particle formula and invites Hank to an unveiling ceremony. Scott, with help from Luis and their crew, infiltrates Pym Technologies during the event and destroys the data servers, while planting explosives to level the building. Unfortunately, Cross predicted Pym would send someone as the Ant-Man to steal the Yellowjacket and takes countermeasures, trapping Scott and preventing the theft. As Cross states he intends to sell the Yellowjacket to HYDRA, Scott breaks free; he and Hope subdue the HYDRA agents, but Cross flees with the Yellowjacket by helicopter as Scott chases after him, although a vial of Cross' replicated particles is taken by fleeing HYDRA agents. Once Hope and Pym escape Pym Technologies, the explosives are set off, imploding the building.
    • Cross dons the Yellowjacket suit when Scott catches up to him and a brawl ensues until Paxton comes to arrest Scott. To goad Scott into finishing their fight, Cross holds Cassie hostage, forcing Paxton to release Scott and save her. In order to disable the Yellowjacket suit, Scott shrinks to subatomic levels to destroy the suit from within; the resulting damage causes the Yellowjacket suit to shrink uncontrollably, killing Cross, but strands Scott in the Quantum Realm. However, he is able to return to reality by fixing the suit's regulator.
      • While Scott is in the Quantum Realm, Janet Van Dyne finds him and forms a "quantum entanglement" link with him. (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
    • For saving Cassie, Paxton covers for Scott to prevent him from going to prison again. Some time later, Scott is approached by Luis with information regarding Wilson looking for him, while Pym reveals to Hope a new prototype Wasp suit, which he intends to bequeath to her after they complete its design.
      • Hank and Hope also begin constructing a Quantum Tunnel device that could potentially allow travel to the Quantum Realm in hopes of rescuing Janet. (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
  • While going through Jiaying's records, S.H.I.E.L.D.-allied psychiatrist Andrew Garner triggers a booby-trap and undergoes terrigenesis, emerging as an incredibly strong Inhuman (later named "Lash") with a compulsion to hunt and kill other Inhumans. He keeps this a secret from the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. and uses Jiaying's records to track down new Inhumans before they can. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three)
  • The Defenders
    • After months of tracking The Hand in Asia, Danny Rand and Colleen Wing find a member of The Chaste in Cambodia, but is assasinated by an amnesiac Elektra. Before The Chaste warrior dies, Danny is warned The Hand are still active in New York City. Meanwhile, Luke Cage is released from Seagate Prison and returns to Harlem; simultaneously, Alexandra discovers she is dying of organ failure, thus orders The Hand to speed up the excavation beneath Midland Circle. However, they cannot reach the dragon bones buried there as the passage is sealed by a door, opened only by the powers of the Iron Fist. Jessica Jones takes a missing persons case regarding John Raymond, an architect who worked on Midland Circle, discovering a stockpile of explosives. Foreseeing Jones will require legal assistance, Jeri Hogarth instructs Foggy Nelson to discreetly arrange help. When Raymond takes Jessica's neighbor hostage to get her to drop the case, Elektra arrives to silence the former, but Raymond is Driven to Suicide. As Jones is arrested for suspicion in Raymond's death, Foggy calls upon Matt Murdock to be her lawyer.
    • While Danny follows the trail of The Hand in New York City, Luke begins investigating a chain of young Harlem men hired for mysterious jobs, only to later die. Their respective paths collide when Danny discovers a Chaste hideout, its members massacred, with the Harlem men hired for body disposal. Luke steps in when Danny attacks the clean-up crew, but their engagement is averted when Claire Temple introduces them as allies. Various parties converge at Midland Circle: Danny confronts Alexandra and The Hand leaders personally, with Luke demanding answers for dead Harlem youths, Jessica's investigation into Raymond lead her to Midland Circle, and Matt tails the latter. All are caught up in a fight with The Hand, but are outmatched when Elektra appears, yet they escape successfully from their pursuers.
    • Danny, Luke, Jessica and Matt take refuge as Stick appears and explains of The Hand's motives and origins. Unfortunately, The Hand discovers their location, as the four commit to fighting The Hand together, even capturing Sowande, who is summarily killed by Stick when the latter unsuccessfully attempts escape. Realizing The Hand require the Iron Fist, the others suggest Danny go into hiding, but he insists on engaging The Hand, forcing his allies to subdue him before he can compromise them. Meanwhile, Elektra's memories slowly begin to resurface, as surviving Hand leaders question Alexandra's position now that they are vulernable without the resurrection substance. After Matt and Jessica continue to investigate Raymond's cache of explosives, they discover his plan of imploding Midland Circle by collapsing its headquarters onto the excavation site. However, Elektra attacks the group's safehouse, kidnaps Danny and kills Stick, yet having regained her memories, she rebels against Alexandra and kills her too, taking control of The Hand.
    • Madame Gao, Murakami and Bakuto concede to Elektra's leadership, as they desperately need the substance, taking Danny to the sealed door. Luke, Jessica and Matt arrive at Midland Circle to rescue Danny, with Colleen bringing Raymond's explosives along; Detective Misty Knight and Claire also join to stall New York City police for as long as possible. Danny is tricked by Elektra into opening the door, allowing The Hand to begin harvesting the bones. As Colleen plants the explosives, Bakuto confronts her, but is intercepted by Knight, who loses an arm fighting him. Although Colleen successfully kills Bakuto, his death unwittingly triggers the explosives' timer. Danny, Luke, Jessica and Matt continue fighting The Hand in the caverns, but when the latter realizes the explosives will go off soon, Matt orders his allies to leave as he stays behind to stall Elektra, Gao and Murakami alone as Midland Circle implodes. With the event covered up by the authorities, Danny, Luke and Jessica continue to protect New York City in honor of Matt; however, Matt is alive, awakening with a nun by his bed side.
  • Fall/Winter: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three
    • Individuals begin taking Terrigen-tainted fish oil, unleashing their Inhuman genes. S.H.I.E.L.D. makes it their mission to find these people in order to protect them and the people around them, while the United States government forms the "Advanced Threat Containment Unit" (ATCU) to deal with the outbreak. Unfortunately, the ATCU is compromised when industrialist and HYDRA's de facto leader Gideon Malick uses it to gather Inhumans for unknown purposes. Both groups come into conflict, partially because each blames the other for Lash's murders.
      • Upon realizing that new Inhumans are emerging on Earth, Attilan's king Black Bolt begins sending his cousin Triton on rescue missions to retrieve endangered Inhumans, bringing them to Attilan before they are hunted down. (Inhumans)
    • Meanwhile, Simmons struggles to survive on a hostile planet controlled by Alveus with the help of Will, an astronaut stranded there since 2001.
  • The Punisher Season One
    • Six months after killing the last members of the Dogs of Hell, Kitchen Irish and Mexican Cartel, Frank Castle retires as the Punisher and works at construction as "Pete Castiglione", until a violent altercation defending a co-worker allows David Lieberman to track him down, telling Castle to check the "Micro" disc. Meanwhile, Homeland Security Agent Dinah Madani begins investigating on Castle's Afghanistan operations, suspecting his squad was responsible for Afghan policeman Ahmad Zubair's death, but Homeland Security Special Agent Carson Wolf forbids it. Instead, Madani uses Homeland's liaison with Anvil via field training to speak with Billy Russo regarding Castle, whom she believes is dead. With some assistance from Karen Page, Castle uncovers Lieberman's identity as Micro, then kills Wolf upon learning from the the latter his family's death was actually meant for Castle. Confronting Lieberman at his hideout, Castle forms a partnership to hunt down remaining Cerberus members responsible for Castle's loss.
    • Madani is promoted to Wolf's position, who focuses on an illegal weapons shipment with fellow Homeland Security Agent Sam Stein rather than pursue Wolf's death. However, the shipment is intercepted by Castle and Lieberman; Frank also reveals himself to Madani and explains he killed Wolf, information Madani keeps to herself when interrogated by internal affairs. Castle and Lieberman deduce the Zubair video was made by Gunner Henderson and tracks him living in the Kentucky wilderness, just as Rawlins sends a squad of soldiers to assassinate Henderson. Castle and Henderson kill the attackers, but the latter is mortally wounded, and Rawlins discovers Castle is alive. Castle and Lieberman go after United States Army Colonel Morty Bennet next, but Russo extracts Bennet before Castle can kill him. However, Rawlins decides the colonel is too much of a security risk and Russo arranges Bennet in a murder-suicide with a dominatrix. Meanwhile, Madani uncovers a bug in her office; suspecting the people spying on her are killing her investigation leads, with Stein's help, Madani releases a false flag operation; the ruse succeeds as Russo and his Anvil mercenaries are ambushed by Homeland Security, but the operation goes south when Russo escapes after killing Stein.
    • Curtis Hoyle, an ex-United States Navy corpsman and a friend of Castle's, has set up a veterans support group. When new arrival Lewis Wilson is suffering badly from post-traumatic stress disorder and Hoyle fails to reach him, Wilson sparks a bombing campaign against the government, going after a senator who's lobbying for gun control. Castle, Madani and Russo are brought together by Wilson's terrorist incident - Castle rescues Karen Page, held hostage by Wilson, before blowing himself up, while Madani deduces Russo killed Stein, informing CIA and Homeland Security superiors of Rawlins, Russo and Cerberus. When Rawlins and Russo takes Lieberman's wife and children hostage to use as leverage, Castle offers to swap himself for the family and leftover information Lieberman has on Cerberus via the computers at his hideout; Castle and Lieberman also confess to Madani of what they know about Cerberus. The exchange is successful - Castle unlocks the computer files for Russo to destroy, while Rawlins tortures Castle, until Russo frees the latter, who kills Rawlins. Russo escapes again when Madani arrives at the hideout to rescue Castle.
    • With federal agents after him as the last of the surviving Cerberus conspirators, Russo kills his pursuers and destroys Anvil headquarters. Holding Hoyle hostage, Russo agrees with Castle to a final showdown at the place where Castle's family was killed. Madani follows Castle to the location, but is wounded; Castle gains the upper hand against Russo, but refuses to kill him, instead leaving Russo with a horrifically mutilated face as a reminder of his guilt, while rendering him into a coma. Days later, the CIA and Homeland Security pardon Castle at Madani's request, placing Cerberus' crimes on Russo, while Lieberman returns to his family exonerated. Castle, as Pete Castiglione, is free again, joining Hoyle's veterans support group.
  • Coulson's team accomplishes what the HYDRA cult never could in its thousands of years: successfully retrieving Simmons from the black Monolith portal. Malick joins forces with S.H.I.E.L.D. turncoat Grant Ward to discover how they did it. However, Ward is killed on the mission, but Alveus is able to return to Earth by commandeering Ward's body. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three)
  • Ordinary High-School Student Peter Parker of Queens, New York is bitten by a mysterious spider, somehow receiving increased agility, Super Strength and wall-crawling abilities. For the next few months, he secretly attempts at being a superhero, taking on the moniker "Spider-Man". Although Parker believes his antics are largely unnoticed by the media and public, Stark has been monitoring his activities. (Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming)note 

Phase Three (2016-2018)

    Unknown (Estimated late 2010s) 
  • Vision secretly purchases the deed to a plot of land in the town of Westview, New Jersey, in the hopes of one day moving into a house there and settling down with Wanda. He also writes a will stating that he does not wish to be reactivated if destroyed. (WandaVision)
  • By this time, the Red Room has taken the research it stole from HYDRA in 1995 and developed a mind control drug, which is administered to its own Black Widows and Taskmaster to keep them compliant. (Black Widow)
  • As a young girl, America Chavez unwittingly activates her power to create interdimensional portals for the first time. She and her mothers are separated and thrown into other timelines. America goes on to wander The Multiverse, only able to open new portals instinctively when scared and desperate. (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)
  • During his time with Jane, Thor expresses a wish to Mjonir to protect her, unwittingly enchanting it as Odin once did. (Thor: Love and Thunder)
  • On Sakaar, the Hulk fathers a son named Skaar with an unknown woman, though he is unaware of this. (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law)
  • Mantis reveals to Drax that she is Ego's daughter and Peter Quill's half-sister, afraid to admit this to Peter himself. (The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special)

  • Spring: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three
    • After an incident in Russia involving HYDRA leader Gideon Malick and a rogue Inhuman, the Russian government demands S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter be kept in captivity. Instead, a compromise is reached wherein the two are allowed to walk free, but only if they resign from S.H.I.E.L.D..
    • After being mistreated by Alveus, Malick betrays HYDRA and turns all of his information over to S.H.I.E.L.D.. With the help of the American government, they are able to completely wipe the group out.
      • As HYDRA falls, General Hale learns of their deal from the Confederacy from her superior. Ultimately, she and her daughter Ruby are HYDRA's only survivors, and she continues the alliance while seeking to undermine it and keep Earth free from all alien occupation. (Season Five)
    • The Secret Warriors, a S.H.I.E.L.D.-allied team of Inhumans is finally established. Unfortunately, on their first mission, Alveus takes control of Daisy and she kills Malick.
    • Using the fortune left behind by Malick, Alveus buys an entire town to conduct experiments with the help of Dr. Holden Radcliffe. S.H.I.E.L.D. carries out an operation to kill Alveus, but it ends in failure. However, they are able to prevent Alveus from using two Kree Reavers for his experiments by disintegrating them. Wanting to prove her worth to Alveus, Daisy offers him to drain her blood for his experiments.
  • (Events of Jessica Jones Season Two)
  • A group of sorcerers led by Kaecilius (the "Zealots") break away from the Masters of the Mystic Arts, believing the Ancient One is denying the world Immortality in the interest of protecting her own power base. (Doctor Strange)
  • World renowned neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange is severely injured in a car crash. Although he recovers most of his injuries, the extensive nerve damage to his hands leaves him incapable of fine motor control, ending his prominent career. He begins undergoing any experimental procedure he can find to heal his hands. (Doctor Strange)
  • April: General Thaddeus Ross officially announces his retirement from the United States Armed Forces and is appointed the United States Secretary of State by President Matthew Ellis. (Captain America: Civil War, WHIH World News)
    • A rogue Black Widow carrying vials of an antidote for the Red Room's mind-control drugs is tracked down by her fellow Widows in Morocco. She is fatally wounded by one of the Widows, Yelena Belova, but she manages to use one of the vials to free Yelena from the Red Room's control and pass her mission of freeing the rest of the Widows onto her before she dies. While General Dreykov activates Taskmaster to hunt down the antidote, Yelena arranges for it to be delivered to her former "sister" Natasha Romanoff, hoping she can rally the Avengers to take down the Red Room. (Black Widow)
  • Captain America: Civil War
    • One year after the Avengers defeat Ultron at Sokovia, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff stop Brock Rumlow and a group of mercenaries from stealing a biological weapon from a lab in Lagos, Nigeria. Steve demands the name of Rumlow's buyer, but Rumlow distracts him by revealing he personally witnessed HYDRA's torture of Bucky Barnes. He then detonates his explosive vest, hoping to kill Rogers, but Wanda telekinetically displaces the blast and sends it into the sky. Unfortunately, it damages a nearby skyscraper, killing several people - including humanitarian workers from Wakanda. Meanwhile, 95 year-old Peggy Carter dies of natural causes, while Helmut Zemo tracks down the location of the Winter Soldier's ex-HYDRA handler Colonel Vasily Karpov in Cleveland, Illinois and assassinates him, stealing a book containing codes that activates Barnes' Brainwashing.
    • Due to the events in Lagos, as well as the collateral damage from the battles of New York, the Triskelion, and Sokovia, Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross informs the Avengers the United Nations are preparing to pass the "Sokovia Accords", a panel to control and govern the team's actions. The Avengers are divided: Tony Stark and James Rhodes side with the Accords, but Steve and Sam view it as a step away from making them attack dogs.
    • At a conference center in Vienna, Austria where the Accords are to be ratified, a bomb detonates near the center, killing major proponent of the Accords, King T'Chaka of Wakanda. Security footage indicates the bomber is the Winter Soldier, thus T'Chaka's son T'Challa vows Revenge on Barnes. Ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter's niece, leaks information about Barnes' location in Bucharest, Romania to Rogers and Wilson, who head there to bring him to the authorities without government forces and T'Challa killing him. Barnes is apprehended, yet Rogers, Wilson and T'Challa are arrested for their vigilante actions with regards to the Accords, sending them to a CIA compound in Berlin headed by Everett Ross. When Zemo infiltrates the compound as a United Nations-sanctioned psychiatrist to evaluate Barnes' mental well-being, he engineers Barnes' escape and uses the words triggering Barnes' obedience. Zemo flees the compound as the Winter Soldier wrecks havoc until he is subdued by Rogers and Wilson, sneaking him away from the authorities.
      • Among the people caught in the Vienna bombing is journalist Jeffrey Mace. As he tries to escape the chaos, a camera manages to snap a photograph of him just as he appears to be protecting someone. He quickly becomes a media darling for his supposed heroism, and his attempts to explain what happened are dismissed as him being a Humble Hero. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four)
    • Barnes regains his senses and, having recovered most of his memories, tells Rogers and Wilson that Zemo as the Vienna bomber wanted to know the location of the Siberian HYDRA base where he and their other super-assassins were kept on ice. Reasoning that Zemo must want to awaken the other assassins, Rogers, Wilson and Barnes recruit Wanda, Clint Barton and Scott Lang to go and capture Zemo without authorization from the United Nations; at the same time, Secretary Ross orders Stark to capture the rogues. Stark thus composes his own group: Romanoff, T'Challa, James Rhodes, Vision and Peter Parker. Intercepting Rogers' team at the Leipzig/Halle Airport, Stark's group does battle against them on the strip, but Romanoff ensures Rogers and Barnes escape on a Quinjet; although the rest of Rogers' team surrenders and are detained in the "Raft", Rhodes is paralyzed from the waist down after an inadvertant attack from Vision meant for Wilson. Furthermore, Romanoff heads into exile upon T'Challa exposing her deception to Secretary Ross.
    • When presented with evidence exonerating Barnes of the Vienna bombing, Stark heads to the Raft to inform Ross of the real culprit, but Ross refuses to listen to a word he says. Stark instead convinces Sam to tell him where Steve went, promising to go alone and as a friend. He leaves for the Siberian HYDRA base, but is secretly followed by T'Challa. Stark arrives at the base and joins forces with Rogers and Barnes, only for them to discover that all five members of the kill-squad are dead. Zemo confesses he has killed them, as his intent was not to release the assassins, but to bring Rogers, Barnes and Stark to the base to show the latter it was Barnes who assassinated Stark's parents on December 16, 1991, inevitably fracturing the trust between the Avengers. Furious he was kept in the dark, Stark attempts to kill Barnes, but Rogers disables Stark's armor and leaves with Barnes. Satisfied and knowing the Avengers can no longer trust each other, Zemo attempts suicide, but T'Challa prevents it and turns him over to the CIA, having overheard Zemo's confession to the death of T'Chaka.
  • Black Widow
    • Natasha Romanoff escapes from Secretary Ross' forces to a safe house in Norway, arranged by her fixer and former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Rick Mason. Mason also delivers items from the Budapest safehouse, including the antidote from Yelena.
    • Taskmaster attacks Natasha, making her realize she's carrying something important. After escaping from Taskmaster, she finds it's from her "sister", Yelena Belova, and she heads to Budapest where they reunite; there she learns from Yelena that Dreykov is still alive and the Red Room is still active. Their talk is cut short when Taskmaster and Dreykov's Black Widows attack, though they manage to escape.
    • In order to get a lead on the location of the Red Room, Natasha and Yelena break Alexei Shostakov out of jail. He doesn't know the location, either, but he does know that the last member of their 1990s mission, Melina Vostokoff, still does research for the Red Room from an isolated home outside St. Petersburg.
    • Melina greets the three when they arrive and they discuss the method of mind control she helped develop, but she is shocked to learn that it had been used on Yelena and other Black Widow agents. The four also talk about their old shared mission and come to realize that while they may have been a fake spy "family", they were a family nonetheless. Melina admits to Natasha that she alerted the Red Room of their location, and they quickly come up with a plan to use their capture to their advantage before Red Room agents arrive.
    • The group are taken to the Red Room’s aerial base. As part of their plan, Natasha and Melina disguise themselves as each other so Natasha can confront Dreykov and Melina can free herself and Alexei, while Yelena manages to free herself from an operating table and retrieve the antidote.
    • Dreykov quickly sees through Natasha’s disguise and alerts the base’s Black Widows to her presence, while revealing that Taskmaster is his still-alive daughter Antonia. While Natasha is able to manipulate Dreykov into revealing the computer where he commands Black Widows all over the world and nullify the pheromones that prevent her from attacking him, the Black Widows arrive in his office and overwhelm Natasha, allowing him to escape; she is thankfully saved when Yelena uses multiple vials of the antidote to free the Widows from his control. At the same time, Alexei fights off Antonia while Melina destroys one of the engines keeping the base airborne, sending it into freefall.
    • While Alexei, Melina and the Black Widows fly off the falling, crumbling base, Natasha saves Yelena after she nearly sacrifices herself to destroy Dreykov’s jet, killing him, and fights Antonia as they fall back to Earth, eventually managing to take off her helmet and use the antidote to free her from her father’s control.
    • With the Red Room finally disabled for good, its former members go their separate ways; Antonia and the Black Widows go off to explore their newfound freedom, Natasha tasks Melina, Alexei and Yelena with using the antidote to free the rest of the Widows across the world, and she escapes the scene just as Secretary Ross' forces arrive to try and take her in.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Three
    • Daisy is freed from Alveus' control by Lash, but the latter is murdered by James, another Inhuman who falls under Alveus' sway. S.H.I.E.L.D. also discovers Alveus' motivations: he plans to convert the entire human population on Earth into Inhuman "Alpha Primitives".
    • When Alveus' forces take control of a United State military launch silo, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends in its agents to stop and capture him, bringing him to "The Playground". Unfortunately, this is a set up as several agents are converted into Alpha Primitives, who subsequently free Alveus. At the same time, Daisy begins suffering from withdrawal symptoms from her time being converted; this affects her to the point where she begs to be taken in by Alveus once again.
    • Alveus and his forces capture "Zephyr One" so they can spread the Inhuman serum worldwide via an orbital drop. S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Phil Coulson and his team launches an operation to stop the attack and are successful, but it does not come without a cost, as Lincoln sacrifices himself by hijacking a Quinjet containing a warhead armed with the serum, detonating it in space, destroying himself and Alveus.
  • Black Panther
    • One week after the death of his father T'Chaka, T'Challa embarks on a mission to rescue his ex-lover Nakia from an undercover assignment in Nigeria. Set to be crowned King of Wakanda, at the coronation ceremony, M'Baku of the Jabari Tribe challenges T'Challa for the throne in ritual combat, but loses. Meanwhile, Ulysses Klaue and Erik "Killmonger" Stevens steal a Wakandan artifact made from Vibranium in a London museum.
    • Wakandan intelligence discovers that Klaue indends to sell it the stolen Vibranium an underground casino in Busan, South Korea. As Klaue is wanted for his prior Vibranium theft (courtesy of N'Jobu), in addition to the deaths of various Wakandan nationals, T'Challa, Nakia and Okoye of the "Dora Milaje" move to capture or kill him. During their stakeout, T'Challa encounters CIA Agent Everett Ross, who is posing as the buyer for the deal. Klaue discovers the Wakandans and the CIA and escapes, although he is captured after a long pursuit.
    • Detained in a CIA safe house, Klaue exposes Wakanda's true status as a technological utopia to Ross before being rescued by Killmonger; in the crossfire, Ross takes a bullet for Nakia and is taken to Wakanda for medical treatment. T'Challa is also able to identify Erik as a member of the royal bloodline through a signet ring once owned by N'Jobu. He learns from Zuri - now the keeper of the Heart-Shaped Herbs - the truth about his uncle's death.
    • Erik kills Klaue and enters Wakanda on the pretense of bringing the fugitive's body. Upon proving his identity, he stakes his claim to the throne in ritual combat, a challenge T'Challa accepts. The cousins fight, and after killing Zuri, who confesses to his role in N'Jobu's death, Erik throws T'Challa off a waterfall. With T'Challa presumed dead, Erik becomes the new King of Wakanda; in his first acts, he orders the shipment of Vibranium weapons to Wakandan spies around the world, while having all of the Heart-Shaped Herbs burned, though one is secretly preserved by Nakia, who escapes the capital with Ross and T'Challa's mother Ramonda and sister Shuri.
    • Nakia presents the Herb to M'Baku, hoping he will lead the Jabari against Killmonger; instead, he reveals T'Challa is alive and in their care. Ramonda feeds the Herb's juices to T'Challa, who regains his health and powers. Armed with the Black Panther suit, T'Challa returns to challenge Killmonger, who is equipped with a Vibranium suit of his own. The Dora Milaje turn on Killmonger after he sends the Border Tribe to kill T'Challa, while Shuri provides Ross with the means to destroy cargo ships loaded with the weapons from leaving the country. M'Baku and the Jabari arrive to aid the Dora Milaje; upon seeing the chaos and in-fighting, W'Kabi of the Border Tribe leads his group to surrender. As T'Challa and Killmonger battle in the Vibranium mines, with Shuri's aid, the former succeeds in landing a mortal blow. Although T'Challa offers to heal him their technology, Erik opts to die free rather than be healed and imprisoned.
    • T'Challa regains the throne, but the experiences inspire him to take a more active role within the international community. He welcomes M'Baku back as a member of Wakanda's council, and makes peace with Nakia. He begins plans to make an outreach center in the same apartment complex where Erik grew up, and later reveals Wakanda's true nature in a speech delivered to the United Nations in Vienna.
      • With the balance of power in the world upset by the reveal that the supposedly poorest African nation is in fact the most powerful in the world, the rest of the world grows hungry for Vibranium to reclaim their lost sense of superiority and to claim its' power for itself. Among them, the United States and France in particular grow eager to find their own supply of Vibranium through underhanded means. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
  • Two weeks after the fall of the Red Room, Rogers and Romanoff break into the Raft and rescue their compatriots. They split up afterward: Barton and Lang make deals with the government, allowing them to return to their respective families under the condition they remain under house arrest. Wanda hides in Europe, but periodically meets with Vision covertly. Barnes, knowing his Brainwashing is still a potential compromise to everyone, undergoes cyrostasis in Wakanda until their scientists led by T'Challa's sister, Shuri, can completely remove it. Rogers, Romanoff and Wilson remain underground and begin tracking terrorist cells that have acquired Chitauri technology. At the time of the breakout, Stark also receives an apology letter from Rogers while he assists Rhodes with exoskeletal leg braces. (Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War Prelude, Black Widow)
    • Due to Lang's involvement bringing the attention of the authorities, Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne go on the run as well. (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
    • Branded a traitor for helping Rogers and his team, Sharon Carter escapes to the lawless city-state of Madripoor, becoming a prominent dealer in the black market. She publicly deals in stolen art, but secretly also trades weapons under the alias the "Power Broker", eventually rising as the city’s top crime lord. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
  • Summer: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., between Seasons Three and Four
    • Daisy Johnson, traumatized by Lincoln's Heroic Sacrifice, leaves S.H.I.E.L.D. and begins a guerilla campaign against a militant anti-Inhuman group called the Watchdogs. The media picks up on her activities and brands her the dangerous vigilante "Quake".
    • Under the Sokovia Accords, S.H.I.E.L.D. returns to being a legitimate government agency. As part of the new arrangement, Phil Coulson steps down as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., becoming a field agent again. Coulson recommends a trustworthy, super-powered individual be appointed as his replacement, but the United States government cannot find any. Instead, S.H.I.E.L.D. approaches Jeffrey Mace, offering him the position and a Super Serum derived from Calvin Johnson's that can grant temporary Nigh-Invulnerability so he can pass as a genuine Inhuman. He accepts and begins making plans to reveal the organization's return to the public.
    • Newly recruited S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist Dr. Holden Radcliffe begins experimenting with a defunct S.H.I.E.L.D. project to create "Life Model Decoys" ("LMDs"), robots that can pass for human and act as stand-ins in dangerous situations. As his initial test subject, he downloads his AI assistant "AIDA" into such a robot in the form of a human woman.
    • Elena Rodriguez, a member of the "Secret Warriors" team, signs the Sokovia Accords and becomes a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. She immediately goes on a rogue vendetta against the corrupt police officer who killed her cousin, but is captured by him. Luckily, he's making a deal with a group of The Watchdogs whom Daisy is tracking and she arrives to save Elena, while gaining her as an ally within S.H.I.E.L.D.. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot)
  • (Events of Luke Cage Season Two)
  • Having run out of procedures to try and the resources to pay for them, Doctor Stephen Strange becomes desperate and follows up on a story of a miracle recovery. He is directed to Kamar-Taj in Nepal, meeting the Ancient One and the Masters of the Mystic Arts. Strange begins training in magic, and although he has trouble initially, his natural aptitude for spell-casting and obsessive study habits make him an exceptional student. (Doctor Strange)
  • Fall: Spider-Man: Homecoming
    • Two months after assisting Tony Stark at the Leipzig/Halle Airport, Peter Parker continues his crime-fighting duties as Spider-Man in Queens, New York using a custom suit designed by Stark, while resuming his schoolwork at the Midtown School of Science and Technology. Meanwhile, Stark and his associates begin the final process of vacating Avengers Tower and moving the equipment and weapons stored there to the upstate facility.
    • Parker discovers Herman Schultz, one of Adrian Toomes' associates, is selling weapons to local criminal Aaron Davis. Parker stops the deal, but Toomes intervenes by using a flight suit designed using salvaged Chitauri technology, with Parker narrowly escaping death thanks to Stark remote piloting an Iron Man suit to rescue him. With the help of his best friend Ned, Parker examines one of Schultz's weapons and removes its power core; simultaneously, he plants a tracking device on Schultz leading him to Maryland, where Toomes plans to steal salvage from a DODC truck. Travelling alongside Midtown School's decathlon team competing in Washington, D.C., Parker unsuccessfully stops Toomes, only to discover the power core is an unstable Chitauri grenade. He heads to Ned and the decathlon team's location at the Washington Monument, just in time to save them when the grenade explodes and traps the team on the elevator.
      • The timing of the event and Parker's conspicuous absence caused his classmate Michelle "MJ" Jones (who has a secret crush on him and has been paying attention to his actions anyway) to speculate that Spider-Man and Parker were the same person. (Spider-Man: Far From Home)
    • Parker confronts Davis regarding the weapons sale, who reveals another one is due at the Staten Island Ferry between Toomes and the gangster Mac Gargan. He stops the deal and captures Gargan, but a brief fight against Toomes ignites a malfunctioning weapon tearing the ferry in half. Fortunately, Stark arrives to save the passengers, but he accuses Parker of endangerment and recklessness, demanding the return of the Spider-Man suit. Parker resumes his student life and asks classmate Liz Allan to the homecoming dance; at the night of, he discovers Liz is Adrian's daughter, as Adrian himself deduces Parker's secret identity, threatening him not to interfere with his operations again. Wearing a homemade Spider-Man suit, Parker chases after Toomes, but is ambushed by Schultz. However, Parker defeats Schultz with Ned's help and heads to Toomes' facility, but is left for dead when Toomes auto-pilots his flight suit to destroy the building and trap Parker.
    • Realizing Toomes' plan involves hijacking the plane carrying the Avengers' gear upstate, Parker makes his way out of the rubble and intercepts the aircraft by steering it towards Coney Island. Toomes easily defeats Parker on the beachhead, but his heavily damaged flight suit explodes, with Parker saving Toomes' life and ensuring his detainment by the authorities as "the vulture guy". Liz and her mother are forced to move out of town in the wake of her father's arrest much to Peter's dismay.
    • Impressed with his heroics, Stark decides to officially induct Parker into the Avengers, but he declines, preferring to continue his crime-fighting on the streets of New York. Returning home, Parker finds Stark has given him back the Spider-Man suit. Parker's secret identity is soon after discovered by his Aunt May.
    • With Peter torpedoing his plans to publicly announce a new member of the Avengers, Tony instead gives an impromptu marriage proposal to his long-time friend and business partner Pepper Potts, turning the announcement into that of their engagement.
  • (Events of Iron Fist Season Two)
  • Winter: Doctor Strange
    • Doctor Stephen Strange begins experimenting with the Eye of Agamotto, but is caught by Masters Mordo and Wong, who warn him over the dangers of mis-using time-based magic and tampering with natural laws. As Strange is reprimanded, Kaecilius and the Zealots launch an attack on the Masters' Sanctums protecting Earth from invasions by other dimensions. The destruction of the London Sanctum reaches Kamar-Taj, accidentally sending Strange to the New York Sanctum. He is able to narrowly repel the Zealots' first attack, but though he is aided in the second assault by Mordo and the Ancient One, Kaecilius mortally wounds the latter and escapes. Despite Strange calling on his old medical colleagues for help, the Ancient One dies. Meanwhile, Wong rallies the remaining Masters to defend the last Sanctum in Hong Kong.
    • Strange and Mordo arrive at the Hong Kong Sanctum to find it has been destroyed and the Dark Dimension slowly consuming the Earth. Strange, still holding the Eye of Agamotto, rewinds time to undo the damage. Heading directly to the Dark Dimension, Strange confronts Dormammu using the Eye of Agamotto to trap them in a "Groundhog Day" Loop until Dormammu agrees to leave Earth alone. Having no power over time, Dormammu surrenders; as part of Strange's terms, he takes Kaecilius and surviving Zealots into the Dark Dimension with him.
    • The Masters of the Mystic Arts regroup: as the most senior Master, Wong becomes the group's leader, but the office of Sorcerer Supreme remains empty. Strange is assigned to watch over the New York Sanctum, but Mordo, disillusioned with the Ancient One and Strange for their disregard for the consequences of breaking natural law, leaves the order.
  • (Events of Daredevil Season Three)

  • (Events of The Punisher Season Two)
  • April-May: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Fournote 
    • While Daisy Johnson attacks a Watchdogs cell in Los Angeles, the fight is interrupted by Robbie Reyes as the Ghost Rider. Daisy begins to investigate Robbie's vigilante activites, forming an uneasy alliance with him.
    • The spirit of Lucy Bauer is freed from the quantum particle generator where she had been trapped, and she quickly frees the other Momentum Labs scientists. Rendered as ghosts, they begin plotting to retrieve the Darkhold, rebuild the quantum generator to restore their bodies and take Revenge against Eli Morrow. S.H.I.E.L.D. notices Lucy's release and is quickly on the ghosts' trail.
    • Director Jeffrey Mace publicly announces S.H.I.E.L.D.'s return, and his own (supposed) status as an Inhuman.
    • After S.H.I.E.L.D. crosses paths with Daisy and the Ghost Rider on multiple occasions, the organization realizes Robbie is connected to the ghosts via Eli. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson confronts the two and insists they work together with S.H.I.E.L.D..
    • Despite S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attempts to bring him into protective custody, Lucy kidnaps Eli and forces him to help rebuild the quantum generator as the ghosts cannot complete it on their own.
    • As the Ghost Rider destroys Lucy and the other ghosts with his infernal powers, Eli completes and activates the generator, granting him the ability to create matter. With his new powers, Eli begins building a nuclear bomb in order to strike back at everyone who had looked down on him. With S.H.I.E.L.D.'s help, Robbie confronts his uncle and drags him and the bomb to the Hell-dimension that the spirit possessing him originated from. Daisy accidentally reveals herself during the operation, and Director Mace makes a cover story that her "terrorist" activities were an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. mission all along, leading her to officially rejoin the organization.
    • Radcliffe and AIDA kidnap and replace May with an LMD version, sending her to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D.. The real May is sedated and placed into a virtual reality simulation.
    • Tempted by the Darkhold's knowledge, Radcliffe sends AIDA to steal it from S.H.I.E.L.D.. Although initially attributed to AIDA going rogue, S.H.I.E.L.D. soon realizes that Radcliffe himself is working against them. He makes an alliance with the Watchdogs for his own protection.
    • Coulson and his inner circle discover that Director Mace's Inhuman powers are faked as part of a program dubbed "Project Patriot". Recognizing Mace's skill at politics and PR and that he genuinely wants to use his status to help human-Inhuman relations, Coulson tells him to continue being the figurehead and public face but that he wants to reassume control of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s operations.
    • The Watchdogs kidnap Mace to force a confrontation with Coulson. While Mace's rescue appears to be a success, Radcliffe and AIDA manage to replace more S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Coulson, Fitz, Mack, and Mace) with LMDs and plug them into the same simulation as May, now called the "Framework". AIDA also forcefully traps Radcliffe's mind in the Framework and kills his physical body to prevent him from potentially deactivating it.
    • Daisy and Simmons realize that LMDs have replaced most of their friends and taken over S.H.I.E.L.D.. They enter the Framework in order to rescue their friends by convincing them to leave. However, the world they find is one ruled by HYDRA, and their friends have no memory of their former lives. Although thrown off-balance, they are eventually able to bring almost all of their friends home safely. The only exception is Director Mace, who is killed in action in the Framework and so his body dies as well.
    • As Daisy and Simmons try to free their friends, AIDA works with Fitz in the Framework and the Watchdogs in the real world to build a new version of Morrow's quantum generator, which would let her create a biological body for herself. However, this causes a rift between Earth and the Hell-dimension, allowing Ghost Rider to escape once again.
    • Although initially happy to finally be human, AIDA had fallen for Fitz and is heartbroken to find that he still loves Simmons instead. The emotional pain overwhelms her and she returns to the Watchdogs, swearing to make Fitz and the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. suffer.
    • Ghost Rider allies with S.H.I.E.L.D. once more, even allowing Coulson to briefly be the spirit's host, and together they lure AIDA into a trap and kill her. Coulson afterward entrusts the Darkhold to Ghost Rider, and he takes it back to the Hell-dimension.
      • However, the spirit's possession causes the alien substance that resurrected Coulson to break down and he begins slowly dying again. (Season Five)
    • While the immediate threat is gone, S.H.I.E.L.D. is now embroiled in scandal due to the public exposure of Mace's death and the fact that he is not in fact an Inhuman, as well as the existence of robot duplicates that had infiltrated the organization. As a result, the team plans to surrender themselves to the US government. However, the alien observer Enoch arrives and abducts them (except for Fitz, who is left behind) before they can do so, sending them through time via one the Lighthouse's white Monolith to the year 2091 because he believes they can avert an apocalypse (see "Lighthouse Timeline"). Fitz is arrested and held by General Hale, who demands the location of the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. (Season Five)
  • (Events of Jessica Jones Season Three)
  • After years of strain from the demands of their respective careers, Jane breaks up with Thor. (Thor: Love and Thundernote )
  • After months of soul-searching, Mordo concludes all magic is a violation of the natural order. He begins hunting down sorcerers and preventing them from using magic, including one who used it merely to counteract paralysis. (Doctor Strange)
  • In the Inhuman moon colony of Attilan, King Black Bolt's brother Maximus leads a coup d'etat against the nobility's oppression of Inhumans with poor or no powers, causing the royal family to flee to Earth. Once they regroup and return home, Maximus holds Attilan hostage by threatening to break down the city's protective dome if his claim to the throne isn't recognized. Unfortunately, by the time he is pressured to maintain it it's too far gone, and Black Bolt leads an exodus to Earth where the Attilan Inhumans begin to resettle. Maximus is punished by being left behind in a bunker, abandoned and alone. (Inhumans)
  • Odin Borson, having been under his adopted son Loki's illusionary spells, breaks free and leaves the Shady Acres retirement home in New York City, heading to Norway to awaiting for his son Thor Odinson's arrival. (Thor: Ragnarok)
  • Thor: Ragnarok
    • Two years following the Battle of Sokovia, Thor Odinson has searched the cosmos for more Infinity Stones, but to no avail. When he is captured by the fire demon Surtur, the latter reveals Odin isn't on Asgard, heralding the prophesy of "Ragnarök" - the destruction of the realm, once Surtur joins his crown with the "Eternal Flame" in Odin's treasure vault. However, Thor defeats Surtur and brings his crown back to Asgard, only to discover that Loki has been posing as their father, who had been exiled to New York City.
    • The brothers head to Midgard to retrieve him, and Doctor Stephen Strange offers his aid on the grounds it will help get Loki off of Earth as soon as possible. Strange teleports the brothers to Odin in Norway, but unfortunately, Odin is dying. He warns his sons of their elder sister Hela shortly before he passes and she is released from her prison. After he destroys Thor's hammer Mjolnir, the brothers attempt to escape back to Asgard via the Bifröst Bridge, but Hela pursues and throws them off course.
    • Hela arrives on Asgard, destroying its army and slaying the Warriors Three. Skurge, on the other hand, submits to her and she appoints him as her "executioner". Wishing to continue her ambitions of conquering worlds, Hela resurrects the dead who fought alongside her and intends to use the Bifröst as her means of travel, but Heimdall secretly takes the sword controlling the Bridge, while helping to scurry surviving Asgardians into hiding.
    • Thor and Loki land on Sakaar: while the former is taken by Valkyrie to serve as a gladiator in the Grandmaster's combat arena, the latter lavishly integrates himself into the society. Forced to fight against fellow Avenger, the Hulk, Thor narrowly defeats him, but the Grandmaster sabotages the match to ensure the Hulk wins. Despite his enslavement, Thor attempts to convince the Hulk and Valkyrie to assist him in returning to Asgard, but neither is willing. After Thor manages to escape and find the Quinjet that carried the Hulk to Sakaar, the Hulk ends up seeing a recording of Natasha Romanoff and is emotionally affected enough to end up transforming back into Bruce Banner.
    • With Thor and the Hulk missing, the Grandmaster tasks Loki and Valkyrie in retrieving them, until Loki forces her to relive the deaths of the Valkyrior against Hela. Deciding to continue her duties as a defender of the Asgardian throne, Valkyrie joins with Thor; likewise, Loki, who is against staying on Sakaar, suggests they hijack the Grandmaster's ships for travel. Using the gladiators Korg and Miek, the fighters stage a rebellion to distract the Grandmaster's forces. Although Loki attempts to betray his brother to the Grandmaster, Thor disables Loki and leaves on a ship with Banner and Valkyrie, heading to one of the wormholes leading directly to Asgard.
    • Thor's group arrives just as Hela, Skurge and her forces corner Heimdall and the Asgardians. Banner changes into the Hulk again, fighting with Thor and Valkyrie against Hela and the resurrected warriors. Loki, who was rescued by Korg and Miek on Sakaar, arrives on Asgard together with the Gladiators to help evacuate the citizens aboard the transport ship Statesman, though Skurge, upon seeing the mistake he made in choosing to serve Hela, gives his life protecting the Asgardians.
    • Realizing Ragnarök is what will stop Hela, as her powers are derived from Asgard itself, Thor distracts her long enough to have Loki place Surtur's crown into the Eternal Flame. (And while in the treasure vault, Loki also takes the Tesseract.) Surtur is resurrected, and destroys the realm and Hela, fulfilling the prophecy of Ragnarök. Aboard the Statesman, the surviving Asgardians accept Thor as their new king, who directs them to Earth. Back on Sakaar, the rebellion against the Grandmaster comes to an end.
  • Six teenagers in Los Angeles witness their parents apparently murdering someone in a bizarre ritual. Horrified, they start trying to work out exactly what they saw - and, eventually, to find hard evidence of their parents' crimes. In the process, they discover that not only has this been going on for years, but several of them have inherited superhuman "gifts" of their own. (Runaways Season One)
  • After six months in government custody, Fitz finally manages to get a message out to his old colleague Lance Hunter. Lance breaks him out and together they track down Enoch. Enoch agrees to aid them, arranging for a cache of S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons and equipment to be found in the future and for Fitz to be placed in cryo-stasis until the other agents' time-travel destination of 2091 (see "Lighthouse Timeline"). (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five)
  • "Shaun" and Katy Chen graduate high school. (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)

  • The PRIDE's kids discover that not even their parents fully understand the threat their plans pose, and resort to openly defying them and their mysterious boss, Jonah. After witnessing how little Jonah values any of their lives, the PRIDE begin plotting against him. In an effort to keep the kids at arm's length while all this goes down, they frame the kids and force them to go on the run. (Runaways Season One)
  • (Events of Cloak & Dagger)note 
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five
    • Coulson's S.H.I.E.L.D. team returns to 2018 from 2091 (the "Lighthouse Timeline"). They are hopeful that they can prevent the impending destruction of Earth, despite finding evidence that You Already Changed the Past and are doomed to failure. To everyone's surprise, one of their 2091 allies named Deke Shaw (who they soon realize is Fitz and Simmons' future grandson) also appears in 2018.
    • The team adopts the Lighthouse as their new base of operations. However, shortly after the black Monolith is stored on-base alongside the white and grey Monoliths, a bomb is smuggled in and destroys all three. This opens a dimensional rift that causes fears to come to life until S.H.I.E.L.D. creates a device and Coulson enters the rift to seal it.
    • General Hale pursues S.H.I.E.L.D., but upon reaching them she reveals that she wants to ally with them. She wants to use a HYDRA project to infuse a subject with a gravity-altering metal called Gravitonium, thereby creating a superhuman that will warn away the Confederacy and any other alien threat. Considering her own daughter Ruby unfit for the job despite being genetically engineered for the project, Hale wants Daisy Johnson to be the subject. Coulson is terrified that this would bring about the devastation he saw in 2091 and rejects the offer.
    • Ruby Hale, upset at being denied the purpose she was bred for, goes rogue and begins the infusion process herself. While she gains some powers before the process is stopped, she begins to lose control and S.H.I.E.L.D. cuts her down. General Hale, in her grief, turns her back on the Earth completely and sides with the Confederacy.
  • At this time, Rebecca Tourminet is a high school vice principal in Fremont, Ohio. Soon after this point, she commits an unknown timeline divergence and is arrested by the TVA, who reset the change. (Loki Season One)
    • Rogue TVA Hunter B-15 lures two of her fellow Hunters here in order to show them that their boss Judge Renslayer is a time-displaced variant of Rebecca, as proof that all TVA agents are variants taken from their timelines.
  • Nakia becomes pregnant with T'Challa's son, and the couple agree to let him grow up away from the pressures of the monarchy of Wakanda. They only share this information with Ramonda, the boy's grandmother. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp:
    • Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne test their Quantum Tunnel, but it only works for a moment. During that moment, Scott Lang receives a vision of Janet Van Dyne. He contacts Pym, who has him abducted out of house arrest in hopes that his link to Janet could help with the search for her.
    • Hope meets with her black-market tech supplier, Sonny Burch, to get a critical component. Unfortunately, Burch has learned her real identity and refuses to deal unless she's willing to sell the Pyms' quantum technology. Hope tries to just take the component as the Wasp, but the fight is interrupted by Ava Starr, who manages to steal the Pyms' portable lab.
    • The Pyms and Lang find the lab with the help of Hank's old colleague Bill Foster. Unfortunately, it was a trap; Foster and Starr explain their connection and Starr's condition, and demand that Hank help cure her. Hank refuses, as he believes it could put Janet at risk, and the group escapes with the lab.
    • Burch and Starr both learn Pym's location from Lang's friends, and Burch tips off the FBI. While Lang rushes home to avoid being caught breaking house arrest, Hank and Hope are arrested. Starr steals the lab from FBI custody.
    • Having successfully maintained his alibi, Lang breaks Hank and Hope out and they go after the lab. They're able to get Starr and Foster out of the way and send Pym into the Quantum Realm to find Janet; while Hope, Scott, and Scott's friend Luis lead Starr and Burch on a chase through San Francisco to keep the lab out of their hands.
    • Ultimately, Pym is able to return from the Quantum Realm with Janet without Starr endangering her, and Janet uses powers gained in the Realm to alleviate Starr's condition. Meanwhile, Lang's friends capture Burch and his gang and turn them over to the authorities. The Pyms allow Starr and Foster to leave freely, and they evade FBI capture.
    • Scott completes his house arrest, and thanks to the exposure from capturing Burch, business is now booming for his and his friends' security company. Hank and Janet retire to a remote beach house, with Scott and Hope continuing to assist them with quantum experiments.
  • The Wakandans finally succeed in purging the Winter Soldier programming from Bucky Barnes' mind. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
  • In a failed assassination attempt on Thanos aboard his flagship, the Sanctuary II, Nebula is captured and interrogated by her adoptive father. Searching through her memories, Thanos discovers that Gamora had found the location of the Soul Stone. (Avengers: Infinity War)
  • Now having leads on the locations of all six Infinity Stones, Thanos makes his move. He starts with the weapon forges of Nidavellir (unguarded after Asgard's fall), forcing the dwarves to create a gauntlet capable of channeling the Stones' power. Once completed, Thanos kills the dwarves, but spares Eitri after crippling his hands. From there, he conquers Xandar, decimates its population, and takes the Power Stone from the Nova Corps. (Avengers: Infinity War)
  • Avengers: Infinity War
    • As the Asgardians journey towards Earth, the Statesman is intercepted by the Sanctuary II. Although Valkyrie flees with half of the Asgardians, the remainder are massacred by the Children of Thanos, with Heimdall, Hulk, Loki and Thor subdued. Before he is killed, Heimdall sends Hulk using the Bifröst Bridge back to Earth, while Loki hands the Tesseract to Thanos in exchange for his brother's life; Thanos crushes the artifact to retrieve the Infinity Stone of Space, but kills Loki when the latter makes a failed attempt on his life. Sending the Children of Thanos to Earth, they are tasked with finding the Infinity Stones of Time and Mind as Thanos destroys the Statesman.
      • In an alternate timeline, Loki only pretends to try to kill Thanos using an illusion, and manages to escape to an uninhabited planet where he lives to old age in isolation. But as soon as he decides to leave to try and reunite with Thor, the TVA detects an impending change of events and has him arrested and pruned, and has the timeline reset. (Loki Season One)
    • Crashing in the New York Sanctum, the Hulk reverts back to Bruce Banner, who warns Doctor Steven Strange and Wong of Thanos' Evil Plan. Strange recruits Tony Stark just as Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw arrive for the Eye of Agamotto; both parties converge and fight on the streets of New York. Peter Parker arrives to assist Stark, but Maw captures Strange and takes him back to his ship to deliver the Time Stone to Thanos, heading to Titan, with Stark and Parker secretly scuttling aboard.
      • In the wake of the attack on New York, a Confederacy warship raids the Lighthouse for the Gravitonium that S.H.I.E.L.D. confiscated. Desperate to help S.H.I.E.L.D., their ally General Glenn Talbot decides to infuse himself with the Gravitonium, gaining incredible gravity-manipulating powers that he uses to force the warship to surrender. Upon learning of Thanos' attack, Talbot starts desiring more of Earth's Gravitonium so that he can grow powerful enough to defend the Earth. He also kills Hale for betraying and brainwashing him. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five)
    • Banner calls Rogers for help, while Wong returns to guard the New York Sanctum. In Scotland, Wanda Maximoff and Vision are ambushed by Corvus Glaive and Promixa Midnight, but Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson rescue them, heading to the Avengers' New York facility under watch by James Rhodes for safety. Vision tells Wanda to destroy the Mind Stone, which will also kill him, but Rogers suggests they head to Wakanda, who may have the resources to remove the Stone without affecting Vision.
    • Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy rescue Thor, who surmises Thanos will find the Infinity Stone of Reality at Knowhere in the hands of Taneleer Tivan. As Thor heads to Nidavellir with Rocket and Groot to forge a weapon capable of killing Thanos, Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax and Mantis arrive on Knowhere, yet Thanos has already acquired the Reality Stone from Tivan. Thanos captures Gamora and takes her back to the Sanctuary II.
      • Informing Gamora of her sister's capture, Nebula is tortured in front of her, forcing Gamora to confirm the Infinity Stone of Soul is on Vormir to save Nebula. After Thanos and Gamora leave for Vormir, Nebula escapes, telling the Guardians of Thanos' rendezvous on Titan.
      • At Vormir, Thanos and Gamora meet the Red Skull, who states the former can acquire the Soul Stone by sacrificing one he loves. Despite hesitating, Thanos throws Gamora to her death from a cliff, granting him access to the Infinity Stone.
    • Talbot attacks Chicago in his quest for Gravitonium. Unable to talk him down, Daisy manages to defeat and kill him with the help of a serum prepared to save Coulson's life, saving the Earth. Unfortunately, Fitz is killed in a building collapse while evacuating civilians. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five)
      • With Coulson still dying and having a matter of days left, he retires from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie becomes the new Director. The rest of the team decides to track down the pre-Lighthouse Fitz sleeping in stasis, as he's no longer needed in 2091.
      • In an alternate timeline, S.H.I.E.L.D. fails to stop Talbot and the Earth is destroyed. See "Lighthouse Timeline".
    • Stark and Parker rescue Strange and defeat Maw by ejecting him into space, arriving on Titan shortly afterwards and meeting up with the Guardians. Rallying to formulate a plan against Thanos, Strange uses the Time Stone to foresee possible victory scenarios, stating only one exists.
      • Thanos departs for Titan to meet Maw, but is ambushed by Stark and his allies. Although Nebula also arrives to fight Thanos and he is subdued, when Nebula deduces Gamora is dead, Quill's anger breaks their hold on him as he overpowers his attackers. To save Stark's life, Strange exchanges the Time Stone for him; Thanos immediately leaves for Earth to obtain the last Infinity Stone.
    • In Wakanda, King T'Challa welcomes Rogers' group, who tasks his sister Shuri with removing the Mind Stone from Vision safely. Corvus, Obsidian and Promixa invade Wakanda with an army of Outsiders, thus the Avengers mount a defense with T'Challa, Bucky Barnes, Okoye, M'Baku and the Wakandan army.
    • At Nidavellir, Thor's group successfully restarts the forge; with Eitri's help, the "Stormbreaker" is created. Generating a Bifröst Bridge to Wakanda, Thor, Rocket and Groot provide the Avengers with reinforcements. Corvus, Obsidian, Proxima and the Outriders are all killed to the man, but Shuri is unable to remove the Mind Stone thanks to the pressure.
    • Thanos arrives in Wakanda and overpowers the Avengers and Wakandans. Wanda, out of options, destroys the Mind Stone while it's still attached to Vision, but Thanos undoes his Heroic Sacrifice via the Time Stone. Taking the Mind Stone, thus killing Vision, Thanos completes the gauntlet with the six Infinity Stones. Although Thor inflicts a deep wound with the Stormbreaker on Thanos, he uses the gauntlet to wipe out half of all life in the universe - the "Decimation". His work completed, Thanos warps to the planet 0259-S to recover, dubbing it Titan II.
  • The Decimation
    • Avengers: Infinity War:
      • In Wakanda, Barnes, Wilson, T'Challa, Wanda, and Groot are turned to dust; leaving the founding Avengers (Rogers, Thor, Romanoff, and Banner), Rhodes, Rocket, Okoye, and M'Baku.
      • On Titan, all of the Guardians plus Peter Parker and Dr. Strange vanish. Tony Stark and Nebula are the only survivors.
      • Elsewhere in the world, as Nick Fury watches people begin to vanish, including Maria Hill and himself, he manages to send a distress signal out to Carol Danvers before he completely disintegrates.
    • In San Francisco, the Pym family are in the middle of sending Scott Lang to the Quantum Realm when the effects hit. The Pyms are disintegrated, leaving Scott stranded. (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
    • Clint Barton is enjoying a day with his family on their farm, when the entire family disappears and leaves him behind. (Avengers: Endgame)
      • As a test of time travel, Clint returns to his home shortly before the Decimation. He returns to 2023 with a baseball glove picked up from the farm, proving time travel is possible.
    • Maria Rambeau had just received a successful cancer treatment when her daughter Monica vanishes from her hospital bedside. (WandaVision)
    • Dr. Nagel had nearly completed his improved version of Dr. Erskine's Super-Soldier Serum when he disappears. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
    • Yelena Belova is continuing on her mission to deprogram the remaining Black Widows at this time. Shortly after breaking into the home of another former Widow, Ana (who turns out to be already Not Brainwashed), she suddenly disintegrates. (Hawkeye)
    • Other survivors include Wong, Valkyrie, Korg, Meik, Happy Hogan, and Pepper Potts. Shuri, Dr. Selvig, Sharon Carter, May Parker, and most of Peter Parker's classmates are among the victims. (Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home)
  • After receiving the distress signal, Carol races over to Earth and arrives at the Avengers compound, where the group is analyzing the device Fury used to send the signal, demanding to know his location, before being briefed on recent events. (Captain Marvel)
  • Avengers: Endgame:
    • 20 days after the Decimation, Thanos uses the Gauntlet again to destroy the Stones so they cannot be used again. The act severely cripples him.
    • Two days later, Tony and Nebula are stranded in space, with dwindling supplies and the engine of the Benatar busted. Fortunately, the Benatar is found by Carol, who carries it all the way back to the Avengers compound, where Tony is reunited with Pepper and the remaining Avengers.
    • After failing to get clues to the location of Thanos from an exhausted and anguished Tony, Nebula provides information that helps point them to Titan II, and they realize from a detected energy surge that he used the Gauntlet again. The Avengers, Rocket, Nebula, and Carol use the signal to track down Thanos, planning to kill him and use the gauntlet to resurrect the victims of the Decimation.
    • The group arrives in the Benatar on Titan II and ambush a weakened Thanos in his hut, where he reveals that the Infinity Stones are no more. A frustrated Thor responds by chopping his head off.

    2018-2023: "The Blip" 
  • 2018: Nakia leaves Wakanda for Haiti, using her heartbreak over the loss of T'Challa as cover for the fact that she intends to give birth to T'Challa's son and raise him in secret. She names the boy T'Challa after his father, while also giving him a local Haitian name of Toussaint. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
  • Avengers: Endgame:
    • The grief of losing his family causes Clint to snap and become a vigilante, going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge around the world and slaying criminals who survived the Decimation. The media dubs him "the Ronin", unaware that it is a known Avenger behind the mask. (Hawkeye)
      • Among the Ronin's victims is a New York gang called the Tracksuit Mafia, led by William Lopez, thanks to an inside tip arranged by their boss the Kingpin. William leaves behind his deaf adult daughter, Maya, who becomes the new gang leader.
    • Tony marries Pepper, and the pair soon give birth to a daughter, Morgan, and retreat to a lakeside cabin to raise her.
    • The surviving Asgardians arrive on Earth and settle in Tønsberg, Norway, renaming it New Asgard. Thor joins them, but in his grief becomes a reclusive alcoholic with Miek and Korg as roommates.
    • Natasha leads efforts to provide aid and keep order, helping direct Rogers, Rhodes, and Okoye on Earth and Nebula, Rocket, and Danvers in space. She also attempts to track Clint through his killing spree.
    • After spending months studying in a base that he and Tony build in Mexico, Bruce manages to accept the Hulk by becoming a fusion of both - retaining his persona and intellect while possessing the latter's brute strength.
  • As humanity bands together to survive, many people emigrate between countries; and various social divisions such as class and nationality begin to vanish. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
  • Somewhere between 2017 and 2023, the Darkhold goes from Ghost Rider's possession to Agatha Harkness'; possibly with Morgan le Fay between them depending on the timing and canonicity of Runaways. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4, Runaways Season Three, WandaVision)
  • 2019: Feeling neglected by her father and abandoned by her brother, Xu Xialing runs away from home and starts her own extralegal empire in Macau: a massive underground fight club streamed on the dark web. (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)
  • 2020: Maria Rambeau passes away due to her cancer, and Tyler Hayward is installed as the Acting Director of S.W.O.R.D. in her absence. Under Hayward, S.W.O.R.D. comes into the possession of the Vision's body and secretly begins "Project Cataract", studying it in direct violation of the Sokovia Accords and the Vision's own will. (WandaVision)

Multiverse Saga

Phase Four (2023-2025)

  • September or October: Avengers: Endgame:note 
    • While in storage, the device responsible for sending Scott Lang into the Quantum Realm is reactivated by a stray rat, bringing him back. Despite the five year Time Skip, only five hours have passed for him inside. After reuniting with a now-teenage Cassie, he meets with Steve and Natasha to present the possibility that the Quantum Realm's time-warping capabilities can be manipulated to enable Time Travel.
    • The group brings the issue to the attention of Tony, who refuses to act on it initially due to the possibility of losing Morgan; they then turn to Bruce Banner, who agrees to help. However, the problem haunts Tony and after a night of study and reflection, he returns to present a revised time travel mechanism to the Avengers in support of their plan under the condition that they only use this to revive the fallen and no more.
    • With an actual mission to work towards, the Avengers gather their allies. Rhodes, Rocket, and Nebula respond immediately. Bruce and Rocket travel to New Asgard to re-recruit Thor. In Tokyo, Nat finally tracks down Clint, fresh off killing a local Yakuza family. Despite their initial reservations, both Clint and Thor choose to return.
    • After a period of testing and planning, the team decides to try and avoid making changes to the past (which is likely to just cause an Alternate Timeline and not fix the original one) and instead borrow the past versions of the Infinity Stones to restore the lives lost in the present. They break into three teams: Steve, Tony, Scott, and Bruce head to the Battle of New York in 2012 to retrieve the Space and Mind Stones from SHIELD custody and the Time Stone from the Masters of the Mystic Arts; Thor and Rocket go to Asgard in 2013 to get the Reality Stone just prior to the Dark Elves' attack; and Rhodey, Nebula, Natasha, and Clint travel to 2014, targeting the Power Stone on Morag and the Soul Stone on Vormir.
    • The teams return seconds after they left having successfully claimed the Stones, but their victory is undercut by the news that Natasha didn't make it back, having sacrificed herself to claim the Soul Stone. Unknown to them, Nebula has also been captured and replaced by her past self, who is still loyal to Thanos.
    • Tony, Rocket, and Bruce build a second, Iron Man-style Infinity Gauntlet to use the Stones with. Bruce wields it to perform the snap and restore the world to the way it was; he succeeds, but his arm is seriously damaged due to the Stones' energy. Elsewhere, the past version of Nebula activates the time machine to bring Thanos' army from her era to the future. He orders the Sanctuary II to open fire on the Avengers' HQ; the entire compound is reduced to rubble, but the team survives.
    • Onboard the ship, Gamora is convinced by present-day Nebula about their future together and chooses to betray Thanos. They discover past Nebula holding Clint hostage to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet, and after failing to negotiate, she is killed by her future counterpart.
    • Thor, Steve and Tony battle Thanos hand-to-hand. Due to his fury with how the Avengers have resisted his plans, he declares that he now intends to now destroy the entire universe and remake it with the Stones. Although the three of them fight valiantly, with Steve even wielding Mjolnir, they are beaten down and are faced with his armada, the Chitari, Outriders and the Black Order.
    • However, the Avengers do not remain outnumbered for long, as reinforcements come in the form of the resurrected Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, warriors from New Asgard led by Valkyrie, Pepper herself armed with a suit designed for her, Ravager clans and the armies of Wakanda; all teleported in by Doctor Strange, Wong and the monks of Kamar-Taj. As both sides clash, Steve formulates a plan to drop the Infinity Gauntlet into the Quantum Realm and keep it out of Thanos' reach, leading to the heroes taking turns passing it across the battlefield and through enemy lines to do so. In the ensuing chaos, Carol returns in the nick of time to destroy the Sanctuary II.
    • Despite their best efforts, Thanos is able to obtain the Gauntlet and comes close to wiping out all life, only for Tony to steal the Stones out of it and embed them in his own armor's gauntlet instead. Tony snaps his fingers to destroy Thanos and his army for good. The Avengers' victory is bittersweet, as the Stones' energy proves too much for Tony to handle, and he dies after being comforted by Rhodey, Peter and Pepper in his final moments.
    • Tony's funeral is a subdued affair, as his first arc reactor is sent off into a lake. In attendance are many of the heroes who fought alongside him against Thanos, and even others like the Pym family, Harley, Maria Hill, Secretary Ross and Nick Fury.
      • Natasha is also honored with a gravestone in her "home state" of Ohio. (Black Widow)
    • Thor chooses to leave New Asgard in Valkyrie's care as he and Korg join the Guardians of the Galaxy in searching for the time-displaced Gamora, who disappeared after the battle.
    • Steve volunteers to return each of the Stones (and Mjolnir) to their time periods, but instead of returning to 2023 he instead chooses to return to his old life in the 1940s instead. Right after he leaves 2023, he resurfaces near the testing ground as an old man, bestowing his shield and the identity of Captain America to Sam. His whereabouts afterward are unknown.note 
  • The Return:
    • Monica Rambeau learns of her mother's passing three years prior almost immediately after being revived. (WandaVision)
    • Much of the Midtown School of Science and Technology marching band revives in the midst of an ongoing basketball game, causing consternation. The school decides to have its revived students restart their school year, much to their chagrin. (Spider-Man: Far From Home)
    • Dr. Nagel returns to find that America's super-soldier project has been abandoned since his disappearance. He instead turns to Sharon Carter/the Power Broker, who is more than happy to support Nagel in his life's work. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
    • Tiamut, the Celestial gestating within the Earth, senses the sudden return of half of its sentient life, which brings the population over the threshold needed for Tiamut to begin its Emergence. (Eternals)
    • Yelena Belova rematerializes in the home of Ana, who in the intervening time got married and adopted a child. Ana afterward helps set Yelena up as an assassin-for-hire. (Hawkeye)
  • For their actions fighting Thanos, the Avengers are given pardons for breaking the Sokovia Accordsnote  (though Bucky Barnes' includes the requirement that he attend therapy). Sharon Carter, however, does not; and remains in Madripoor. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
  • The surviving Avengers make the details of Thanos's invasion in 2018, the Time Heist, and the Battle for Earth publicly known through various media interviews. (explicitly stated by Word of God for Ms. Marvel and supported in the same series by a podcast thumbnail image for a Scott Lang interview in a Freeze-Frame Bonus; WandaVision also shows characters having knowledge of the battle)
  • The Sokovia Accords are repealed. (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law)
  • After resuming the throne, T'Challa begins suffering from an unknown disease. Sensing he will die from it, he prepares Nakia and Toussaint for his passing, but he keeps the knowledge of his condition a secret despite his decline. He and Nakia introduce Ramonda to her grandson. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
  • Nick Fury begins collaborating with the Skrulls and S.W.O.R.D. on a project in deep space. In order to ensure Earth is protected, he charges Talos and Soren with impersonating him and Maria Hill to keep an eye on it. Fury also acquires a pair of glasses storing an AI called E.D.I.T.H. from Tony Stark's estate, with instructions to deliver it to Peter Parker. (Spider-Man: Far From Home)
  • October or November: WandaVision:note 
    • Six days before:note  Wanda Maximoff visits S.W.O.R.D. HQ in the hope of recovering the remains of Vision's body to give him a proper burial, but is turned down by Director Hayward. Though initially hostile, after feeling no trace of Vision's consciousness, she leaves peacefully.
    • Wanda visits Westview, New Jersey to see the property that Vision had bought for them. Once there, she breaks down and loses control of her powers. She instinctively recreates the town into the sort of setting that she had seen in American sitcoms growing up, complete with a construct of Vision as her husband and the town's citizens as "extras".
    • One day before: The FBI is alerted to the situation in Westview when a man in Witness Protection fails to check in, and once they realize the scope of the problem they request assistance from S.W.O.R.D. Captain Monica Rambeau is sent out to investigate, but gets too close to an energy field around the town and is sucked in. Agatha Harkness also arrives to investigate, having noticed the powerful magical spells that Wanda cast, and fits herself into Wanda's fantasy as her neighbor Agnes (taking over the house of Wanda's real neighbor, Ralph Bohner, in the process).
    • Days 1-2: S.W.O.R.D. launches a full-scale investigation of Westview and sets up a base around the border of the energy field. They discover that the town is emitting energy similar to a television broadcast, and when they hook up a TV they're shocked to find that it's showing a sitcom named WandaVision starring Wanda and the Vision (especially as the latter had been killed five years ago and his body is in S.W.O.R.D. custody). S.W.O.R.D. begins analyzing the show while making efforts to try and contact Wanda, and quickly identifies most of its "extras" as Westview townsfolk. Meanwhile, Monica joins the show's "cast" as "Geraldine".
    • Day 3: Within the show, Wanda mysteriously becomes pregnant and gives birth to twin boys, Tommy and Billy, in the span of a single day. But right after the births, Monica "breaks character" and brings up painful memories of Wanda's late brother Pietro, prompting Wanda to violently expel her from the town, landing right outside the S.W.O.R.D. base.
    • Day 4: As Wanda continues to raise her rapidly aging sons, Hayward attempts to take her out with a drone. She quickly wrecks it and demands that S.W.O.R.D. leave her and Westview alone. Meanwhile, the Vision construct begins to realize something is off about Westview and later confronts Wanda about his suspicions, but they're interrupted when Agatha sends Ralph to pose as Pietro, hoping that he will prod Wanda into revealing how she took control of the town.
    • Day 5: The Vision construct tries to leave Westview but begins disintegrating. In order to save him, Wanda expands the energy field to absorb not only him but the entire S.W.O.R.D. base along with nearly everyone there (including Thor's old friend-turned-astrophysicist, Dr. Darcy Lewis). Monica escapes to stage another attempt to break back into Westview, while Hayward and a handful of agents escape to set up a secondary camp.
    • Day 6:
      • Monica, desperate to save Wanda from herself, pushes her way into Westview (absorbing a third dose of the barrier's energies and gaining energy-based superpowers in the process). She gets into a brief tussle with Wanda and almost manages to get through to her before Agatha breaks them up and takes Wanda into Ralph's house.
      • The Vision construct wakes up at the S.W.O.R.D. base (now converted into a circus), and after he frees Darcy from Wanda's thrall, the two of them start to drive their way back to Wanda, as Darcy fills the construct in on the life on the original Vision.
      • Tired of waiting, Agatha reveals herself to Wanda and starts interrogating her directly, concluding that Wanda is completely untrained in the magical arts but that her raw power and instinctual control makes her the mythical "Scarlet Witch". She attacks Wanda, hoping to take her magical power by force.
      • S.W.O.R.D. reactivates the body of the original Vision with Wanda's own magic from the remains of the wrecked drone and sends him in to kill Wanda and the Vision construct that she created, but the Vision construct arrives to save Wanda and confront him. After some fighting, the two Visions begin talking and realize the paradox that both of them can be considered the "true" Vision, and yet neither of them are. The Vision construct is able to unlock the original Vision's repressed memories in the rebuilt Vison, and the latter retreats to parts unknown to process the new information.
      • Monica is captured by Ralph/"Pietro" while attempting to enter his house in search of Wanda, but she's quickly able to break Agatha's control over him and escape.
      • Agatha takes her fight with Wanda to Westview's town square, where she starts freeing the residents from Wanda's control in an effort to guilt her into undoing the spell on the town. Faced with the enormity of what she's done, Wanda begins to undo the spell; but Vision and her sons begin disintegrating without the magic and she cannot bring herself to finish.
      • Hayward and his men drive into Westview during Wanda's first attempt to undo her spell to try and eliminate the Maximoffs himself, but the now-superpowered Tommy and Billy, with help from Monica and Darcy, make quick work of them.
      • Wanda continues to fight Agatha, and defeats her by casting sealing runes (learned from Agatha herself) into the barrier around Westview, nullifying Agatha's magic. Wanda fully embraces her destiny as the Scarlet Witch and traps Agatha in the "Agnes" persona, though she promises to return to her should she need her guidance.
      • Accepting what must be done, Wanda begins to undo the spell on Westview again, and says her final goodbyes to her sons and the Vision construct before they and their house vanish. Knowing that the residents of Westview now fear and revile her; Wanda claims the Darkhold from Agatha, flies off, and goes into hiding.
      • As the FBI arrives to arrest Hayward and begin recovery efforts, a Skrull disguised as an agent privately invites Monica to meet with someone up in space.
  • The world gradually returns to normal following Thanos' actions and their reversal (now colloquially known as "the Blip"). (Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
    • The world mourns the fallen Avengers, particularly Iron Man, and with no pressing threats to combat, the Avengers are inactive. Some suspect the team has been disbanded, and the disappearance of Steve Rogers also promotes rumors and conspiracy theories.
    • A Global Repatriation Council (GRC) is formed to try and assist the people who had returned from the Blip.
      • However, some people who lived through the Blip begin to resent the attention being given to the returnees at their expense, as the GRC is evicting people from their homes in favor of the original occupants and the relief supplies that the GRC is gathering aren't making it to the intended recipients. Other complaints involve the rebuilding of social divisions that had fallen apart during the Blip.
    • May Parker takes a leadership role in her community to handle the homelessness problem created by the Blip. Peter Parker continues to fight crime as Spider-Man. Parker also finds that a specific superpower of his, a precognitive sixth sense that alerts him to danger, is not working as it usually does. He also becomes romantically interested in MJ, unaware she already reciprocates his feelings for her.
    • Disgruntled former Stark employees led by Quentin Beck seek to tarnish Stark's legacy and have Beck be seen as Earth's best superhero in his place. They invent an elaborate cover story that he is a superhero from an alternate dimension whose world was destroyed by monsters called the Elementals, and he has come to this reality to save it from the same threat. In fact, the "Elementals" are just elaborate holograms that cloak bombs, drones, and other destructive weapons. They also plan to con Peter Parker into giving E.D.I.T.H. to Beck so they can use the AI in their scheme.
    • Sam Wilson, back home after seven years (two a fugitive, five dead), tries to reintegrate himself in the lives of his sister Sarah and his nephews, while also carrying out missions for the U.S. Air Force. Bucky Barnes, in addition to his mandated therapy, starts attempting to atone for his crimes as the Winter Soldier, including arranging the arrests of those he helped put in power and quietly assisting loved ones of innocent victims.
    • Bruce Banner creates a device that allows him to return to human form when necessary, which also allows him to start slowly healing his arm injury. (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law)
    • Under Valkyrie's leadership, New Asgard becomes a tourist destination for humans who want to experience Norse myth. One of the monuments they build features the shards of Mjolnir, still laying where Hela destroyed it. (Thor: Love and Thunder)
    • The Guardians purchase Knowhere from Tivan and begin leading reconstruction efforts. (The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special)

  • Sharon Carter/the Power Broker injects a group of disgruntled Blip survivors, led by a woman named Karli Morgenthau, with Dr. Nagel's Super-Soldier Serum, to serve as her enforcers in Mardipoor. However, the group soon goes rouge and leave Mardipoor, taking several doses of the serum with them, and begins organizing a movement against the GRC, calling themselves the "Flag-Smashers" after their desire to end national divisions, using their newfound power to steal supplies from the GRC in order to distribute them to people who survived the Blip. Sharon, naturally, swears retribution. (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
  • March or April: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier:note 
    • After spending six months agonizing over the prospect, Sam Wilson donates the Captain America shield to the Smithsonian. However, the US government instead gives the shield to a new Captain: John Walker. Around this time, Sam also becomes aware of the Flag-Smashers' activities and begins tracking them.
    • Bucky Barnes confronts Sam over giving up Steve's shield and ends up tagging along on a mission against the Flag-Smashers. Walker and his friend Lemar Hoskins also arrive during the fight, but the Flag-Smashers get away. Afterward, Walker asks for Sam and Bucky to endorse him as the new Captain America, but they're both offended at being patronized and reject him.
    • Realizing that the Flag-Smashers have taken the Super-Soldier Serum, Bucky decides to bring Sam to consult another retired super-soldier, Isaiah Bradley, still hiding in Baltimore with his grandson Eli. However, the memories of a black man abused by his government only serves to upset both Sam and Isaiah.
    • Bucky instead goes to see another man with knowledge of super-soldier experiments, Helmut Zemo. He reluctantly agrees to Zemo's request to break him out of jail, and Zemo brings Sam and Bucky to Madripoor to investigate the Power Broker undercover. Their cover is quickly blown and a price is put on their heads, but Sharon, seeing an opportunity to gain a pardon for her crimes, aids them and help them escape from bounty hunters, and she agrees to help them stop the Flag-Smashers.
    • The group tracks down Dr. Nagel's lab and interrogate him about the serum. Zemo soon executes Nagel, and in a fight with the Power Broker's own bounty hunters, the lab is destroyed.
    • Sam, Bucky, and Zemo head off to Rita, Lativa in search of Karli Morgenthau and the Flag-Smashers' supply of the serum. Walker and Hoskins track down and follow with them, desperate for leads in their own manhunt for the Flag-Smashers, as do Ayo and the Dora Milaje, who give Bucky eight hours to finish his business with Zemo before they take him in.
    • After Zemo manages to get a lead on from one of the locals, Sam tracks down Karli and attempts to talk her down, but their conversation is interrupted by an impatient Walker. While Karli makes her escape, Zemo finds and destroys the Flag-Smashers’ serum supply, though Walker secretly manages to save one vial.
    • With their eight hours up, the Dora Milaje arrive at Zemo’s suite to take him in, but Walker’s antagonism causes a fight to break out between them and his group. In the ensuing chaos, Zemo makes his escape though a hole in the bathroom. The humiliation from this encounter drives Walker to use the last vial of the serum on himself.
    • With the Power Broker still on their trail thanks to news coverage of their increasingly violent acts, the Flag-Smashers set up a trap meant to separate Walker from Sam, Bucky, and Hoskins and eliminate him, but Sharon alerts Sam and Bucky to their plan. Hoskins is accidentally killed by Karli in the ensuing brawl, which drives the now serum-powered Walker into a homicidal rage, leading to him brutally murdering Karli’s second-in-command Nico in a public square with dozens of witnesses.
    • Walker attempts to escape from the scene, but is quickly cornered by Sam and Bucky and a fight breaks out between them. Though Walker manages to rip the wings off of Sam’s Falcon suit, Walker is eventually knocked down and Sam reclaims the Captain America shield.
    • As a result of his actions, Walker is stripped of the Captain America mantle and discharged from the military. However, after an encounter with the mysterious Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Walker is still determined to take down the Flag-Smashers himself, even making himself a new shield from scratch.
    • Bucky tracks down Zemo at a Sokovian war memorial and turns him over to the Dora Milaje. In exchange for helping them capture Zemo, the Wakandans agree to Bucky’s request to craft a new suit for Sam, though they suggest he stays out of Wakanda for a while for breaking Zemo out of prison in the first place. Bucky returns to America to present Sam with the suit, who then begins training to become the new Captain America.
    • The Flag-Smashers launch an attack on a GRC summit in NYC and take their members hostage, but Sam, Bucky, and Sharon arrive to rescue them. Walker also arrives shortly after, but is soon convinced to abandon his revenge against the Flag-Smashers to help the hostages. Karli is eventually killed by Sharon, and railing behind her death, Sam gives a Rousing Speech to the GRC, asking them to think more about the Blip survivors rather than just trying to bring the world back to the way it was. Meanwhile, Bucky and Walker round up the remaining serum-powered Flag-Smashers and turn them in, but they’re soon killed mid-transport by a car bomb planted by Zemo's butler Oeznik.
    • In the aftermath of the battle, Sam officially takes up the Captain America mantle and gives Isaiah Bradley a display in the Smithsonian, Bucky finishes his book of amends, Walker is officially recruited by Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine and rebranded as "U.S. Agent", and Sharon is given a full pardon by the U.S. government and reinstated into her old position— giving her access to their weapons and secrets as the Power Broker.
  • Early April: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings:note 
    • Now living as a hotel valet in San Francisco with his friend Katy, "Shaun's" past comes calling when agents of the Ten Rings, led by Razor Fist, ambush him on his way to work and steal a special pendant that Shang-Chi received from his mother as a boy. Realizing that they will likely target his sister next, "Shaun" reveals his past to Katy and they fly to Macau to find Xu Xialing.
      • Wong attempts to become the Sorcerer Supreme. As part of the qualfications, he must face a worthy opponent in combat; he chooses Emil Blonsky and smuggles him out of military custody to have a cage match in Xialing's club. (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law)
    • Upon arriving in Macau, Katy and the Xu siblings realize that they've been tricked, and the three of them are confronted by Xu Wenwu himself, who brings them back to his main compound. To their surprise, Wenwu has no malicious intent: rather, he claims to have stumbled across some magic that will bring Ying Li back to life and restore their family. He claims that Ying Li is being held captive by her community in Ta Lo, and using the pendants' magic, he discovers a secret route through the shifting bamboo maze surrounding the entrance, planning to travel there, rescue her, and kill everyone who gets between him and his beloved. When Katy and his children object, he has them thrown in his dungeon.
    • In the dungeon, the trio meets Trevor Slattery, along with a companion he made while in captivity: Morris, a hundun creature from Ta Lo. The group escape from the dungeon and the compound, and Morris guides them through another path in the maze, allowing them to reach the entrance so they can warn their mother's side of the family of Wenwu's plan.
    • The group arrives in Ta Lo, where they meet Ying Li's sister, Ying Nan. Nan realizes that Wenwu has fallen under the sway of the Dweller-in-Darkness, an ancient evil imprisoned in Ta Lo who promises impossible rewards to those who would free it. Katy, Shang-Chi, and Xialing all prepare for the coming fight with the Ta Lo warriors.
    • Wenwu and the Ten Rings arrive in Ta Lo. Wenwu ignores his son's pleas and opens the gate, unleashing the soul-sucking Dweller and its minions. Their weapons useless against the beast, the Ten Rings soldiers join forces with the warriors of Ta Lo to fend off the invasion.
    • The Dweller-in-Darkness claims Wenwu's spirit for its next meal. In his final moments, Wenwu gives the Ten Rings to Shang-Chi, sacrificing himself for his son.
    • Shang-Chi awakens the Great Protector, a powerful water dragon who banished the Dweller-in-Darkness when it last escaped. The combined efforts of Shang-Chi, Xialing, Katy, and the Great Protector destroy the monster once and for all.
    • After laying Wenwu to rest, Shang-Chi and Xialing go their separate ways. Shang-Chi believes that Xialing plans to dismantle the Ten Rings army, but instead, she takes over leadership.
    • Shang-Chi and Katy are contacted by Wong, Captain Marvel, and Bruce Banner about the Ten Rings, where they discover that the Rings (unrecognizable by any of the gathered experts) are emitting some kind of signal to an unknown place.
  • Wong is formally named the Sorcerer Supreme. (Spider-Man: No Way Home, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law)
  • May or June: Spider-Man: Far From Home:note 
    • Beck debuts his superhuman persona to the world when the Earth Elemental lays waste to a small town in Mexico. There, he meets "Nick Fury and Maria Hill" (Talos and Soren). Both parties fall for the other's deceptions.
    • Happy Hogan warns Peter Parker that Nick Fury would like to speak with him; Parker, still reeling from his recent resurrection and loss of his mentor, refuses the call. In this time, Beck stages a second attack in Morocco where he defeats the Air Elemental.
    • Parker and his classmates begin a two-week trip to Europe, where Parker is looking forward to a break from super-heroics and plans to tell MJ about his feelings for her. Unfortunately, the first stop on the trip, Venice, Italy, is also the site of the third of Beck's attacks. Parker works to help Beck defeat the Water Elemental. Parker's classmates Ned Leeds and Betty Brant coin the nom de guerre "Mysterio" for the new superhero.
    • That night, "Fury" visits Parker in his hotel room and gives him a last gift from Tony Stark - a pair of glasses embedded with the E.D.I.T.H. AI, which allows the wearer access to all of Stark's weapons and information-gathering technology. Additionally, he introduces Parker to Beck, who explains the Elementals and requests Parker's help in fighting the fourth Elemental, a fire-based monster, projected to appear in the Czech Republic soon. Parker declines, noting that he would raise suspicions from his classmates and teachers if Parker were to vanish from the trip and the New York-based Spider-Man suddenly appeared in Prague.
    • In response, "Fury" has one of his agents pose as a travel representative and speak to the trip's chaperones. The trip makes an abrupt itinerary change as the students, Parker included, are re-routed to the Czech Republic.
    • As the students ride the bus through Switzerland, Parker is given a new Spider-suit by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that will allow him to fight the Fire Elemental without being recognized as Spider-Man. He also discovers just how dangerous E.D.I.T.H. can be when he accidentally orders a drone strike on one of his classmates.
    • In Prague, Parker and Beck defeat the Fire Elemental. Beck and Parker celebrate their "victory" after, and Beck succeeds in tricking Parker into giving E.D.I.T.H., and toasts to his crew when Parker is out of earshot. Concurrently, Jones finds a camera covered in Spider-Man's webs, and becomes "67% sure" that Parker and Spider-Man are one and the same. When Beck looks into the missing projector, he realizes that Jones, and by extension, Parker, have evidence of his treachery and conspires to kill them both.
    • Horrified that their children have been at ground zero for two different monster attacks, the students' parents demand that they fly home as soon as possible. As it is their last night in Europe, Parker asks Jones out on a moonlight walk to tell her about his feelings for her. It falls apart when she interrupts him, presuming he'd planned to tell her he was Spider-Man, and then worsens when they activate the camera, revealing it to be a holographic projector. They soon after deduce that Beck had tricked Parker.
    • Giving his chaperones the cover story that he will be staying with relatives, Parker travels to Berlin to warn "Fury" and "Hill" about Beck, but Beck ambushes Parker. He uses his illusions to construct a living nightmare around Parker. He concludes the torment by leading Parker to believe that he's been rescued by "Fury" so he gives the names of his classmates who know the truth. Once he's been given a list of targets, Beck tricks Parker into walking onto a train track, where he is hit by a bullet train at full speed. Assuming the boy to be dead, Beck uses E.D.I.T.H. to make another itinerary change to the class trip so it is now set to fly home from London, England, the site of Beck's fifth and final attack, where he plans to kill "Fury", "Hill", Jones, Leeds, and Brant.
    • Surviving the collision, Parker wakes up in the Netherlands where he's rescued by Hogan. After a heart-to-heart, Hogan and Parker track Beck and the class to London. Along the way, Parker designs a new Spider-Man suit for himself.
    • Now fully in tune with his extra-sensory power, Parker sees past Beck's illusions and defeats him. Beck (seemingly) dies from one of his own drones, but his associates (whom Parker was unaware of) all flee. Parker reunites with his class, has his First Kiss with Jones, and they begin dating.
    • One week after the events in London, Jones and Parker go on a date in Manhattan, where they see a news report about a video of Mysterio's final moments that was recently sent to the sensationalist news site Through some Manipulative Editing, the video presents Beck as a hero who gave his life to stop both the final Elemental and a deranged Spider-Man. Making matters worse, Beck ends the video by showing the world Spider-Man's real face and name: Peter Parker.
  • With his identity now compromised, Parker, May, Leeds, and Jones are tried by the Department of Damage Control over the death of Mysterio and the attack on London. Luckily, the charges are dropped by Matt Murdock, but warns Parker that the public is still unwilling to settle with him. Parker and his Aunt May end up moving into Happy Hogan's condo while trying to combat the bad press. (Spider-Man: No Way Home)
  • Summer: Eternals: note 
    • Two weeks before the Emergence, the seven Deviants thaw out of an iceberg in Alaska when the growing heat of the awakening Tiamut causes it to melt. They slaughter a group of oil workers and make a nest in a cave. Ikaris discovers their existence and tracks them down, but leaves them alive for his own purposes.
    • Seven days before the Emergence, Ajak and Ikaris meet to confirm the Emergence will occur soon. Ajak admits she wants to stop the Emergence this time, having been convinced by the Avengers actions against Thanos and the Blip that humans are worth saving. Ikaris, refusing to betray Arishem, leads her to the Deviants and throws her to them. The pack leader feeds on Ajak's energy, killing her. Ikaris retrieves her body and leaves it at her farm in South Dakota, intending to distract the rest of the group with a Deviant hunt. Unbeknownst to Ikaris, the lead Deviant - Kro - evolves after feeding on Ajak, becoming more intelligent and capable of healing himself. He spreads this energy to the rest of his pack, evolving them as well, before going to hunt the other Eternals.
    • Major, world-spanning earthquakes begin to occur, a sign of the coming Emergence. The night after one hits, Kro attacks Sersi and Sprite, who have been living in London with Sersi's human boyfriend Dane Whitman. Ikaris arrives and helps drive the Deviant off. The Eternals decide to reform to hunt down the returned Deviants.
    • Arriving in South Dakota the following day, Sersi, Ikaris, and Sprite reach Ajak's home by nightfall, finding her body in the back yard. While paying respects, the object Ajak used to converse with Arishem fuses with Sersi, giving her the means to contact the Celestial in Ajak's place.
    • Reaching Mumbai the following day, the team recruits Kingo and his valet Karun, informing them of Ajak's death. The group departs on Kingo's private plane.
    • The team arrives in Australia, finding Gilgamesh and Thena living in isolation in the Outback. Along the way, they find a Deviant Gilgamesh had recently killed singlehandedly. After calming Thena down from a Mahd Wr'ry episode, they explain the situation to the two warriors. Sersi contacts Arishem, who explains the truth of Eternals, Deviants, and the Emergence. Unwilling to let the Earth die, the group comes up with a plan to have Druig use his powers on the Celestial to stop the Emergence.
    • Arriving in the Amazon, the team finds Druig, now leader of a village populated by the descendants of the Tenochtitlan humans. As they rest in the village, the remaining Deviants attack. The ensuing fight sees the entire pack save Kro killed, with Sersi unexpectedly turning one into a tree. However, during the fight, Kro manages to catch and absorb Gilgamesh's energy, evolving further and gaining true sapience. Now able to properly process the Eternals and Deviants state of existence, he swears to kill the Eternals to avenge the prior extermination of his species, before fleeing Ikaris' arrival. Gilgamesh succumbs to his wounds in Thena's arms, and is cremated that night with the assembled Eternals (and Karun) in attendance.
    • In the morning, Thena pours Gilgamesh's ashes into the nearby river, and Druig agrees to help. Arriving in Chicago, Sersi and Ikaris convince Phastos to join them.
    • The remaining Eternals reunite at the Domo in Iraq, with Makkari currently residing onboard, and Phastos starts working on a means of combining their powers - a Uni-Mind - to put Tiamut to sleep, hoping to buy time to evacuate the humans.
    • Sersi senses the Emergence is starting soon, and Ikaris attacks. Revealing his duplicity, he and Sprite leave to protect Tiamut. Kingo and Karun also leave, as Kingo feels that the Emergence should happen but he isn't willing to fight his family over it. Thena reassures Sersi, and Phastos realizes Ajak's device is key to developing the Uni-Mind.
    • As the Emergence begins, the pro-humanity Eternals battle Ikaris and a late-arriving Kro. The initial attempt to put Tiamut to sleep fails after Ikaris intervenes, and Sprite is knocked out when attacking Sersi. In the midst of the battle, Thena duels Kro in a cave, finally killing the last Deviant and avenging Gilgamesh. As Tiamut emerges and options run out, Sersi begrudgingly assumes command of the Uni-Mind (inadvertently drawing from Tiamut as well) and uses her power to turn Tiamut into stone, killing it and saving Earth. Ikaris, ultimately unwilling to kill Sersi, allows his energy to be added to the Uni-Mind. Unable to live with betraying both his family and his master, Ikaris flies into the sun, killing himself. As the remaining Eternals regroup, Sersi offers to use the last of her energy to turn Sprite fully human, allowing her the chance to have the normal life previously denied her. Sprite happily accepts.
    • Two weeks later, Druig, Thena, and Makkari leave Earth in the Domo, intending to reveal the truth to other Eternals. Shortly after their departure, Arishem arrives and abducts Sersi, Phastos, and Kingo. He declares that he shall review their memories of humanity to judge if the species was actually worth the sacrifice of a Celestial, before teleporting away with them in tow.
    • Shortly after Arishem's appearance, Dane opens a chest containing a family relic - the Ebony Blade. Before he can pick up the weapon, a new arrival asks him if he's ready for it.
    • Weeks after departing, the Domo crew realizes something's happened to their friends back on Earth. They then cross paths with Eros, another Eternal and the proclaimed brother of Thanos, and his accomplice Pip the Troll, who offer to help find them.
  • In an isolated wilderness cabin, Wanda Maximoff studies the Darkhold, which gradually ends up corrupting her mind. She discovers the existence of other dimensions, including ones where she still has a family; and becomes obsessed with getting her sons back. She also learns of America Chavez, a teenage girl unique in the multiverse with the power to travel between dimensions; and starts sending monsters after America to capture her. (WandaVision, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)
  • August or September: Peter Parker begins his senior year of high school with heightened media attention surrounding him and his peers, as they begin to apply to colleges. (Spider-Man: No Way Home)
  • Marc Spector comes to believe that Khonshu is eyeing his wife Layla to be his next avatar (though in truth, Khonshu is actually targeting Marc's alternate personality Jake Lockley). For her safety, he distances himself from her and attempts to file for divorce. (Moon Knight)
  • When his illness becomes too severe to hide, T'Challa finally asks Shuri for medical attention, though it is already too late to save him. He asks Nakia and Toussaint to not attend his funeral due to not believing the time would be right to introduce his son to Wakanda, and asks M'Baku to provide council for his sister after his passing. Nonetheless, Shuri scrambles to synthetically recreate the lost heart-shaped herb, but T'Challa dies before she can succeed. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
    • After T'Challa's funeral, Ramonda is reinstated as queen thanks to her past experience ruling alongside T'Chaka and during the Blip. Despite her trauma from losing her son coupled with the stress of leading a nation reeling from the death of its' king and protector, Ramonda soldiers on, taking some time for herself in which she makes peace with her son's death. Shuri, however, becomes embittered at failing to save her brother. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
    • With T'Challa dead and the line of the Black Panther ended with him, the United States, France, and other nations become emboldened, hungry for Vibranium and the power it would give their militaries. The US President and CIA Director de Fontaine in particular eagerly see an opportunity to subjugate Wakanda and the rest of the world with plundered Vibranium, and begin preparing to strike Wakanda. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
  • November: Spider-Man: No Way Home:note 
    • Peter Parker's college applications are rejected due to his involvement in the London attack and the death of Mysterio. Jones and Leeds's applications similarly are rejected due to them being accomplices of Peter Parker.
    • In order to get him and his friends into MIT, Parker visits Doctor Strange in the New York Sanctum to try to reverse the actions caused by Mysterio.
    • Doctor Strange, warned by Wong over its usage, starts to cast a memory loss spell that would make everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Parker, not wanting many of his closest allies forget who he is, tries to make several exceptions to Strange, but the constant interruptions cause the spell to result in nine multiversial entities from three different universes to be thrown into this universe. Strange quickly puts a stop to the spell before any more entities from other universes enter, and kicks Parker out after realizing that Parker did not consult an MIT administrator before coming to him.
      • Two of the entities — Eddie Brock, a man bonded to a symbiotic alien creature calling itself Venom — end up materializing in a room at a hotel resort. The first thing the two see on the TV is the exposé on Spider-Man, which Venom takes an interest in. (Venom: Let There Be Carnage)
    • While trying to bargain with an MIT administrator for Jones' and Leeds' applications on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge, the bridge is attacked by a multiverse-displaced Otto Octavius, who is furious at Parker for hiding his fusion core reactor machine, a machine that Parker does not know of. The two fight one another while Parker tries to save people still on the bridge, but Octavius takes part of Parker's nanotech suit to his own mechanical arms. After taking a look at the Parker's face, he realizes that he is not the same Peter Parker that he knew. Before Octavius can do anything, his mechanical arms is overtaken by Parker, allowing Parker to defeat him easily. Parker and Octavius are then taken back to the New York Sanctum by Dr. Strange.
    • At the same time as Parker's fight against Octavius, Strange encounters the multiverse-displaced Lizard, the transformed human originally known as Dr. Curt Connors. Strange later tasks Parker, Leeds, and Jones to find the other villains that had crossed over and capture them.
    • While scouting for other multiverse-displaced villains, Parker finds Electro (Max Dillon) and Sandman (Flint Marko). Parker teams up with the latter to help fight Electro, before sending the two of them to the New York Sanctum.
    • After receiving a call from his Aunt May, Parker reaches the F.E.A.S.T. facility and encounters Norman Osborn, another displaced villain. Parker manages to take Osborn over to the New York Sanctum.
    • As the villains begin to converse about their situation, Parker is horrified to learn that Osborn, Octavius, and Dillon are to be killed in their respective universes. Vowing that he would save them from their deaths, he stops Strange from casting a reversal of the memory wipe spell that would bring the villains back to their respective universes, and traps him in the Mirror Dimension.
    • Bringing the multiverse-displaced villains over to Hogan's condo, Parker uses a Stark Industry Fabricator to help cure the villains. Parker starts with Octavius, creating a new inhibitor chip that frees him from the arms' AI. Octavius offers to help Parker out after being cured.
    • While in the process of curing Electro, Osborn's Green Goblin persona takes over, and convinces the other villains to attack Peter, Octavius, and May; and they all escape into the night. May attempts to use the cure for Osborn created by the Fabricator, but the cure fails. In response, Osborn stabs May with his glider. Before succumbing to her wounds, May tells Parker that "with great power, there must also come great responsibility".
    • Upset over the news of May's death, Jones and Leeds tries to find Parker using Strange's sling ring. They end up finding two other versions of Peter Parker, one from Connors and Dillon's universe (whom the Peters later designate "Peter-Three"), and the other from Osborn, Octavius, and Marko's universe ("Peter-Two"). The two Peter Parkers express their desire to find and help this universe's Parker ("Peter-One").
    • After gaining the courage to save the villains from the other Peter Parkers, the three begin working on various cures. After all the cures made, the Parkers bait the other villains to the Statue of Liberty using TheDailyBugle. The three are successful in curing the Sandman, the Lizard, and with help from Octavius, Electro.
    • After Strange is freed from the Mirror Dimension, Green Goblin shows up once more to destroy the box holding the destructive spell, causing a rift into the multiverse to form and allowing other multiversial entities to enter. Goblin takes on one more fight from Parker, but with the intent of forcing Parker to kill him so Parker will just be like him. Peter-Two stops Parker from killing Goblin with his glider, only to be stabbed by Goblin. Luckily, this gives Peter-Three the opportunity to throw the cure for Goblin at Parker and use it, killing the Goblin and freeing Osborn for good.
    • To stop the multiverse from destroying their own universe, Parker tells Strange that he needs to make the world forget Peter Parker. He says goodbye to the other Peter Parkers, as well as Leeds and Jones, who will forget him in the process. Jones and Parker have one more kiss, before the spell finally takes place.
      • Meanwhile at the hotel resort, Eddie Brock, after listening to the story regarding the universe and the Avengers as a whole while drunk in a bar, tries to leave in order to find Spider-Man. However, Eddie Brock gets transported back to his own universe, much to the dismay of Venom. They end up leaving behind a drop of the Venom symbiote, which heads off with the intent of finding Spider-Man.
      • Due to an unknown side effect of the spell, Adrian Toomes is also transported to Venom's home universe. (Morbius)
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness:note 
    • America Chavez and an alternate Doctor Strange travel to the space between dimensions to find the Book of Vishanti, but they are chased by one of Wanda Maximoff's monsters. Just before they reach the book, the monster catches up with them. Strange is killed, but as he dies he makes sure America can escape to another dimension; and America and Strange's body land in the main timeline.
    • Doctor Strange attends Christine Palmer's wedding. During the reception, he sees America being chased by another monster, and he and Wong both intervene to protect her. Afterwards, America explains that she is being chased by an unknown pursuer for a power she has but cannot control, and Strange and Wong vow to protect her.
      • In another timeline, Christine's wedding is not interrupted and Strange returns home. In his heartbreak, he consults the Darkhold and uses a dangerous "dreamwalking" spell to see if there are any other timelines where he and Christine are together. Finding none, he continues to dreamwalk and forces several alternate Stranges to commit suicide. The spell soon damages his timeline enough to begin an Incursion, and it starts to collapse.
    • Recognizing the monster as a product of witchcraft, Strange visits Wanda to ask for her help. However, Wanda lets slip that she is the one targeting America. Her cover blown, she reveals that she has been corrupted by the Darkhold and resorts to threats and tells Strange to hand America over or she'll take her.
    • Wong and Strange prepare Kamar-Taj for a seige to defend themselves and America from Wanda, but Wanda's chaos magic proves too much for them and she tears through their defenses. At the last minute, America opens a portal; and she and Strange escape into another dimension (see "Illuminati Timeline").
    • While being held hostage by Wanda, one of the sorcerers sacrifices herself to destroy the Darkhold. Furious at its loss, Wanda forces Wong to help her, and he tells her that the book's spells were copied from a tomb on Wundagore Mountain. She makes him bring her there, and they find that it is not merely a tomb, but a temple devoted to her.
    • Wanda uses spells in the tomb to track down the timeline that America is in and dreamwalk into the body of that universe's Wanda. As the other Wanda, she goes on a rampage until she captures America, using her power to bring her back to the main timeline and send Doctor Strange into yet another universe.
      • Strange arrives in the devastated timeline undergoing an Incursion. Finding that universe's Strange corrupted by the Darkhold, he decides he needs to use the Darkhold himself to get home; and they fight over the book until the corrupted Strange is killed. Strange then uses the dreamwalking spell to puppet the corpse of the dead alternate Strange buried in the main timeline.
    • The zombie Strange arrives at Wundagore Mountain when he is attacked by the souls of the damned for daring to raise the dead; but Strange takes control of the spirits and uses them to face Wanda with Wong. However, they are still outmatched, and America urges Strange to take her power (and her life with it) before Wanda can claim it. But Strange instead tells her that she has better control over her portals than she thinks and encourages her to take Wanda on herself.
    • After trading a few blows with Wanda, America opens a portal back to the timeline she was in earlier, where the alternate Wanda and her sons live peacefully. However, the boys react with fear and terror, making her realize just how far she had fallen. She returns to the main timeline, and as America and Wong leave she brings the temple down on top of her, destroying all copies of the Darkhold across the multiverse in the process.
    • After retrieving Strange from the alternate timeline, America is taken in by the Masters of the Mystic Arts and starts training with them. Strange also returns to New York, but finds that his use of the Darkhold has started to corrupt him.
    • Some time later, a woman named Clea confronts Strange and demands that he help her stop an Incursion. He gladly accepts and they head off to the Dark Dimension.
  • Late November or December: As Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds celebrate their acceptance into MIT, Peter Parker tries to reintroduce himself to them but opts not to. After having a conversation at May's grave with Happy Hogan, who has also forgotten him, Parker moves in to an apartment and continues his heroics. (Spider-Man: No Way Home)
  • Various pieces of gear and equipment are salvaged from the ruins of the Avengers compound and make their way to the black market, including Barton's Ronin outfit and sword and a S.H.I.E.L.D. watch that once belonged to his wife Laura. (Hawkeye)
  • December: Hawkeye note 
    • December 19:
      • Kate Bishop learns that her mother Eleanor is engaged to New York socialite Jacques Duquesne, but becomes suspicious when she sees Jacques' uncle Armand III threaten Eleanor. She quietly follows Jacques and Armand to a black market auction, where she sees the Ronin equipment for sale.
      • The Tracksuit Mafia attack the auction in order to claim the watch from the Avengers compound. Kate manages to grab the Ronin suit to disguise herself and fights her way out, while Jacques claims the sword in the confusion. While escaping, she tries to protect a stray dog running into traffic and gets caught on camera.
      • While celebrating Christmas with his kids in the city, Clint Barton sees the news report on the sighting of Ronin and sets out to investigate.
      • Eleanor murders Armand Duquesne III on the Kingpin's orders. Shortly afterward, Kate (still in the Ronin suit) sneaks into his apartment and finds his dead body. The Tracksuit Mafia catch up with her as she leaves, out for "Ronin's" blood, when Clint intervenes; and he's shocked to find that the new "Ronin" is a young woman.
    • December 20:
      • Clint and Kate return to her apartment. Unfortunately, so do the Tracksuit Mafia. Clint and Kate are forced to flee and leave the Ronin suit behind. Clint returns later to retrieve it only to find it gone, taken by one of the responding firefighters to use in Live Action Role Play. In order to get the suit back without creating an incident, Clint joins the LARP session and makes a deal with its wearer.
      • Clint gets himself Captured on Purpose by the Tracksuit Mafia, hoping that he can convince them that Kate is a bystander. Unfortunately, Kate was tracking Clint and barges in, getting herself captured as well.
    • December 21:
      • Clint and Kate escape the Tracksuit Mafia, using several trick arrows in a car chase.
      • Kate takes Clint to her mother's apartment to use her security contacts to investigate Jacques. They find evidence connecting Jacques to the Tracksuit Mafia (planted by Eleanor) before being caught, and explain that they're working together. Clint also notices that Jacques has the Ronin sword and quietly steals it back.
      • Worried for Kate's safety and unable to get Clint to drop the case, Eleanor hires an assassin to eliminate him before things go farther. Contessa Fontaine delivers the assignment to Yelena Bolova while visiting Natasha's gravesite, presenting Clint as Natasha's killer. (Black Widow)
      • Kate creates a makeshift holiday party with Clint, during which they also plan their next steps. Kate realizes that Clint himself was Ronin.
    • December 22:
      • Clint sends Kate to get in touch with the LARPers, as some are policemen who can potentially return his spent trick arrows. When he discusses the situation with Laura, they realize that Laura's old watch might be in the wrong hands and put her at risk.
      • Clint and Kate track the watch to an NYC apartment and Kate breaks in to steal it back, realizing too late that it belongs to the Tracksuits' leader Maya Lopez. As Kate fends off Maya, Clint is attacked by Yelena. They drive both women off, but Clint refuses to keep Kate in the sights of a Black Widow and sends her home.
    • December 23:
      • Yelena confronts Kate in her apartment, hoping to learn Barton's location. On learning that Yelena wants to avenge Natasha, Kate refuses to believe that Clint would have killed her and suggests that Yelena's employer is trying to manipulate her.
      • Clint suits up as Ronin and confronts Maya, but refuses to kill her and instead warns her not to target his family. He also reveals that her father was betrayed by their boss the Kingpin.
      • Eleanor tries to cut ties with the Kingpin before Kate gets hurt. Yelena, following Kate's advice and spying on her, texts this information to Kate.
    • December 24 (Christmas Eve): Clint and Kate attend Eleanor's company holiday party to protect her from the Kingpin's wrath, with the help of Jacques and the LARPers. Yelena also attends in order to get at Clint.
      • While the Tracksut Mafia keep most of the heroes busy, the Kingpin goes after Eleanor. Kate faces him and eventually manages to knock him out. While Eleanor is safe, she is then arrested for Armand's murder.
      • Yelena attacks Clint, but he eventually gets her to accept that there was no way he could have stopped Natasha's death and she relents.
      • Maya meets her second-in-command Kazi and begs him to walk away from crime with her. When he refuses, she is forced to stab him. Afterwards, she intercepts the Kingpin as he escapes and shoots him in the face.
    • December 25 (Christmas): Clint returns home to his family, bringing Kate along; and he returns Laura's watch to her. Later that day, he burns the Ronin suit, ending its legacy for good.

  • Wendy Spector passes away. Her son Marc Spector returns to Chicago for the memorial shivat, but cannot bring himself to attend. In his grief, his Steven Grant persona emerges and becomes the dominant personality, blissfully oblivious to the situation. (Moon Knight)
  • Moon Knightnote 
    • Two months after Wendy Spector's death, Steven Grant starts to become aware of his alternate personality Marc Spector, even waking up during one of Marc's missions stealing the scarab of Ammit from Arthur Harrow's cult. He also discovers Layla trying to get in touch with Marc and responds, leading her to him. (During this time, Marc and Steven's other personality of Jake Lockley stays hidden, only emerging in self-defense.)
    • Realizing that Steven is not his enemy, Harrow tries to bargain with him for the scarab, but Steven recognizes the danger in Harrow's ideology and refuses. Harrow then summons a monster to take it by force; and while Marc takes over and defeats it, the scarab is dropped in the confusion and Harrow claims it.
    • Harrow heads to Cairo to unearth Ammit's tomb, with Marc and Layla following him. With few trails to follow, Khonshu causes a solar eclipse to summon the avatars of the other Egyptian gods and put Harrow on trial. However, Harrow is able to exploit the gods' dislike of Khonshu and cast doubt on Marc's mental state, getting himself acquitted. But the avatar of Hathor is sympathetic, and directs Marc to the sarcophagus of Senfu.
    • Marc and Layla meet with black market dealer Anton Mogart in order to study the sarcophagus. Harrow shows up, turns Mogart and his men against the two, and destroys the sarcophagus; but the two manage to walk away with some clues.
    • Steven deciphers that the clues from the sarcophagus form a star chart that can lead to Ammit's tomb. To get accurate coodinates, Khonshu alters the night sky to look the way it did millenia ago, knowing that the other gods will seal him away for another public display of the supernatural.
    • Steven and Layla arrive at the tomb, following Harrow's squad inside, but the two are separated. Steven arrives in the burial chamber first and discovers the stone figure sealing Ammit in Alexander the Great's corpse. Meanwhile, Layla encounters Harrow and he reveals that Marc was involved in her father's death. When she arrives in the burial chamber, she forces an explanation out of Marc; giving Harrow the time to catch up. When Marc refuses to surrender Ammit, Harrow shoots him dead.
    • In the afterlife of Duat, Marc and Steven's souls meet the goddess Taweret and she begins weighing their hearts to determine their judgment. However, their scales are unbalanced, so they go through their memories to try and find balance before it's too late; and Steven learns of Marc's history as an abuse survivor and avatar of Khonshu.
    • Layla infiltrates Harrow's group, as Taweret tries to contact her on Marc and Steven's behalf. They enter the court of the gods and slaughter their avatars; and as Harrow releases Ammit, Layla finds Khonshu's prison and unseals him. The two gods begin to battle.
    • Marc and Steven fail to balance in time and are attacked, but when Steven falls into the sands Marc becomes balanced and is taken to the paradise of the Field of Reeds. However, he can't accept abandoning Steven and returns to Duat, where Osiris opens the gate to the living world for them. Khonshu notices their return and restores their avatar powers, healing their injured body.
    • Harrow and his cult enter Cairo and begin to judge the populace, but Marc and Steven arrive and fight back, switching off as a tag-team. Layla also accepts becoming a temporary avatar of Taweret and joins the fight, as Ammit and Khonshu engage in a Behemoth Battle outside the city.
    • Marc and Layla find themselves outmatched by Harrow, now a true avatar of Ammit, until Marc's Jake Lockley personality emerges and makes short work of him. Marc, Layla, and the gods combine their powers to trap Ammit within Harrow's body. Khonshu then demands that Marc kill the two before they become a threat again, but Marc sees this as too close to Ammit's methods and refuses. Marc and Steven also insist that Khonshu release them both from being his avatar, which he agrees to.
    • Harrow is committed to an insane asylum, until Khonshu has him broken out and executed by his new avatar: Jake Lockley.
  • Jane Foster is diagnosed with stage four cancer. When medical science fails to help, she decides to visit New Asgard; where Thor's inadvertent enchantment on the shards of Mjolnir activates, reassembling it and granting her Thor's power. (Thor: Love and Thundernote )
  • Late March - April: Ms. Marvel:note 
    • The inaugural AvengerCon is held at Camp Lehigh, New Jersey. Jersey City native Kamala Khan sneaks out and attends with her friend Bruno Carrelli. But when she puts on an heirloom bangle as part of her Captain Marvel costume, she suddenly finds herself able to create Hard Light constructs and creates chaos.
    • Kamala and Bruno investigate her new powers, figuring out that the bangle unlocked them but they are natural to her. Meanwhile, social media footage of Kamala goes viral and comes to the attention of the Department of Damage Control.
    • March 31 (Eid al-Fitr): Kamala tries to learn more about the bangle's original owner from her community at an Eid celebration, but makes little progress. The festivities are interrupted when a young boy, Hameed, falls from a tower. Kamala attempts to rescue him, but an unexpected vision catches her off-guard and she loses control of her powers. She manages to spare the boy from a fatal fall, but quickly flees the scene in shame and confusion. As she runs, she finds herself surrounded by the Department of Damage Control, who've deduced from racial profiling that they are looking for a South Asian teenager in the tri-state area. Kamala escapes them thanks to the timely arrival of her crush, Kamran, who introduces her to his mother — Najma, the same woman from the vision during Hameed's rescue.
    • Najma explains that she and Kamala's great-grandmother Aisha are extradimensional aliens that humans call "djinn", and that the bangle can potentially send them back to the home dimension they were exiled from. She then asks Kamala if she would help them. After checking the science with Bruno, though, Kamala learns that it would be extremely dangerous and so she declines.
    • Kamala's brother Aamir marries his fiancee Tyresha. At the wedding reception, Kamran warns Kamala that Najma is coming for her with the rest of the djinn to take the bangle by force. Kamala pulls the fire alarm to evacuate the venue before starting to fight them. Kamala is eventually caught by Najma and the bangle activates, showing a vision of a train bound for Karachi; but she is ultimately saved by the Department of Damage Control showing up and subduing and arresting the djinn, allowing her to escape. Afterwards, Kamala's grandmother Sana calls from Pakistan insisting that she and her mother Muneeba come to visit — because she had seen the vision of the train, too.
    • In Pakistan, Kamala tries to search for the train when she is confronted by Kareem, one of the Red Daggers who recognizes that she is a djinn. However, he realizes that Kamala isn't associated with Najma's group, and the Red Daggers welcome her.
    • The djinn escape from Damage Control's supermax prison. While they then head to Pakistan, Najma leaves her son Kamran behind for helping Kamala.
    • The djinn arrive in Pakistan and immedately assault the Red Daggers' base. After a chase through the streets of Karachi that leaves some of the djinn and the Daggers dead, a stray blow hits Kamala's bangle and creates a blast of energy that opens a tear to the djinn's realm.
      • In the middle of the blast, Kamala is sent backwards through time to 1947 before returning in the same moment that she left.
    • The tear threatens to overwhelm Earth if left unchecked, and proves fatal to the remaining djinn as well. Najma still wants to try to use it to get home, until Kamala reminds her of her son. She instead gives her life to close the tear, and sends her energy to Kamran to awaken his djinn powers. In the wake of all of this, Sana and Muneeba arrive and learn of Kamala's powers.
    • With nowhere else to go and Damage Control tracking him, Kamran goes to Bruno for help. After returning to the United States, Kamala learns that Bruno has gone missing and goes out to find him.
    • With Damage Control's Agent Deever using increasingly heavy-handed methods to find Kamran, Kamala and her friends make a stand in their high school. While Kamala arranges for the Red Daggers to smuggle Kamran out of the country, her classmate Zoe uses her social media accounts to alert the community to Damage Control's actions.
    • Agent Deever ignores instructions to stand down and leads an assault on the school. While Kamala's group is able to hold their own for a while using makeshift traps, most of them eventually get captured. Kamran then learns that his mother is dead, and in his grief he goes out to attack Damage Control directly. Kamala gets involved to make sure that neither kill the other or the crowd that had gathered; and is able to talk Kamran down and help him escape. Deever's boss calls off the raid, furious that she defied orders and created a PR disaster by attacking teenagers in a school.
    • Over a week after the fight with Damage Control, Kamala is in her room when her bangle mysteriously activates and teleports her somewhere, with Carol Danvers appearing in her place.
  • Bruce Banner goes on a road trip with his cousin, Jennifer Walters, when a Sakaaran spaceship appears and causes them to swerve off the road and crash. With both bleeding, Bruce's irridiated blood gets in Jen's bloodstream, causing her to acquire his powers. Bruce takes Jen to his base in Mexico to train her to handle her new abilities, though he's surprised to find that she doesn't turn feral as he did. After Jen proves to Bruce that she has control of herself (and a brief fistfight between them), she returns to her normal life as a lawyer. (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law)
  • On an alien planet, a man named Gorr loses his daughter to hardship shortly before meeting his god, Rapu, who had just slain a wielder of the cursed weapon the Necrosword. Enraged by Rapu's callous disregard for his own followers, Gorr takes the Necrosword and kills him; and under the sword's thrall he is directed to seek a cosmic being called Eternity and starts slaughtering all pantheons across the universe. (Thor: Love and Thunder)
  • Thor: Love and Thunder:note 
    • The Guardians of the Galaxy receive hundreds of distress calls from gods under assault. Thor decides to respond to one from Sif, while the rest of the Guardians advise splitting up as a pretense to abandon him. He and Korg find Sif alive but maimed, who warns them that Asgard is being targeted next.
    • Gorr attacks New Asgard, but is driven back by Asgardians including Thor, Korg, Valkyrie, and Jane. He retreats, but kidnaps the Asgardian children as bait for Thor. Meanwhile, Thor is caught off-guard by seeing Jane again and jealous that she's carrying his old weapon.
    • Thor and his friends visit Omnipotence City, a gathering place of the gods, hoping to rally them to fight a common threat. However, the other gods and their leader Zeus are more concerned with their own hedonism and unwilling to risk their safety for others; leading the Asgardians to instead steal Zeus' Thunderbolt and escape.
    • The group then travels to Gorr's hideout in the Shadow Realm, and on the way Thor and Jane rekindle their relationship but Jane reveals to Thor that she's dying from cancer. Once they get there, they soon realize that it was a trap; luring Thor in in order to claim Stormbreaker and its ability to summon the Bifrost. After Valkyrie is injured, Thor calls for a retreat; but Gorr is able to grab and steal Stormbreaker as they leave.
    • Thor and his friends nurse their wounds at New Asgard, and Thor realizes that Jane's Asgardian powers are sapping her strength and that using them again could let her cancer kill her. With Valkyrie and Korg too hurt to fight, Thor goes after Gorr alone.
    • Thor pursues Gorr to the Gate of Eternity, where Gorr hopes to use Stormbreaker to gain an audience with Eternity and ask it to kill all gods for him. To even the odds, Thor temporarily shares his power with the kidnapped Asgardian children, charging them with battling Gorr's shadow monsters while he fights Gorr himself. But even this is not enough; and Jane, sensing the danger, risks her life to join Thor in battle once more. Together they're able to destroy the Necrosword, but Gorr has already opened the gate.
    • In front of Eternity, Thor begs Gorr to give up his hatred, and chooses to concede the fight to comfort Jane in her dying moments. Gorr, no longer corrupted by the Necrosword, is moved by this act of love and asks Eternity to resurrect his daughter before he dies from the sword's curse.
    • The children return to New Asgard, and Valkyrie and Sif begin training them in self-defense. Korg returns to his homeworld, where he finds a mate and they have a child. Thor adopts Gorr's daughter, and they travel the universe defending the innocent wherever they can. After her death, Jane's soul arrives in Valhalla. But back in Omnipotence City, Zeus laments how mortals no longer revere the gods and are now idolizing superheroes instead; and he sends his son Hercules to take vengeance on Thor.
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law:note 
    • Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Walters is presenting a case in court when a superpowered influencer named Titania gets irritated with her own trial and goes on a rampage. Jen reveals her Hulk powers to stop her, becoming an instant celebrity that the public calls "She-Hulk".
    • The incident with Titania causes Jen to lose her job, and the only law firm willing to hire a superhuman is one that intentionally wants to court Fantastic Legal Weirdness. She begins litigating a number of superhuman cases.
      • As her first case, she represents Emil Blonsky in a parole hearing after his rampage in 2011, though this is complicated by footage leaking of his underground cage fight against Wong. Jen manages to earn Blonsky's parole by having Wong testify that the fight was his idea, and Blonsky goes to start a wellness retreat for superhumans.
      • In one case, she goes against Matt Murdock, who was flown in from New York to represent the opposition as a personal favor. With Jen learning that he's superpowered as well, they bond over their respective positions.
    • Bruce Banner gets in contact with the Sakaarans that accidentally ran him and Jen off the road, and agrees to take a trip back to Sakaar with them. Once there, he learns that he had a son named Skaar during the Hulk's gladiator days.
    • A misogynist online community called the Intelligencia takes an instant dislike to She-Hulk and starts plotting against her, sending a man to date her as a pretense to steal personal information and a blood sample. Meanwhile, Titania starts engaging in petty revenge schemes to retaliate for Jen humiliating her.
    • At an awards show, the Intelligencia publicly humiliate She-Hulk, claiming she stole the Hulk's powers and airing a sex tape they made of her without her consent. Jen loses her temper and attacks and is immediately arrested by Damage Control, and her rampage becomes a media circus.
    • Jen is freed from prison, but at the cost of her home and her job; and she heads to Blonsky's retreat to recover. Meanwhile, her friends infiltrate an in-person meetup of the Intelligencia, also being held at Blonsky's retreat. When Jen and the Intelligencia discover each other, their leader injects himself with Jen's stolen blood to turn into a Hulk himself. Bruce and Titania also appear at the retreat out of nowhere.
    • Being aware that she is a fictional character, Jen realizes that the situation is completely contrived for the sake of a cliché superhero brawl. She leaves the confines of her show and takes a complaint to Marvel Studios directly, convincing them to change the ending.
    • The Intelligencia's leader has his Hulk powers nullified and is arrested, with Jen planning to file a lawsuit. Blonsky is also arrested for violating parole by transforming, which he submits to peacefully. Jen is cleared of all charges for her prior outburst and re-hired.
    • Bruce, back from Sakaar, introduces his family (and Murdock, who is visiting Jen) to Skaar.
    • Wong breaks Blonsky out of prison to give him sanctuary in Kamar-Taj.
  • Werewolf by Night:note 
    • Monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone dies, and per his will his fellow hunters are given to opportunity to claim his family's heirloom the Bloodstone by hunting a swamp monster (who is actually innocent and known to his friends as "Ted"). Unknown to them, a friend of Ted's, a wolfman named Jack Russell, infiltrates the group to rescue him. Ulysses' estranged daughter Elsa also arrives at the gathering to collect her birthright, and is allowed to participate in the hunt.
    • During the hunt, Jack and Elsa strike a deal: if Elsa helps Ted escape, she can keep the Bloodstone. They suceed in getting Ted out, but Jack is exposed as a monster himself and captured.
    • Jack is locked in a cage with Elsa and forced to transform into his wolfman form, but instead of killing Elsa he manages to recognize her as an ally. He breaks out of the cage, and he and Elsa are able to slay the hunters with an assist from Ted. Jack and Ted escape, and as the last survivor Elsa takes the Bloodstone for herself.
  • MIT student Riri Williams invents a Vibranium detector for her metallurgy class. Unknown to her, it makes its way into the hands of the CIA, who immediately put it to use searching for Vibranium that isn't claimed by Wakanda. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever:
    • One year after the death of T'Challa, France sends a team of mercenaries to plunder a Wakandan outreach center for Vibranium. They are swiftly defeated by the Dora Milaje stationed there and taken alive, and publicly exposed at a United Nations meeting where Ramonda warns the rest of the world to not expect such mercy again should they attack their outreach centers again.
    • Using Riri's detector, the United States discovers Vibranium in the Atlantic Ocean, but the Talokan slaughter the scientists and soldiers involved before they can report their discovery and expose Talokan's existence. Blaming Wakanda for sparking the world's search for Vibranium, Namor approaches Queen Ramonda and Princess Shuri and demands that they help him kill the American scientist responsible for the detector.
    • Shuri and Okoye covertly contact CIA Agent Everett Ross for information on Namor's target, but upon learning that Riri is a young student they decide that killing her is unacceptable. With the CIA coming after Riri, they decide to bring her to Wakanda; but the Talokan interfere and attack. Facing death by the Talokan warriors, Shuri offers for her and Riri to go with them willingly instead.
    • As Namor and Shuri discuss Talokan's situation and attempt to negotiate an agreement, Queen Ramonda strips Okoye of her rank as a Dora Milaje for losing Shuri and calls on Nakia to infiltrate Talokan and rescue Shuri and Riri. Meanwhile, the US government blames Wakanda for the incidents, and Agent Ross attempts to keep them from going to war with Wakanda while hiding that he leaked them sensitive information.
    • Nakia successfully rescues Shuri and Riri and returns them to Wakanda, but not before killing two servants who were guarding the two girls. Namor discovers the escape and declares war on Wakanda, leading a massive attack on the capital city and flooding much of it. While most of Wakanda's warriors battle the Talokan warriors and rescue civilians, Namor attacks the capital building and floods it with Ramonda and Riri inside. Ramonda drowns rescuing Riri from suffering the same fate, devastating Shuri and the kingdom.
    • After Ramonda's funeral, the Ruling Council looks to M'Baku for leadership, and Shuri gives her his blessing to lead an evacuation of Wakanda to Jabari Land. While the others retreat, Shuri and Riri realize they can weaken Namor by dehydrating him, and Shuri returns to her old work on the synthetic heart-shaped herb. Using a bracelet made from the Vibranium-infused plant that transformed Namor and his people centuries ago, Shuri successfully creates a synthetic heart-shaped herb and takes it. She meets her late cousin N'Jadaka/Killmonger in the Ancestral Plane, who encourages her to seek retribution. Though distraught at her meeting with her cousin, Shuri discovers the herb successfully granted her the powers of the Black Panther.
    • Shuri goes to Jabari Land and introduces herself as the new Black Panther, and the kingdom rejoices at the return of its' hero. When Shuri declares Wakanda must meet Namor in battle again, M'Baku balks at the idea, having learned that Talokan reveres him as a god and that killing him would risk an eternal war. Despite M'Baku's concern for Shuri's well-being, Shuri is undeterred and prepares Wakanda for battle. Okoye and Aneka don Midnight Angel armor suits that Shuri developed while Riri builds a new, upgraded Ironheart flight suit to wear into battle.
    • CIA Director Contessa Valentina reveals she knows of Ross' illegal communication with Wakanda, and arrests him not just for treason, but because he is standing in the way of her greedy ambition for America to have its' own Vibranium to subjugate Wakanda and the world with.
    • Wakanda engages Talokan in battle aboard a ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Though their technology gives them an auspicious start and Shuri successfully contains Namor and begins to dehydrate him, Namora cripples the ship and soon Wakanda's army begins losing the battle. Shuri is forced to crash her ship in a nearby desert after Namor cripples it and eventually triumphs over Namor. However, Shuri sees a vision of her mother from the Ancestral Plane and relents, offering Namor an alliance and mutual pact of protection from the rest of the world between Wakanda and Talokan. Moved by her mercy, Namor agrees and calls off his troops - though in private, he admits to Namora that the alliance benefits Talokan more than Wakanda and that one day they will take advantage of Wakanda's isolated status on the world stage.
    • Wakanda picks up the pieces in the aftermath. Shuri allows M'Baku to issue a challenge for the throne unopposed, making him by default the new king of Wakanda while she remains on as a leader as the new Black Panther. Riri is allowed to return home, albeit without her Ironheart armor. Okoye rescues Ross from CIA custody. Shuri goes to Nakia's home in Haiti and performs the ritual Ramonda tried to show her before her death, burning her funeral attire and finally experiencing peace over the loss of T'Challa. After the ritual, Nakia introduces Shuri to Toussaint/T'Challa II.
  • December: The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special:
    • The Guardians and the people of Knowhere, in gratitude for Peter Quill's work, decide to celebrate the Earth holiday of Christmas.
    • Mantis and Drax kidnap Peter's childhood hero Kevin Bacon, not realizing at first that he is only an actor. They end up having to use Mantis' emotional manipulation to coerce him.
      • At around the same time, Nebula takes her own trip to Earth and steals Bucky Barnes' mechanical arm as a Christmas present for Rocket.
    • The Guardians and Knowhere throw their surprise party, but Peter is horrified to learn that Bacon was abducted and demands he be returned to Earth immediately. Thankfully, after learning how much Peter looked up to him, Bacon willingly agrees to stay for the party.
    • Mantis finally admits to Peter that she is his half-sister. To her relief, he is elated to learn that he has a living blood relative.

    Future Events 
  • The town of Haven Hills, Alabama is decimated by a hurricane. (Loki Season One)
    • Sylvie uses the Roxxcart superstore in Haven Hills during the hurricane to hide from the TVA. There, she reprograms the reset charges she stole to carry out her plan of "bombing" the Sacred Timeline to distract the TVA and allow her to find the Time-Keepers unopposed.
    • Sylvie brings Hunter C-20 back to the superstore from 1985, and uses her enchanting abilities to successfully interrogate her on how to find the Time-Keepers by unlocking memories of her original life before the TVA.
    • Having deduced her location, Loki, Mobius, Hunter B-15 and a crew of Minutemen arrive at the superstore to apprehend Sylvie. Unfortunately, Sylvie is able to stall them long enough for her "bombing" to commence, sending dozens of reset charges to various points in time to create multiple diverging timelines at once, overwhelming the TVA. Her plan successful, she heads off through a time door to the now-empty TVA headquarters to search for the Time-Keepers, with Loki managing to follow after her just before the door closes.
    • Sylvie takes Hunter B-15 back here to prove to her that she is a Variant by unlocking her previous memories.


  • The colonized moon of Lamentis-1 crashes into its planet, leaving no survivors. (Loki Season One)
    • Loki and Sylvie end up stranded on Lamentis-1 after a blind time jump mere hours before its destruction; and are unable to escape despite their best efforts. Along the way, they end up bonding and Sylvie reveals to Loki that the TVA's staff are actually brainwashed Variants. As they calmly await their doom, the TVA suddenly detects a divergence and arrives to extract and arrest them. (The exact divergence is left unstated, but implied to be Loki's and Sylvie's impending deaths since He Who Remains wanted them alive.)


  • Among multiple timelines, several Variants of an unnamed scientist discover the existence of alternate timelines and come in contact with one another. They begin sharing technology and scientific discoveries, but some of his Variants prove to be more malicious than others, wanting to conquer the various timelines instead of help them, eventually leading to a massive "Multiversal War" between them and nearly causing the destruction of reality itself. (Loki Season One)
    • One of the scientist's Variants discovers a time-and-space-eating Eldritch Abomination named Alioth; and after managing to tame it and harness its power, he ends the war by streamlining the various timelines into a single "Sacred Timeline" to prevent his Variants from existing and causing any more harm. As the last Variant left, he becomes known as "He Who Remains". He then founds the Time Variance Authority to ensure that no new timelines form, and retreats to the End of Time to run the TVA from afar. (See "Beyond Time" folder)

Alternate Timelines

    Lighthouse Timeline 
All events in this folder are from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Five, diverging from the main timeline during Avengers: Infinity War.


  • During Thanos' invasion, Glenn Talbot breaks the Earth apart in his pursuit of its Gravitonium beneath the surface. (This presumably causes Thanos to fail to retrieve the Infinity Stones, as there is no reference to his success in the future.) Coulson's S.H.I.E.L.D. team gives survivors refuge in the Lighthouse, and to give them hope they tell them of their trip through time and that their past selves will eventually come to help.


  • Kree allied with the Confederacy arrive to aid the survivors of Earth's destruction, but they also enslave humanity and wipe out any historical records, especially the stories of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents coming from the past to help. Despite knowing the horrors of the Kree occupation, most of the surviving S.H.I.E.L.D. agents reluctantly allow them to take control of the Lighthouse to ensure humanity survives.


  • The time-displaced S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from 2017 arrive on the Lighthouse. Around the same time, Fitz wakes from cryo-stasis and he and Enoch go to their aid. Although initially caught off-guard and split up, they soon regroup and drive the Kree out with the help of the local humans. They then make their way back home through that era's white Monolith, arriving in 2018 nearly a year after they left. One of the team's allies, Deke Shaw, is also in the presence of a Monolith shard at the right time and is sent back as well.

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 
All events in this folder are from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Six plus the finale of Season Seven, diverging from the main timeline during Avengers: Infinity War. The details of this divergence are unclear; it is known that Thanos began his attack, but for some reason or another the Blip never happened. Word of God states that Season 6 is set before Infinity War, but freely admits that this is a Retcon so that it doesn't have to deal with the film's events. Events from the season set before the divergence are also listed here and not in the main timeline due to this Continuity Snarl.


  • An Energy Being named Izel crosses into this dimension, bringing with her three stone artifacts that she hopes to use to bring more of her people through so they can possess physical bodies. However, the Kree steal the artifacts from her. Izel begins searching the galaxy for them, engineering Shrike creatures to take over hosts to help her search and destroy planets when she's done. Meanwhile, the Kree bring the artifacts to Earth, where they eventually become known as Monoliths.



  • A clone of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson appears somewhere in the universe, sent back from about a hundred years in the future after he visits Izel's home dimension. In the process, it is possessed by Izel's lover Pachakutiq. Pachakutiq becomes amnesiac and his memories are jumbled with Coulson's; and in his confusion he develops a hatred of Izel and begins hunting her down under the name "Sarge".


  • When Coulson seals the dimensional rift in the Lighthouse (see Season Five events in the "Phase Three" folder), the Monolith energies end up creating a clone of him and send it backwards in space and time.
  • Shortly after S.H.I.E.L.D. defeats Graviton, Izel destroys the Chronicoms' home planet of Chronyca-2. Knowing that one of their own, Enoch, is aiding Earthlings with a Time Travel situation; the surviving Chronicoms attack Enoch's ship hoping to capture him and his passenger Leo Fitz so they can arrange to go back in time and prevent the planet's destruction. Enoch and Fitz escape the attack and go on the run. S.H.I.E.L.D., trying to retrieve Fitz, finds the wreckage and starts to search for his whereabouts.


  • As Izel lays waste to yet another world, Sarge and his allies manage to destroy Izel's transport and her crew, but Izel herself gets away. She sends an advance squad of Shrike to her next target, Earth, to find hosts and prepare for her; and they are closely followed by Sarge's team. Sarge's disregard for property and bystanders quickly catches S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attention, though they're unnerved by Sarge's resemblance to Coulson.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s away team finally catches up to Fitz on the Wretched Hive world of Kitson. Unfortunately, so do the Chronicoms. Jemma Simmons offers to stay with Fitz and the Chronicoms in exchange for letting the rest of the team return home.
  • The Chronicoms place Fitz and Simmons in a virtual environment and force them to crack the secret of time-travel, but Enoch turns on the rest of the Chronicoms and helps them escape. The Chronicoms then turn to the data they recorded from Fitz and Simmons' minds, hoping to find the information they seek.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. captures Sarge and his team, but they refuse to cooperate and Sarge demands their freedom. S.H.I.E.L.D. is forced to concede and they make an uneasy alliance.
  • Izel approaches the stranded Fitz and Simmons and offers to help them get home to Earth, which they accept.
  • With Izel approaching Earth and the Shrike preparing to destroy it, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sarge make their move. Despite Sarge betraying them and nearly detonating an atom bomb; S.H.I.E.L.D. manages to foil Sarge's takeover, stop the Shrike, evacuate Fitz and Simmons, and destroy Izel's ship. However, Izel herself manages to escape by possessing the body of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.
  • Izel uses her Body Surf abilities to threaten and blackmail S.H.I.E.L.D. forcing them to let her take the device that sealed the dimensional rift (which contains the Monolith energies) and take Mack and Elena hostage. While in the base, Izel also confronts Sarge and reveals that they were once allies and lovers, though he's reluctant to accept it. She then takes her hostages to an Incan temple where she can open a portal to her home dimension, with the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. in pursuit.
  • With some prodding from S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson's memories appear to resurface in Sarge, and he joins the strike team to confront Izel.
  • Izel uses her hostages' knowledge and the Monoliths' creative energies to summon Flint, a boy with geokinetic powers that S.H.I.E.L.D. had met in the Lighthouse timeline. She then possesses Flint and uses his power over stone to properly rebuild the Monoliths.
  • The Chronicoms conclude that while time travel is viable, it not feasible to save Chronyca-2; and instead decide to conquer a new planet as Chronyca-3. They select Earth, as they have Fitz' and Simmons' intricate knowledge of its defenses.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s strike team arrives at the temple. However, Sarge is still conflicted between being Coulson and Pachakutiq; he eventually chooses the latter and betrays S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • During the temple raid, the Chronicoms assault the Lighthouse and take it over. With modern-day S.H.I.E.L.D. in their grasp, the Chronicoms send agents into the past to prevent the organization from ever forming; starting with New York City in 1931. Fitz and Simmons manage to escape with Enoch's help, fleeing to the distant star Alya to prepare for their own time travel.
  • Izel and Pachakutiq open the dimensional portal, but S.H.I.E.L.D. manages to close it and kill them before any of their people come through.
    • As a side effect of traveling to a dimension where emotion doesn't exist and then returning, May gains the ability to feel others' emotions.
  • After spending years of preparation at Alya; Fitz, Simmons and Enoch return to this time. As a safety precaution, they then split up, with Simmons and Enoch going to help their friends while Fitz will wait to be called to another timeline when needed.
  • While some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents evacuate bystanders, Simmons and Enoch appear to extract the strike team and rescue them from the Chronicoms, following the latter through time to 1931. See "Chronicom Timeline".
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team reappears from the alternate timeline they created, bringing along additional Chronicom warships. Half the team infiltrates the Chronicom flagship; while the other half retakes the Lighthouse to serve as bait.
    • On the ship, Daisy finally manages to sway her half-sister Kora over to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s side. S.H.I.E.L.D. then takes over the ship; and with its ability to send commands to the Chronicoms, Kora giving it a power boost, and May's empathic abilities, S.H.I.E.L.D. is able to reprogram the Chronicoms with empathy, leading them to surrender.
    • Daisy faces Nathaniel Malick in the heart of the ship. After the rest of the team is away, she destroys the entire ship (and Nathaniel with it). The rest of the team is able to retrieve her before she dies of exposure in space.


  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team reunites for the first time in months using virtual reality. SHIELD has been rebuilt to its former glory in the past year, with Mack still as Director and Elena is is top agent. May is now an instructor at the new Coulson Academy. Fitz and Simmons have retired and are raising their daughter Alya (though Simmons is still doing a bit of work for S.H.I.E.L.D. off-and-on). Daisy is on an outer-space mission with Kora and Sousa, and Coulson is now Walking the Earth as a S.H.I.E.L.D. recruiter.


  • Fitz, Simmons, and Enoch spend several years orbiting Alya preparing for the Chronicoms' assault on history, including outfitting their ship for time travel and creating an artificial duplicate of Coulson, made from LMD and Chronicom technology, as his knowledge of S.H.I.E.L.D. history would help them. During that time, Fitz and Simmons give birth to a daughter who they also name Alya. Once ready, they return to 2019 to put their plan into action.

    Chronicom Timeline 
All events in this folder are from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Seven. It diverges slightly from the main timeline in 1931, and then involves a much more drastic divergence in 1955.


  • The Chronicoms arrive in New York City from 2019, with a S.H.I.E.L.D. team in pursuit (see "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6" folder). As their first attempt to change history, the Chonicoms try to assassinate Alveus cult member Wilfred Malick before he can deliver a component of the Super-Soldier Serum to Johann Schmidt; as doing so would prevent both HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D. from being formed. Despite their misgivings in allowing HYDRA to exist, S.H.I.E.L.D. succeeds in protecting Malick.


  • June 21 or 22: In their second attempt to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D., the Chronicoms attempt to bomb one of their bases at Area 51 when multiple executives and sponsors are present. In order to infiltrate the base to stop them, Simmons poses as Peggy Carter — which hits a snag when one of the real Carter's old partners, Daniel Sousa, is also present. Despite their cover being blown, the 2019 and 1955 S.H.I.E.L.D. agents manage to work together to repel the Chronicoms.
  • June 22: Agent Daniel Sousa helps deliver a tech component to Howard Stark, but the handoff is a setup by his boss, Wilfred Malick, to eliminate him before he can discover HYDRA's presence within S.H.I.E.L.D. Sousa is gunned down and is remembered as the first S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to die in the line of duty (with the hit attributed to the Russians).
    • Unwilling to let a good man die, the time-traveling S.H.I.E.L.D. agents fake Sousa's death and bring him with them to their next destination of 1973.
  • One of the Chronicoms stays behind and strikes an alliance with Wilfred Malick and HYDRA.


  • The Chronicoms prevent the original-timeline deaths of Wilfred Malick and his son Nathaniel.


  • Instead of being decommissioned as it was in the original timeline, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Lighthouse base remains active.


  • The future S.H.I.E.L.D. team finds that thanks to the Chronicoms, HYDRA (through that era's S.H.I.E.L.D.) is launching Project Insight forty years ahead of schedule under Wilfred Malick. Before they can act on this, however, the Chronicoms force them to make another time jump to 1976. (For the original timeline's version of Project Insight in 2014, see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the Phase Two folder.)


  • July 4: On the United States' 200th anniversary, S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA plans to launch Project Insight from the Lighthouse, putting the future S.H.I.E.L.D. in a race against time to destroy it. However, the Chronicoms are just using Insight and Wilfred Malick as bait to draw S.H.I.E.L.D. out into the open.
    • Elena and Deke confront Wilfred Malick and Deke kills him.
    • During a dogfight after shooting down the Project Insight satellite, future S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ship and its time-travel capability is damaged.
    • Meanwhile, Nathaniel Malick abducts Daisy and uses Daniel Whitehall's research to take her Inhuman powers for himself.
    • As part of their trap for S.H.I.E.L.D., the Chronicoms took Mack's parents hostage. While he was able to successfully rescue them, he then finds out that they were Chronicom imposters and that his real parents had been killed. The four-year-old Mack of 1976 and his brother Ruben are orphaned and adopted by their Uncle Marcus.
    • Coulson discovers the Chronicoms' timeship stationed beneath the Lighthouse and destroys it. Thanks to being robotic, both him and the Chronicoms' tactician Sibyl are able to survive by uploading their consciousnesses to other computer systems.
  • At some point after this, the Lighthouse is mothballed.


  • January 21: After the harrowing fight in 1976, Mack briefly leaves S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ship and Deke follows him. However, a malfunction causes the ship to suddenly jump away, stranding them.
  • In his grief over his parents' deaths, Mack becomes a shut-in. Deke meanwhile integrates himself into the time period, forming a band that is secretly an unofficial S.H.I.E.L.D. team, using the Lighthouse as their base.
  • Sibyl manages to make contact with a computer repairman, and they begin to build her a new (if primitive) robot body. Deke also finds Coulson in the Lighthouse's systems.


  • May 17: S.H.I.E.L.D.'s time ship reappears. Simmons determines that the ship is going to continue to jump forward in time and pick up speed. After twenty minutes and before they can contact Mack and Deke, it jumps forward again.
  • Deke finally drags Mack out of seclusion.
  • With her new body and a couple of other robots she built, Sibyl attacks the Lighthouse and retrieves equipment that lets her analyze the timeline, which she intends to use in collaboration with Nathaniel Malick. He begins recruiting people who had died in the original timeline, offering them a chance to change their fates.
  • September 9: S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ship reappears again. May and Elena depart and reunite with Mack, Deke, and Coulson at the Lighthouse; planning to rendesvous with the ship at its next stop in a month.
  • October 6: The group at the Lighthouse returns to the ship. Simmons explains the problem and that in two days (or twenty minutes within the ship), it will try to activate a jump while already within one. The drive is too dangerous to approach to shut off; Elena's Super Speed could do it but it hasn't worked since the events at Izel's temple. Daisy realizes that her mother Jiaying would be helping Inhumans with their powers at the Afterlife colony, so May and Elena depart to get her aid.
  • At Afterlife, Jiaying runs tests on Elena and determines that the issue is psychological. With the help of May and her new empathic abilities, Elena concludes she's being held back by guilt, but her powers still don't return.
  • October 8:
    • Kora, an Inhuman daughter of Jiaying's, intends to commit suicide from despair over her Power Incontinence with her energy manipulation abilities. Nathaniel intervenes and convinces her to turn against her mother.
    • With Kora's help, Nathaniel and his forces conquer Afterlife and capture the Inhumans. May, Elena, and Jiaying with the help of the teleporting Inhuman Gordon; with May and Elena returning to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ship and Jiaying and Gordon going underground.
    • As the team is preparing to abandon ship, Elena makes a breakthrough and reaccesses her powers, rushing to the drive and disconnecting it — but it doesn't work, and the ship jumps anyway.
  • Time Storm: S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ship becomes trapped in the timestream and headed for a vortex, while the malfunctioning drive causes a "Groundhog Day" Loop within the ship where only Daisy and Couson are aware of the loops. After dozens of loops, they figure out how to fix the drive, but it requires a critical part of Enoch's robotic body. He freely gives it up to save his friends, and they escape the time storm.
  • Late October:
    • Nathaniel experiments with and streamlines Whitehall's process to copy Inhuman powers, giving them to his followers. He also recruits S.H.I.E.L.D. agent John Garrett during this time.
    • Back in normal time, the team returns to the Lighthouse and reconnects with Jiaying and Gordon. They immediately launch a rescue mission to free the Inhumans at Afterlife.
      • Unfortunately, Nathaniel was anticipating them, and Coulson and Gordon are captured. He has Gordon's powers transferred to Garrett.
      • Nathaniel and Garrett use Garrett's new teleportation powers to infiltrate the Lighthouse. While there, Nathaniel encounters Jiaying and kills her, ensuring that Daisy will never be born in this timeline.
      • Coulson escapes with Gordon's help, though Gordon dies in the process. The other Inhumans are freed and Kora captured.
    • Nathaniel and Garrett abduct Simmons (with Deke as a stowaway), hoping that she could lead them to Fitz. Daisy, Mack, and Sousa go after them.
    • Kora causes a power surge at the Lighthouse, allowing Sybil to hack its systems. Afterward, Garrett retrieves her and brings her back to Nathaniel.
    • Nathaniel contacts and summons this timeline's Chronicoms and Sybil feeds them information from the Lighthouse, allowing them to target and destroy every active S.H.I.E.L.D. base on Earth.
    • In the wake of the attack, the team at the Lighthouse picks up a S.H.I.E.L.D. signal coming from a safehouse in New York City. They go there and find a number of surviving agents who had been entrusted with various unknown objects by Enoch and ordered to bring them when called.
    • The away team succeeds in rescuing Simmons and Deke, and they reunite with the others at the safehouse. Jemma recognizes the agents' objects and reassembles them into a device that summons Fitz from the group's original timeline. Fitz explains that they need to bring Kora back to their original timeline, but the rest of the team is unwilling to leave this timeline under the threat of the Chronicoms. They devise a plan that will bring them home and drag the invading fleet (including Nathaniel, his forces, and Kora) with them. (See 2019 in the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6" folder.)
      • Needing someone to stay behind permanently to manage the time-travel device, Deke volunteers. After the rest of the team leaves, the remnants of S.H.I.E.L.D. look to Deke for guidance (and, it's implied, make him the new Director).

    Illuminati Timeline ("Earth-838") 
All events in this folder are from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Since much of the history of this timeline is implied rather than stated, we're assuming for convenience's sake that events take place at the same times as their counterparts in the main timeline.



  • Maria Rambeau gets caught in the Kree's pursuit of Mar-Vell and gains the power of the Tesseract, becoming Captain Marvel (as opposed to Carol Danvers in the main timeline). (Counterpart to Captain Marvel)


  • Captain Carter arrives in the present day.


  • The Fantastic Four and the X-Men are formed.


  • Wanda Maximoff gives birth to twin boys, Tommy and Billy. The identity and status of the father is unknown.note 


  • The Ultron AI is brought online by Tony Stark and works as intended. (Counterpart to Avengers: Age of Ultron)
  • At some point, the Avengers become defunct due to the Ultron program's success, with all the members of the group save for Captain Carter retiring from superheroics.


  • Doctor Strange joins the Masters of the Mystic Arts and, unlike the main timeline, becomes Sorcerer Supreme. Mordo also stays with the organization instead of leaving, and remains close with Strange (or at least seems to). (Counterpart to Doctor Strange)


  • The Inhuman royal family makes themselves known to Earth. (Counterpart to Inhumans)
  • Doctor Strange forms a secret alliance with a number of superhero team leaders, so that they may spare other heroes from needing to make difficult decisions. This group names themselves the "Illuminati" and is composed of Strange of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Captain Carter of what remains of the Avengers, Captain Marvel of the cosmos, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Professor X of the X-Men, and Black Bolt of the Inhumans.


  • Thanos begins collecting the Infinity Stones. (Counterpart to Avengers: Infinity War)
    • Doctor Strange seeks answers in other dimensions, using the Darkhold's dreamwalking spell to temporarily take over his counterparts in other universes. Unfortunately, in doing so he causes timelines to crash in an Incursion, and a whole timeline is annihilated.
    • Strange renounces the Darkhold and and instead turns to the Book of Vishanti. Upon finding its location between universes, he creates a waypoint that he could use to access it again in the future.
    • Earth's heroes confront Thanos on Titan before he could retrieve the Reality Stone, and are able to defeat him using information from the Book of Vishanti. After the battle, Doctor Strange turns himself over to the rest of the Illuminati to be executed for the timeline he destroyed.
    • In order to give the public hope, the Illuminati cover up Strange's crime and present him as a hero who gave his life to defeat Thanos. Mordo is appointed as Strange's successor as Sorcerer Supreme and member of the Illuminati.


  • America Chavez and the Doctor Strange of the main timeline arrive in this universe (See 2024 in the "Phase Four" folder). Although greeted warmly by Mordo, he takes them captive and brings them before the Illuminati since they fear what Strange could do.
  • Wanda Maximoff's body is commandeered by her "Scarlet Witch" counterpart from the main timeline using the dreamwalking spell, and she assaults the Illuminati to get at America. As the group is unprepared for the full power of the Scarlet Witch, they are quickly slaughtered (except for Mordo, who guards Strange instead of confronting her).
  • Strange and America escape and make their way to the Book of Vishanti, using the previous Strange's waypoint. However, the Scarlet Witch catches up with them, destroying the Book and capturing America. She uses America's power to cast Strange into yet another universe and bring America back to her own. After that, Wanda, no longer possessed, returns home.
  • From the main timeline, America opens a portal to the Maximoff family's home. While the Scarlet Witch is happy to see "her" sons again, the boys are terrified of her; leading her to realize the monster she's become and leave quietly.

    Beyond Time 
All events in this folder are from Loki.

Mechanics of Timelines

  • The event that causes a timeline to branch is called a "Nexus Event" or an "Absolute Point".note 
  • A new timeline only forms when history actively changes; if no significant changes are made then the actions remain part of the original timeline.
    • Smaller alterations can go unnoticed for years; a timeline only forms when those alterations cause an actual effect on a chain of events.
    • In the presence of a looming natural disaster or other apocalyptic event, almost no action will cause a branch no matter how severe it is, since the disaster would wipe out any resulting effect.
  • When time begins to branch, there is a short window before the new timeline stabilizes; during which the TVA comes in and undoes the changes before the timeline can fully form.
  • Once a branch becomes stable, the Absolute Point becomes fixed and cannot be changed. Attempts to do so will only cause the event to happen differently, without creating another timeline. Trying to force the issue will eventually cause a Reality-Breaking Paradox and destroy the timeline. (What If... Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?)
  • Certain actions can cause two timelines to crash into one another, causing an event called an "Incursion". This crash can cause one or both timelines involved to be destroyed. (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)

Time Variance AuthorityThe TVA headquarters is located in an unknown place and time. The Season One finale suggests that it might be "within" the Sacred Timeline somehow, with other timelines having their own versions of the TVA.

  • A man known as He Who Remains (see the 3000s in the "Future Events" folder) creates the Time Variance Authority, an bureaucratic organization that exists outside of time and is tasked with ensuring the Sacred Timeline is followed by apprehending and prosecuting Variants that diverge from the Sacred Timeline and resetting the timelines they create before they become permament, usually "pruning" the offending Variants (which, unknown to most of the TVA, sends them to the Void at the end of the timeline). He staffs the TVA with Variants from various time periods, suppressing their old memories to convince them that they’re working under the orders of a trio of omnipotent beings that created them, known as the "Time-Keepers", who are in truth just animatronic androids he controls from his citadel at the End of Time.
  • The Asgardian god of mischief, Loki, eventually gains a reputation in the TVA as he continually goes against the Sacred Timeline; and the TVA arrests and prunes several of his Variants.
  • The young female Loki variant is taken into custody from her timeline and put on trial, but she manages to escape by stealing the TemPad of Hunter A-23 and fleeing into the timeline. This variant, who later takes the alias of "Sylvie", eventually discovers that she can hide from the TVA in disaster zones, and begins plotting to find and kill the Time-Keepers.
  • Hunter A-23 works her way up the ranks and eventually becomes a TVA Judge with the name Ravonna Renslayer.
  • Sylvie, now an adult, begins luring TVA squads into traps and stealing their reset devices. The TVA is able to determine that a Loki Variant is doing it, but not specifically who.
  • The TVA observes the Time Heist enacted by the Avengers in the Sacred Timeline; although the Avengers have discovered their own form of time travel, the TVA allows it due to their careful work to preserve the Sacred Timeline.
  • The Loki that escaped from the Battle of New York is taken into custody and put on trial, where he is found guilty of violating the Sacred Timeline and sentenced to be reset by Judge Renslayer. However, Mobius M. Mobius intervenes, arguing that he can be used to help the track down the Variant that's been slaughtering their Minutemen, and tries to convince Loki to help them. Loki is initially reluctant and attempts to escape his custody, but upon realizing the sheer power that the TVA possesses and learning of his own eventual demise in the Sacred Timeline, he caves and agrees to help them, and Mobius begins putting him to work with the promise of meeting the Time-Keepers.
  • After nearly botching the investigation in 1985, Loki is assigned to looking over his variants’ case files in the TVA’s library. There, he learns about the destruction of Asgard in the main timeline, and upon seeing that it didn't cause much of a divergence, he theorizes that the Variant must be hiding out during apocalyptic events to cover their tracks. After a trip to Pompeii in 79 with Mobius to prove his theory and deducing the Variant's location in 2050 using the Kablooie pack found in 1549, Mobius convinces Renslayer to send a squad there to apprehend the Variant.
  • Sylvie sends modified reset bombs across the Sacred Timeline, causing multiple branches and sending the TVA into a panic. She enters the now-empty TVA headquarters and makes her way to the door to the Time-Keepers' chamber, but Loki follows her and stops her from entering. Renslayer confronts them, intending to prune them both, and they escape in a blind jump to 2077. Afterward, the TVA gets Sylvie's bombs under control and turn their attention to locating the Lokis.
  • After Mobius' TVA squad returns from 2050, Renslayer has Hunter C-20 pruned upon realizing that her past memories have been unlocked thanks to Sylvie.
  • Loki and Sylvie are found on the moon of Lamentis-1 in 2077, taken back into custody, and separately interrogated. While Sylvie is able to convince Hunter B-15 that she is an abducted Variant, Mobius initially doesn't believe Loki and has him thrown into a Time Cell, forcing him to relieve a memory of Lady Sif painfully getting back at him for pulling a prank on her over and over again. Upon learning the true circumstances of C-20's pruning, however, he's convinced and frees Loki with the intention of helping him, only to be quickly found out by Renslayer and pruned.
  • Loki and Sylvie are taken to the Time-Keepers' chamber to be pruned, but B-15, now turned against the TVA, intervenes and frees the two at the cost of her own capture, allowing them to fight back and behead one of the Time-Keepers, revealing them for the mindless puppets they truly are.
  • Loki is pruned by Renslayer quickly afterwards, but Sylvie manages to get Renslayer at her mercy, and begins to interrogate her on the true origins of the TVA. Renslayer is aware that the her staff are Variants and that pruning sends people to the Void at the end of time, but nothing more; and beyond that she resorts to lying until backup can arrive. Upon realizing Renslayer's deception, Sylvie opts to go to the Void by pruning herself, but not before stealing another TemPad.
  • Mobius returns from the Void and frees B-15, and together they spread the truth to their fellow employees that they are all Variants before Mobius heads to Renslayer’s office to confront her. Their confrontation is short-lived, as Renslayer, still struggling to come to term with the fact that the TVA's mission is meaningless, quickly knocks him down before heading off to an unknown time/place in search of answers, given a hint by He Who Remains.
  • Loki is sent back to the TVA from the Citadel at the End of Time by Sylvie. However, thanks to the death of He Who Remains, he soon discovers this is a different TVA from the one he was last in, where not only has nobody ever met him, but they're now working directly under one of He Who Remains' more malicious Variants.

The VoidThe Void is a wasteland located at the end of the Sacred Timeline, where pruned Variants and objects from reset timelines are sent to be consumed by Alioth.

  • The many Loki variants sent to the Void over the years begin to form factions in order to survive; the kid and older ("Classic") Variants end up joining up with two other Variants, a boastful Variant who claims to have conquered Earth and claimed all six Infinity Stones, and another who is somehow an alligator, while another Loki Variant who campaigned for President in his timeline rallies an army of Variants for himself.
  • Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie are sent to the Void, arriving in different parts of it. Loki is found by Kid Loki and his entourage who take him to their underground base; while Sylvie emerges mere yards away from Alioth but subsequently gets rescued by Mobius, while also managing to briefly use her enchantment powers on Alioth to see a vision of the Citadel at the End of Time.
  • Boastful Loki sells out the location of Kid Loki's base to President Loki and his army in exchange for seizing power, only for President Loki to betray him, who is subsequently betrayed by his own army, leading to an all-out brawl between the Lokis. L1130, Kid, Classic and Alligator Loki teleport out of the base and away from the chaos, and subsequently meet up with Mobius and Sylvie, who explains her plan to enchant Alioth so it can lead them to the Citadel.
  • After sending Mobius back to the TVA, Loki and Sylvie enact their plan, with Loki trying to distract Alioth while Sylvie attempts to enchant it. When things seem to be going south, Classic Loki reappears to conjure up a massive illusion of Asgard as a distraction, sacrificing himself to Alioth to buy Loki and Sylvie time to successfully enchant it, opening a portal to the Citadel.

The End of TimeThis location houses the Citadel occupied by He Who Remains and is located outside of any timeline.

  • After creating the TVA, He Who Remains retreats to an asteroid existing outside of time and builds a citadel where he can observe the timeline and direct the TVA from afar.
  • Eventually, he desires to retire and searches for a successor. He decides that he would best be replaced by two people, both alternate Variants of the Asgardian god Loki, and begins manipulating events to have those Variants created and brought to the Citadel to meet him. However, even he cannot predict whether they'll agree to his offer.
  • Loki and Sylvie arrive at the Citadel and come face to face with He Who Remains, who reveals his backstory and that he's arranged events in a way so that the two can meet him. He then offers them a choice; either kill him, freeing his Variants and reigniting the Multiversal War until his past self stops it again in a Stable Time Loop, or spare him and take over the duties of running the TVA and the Sacred Timeline. Sylvie, still with vengeance on her mind, believes he's lying and opts to kill him, and despite Loki's attempts to stop her, Sylvie sends him back to the TVA and strikes a fatal blow on He Who Remains. Upon his death, the Sacred Timeline breaks apart into a multiverse at an uncontrollable rate, allowing his Variants to exist again.