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Kanius Production Abridged Timeline

Universe: Character Corner


The Origin

-Before this dimension’s creation, us authors (The Ones Above All) have this idea that when Sailor Charon freed Chaos from its prison in YYGDM-01 (only the main one, not the original timeline one, not other AU universes whatsoever), somehow a side-effect while Charon becomes ‘Chaos incarnate’ makes a shard of Chaos slip through that sends through the nexus dimension in becoming an aspect. So another ironic viewpoint, YYGDM-01!Charon indirectly is responsible for this crucial act.


-The universe begins with nothingness. Upon us made the history of the Cornerverse’s foundation, Chaos’ shard aspect arrives there, expands in size and cause the Big Bang. Sailor Cosmos who watches over the Galaxy Cauldron observes this, so we convince her to create a copy of Sailor Cosmos from her to watch over the Corner universe. Sailor Cosmos’ aspect arrives in time to balance Chaos for order and serves as bringing life and the stars, more likely us having unlimited freedom with ‘anywhere goes’ compare to the Triad dimensions.


The Past

-During the eternal conflict between Cosmos and Chaos, their energies create the Primordials of Greek Mythology (such as Lord Chronos and Ananke/Sailor Pluto I, which then the Primordials create the Titans, which they then create the Gods of most mythologies and so forth most people know the obvious tales. Earth (Known as Midgard and Gaia/Terra herself) and many other planets are born.


-Sailor Cosmos then sealed Chaos in its prison when it goes out of control. Cosmos then creates fictional deities such as the Dimensional Trio, Ora Guardians, Raava (and Vaatu at the same time), Supreme Kais/Gods of Creation, and Supreme Guardians.

—Other Lifeforms are made individually and concept such as the Incubator race, the Gods of Destruction, the Rajita, and even the Old Ones (such as Cthulhu). Obviously, Majin Buu exists since time immemorial.

—A shard of Chaos called Ginnungagap led to the creation of the other Nine Realms of Norse mythology: Between the void are Niflheim and Muspelheim as the first realms that includes Ymir, the primordial Jotun. This is followed by Asgard, Jotunheim, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, Utgard, and Nidavellir. The Silver Millennium can count as a ‘tenth realm’.


—A sudden leak from Chaos’ container erupts that the black mass attempts to engulf the universe. It is then that Odin, Ra, and Vishnu arrive to destroy the black mass. But, two remains survive: One becomes Akadean (The Hadean Taiyoukai) the first demon life form and creates the realms of Reikai (Spirit World), Makai (Demon World), and Meikai (Demon World’s afterlife). The other crash land on earth like a meteorite that killed the dinosaurs (which then give birth to Aku millions of years later, the events of Samurai Jack and so).

-Besides Mythology, Religions such as Christianity (with The Divine Comedy) exist as well. That means God, Jesus, and Lucifer/Satan exists. In fact, some mythologies can be rooted from religion and co-exist with each other. This is the case from Eastern religion (Buddhism, Shintoism).

—The Nine Circles of Hell (Inferno): Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery.

—The Seven Terraces of Purgatory (Purgatorio): Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust.

—The Spheres of Heaven (Paradiso): The Moon, Mercury, Venus, The Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, The Fixed Stars, and The Primum Mobile.

—Western Demons co-exist with Japanese Demons within the Makai realm. Makai is an ever expanding universe; any and all demons from different cultures and ideologies can live there. For example, Mukuro (Yu Yu Hakusho) gets acquainted with Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers).

—Lucifer/Satan creates other incarnations of himself (such as Trigon, Satan (South Park), Him (Powerpuff Girls), Mundus (Devil May Cry), Lucifer (Dante’s Inferno), Satan (Castlevania Lords of Shadow), and Satan (Nostalgia Channel Awesome)). Jesus and Jesus (South Park) are also separate characters.

—One of the demons named Gremory is the ancestor of the whole Gremory bloodline (meaning Rias Gremory and her family are her descendants). The same goes for another demon, Phenex who is the ancestor of the Phenex Clan (Riser Phenex and his family are his descendants).

-The human race evolved from prehistoric primates. Thus, prehistory is over and the time of human history begins such as Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Medieval times, The Age of Christ, Norwegian, and the Silver Millennium’s time. Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom’s assault on the Silver Millennium happen simultaneously as Ragnarok.

—There are seven eras of the Age of Man: Prehistoric (creation of life up to the first human species), Golden, Silver, Bronze, Heroic, Iron (humans fend for themselves without the gods up to the present timeline), and Crystal.

—At the same time, Da’ath (Hebrew meaning: intelligence, knowledge, thinking) comes to existence since monitoring human evolution and extermination. They are a secret organization sought to make their own apocalypse by restarting the human race when that day comes and act through their envoy, known as Yuu (canon). However, their true origins are unknown (due to the real-life creators didn’t put much depth to their background) that even Cosmos and the deities cannot trace the historic source.

-More parts of human history such as US History, World Wars I and II, and up to the current events.

The Present

-By seeing this in today’s time, much of anime, western animation, films, video games, and other pop culture come to mind and live in one shared universe. That includes corner versions of YuYuGiDigiMoon, Digimon Fusion Kai and Digimon Accel Stream; they have the memories of their fanfic story selves and have similar personalities yet their still different selves.

—Before that, character corners/segments happen back around the real-life early 2000s where Takeru, once SSJ4Takeru alongside Coral (who’s origins are not fleshed out at that time) hang out with their favorite characters such as Digimon, Dragonball, Spike Spiegel, Final Fantasy VII, Ranma, and Wolverine. With the retcon history, these past events actually took place in an old Abridged universe (called Character Corner Prime) with no origin and did these for fun (2000s), while the main Abridged universe has the corner events and eventual in-depth origin history (2010s). It’s a reminder of two YYGDM-01 universes.

—Though there are different separate incarnations (such as Kai, YYGDM and tri. Taichis appear, alongside YYGDM and Crystal Sailor Moons, two Impmons (YYGDM and DF-616)), there are those that have only one version exist in the Corner verse: such as Ryo & Cyberdramon, while different versions appear in the YYGDM-01 and DF-616. There’s also Seadramon who is the same as the YYGDM as Kotori’s partner, instead of separate versions from YYGDM-01 and DF-616. The Devas are the same as YYGDM, instead of separate versions from YYGDM-01 and DF-616.). Since there is only one Millenniummon/Jeremiah exist, he is the same one that also freed Burizalor and the Corrupts besides Apocalymon, hence understanding why they knew each other for sometime. Yuu (GCLK-1113) is born by AU versions of his parents instead of YYGDM-01, Yuu Grand is born by the sole Paradais duo (and being raise by them instead of being thrown out like his counterpart, LK!Yuu inherits more of his parents’ traits). Sedna and Quaoar (YYGDM-01) have XLR-8 versions, that does not apply in Corner. As mention about Odin/Ra/Vishnu, though their YYGDM-01 don’t have this memory, these versions are the same ones that destroyed the black mass that one of the shards reincarnated as Aku. Seth (YYGDM-01) does not use the Minions of Set (Samurai Jack), but his corner version does. DF-616 and YYGDM have different set of the Four Sovereign/Huanglongmon, while Corner has just one set.

-In YYGDM-01 in terms of Yugioh trading cards; since Synchro exist in their future timeline and thanks to XLR-8, they have to release the XYZ cards first because having Synchro summons would mire the main timeline. In Corner due to following real-life, they release the cards in order up to the current Pendulum summon.

-The past (Including the Lost Christmas OVA/Game) and present events of Guilty Crown (canon) occur. Da’ath is involve at that time where they create the Apocalypse Virus meteorite and is responsible of the Lost Christmas events. Since the final episode of the anime, the first GHQ organization has been disbanded. Da’ath goes back to seclusion, but Yuu (Lost Kingdoms) makes his appearance and imprisons Yuu (canon) to banish him to the nexus dimension. Thus, LK!Yuu takes control of the Da’ath organization, similar to what his parents: Sharon/Sailor Charon & Jeremiah/Millenniummon did by reviving Paradais (which was formerly Dartz’).

-The events of character corner segments pre-Shinnen:New Year.

-The events of First Party Corner/Siege of GranDracmon.

-Due to the laws of the corner verse, the Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms versions of the GC characters exist in Japan, and a second GHQ organization is established that is fully controlled by Da’ath. However, the canon events of the Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms fanfic did not happen.

—This means the Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms characters have differed lives. Shu and Gai are still childhood friends, but also went to the same high school (Tennouzu High, that means the LK versions of the Tennouzu students take over since their canon versions graduated years ago.) while work alongside each other in the Undertakers. Kurosu Ouma and Saeko Shijou are still alive which Shu stays in their apartment. Gai lives with his biological father, Shuichiro Keido, and both are aware that their on opposite sides (Gai reforms Funeral Parlor, while Keido is in the Anti-Bodies), but they remain quiet when not in the battlefield. Haruka Keido does not marry to Kurosu. LK!Inori is actually a new clone modeled after the original Inori (canon), full name as Inori Yuzuriha II, she escapes from Da’ath on her own (unlike Canon!Inori who is rescued by the canon!Undertakers) and attends Tennouzu and Funeral Parlor at the same time. Mana Ouma remains alive, is in full control of her crystal powers, and is not evil unlike her canon self, but retains her yandere tendencies; Mana also attends and finishes Tennouzu High. Inori II receives her crystal powers from LK!Mana through each other. As for LK!Yuu, he attends an evil school and is one of the top students in his class, he is controlling GHQ as part of his internship/work experience, he meets Kriemhild Gretchen in his school and become a couple. Three new Void Genomes are made by Sephirah Genomics, one used by LK!Yuu, and the other two are stolen by Funeral Parlor for LK!Shu and Gai to use. GHQ has recently become rivals to Cain Corp. LK!Arisa and her grandfather have taken over the Kuhouin Group, which is formerly Canon!Okina and Canon!Arisa (before she joined Da’ath due to her obsession with Canon!Gai). Fyu-Neru that’s joining the second Funeral Parlor is the same one from the original.

—At some point, the Puella Magical Girls came to guide LK!Funeral Parlor while staying alongside them. Sayaka and her family lives next door to Ayase. Kyoko is adopted by Argo’s family. Mami is adopted by Oogumo and Kurachi as her guardians. Nagisa is taken by Shibungi and his wife as her adopted parents. Homura is adopted by Haruka, who she sees Keido as a step-uncle and Gai as her cousin. Madoka and her family live next door to Shu’s family. Both Madoka and Homura attend Tennouzu High. Before the LK!Funeral Parlor meet the Valkyries in House of Madoka, they still met the alternate versions as a form of test.

—At the same time, since Sword Art Online exist in Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms, the events of the first two seasons happen.

-The events of Second Party Corner/Digimon Fusion Movie: Yagami’s Second Coming. This is where at the end of these segments, the Puellas (except Nagisa) appear as cameos to invite the heroes.

-The similar events of Dawn of Chaos, D-Reaper’s Fury (yes, the Ch. 1 prologue separate from the DF-616 story happened) and Battle of Digital Gods except deviations such as: Yamato remains instead of disappear like his DF-616 self (and Yamato meets Beerusmon and Whismon, alongside he became Level 3 sooner than his DF-616 self). The Avengers are involved besides Iron Man. Unlike their YYGDM-01 counterparts, Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei knew each other before since they team up against Paradox. Pluto still calls Charon a ‘monster’, but not often unlike her YYGDM-01 self. Janyuu Wong remains alive. The Dawn of Chaos Big Bads did meet and briefly fight one another (DoC Ch. 59 segment reference). When Sedna & Angemon X go to the Dragonball world, instead of the canon!Popo, it’s Abridged!Popo. The DoC Chapter 63 segment that ties-in House of Madoka.

-Between September and October 2014. Similar events as Valkyrie Advent but with minor differences. Mist and her Erinyes become more proactive as they attempt to stop the awakening of the other four Valkyries' awakenings. Kotori recruits the Valkyrie Maidens early than their YYGDM-01 counterparts. The conflicts with Loki, Jotunheim, and the Second Ragnarok are similar except various deviations: The war is slightly more destructive than YYGDM-01. Jessica’s old surname is Nightwood before change to Nightwind in Shinnen. Skogul temporary used Huginn & Muninn before the ravens left (only to permanently stay with Skogul in Shinnen). Gondul’s eyes are normal (before her right eye is scarred during Shinnen). Reginleif is willingly evil unlike her YYGDM-01 self. Geirskogul didn’t merge with Skogul. Some exclusive forces of Jotunheim/Evil Myths appear like Minions of Set (Samurai Jack), Titans & one of the three Cyclops gone rogue (Disney’s Hercules), and the Tarrasque (French Myth/D&D, that Skuld and her group fought it at the Eiffel Tower besides fighting Rota). Some of the main Jotunheim forces retreat to hiding and survive (example: Loki use the Lord of Realms armor/dragon form to fight the valkyries and allies before defeated, turn back to normal (while saving his special armor) and escape). Anton & Bruno haven’t witness Phillipe saving them from the incident. Phillipe doesn't briefly die during this series of events like his YYGDM-01 self apparently does. Brunhilde and Skuld still have yet to fully recover their past memories. Valkyries/Erinyes didn’t become Dai-Valkyries/Erinyes yet.

-At some point, some of the heroes visit Takeru Cage’s Across Convention Theme Park and stops a dimensional criminal.

-The events of House of Madoka: Halloween Night. It occurs in the heart of New York City that the magical girls (while Nagisa stays behind) invite the heroes, villains and other characters, that include the LK versions of Funeral Parlor, Tennouzu High students, and Kirito. The LK versions of Daryl Yan and Dan Eagleman are sent by GHQ to spy on the facility. After observing the events of the Halloween party, Da’ath comes to their conclusion that not only do they fight Funeral Parlor and the magical girls, but also the rest of the heroes and villains across the corner universe.

-The events of 3.5 Corner/Kuipers’ Party.

-The events of 3.5 Corner/Villains’ Welcoming Reunion.

-The West Coasters make their debuts in real-life May 2015 with deviations of their main story compare to their YYGDM-01 counterparts in 2010 (making it an obvious meta 5th anniversary), as they are the last YYGDM hero group to appear (while YYGDM-01 has the Valkyries as the last ones to appear since the Planetary Senshi were the first heroes). Also on that same month, there’s a skirmish event similar to Neos United with some slight deviations: Raynare (High School Dx D) has a one-sided alliance with Chaos Magician Girl, but the fallen angel is secretly a Da’ath scout that manipulates her to revive Apophis. The other Valkyries, LK!Shu (such as LK!Shu fought Raynare), few Puellas, and the SAO protagonists (though Asuna didn’t see Skuld, and Sinon didn’t officially interacted with Brunhilde) are involved. Heathcliff makes a guest cameo similar to Pegasus. Each of the four Valkyries fought a possessed Acolyte: Sigrun/Sayaka - Buster Blader, Gondul/Kyoko - Amazoness Swordswoman, Skuld/Nagisa - Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Skogul/Mami - Dark Magician. The Valkyries, Chimeras, and West Coasters have a moment of teaming up. Apophis is then defeated.

-Real-life August 2015. To coincide the release of Resurrection F shown in the US, the Three Fiends/Scumbags/Stooges (Burizalor, Cyrus, and Digital Warlord) show off their evilness to the audience. At one point, they attempt to harass the Adventure tri. Digidestined in halting their production to their first movie. Then, they are stopped by the heroes, such as the signature fight when Omega and Metalla Xs show off their Super Ascendant God forms the first time while Burizalor shows his golden form. D3s fight the Warlord, while Angemon X/Sedna/WarAngemon/Celesta X fight Cyrus. Beerusmon and Whismon don't interfere and simply watch. The scumbags also send the WEAPONS (FFVII) they mind-controlled to fight the Beast Tamers, Brunhilde & Seadramon, Skuld (she and Brunhilde are the only Valkyries involve), Phillipe & Jaguarmon, and the FFVII heroes as to coincide the announcement of the FFVII remake (and Advent Children’s 10th anniversary). Specific WEAPONS the characters fought: Brunhilde vs Ultimate Weapon. BlazeGallantmon vs Ruby Weapon. QuakeGargomon vs Emerald Weapon. AuroraInumon vs Diamond Weapon. StormSakuyamon vs Sapphire Weapon. The WEAPONS then combine to the Chimeric Weapon, but it’s eventually obliterated. At the end, the scumbags are driven off.

-The events of Shinnen:New Year (series finale)/Evergreen Passion.

-Outside of the cornerverse, it show the watchers of the Triad dimensions (such as X/Max and Sailor Pluto, fearing there’s a forthcoming danger more powerful than D-Reaper and Paradais) observing the events of the corner verse (even though they remain unaware that they are fictional characters themselves). Before that, Canon!Mana (corner) spreads the Apocalypse Virus outbreak through the multiverse that many dimensions are destroyed by the virus. This event is called The Apocalyptic Convergence (known as the Apocalyptic Upheaval), which is about to reach the Triad dimensions, but Sailor Cosmos and a few helpers see it coming and create a force field to safeguard the worlds in time. This take place after YuYuGiDigiMoon: Apophis Rising, Digimon Accel Stream: The Movie, and Digimon Fusion Movie: Battle of Digital Gods, but before Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper’s Fury’s epilogue.

-The events of character corner segments post-Shinnen:New Year and before Defiants.

-Resurrection B Segments

-Valkyrie Advent Segments/Valkyrie Homecoming

-The events of Final Party Corner/Wrath of the Defiants (series epilogue, and the last corner/segment in general to tie-in the closure of the author’s fanfics).


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