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A timeline of the Honor Harrington series and its spinoffs. This page is under construction.

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    First Millennium of the Diaspora 
2103 CE, aka 1 PD
  • The first human colony ship departs Earth for outer space.

45 PD

700s PD

  • The hyperdrive is first invented.

774 PD

  • The Manticore Colony, Ltd. bids high for the colonization rights to the Manticore Binary System. Not long after, the settlers depart Earth on the colony ship Jason.

    1000- 1800 PD 
1246 PD
  • The impeller drive is invented on Beowulf.

1273 PD

  • Dr. Adrienne Warshawski invents a detector to warn ships travelling in hyperspace of gravity anomalies such as the dangerous gravity waves, before inventing the energy sails allowing ships to ride the waves.

1416 PD

  • The Jason arrives in the Manticore System, and the first settlers land on the planet Manticore.

1454 PD

  • The Manticore System is devastated by a native plague which mutates to affect humans. It takes decades before the disease is finally eradicated. As a result of the plague, the government is reorganized into the Star Kingdom, with the surviving original settlers becoming nobles, in order for them to keep their political power amidst the influx of new settlers the Kingdom is recruiting.

1518 PD

  • 12-year-old Stephanie Harrington, a relatively new arrival to the planet Sphinx, discovers the sentient treecats and is the first human to bond with one. (A Beautiful Friendship)

Circa 1700 PD

  • The Mesan Alignment arranges the downfall of the original Republic of Haven, setting up the intentionally inefficient People's Republic, run by the alpha lines known as the Legislaturalists, in its place.

    19th Century PD 
1857 PD
  • Drs. Alfred and Alison Harrington of Sphinx have their first child, daughter Honor.

1875 PD

  • Honor Harrington begins studying at the Saganami Island military academy on Manticore.

1883 PD

  • King Roger II of Manticore is assassinated by the People's Republic of Haven, and his daughter Queen Elizabeth III ascends to the throne.

    20th Century PD 
1900 PD
  • Commander Honor Harrington, after graduating the Advanced Tactical Course, is given command of the light cruiser HMS Fearless, which has been outfitted with an experimental new weapon, the grav-lance. After the weapon fails to perform well in war games, becoming an embarrassment to its designer, Admiral Lady Sonja Hemphill, Fearless is reassigned to the notorious posting of Basilisk Station. When Honor arrives, the senior naval officer in the system, Captain Lord Pavel Young, who is an old enemy of hers, intentionally leaves for his ship to get a refit in the hopes of setting her up for failure. Instead, Honor does her job and uncovers and thwarts a plan by the People's Republic of Haven to take control of the system and its wormhole junction, earning herself a promotion. (On Basilisk Station)

1903 PD

  • Captain (SG) Honor is placed in command of a squadron of ships escorting a diplomatic delegation to the nearby planet Grayson, in the hopes of securing an alliance against Haven. However, the Havenites are backing Grayson's fundamentalist neighbour Masada, which wants to utterly destroy Grayson. After the deaths of the Grayson High Admiral and Honor's mentor Admiral Courvosier fighting the initial Masadan attack while Honor and a few of her ships were away escorting a merchant convoy, Honor returns and, after saving the Protector from an assassination attempt, earns the respect of most of the highly religious and sexist Graysons, before leading her remaining ships against the Masadans and the Havenites working with them. For this, Honor is knighted, awarded Grayson's highest honour and is made a Steadholder of the planet. (The Honor of the Queen)

1904 PD

  • After a year's medical leave, Honor is given command of the latest HMS Nike, which is sent to Hancock Station as the flagship of Rear Admiral Mark Sarnow, as the Star Kingdom prepares for war with the People's Republic of Haven. When the Havenites attack, after having staged several exploratory raids, Honor takes command after Admiral Sarnow is incapacitated and only his squadron is left defending the system. Pavel Young is stripped of command and court-martialed after fleeing the battle in cowardice. (The Short Victorious War)
  • The People's Republic deals with internal stress after the assassination of the Secretary for the Economy. Eventually, after the death of his son, Rear Admiral Edward Pierre, in one of the aforementioned raids, Robert Stanton Pierre, the Speaker of the rubber-stamp People's Quorum, stages a coup against the Legislaturalist government, assassinating the Hereditary President and all but two cabinet members on President's Day.note  He then sets up the Committee of Public Safety, with himself as its Chairman. (The Short Victorious War)

1922 PD

  • February: The Mesan Alignment stages Operation Oyster Bay against Manticore and Grayson to destroy their shipyards, resulting in millions of deaths, including Grayson High Admiral Wesley Matthews. Sphinx is hit particularly bad, with the city of Yawata Crossing completely destroyed, killing most of the extended Harrington family. The Black Rock Clan of treecats is also wiped out. (Mission of Honor)
  • April: Victor Cachat and Anton Zilwicki, delayed by engine trouble, finally reach Haven and, along with Mesan defector Dr. Herlander Simões, inform President Pritchart and her cabinet of the Alignment's existence and goals, as well as their secret technology and manipulation of both Haven and Manticore. (Mission of Honor)
  • May: Eloise Pritchart, Thomas Theisman, Leslie Montrose and Kevin Usher, along with Cachat, Zilwicki and Simões, arrive in the Manticore System and inform Honor Harrington, Queen Elizabeth III and other high-ranking officials of the Manticoran government about the Mesan Alignment. Elizabeth and Pritchart agree to ally their nations against both the threat of invasion by the Solarian League and to destroy the Alignment. (Mission of Honor)


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