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As the series goes on, more and more of the story is taken up by flashbacks and references to past events. As more players enter the game, it gets a little more difficult to remember those two characters we saw in book one who aren't mentioned again until book seven. This page should help a bit.

Spoilers abound. Do NOT read if you aren't up to date.

    Events Whose Exact Time of Occurrence is Unknown 
  • The development of the Animus fluid:
    • Some time before book 3.5.
    • Probably before Escape Velocity, because it was developed by Overlord, who was already in Otto's head during Interception Point.
  • The development of the device inside Otto's head.
  • The birth of Douglas Brand:
    • Between books one and seven.
  • Elena Furan is killed by either Maximilian Nero, Anastasia Furan, or a third party.
  • The order of the births of the Alphas(Otto, Laura, Wing, Shelby, Lucy, Nigel, Franz, Tom, and Penny) is not known.
  • The Glasshouse is founded.
  • The death of the Contessa's daughter, Lucy Dexter's mother.
  • The facility where Otto was built is destroyed.
  • Tabitha Leon is locked in the body of her cat.
    Before Raven Joins the H.I.V.E. 
  • Nathaniel Nero designs the Iceland branch of H.I.V.E.
  • The school opens.
  • The school's location is compromised by a future student.
  • The Iceland branch- the original H.I.V.E.- is destroyed. Maximilian Nero's mother, Nathaniel Nero's wife, is killed in the attack.
  • The H.I.V.E. students are moved to the temporary branch.
  • Anastasia and Pietor Furan find Natalya(approximately age eight) on the streets of Moscow and force her to join the Glasshouse.
  • Young Natalya befriends Dimitri and Tolya.
  • The three children attempt to escape two to three years later. Dimitri is killed by Anastasia Furan, and Natalya and Tolya are put into isolation before being forced to kill each other. Natalya comes out alive, but mildly insane.
  • Two to three years later, Natalya hallucinates Dimitri's existence, and is now the Glasshouse's top student. She is given the assignment to kill Maximilian Nero for the death of Elena Furan.
  • Maximilian Nero designs the Pacific Branch of the H.I.V.E.
    Between Raven Joining the H.I.V.E. and the Birth of the Alphas 
  • Natalya, now known by her code name, Raven, attempts to kill Maximilian Nero, but ends up being captured by H.I.V.E. forces.
  • Natalya joins the Alpha program at the temporary branch.
  • The Pacific Branch is built and opened by Maximilian Nero.
  • Maximilian Nero and Diabolus Darkdoom conceive the Zero Hour program.
  • Xiu Mei Chen and Wu Zhang program Overlord to operate the Zero Hour program, but hasty production causes the AI to kill all technicians on the project. Xiu Mei withholds the final protocol, which would allow Overlord to access the Internet.
  • Overlord transfers consciousness to the body of Number One.
  • Xiu Mei and Wu Zhang escape to Japan and get married under a false name before falling in love.
  • Overlord/Number One orders at least 110 clones of himself to be created, with a device implanted in each that is capable of carrying an additional consciousness within the body.
    The Alphas' Birth to Book One, Page One 
  • The clones of Number One are created, but only one survives, number 0110, named Otto Malpense.
  • Clone 0110 is placed on the doorstep of St. Sebastian's Orphanage in London, Britain.
  • Wu Zhang and Xui Mei have their first biological child, Wing Fanchu.
  • Xiu Mei discovers Overlord code being used in G.L.O.V.E.'s newest project, the Renaissance Initiative.
  • Xiu Mei gives Wing the white half of the ying-yang nacklace, which contains half of the code for the Overlord Protocol and the decryption key for the other half of the necklace.
  • Shelby Trinity begins her career as a jewel thief under the pseudonym The Wraith.
  • Xiu Mei sends the black half of the necklace to Maximilian Nero, who up to this point did not know she was alive.
  • Xiu Mei and Diabolus Darkdoom are executed by Number One/Overlord.
  • Wing Fanchu finds his mother dead with her half of the ying-yang necklace missing, and he and his father believe that whoever has the black half must have killed her.
  • H.I.V.E.mind, a less advanced version of Overlord, is brought online to run the Zero Hour program.
  • A feud erupts between Laura Brand and Mandy Mc Tavish, two schoolgirls in Scotland.
  • The Prime Minister of Britain moves to cut funding to the social service system, which would shut down St. Sebastian's Orphanage.
  • Laura Brand uses the local US Air Force base's terrorist/bomb detection system to listen in on the phone conversations of Mandy Mc Tavish.
  • The United States Government discovers Laura's hack, and mistakenly identifies her as a terrorist.
  • H.I.V.E. forces travel to Japan to bring Wing Fanchu to the Pacific Branch without his father's knowledge.
  • Maximilian Nero travels to Scotland to speak to Laura's parents about enrolling her in the Alpha program, warning them that otherwise she will be arrested and imprisoned indefinitely. He brings Laura to the Pacific Branch.
  • Otto Malpense publicly disgraces the British Prime Minister, causing him to lose office. He is replaced by Duncan Cavendish.
  • Raven travels to London to bring Otto to the Pacific Branch on August 29.
    Book One: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education (Begins August 30) 
  • Otto Malpense, Wing Fanchu, Laura Brand, Shelby Trinity, Nigel Darkdoom, and Franz Argentblum are inducted into the Alpha program.
  • Raven and Nero discover that Otto was placed on the roster by Number One, not a member of the candidate selection committee. They are instructed to ensure his safety under penalty of death.
  • Otto and Wing become friends and agree to plan an escape together.
  • Otto and Wing befriend the other four.
  • Otto and Wing have their first run-in with block and Tackle, two older Henchman students.
  • Otto meets Laura and invites her to join him and Wing in their escape attempt without asking Wing's opinion.
  • Shelby's reason for being an Alpha is revealed, and Otto asks her to escape with the other three.
  • The four plan an escape, and Otto decides not to invite Nigel because he would "slow them down."
  • Nigel builds Violet, a Venus fly trap variation that consumes larger animals.
  • The four students attempt an escape with H.I.V.E.mind, who states that he isn't happy on the Island.
  • Raven and Nero intercept the five kids and confiscate the AI, with the intention of restraining his emotional capabilities.
  • Violet becomes large enough to thirst for human blood, and kills six guards.
  • Otto and Wing help to take down Violet, and Laura and Shelby defend the students from her with fire extinguishers. This contribution saves them from expulsion.
  • Nero is knocked out during the battle against Violet, and during CPR Wing notices the black half of the ying-yang necklace around Nero's neck.
  • Otto and Wing find a way off of the Island, but Wing asks Otto not to leave so they can find out whether Nero killed Xiu Mei.
  • Nero is put under review by the G.L.O.V.E. ruling council because of the Violet catastrophe. Security footage shows Xiu Mei's necklace under his jacket.
    Book Two: The Overlord Protocol 
    Book Three: Escape Velocity 
    Book Three Point Five: Interception Point 
    Book Four: Dreadnought 
    Book Five: Rogue 
    Book Six: Zero Hour 
    Book Seven: Aftershock 
    Book Eight: Deadlock 

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