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Timeline / Get a Life

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The following is the series of events in the game mod Get a Life. The first level of the game is set to be at Day 0.

Early April

  • Alex goes to work. The company intercom informs him that he is tasked with reactivating a generator that shut down. As he works on reactivating the generator, he is captured by EVIS.
  • Alex is transported to a Vostok lab in Skyptel.

April 7th

  • A clone of Alex is created after Alex is found to show no symptoms of infection.

May 1st

  • Zombies overrun the EVIS lab.

May 1st Night

  • Alex wakes up and investigates the lab. He encounters several zombies, but escapes. The zombies are temporarily sealed inside the lab. Shortly after leaving the lab, he is knocked out by a fall.

May 2nd Day

  • Alex wakes up and regains his bearings. After finding a pistol, EVIS begins their attack on Skyptel residents. After resisting their assault, Alex finds a doctor who claims to know information on the zombies. EVIS begins bombing the city, killing the doctor and knocking out Alex.
  • The zombies spread from the lab, creating a three-way fight between the city residents, EVIS, and zombies.

May 2nd Night

  • Alex wakes up to search for a way out of the city.
  • Alex encounters a group of survivors located at a school and helps them fend off the invading zombies. The survivors grant him access to the rest of the school in hopes that he can clear an exit to the sewers.
  • Alex navigates through the sewer system, briefly encountering a scrapyard.

May 3rd Day

  • Alex exits the sewer system, entering a spider infested mine.
  • Alex passes through the mine, entering a church through a hole in the church floor. An unseen survivor tries to drop a box on him.
  • Alex navigates into a townhouse, encountering several zombies and spiders. He leaves the townhouse by falling into a pool of water from a spider-infested attic.
  • Alex enters an EVIS-controlled warehouse, and is attacked by the EVIS soldiers there. He fights through the EVIS units, entering a Skyptel militia-controlled hideout.

May 3rd Night

  • Alex is drafted into the Skyptel militia so he can help protect their rock crusher. He is informed that EVIS is preparing an assault on the hideout.
  • Alex helps the militia defend the hideout and destroys several EVIS fortifications.
  • Alex decides to join a solitary survivor in an underground church, but they both hear that the rock crusher is under attack over the radio. The survivor grants Alex access to a secret passage so he can return to the rock crusher while the survivor fends off attacking zombies.
  • Alex fights through the catacombs under the church, entering a town hall controlled by the militia. Alex uses a tunnel system inside the town hall to reach the rock crusher, which is destroyed by an EVIS suicide bomber. Alex is knocked unconscious by the blast.

May 4th Day

  • The zombie virus evolves, changing some existing zombies into skeletons capable of flight.
  • Alex is woken up by a militia member, who urges him to escape through the mines. He does so, emerging onto a small beach controlled by EVIS. Fighting past them, Alex enters a small EVIS controlled village.
  • Alex searches for an escape route or help inside the village, but he is captured by the EVIS and taken to a cargo ship.

May 4th-11th

  • The EVIS cargo ship sails to Antarctica.
  • The zombie threat begins to overtake the world.
  • The EVIS Antarctic facility and cargo ship suffer zombie outbreaks. Both outbreaks create new zombie types.
    • The cargo ship creates an unseen strong zombie enemy and fish-like zombie sharks.

May 11th

  • Alex awakens on the cargo ship and catches glimpses of the new zombie types created. He begins to see visions from the past.
  • Alex leaves the cargo ship and enters the adjacent Antarctic facility.