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Timeline / Dragon Age

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Dragon Age installments in chronological order:

Year Installment
8:96–99 Blessed The Stolen Throne
9:10 Dragon The Calling
9:22 Dragon Dawn of the Seeker
9:28 Dragon Leliana's Song DLC
9:30–31 Dragon Dragon Age: Origins
9:31 Dragon Warden's Fall
Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening
Dragon Age: Redemption
9:32 Dragon Witch Hunt DLC
9:30–37 Dragon Dragon Age II (main story and DLC)
9:38 Dragon The Silent Grove
Those Who Speak
Until We Sleep
9:40 Dragon Asunder
The Masked Empire
Dragon Age II (Framing Story)
9:41 Dragon Last Flight
9:41–42 Dragon Dragon Age: Inquisition
9:44 Dragon Trespasser DLC
post-9:44 Dragon Knight Errant

The very first Dragon Age comic defies placement in the timeline, while the Dragon Age pen-and-paper RPG is not bound to a specific time period.


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