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Timeline / Diaclone VS. Gridman

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pre-Diaclone VS. Gridman

Diaclone (1980's toy release)

  • 198X: Freezon Energy is discovered on Earth, splitting Earth into five different zones and the Metra Zone (Japan) is governed by the Landmaster.
  • 199X: The Alien Waruders commenced their attack on Earth to rob the planet of its Freezon Energy. Diaclone was founded to stop the Waruders and engaged into a massive war against the aliens.
  • Unidentified:
    • Hikari Kaizaki lost her little brother in the ensuing war.
    • The Waruders retreated from Earth after their main base on the Moon had been attacked. Diaclone emerged victorious and set up a defense base on the Moon after that.
    • Meanwhile the Waruders' home planet became a dead planet, but instead of being absorbed into a black hole, it transformed into a monster named Giganter due to the Waruder people's residual thoughts and set forth to advance to Planet Earth to carry out the inhabitants' final wish: to consume the Freezon Energy on Earth.