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Note that this list is a Work In Progress asked for from some of the author's friends to make things easier to read in the long run. Due note that so far since only Truth and Ideals is finished, all of the other installments planned to be a major basis in a given portion of the continuity are still up in the air. Beware of spoilers, as well as expect sudden changes to be made to seemingly final scripts.


The Timeline

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    Prologue: Origins 

Crazy Carousal

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura

Crazy Carousal is an Origin Story for the whole continuity, which details how the multiverse was rebooted, and how three separate Magical Girl universes in addition to the Ultimorian Verse becoming widespread across the multiverse due to the prior incarnation's destruction causing them to scatter. This is the first fic chronologically to happen, and it's release date is not yet known until further research into all three base shows are performed.

Unhinged: An American Tail

An American Tail

Part of the "Unhinged" side-series in the continuity; re-imagining children's films and other media to showcase how their stories would progress if they were not restrained by any age rating, and thus could allow the full potential of their Darker and Edgier realities to show through. While much of the story is unchanged from the original for a majority of it, the story does have the oddity of dealing with a pre-teen version of the King of the Ultimorian Deities himself... as the leader of a violent street gang, who seemingly is out to make all of New York's life absolute hell for cat and mouse alike; it's time to unleash the hounds in this affair. To say this story isn't simply the unhinged version of An American Tail alone is an understatement, for here we have the unhinged, mortal origins of the King of the Ultimorian Deities himself; Grandis.

The Beast

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005/Original Work

A father and son estranged from each other in terms of positive relationship, take refuge in a hunting game called "Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005" for the GameCube while out on a camping trip in a cabin. As the two decide to stay in the cabin due to their age and general boredom, the two become addicted to the game and begin to learn to each other's playing styles differently from one another. In a father and son bonding moment, at first the story starts off as a straightforward Let's Play of the game in question, but then something relating to the duo as they play the game cause the commentary to become twisted from its former self here and there, as the Let's Play continues and the son decides to get competitive with his old man for his own good.

The Slice of Life

Five Nights at Freddy's

Fredbear and Friends is a show that had been running since 1983, and the joys of the show it brings to children are not as well received as they were in the past. The animatronics slowly begin to exhibit sentience they had not showcased before, based off a twisted mixture of the cartoon and their encased souls; warping them into abominations that do not wish to bring harm but are ultimately monstrous killing machines. Featuring Freddy with his FNAF 1 design, Bonnie with his FNAF 2 design, Chica with her FNAF 3 design, and Foxy with his FNAF 4 design, and some other recurring animatronics and entities from the franchise as well, this details the story of how chaotic things can get when a certain Wild Card is set into the playing field and disrupts the natural flow of everything...

Untold Depths


Implied to be a pseudo-Distant Finale to Unhinged: An American Tail, the setting of the story has advanced into the 1960s. While many of the cast from the prior story are aged or dead depending on whether they got killed or died naturally, the story had progressed to where there is a currently unknown Foregone Conclusion; the setting that exists now is much more Lighter and Softer in regards to the Talking Animals, and now there seems to be an unknown harmony occurring between man and animal to the point it sets up the current setting of four teenagers with a great dane dog who are all aware of the latter's ability to speak.

The story revolves around various paranormal aspects of the Shared Universe, such as the mysterious reason why the animals can talk, how they can socialize with humans, and if these are meant to be signs of things to come further down the road. While so far Ultimorian influence on this universe had been minimal, only taking the form of the Hooligan, who still lives in this story. Now, however, the story has to deal with unusual spawns of Dragora Galaxia; the Dragoria breed of dragons; vicious space based life-forms that are recently beginning to come to Earth and spread a weird virus with them, which causes paranormal activities to occur to the point mass sightings occur which cannot be proven false any further. There is, however, at least one major incident of a paranormal incident that started long before the Dragorias had ever arrived...

Bravest Dreamers


Flare and Tempest's origin story, and the Grand Finale of the prologue to the continuity. Flare and Tempest are the first of the Ambassadors to appear in the continuity, and have been around longer than even Chronicler has been, to the point they're both technically mentor figures to him. This shorter scale story than the rest of the fics is to serve as an Origins Episode of the two Digimon, as well as what many believe to be their Darkest Hour in addition to that. Read what is below at your own risk, as they contain heavy spoilers.

An Ultra Grade AI named Omnicron acting without a noted agenda appears one day on the New Year's Eve heading into 2010, and sightings across the globe of mysterious surges in the wind and storm systems have caused several tropical storms to suddenly spike in intensity for no apparent reason. Enter Flare, an Agumon, and Tempest, a Gabumon, as they both try and confront the issue on their own without informing their superiors about how these two, effectively children at this time, are going to fight an unknown entity they do not truly know about.

As they find the AI, Omnicron assumes a form very uncannily similar to Keramon; Omnicron 600M, as Flare immediately takes the fight to herself despite Tempest urging her to proceed with caution. As Tempest sees Flare being brutalized by Omnicron, Tempest evolves into Garurumon and forces the renegade AI to flee. After having been saved by someone she always considered weaker than herself, Flare throws a fit and goes off to train intensively, in which she returns the next day as a Greymon. Tempest apologizes to Flare about making her jealous about his newfound form, but Flare tells him to suck it up and relax since it's not the end of the world.

Another tropical storm surge occurs, in which all of the eastern United States is sacked by a record breaking hurricane. Devastated by the tragedy that strikes, Flare and Tempest confront the AI again with the intent of demanding what it wants out of it; it answers that it's just playing a game, and it's either win or lose for itself and nothing else. Flare and Tempest, realizing Omnicron is responsible for the abnormal weather at this time of year, tackle Omnicron head on as the two rapidly evolve into MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon respectively, to which they force Omnicron to transform into Omnicron 700M, which proceeds to use a powerful attack on them suddenly for "cheating", in which it flees again afterwards.

Flare and Tempest, trying to stay active as their wounds are causing them immense pain, Tempest tells Flare to channel this pain with emotion and passion as to try and achieve something great; Flare gives it a shot, as does Tempest, resulting both of them achieving WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Both of them immediately confront Omnicron and don't even bother making their presence known before they lunge at it with lethal force. Omnicron retaliates by transforming into Omnicron 800M, in which it proceeds to demolish Flare's Dramon Killers, and wreck much of the weaponry on Tempest's body. Omnicron simply states its own motives again when the duo ask; it's all just a game. Omnicron proceeds to clone itself at an alarming rate, in which its clones head into other portals within Network and begin to commit mass genocide against the inhabitants of the different virtual realms. When Flare and Tempest ask for Omnicron's real motive, it just repeats that it's all just a game, to which it flees again as Flare and Tempest are left horrified as to what kind of Sadist Omnicron must be to think committing omnicide is "fun" for itself and never thinks twice as to the wrong factor. Both of them resume chase, unaware that Omnicron is broadcasting them both across every device with a playback screen connected to the internet and showing them all for the entire world to see.

At the final area Omnicron lurks at, Flare and Tempest are both greeted to thousands of millions of clones of Omnicron all waiting for them, in which they all proceed to open fire on the duo without any sign of mercy; both of the two Ultimate Level Digimon are presumed dead within seconds. As both of them are unconscious from the type of damage they just had to endure, both of their minds are pleading out to anybody who can hear them; asking them for their support so they can try and stop Omnicron once and for all, and so that it's childishly evil goals of destruction do not spread any further. Tempest tells Flare that if they don't make it out of this alive, that she is the best companion he could ever ask for knowing they'll both die as brave heroes together, even if they don't succeed; Flare doesn't care for the status as a hero, as all she cares about is the fact Tempest is happy with whatever fate befalls upon them next.

As Omnicron Prime warps itself into the real world using the storms to generate a portal for itself to manifest, Flare and Tempest listen to everyone's pleads around the world and Jogress Evolve into Omegamon, in which they give chase to Omnicron only after completely glassing the entirety of the clones produced by the Prime Unit in record timing. Only realizing too late that its careless creations of clones have damaged itself, Omnicron Prime regardless doesn't care; it creates more clones as to terrorize different parts of the globe with its dangerous power; Flare and Tempest, now dubbing themselves Raiga as their Omegamon form, challenges Omnicron to a game; all of its clones have to fight her and her alone, and that if Omnicron doesn't comply, it'll lose the game by default; Omnicron, at first, obeys, but not before bombing a few cities with its clones ramming into them and detonating, as Raiga becomes angered at Omnicron and tries to go in for the kill against it, but Omnicron is too fast for her movements to be able to comprehend; even Omnicron as its weakened state is capable of still harming Raiga, but Raiga attempts something so dangerous with her joined DigiCores that will forever cement herself as a legend in the eyes of everyone to come.

Activating the Soul Link in her DigiCores, Raiga overwhelms Omnicron with her increased senses and reaction times, in which Omnicron attempts to fight back on nearly equal ground as it attempts to use its secret weapon against the two just like before. Omnicron still manages to fight evenly against Raiga, and manages to destroy entire structures despite Raiga's efforts to prevent it as much as possible; nearly succeeding in thwarting further harm to innocents at this point, as even though Omnicron manages to destroy structures, Raiga uses her Soul Link ability to move quick enough to evacuate people on time. Omnicron, enraged by the fact Raiga is outperforming itself by this point, charges up one final attack from its chest cavity, only for Raiga to immediately put an end to Omnicron's games before it can manage to destroy the planet or worse; invoking a sacred chant of the X-Antibody ancestors, she uses All Delete to completely destroy Omnicron with a fatal impale to the chest with the Grey Sword, as Omnicron detonates like a nuclear warhead in its defeat solely out of spite of her attempts to stop it on time.

As the day is saved as Omnicron is now gone for real, Raiga is too low on D-Power to maintain staying in the real world, leading to her virtualizing into the Digital World once more; the humans acknowledge Raiga as a savior in what they deem a battle between two deities taking place in the mortal realm, as well as the virtual realms they have; further investigation is sought to examine who or what these two beings are, which ultimately paves way into several sightings that occur over the years in which creatures called Digimon begin to appear and befriend humans, who'll eventually be known as Digimon Tamers.

    Chapter 1: Foundation 

Digimon Re: Tamers

Digimon Tamers

A Lighter and Softer alternative to Digimon Re: Adventre in concept, it mostly just removes the Porn with Plot aspect of Digimon Re: Adventure and downplays the heavy Age Lift effects to the characters present. However, this fic comes with a twist; what if Impmon as Jeri's Partner Digimon instead of Leomon? The story goes on to tell the story of a 16 year old Jeri Katou, having been diagnosed with Autism since a young age, and having Parental Neglect from a father who is barely ever there for her when she needs it. Raiga, one of the Royal Knights, has a conversation with Demon Lord Beelzemon that escalates into Beelzemon wanting to escape into the real world to seek out his partner after so many years of not having been there for her when she needed him, and steals a key card from Raiga who bluffs a weakness to allow Beelzemon to escape. Grandis informs Raiga to keep an eye out on Beelzemon from the Digital World, whereas Grandis will keep an eye on his actions in the real world through a group of tamers known as the "VIP Club", who want to recruit Jeri into their ranks due to her having a rare Virus Attribute Digimon in her possession.

Meanwhile, as Jeri gets to meet Impmon for the first time now that Beelzemon is drained of his D-Power back into Rookie Level, Grandis discovers within the next 24 hours about the legendary "Soul Link" that is claimed to be the Achilles' Heel to Ultimorians such as himself. In a consequence of events that results in Ruki's Taomon going berserk with Impmon, as Devimon, non-lethally tearing out her DigiCore, Ruki as she holds it enters a trance-like state which demonstrates to Grandis all too clearly that Ruki now possesses what he and others have been informed about as being the long lost "Soul Link" ability. Keeping low on the exact details for now as he observes its effects as Ruki effortlessly takes him out with it, the plot takes itself back into its first major arc involving Jeri, alongside Takato, Henry, Ryo, and Ruki having to deal with the latter most's mother and her newest boyfriend that is trespassing in places he should not be.

The Fastest Thing Alive

Sonic the Hedgehog

A pseudo re-imagining of Sonic Sat AM's continuity and characters, mixed in with a bunch of elements from the games that never made it into the show, this re-imagining is meant to give an alternate take on Sonic in tribute to the discontinued Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics. Sonic the Hedgehog is a Super Speed wielding Hedgehog with an attitude complex who is one of the many Freedom Fighters working to try and save their ruined world from the clutches of its current ruler; Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. When Dr. Robotnik's latest experiments run haywire and threaten to destroy both sides, however, that is where the natives of Mobius learn that not only has he gone too far this time, but perhaps they may be too late to save the world now because of these "other entities" forged from unknown metal ores.

Reflection Code

Code Lyoko

The closest to modern day that is also somewhat in the past. In a breakout incident involving destructive AIs and a super-powered bio-weapon, "MIRROR M", who is the genetically recreated version of a "Mythical Warrior" from which arises the strong, powerful DNA of the Ultimorian Deity of the same name. Is the recreated specimen just an impostor, or is he the myth made real yet again? While not a big surprise in hindsight, both this fic and Sword Art Online: Special Edition did the best they could until it was time to announce in the stories themselves that both fics are not just in the same continuity, but in fact happen in the exact same verse and many of their plot elements coincide with each other.

The Girl of my Nightmares

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

It would've been one thing to have to deal with having to have your imaginary friend live in a foster home and stay safe so long as he visited every day, but while at first Mac thought the apartment could calm down, without Bloo there in his bedroom, he was taken by surprise of a girl appearing at her doorstep and passing out in the dead of night; just as Terrence is about voice his disapproval of letting her stay for a while, Mac doesn't realize the girl's shadow lashing out towards Terrence and causing him to run towards his room in fright. It would've been one thing had this girl simply got lost and had to come here, but then you take her imaginary friend seems to behave not too different from an Extremosaurus in several regards to how hostile the... thing, can become at times... As the girl comes to her consciousness the follow morning, she mumbles the name "Darigus" as Mac soon begins to help her recover and noticing how having her around is suddenly making his life outside of Foster's easier... but he has no idea who this seemingly innocent, and very pretty, girl is trying to hide from him just yet...

The Blue Tri

Original Work

An unusual entry into the continuity is The Blue Tri, which details the origin of the Legendary 13th Ultimorian Deity; the 13th was always the most feared of the bunch, because nothing was truly known about the 13th to the point many didn't even know it existed until the other 12 were already established. Primordial Deity Dogma takes a heavy prominence in the plot, as the story revolves around the story of a growing boy having to deal with a Transformation Trinket that causes him to become a Henshin Hero whether he wants the role or not.

Alter M

Invisible Network of Kids

A re-imagining of Invisible Network Of Kids designed to be an analog to Reflection Code in a way that bookends the relationship between Sword Art Online: Special Edition and Operation R.E.B.O.O.T.; Alter M, as well as the latter fic, take place in a Mirror Universe based directly off of the verse Reflection Code and Sword Art Online: Special Edition share. Whereas that verse focused on being Darker and Edgier, this universe does a bit of both that and Lighter and Softer, but it ultimately varies on the context. Admittedly one could make the argument that this is the verse that's actually darker in terms of tone, considering this is the verse the reborn Eidolon and Centauri first appear in. To make matters worse, while Centauri is incredibly noted for being a pacifist, she undergoes an Adaptation Species Change that causes her to basically be a female of the genetic chimera that Mirror M is, except despite that, their forms past Phase 2 differ drastically. Centauri's forms become far less beastly and gain a divine identity to them in comparison to the increasing bestial forms of Mirror M. Eidolon, meanwhile, is essentially the Reverse Chronicler; an adult with equally shady origins and a mysterious power set designed to make him into a more antagonist analog to Chronicler. Be thankful that Centauri is a flat out protagonist, kids, because you're going to need all the help you can get knowing the more "evil" of the duo of Chronicler and Eidolon is present in this verse...

Amusingly enough, Alter M actually doesn't refer to Centauri; it refers to a robotic doppelganger of Mirror M modeled somewhat after Ultron and Metal Sonic that is created by Sadie MacBeth using loaned material from Eidolon who knows how to get her the materials she desires to create the ultimate robotic life-form. While at first Alter M, technically known as "Metal M", is loyal to Sadie at first, he's only humoring her orders for now to see how competent of a villain she truly is before ultimately ditching her if he finds her unworthy of commanding him.

Sword Art Online: Special Edition

Sword Art Online

Chronicler's re-introduction to the story in the form of an Origin Story that establishes both Chronicler and several other crucial players to the overall continuity. The predecessor of one of the Ultimorian Deities appears here as a recurring antagonist turned "Big Bad" of the second arc.note  In the same story, Chronicler and Eidolon meet again for the first time since their original confrontation over the now legendary Z.E.R.0., and both of them are now preparing moves against each other which establishes the Ambassadors for Chronicler, and the Embassies for Eidolon.

Dinotopia: The Miniseries Retold


This particular fic is a Walking Spoiler for key reasons. While an ordinary retelling of the Dinotopia miniseries on the surface, after a certain point in the fic it drops the pretenses and reveals that it's the direct continuation of a character's arc previously brought up in Sword Art Online: Special Edition. Naotolis, after having been banished to this particular verse, births an offspring vastly beyond her own power to where her body self destructs as the offspring is none other than an Ultimorian Deity. My Death Is Only The Beginning doesn't even begin to describe the character arc that ensues for Naotolis and her daughter.


Original Work

Much like The Blue Tri, E.S.W.N. is a weird example to talk about, primarily because both of them are original works that have their own separate entries in the continuity rather than sharing it with someone else. However, in E.S.W.N.'s case, it's also an RPG Maker VX Ace JRPG, which results in the general story and overall characterization of the characters introduced here up to interpretation more than the others; when these same characters appear elsewhere in the continuity, it is with their "canon" characterization, as well as any "canon" plot threads introduced in this game.

Heart of Gold

Pokémon Gold and Silver

A prequel to Truth and Ideals, and the first of many of its type. Upon the end of Truth and Ideals proper, Heart of Gold will take its place in the updating schedule. Based off of Pokémon Gold and Silver, the story takes an unusual twist by including both Kris and Lyra in the same story as separate characters. Lyra is introduced later in the story, and Kris is introduced sooner. Ethan begins his Pokémon journey no differently from how Ash began his, except he's doing so to earn money for his mom's healthcare bills, and an upcoming hospital visit she has to deal with being too expensive for her alone to cover. As a result, Ethan takes up arms with Chikorita and departs for Mr. Pokémon's house after running an errand for Professor Elm that'll yield him with a decent starting point of 3000 PokéDollars. All seems to be going according to plan, until a certain bastard named Silver shows up at Elm's place and eventually accumulates an increasing bounty on his head to be brought to justice, thus leading to poor Ethan having to chase down Silver in a quest that leaves Ethan having to work more than he ever did for his coin for his mom's sake.

Truth and Ideals

Pokémon Black and White

Originally a standalone story planned to branch out further into more Pokémon fics in the future, Truth and Ideals was then assigned as being the aftermath of Sword Art Online: Special Edition taking place exactly one year later. Two of the Ambassadors, Flare and Tempest, make their first debut here, but appear earlier in the timeline as their much more recognized fused form of Raiga. The story, as the original premise detailed, shows an AU Ash aged 16 going to begin his Pokémon journey with his childhood friends Cheren and Bianca in Unova for the first time in their lives. Early Installment Weirdness is strong with this one.

Upon the completion of the story on November 15th, 2017, the entire continuity as a whole has officially graduated to Series Fic, with Truth and Ideals as well finally being prepared to establish its own sub-branch of Series Fic from the rest of the continuity, with the first major release to be seen next is a sequel to Truth and Ideals with the working title of Truth 2 and Ideals 2, which as the title suggests, adapts Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 into the story as well as answers some remaining questions about the original Truth and Ideals.

Digimon Re: Adventure

Digimon Adventure

A Hotter and Sexier fic that focuses on being Porn with Plot, in that while the main cast are all consenting adults and engage in various sexual activities, the sheer stress they go through with the actual plot proper justifies their need to vent their frustrations and form a closer bond; one of the re-establishing Ultimorian Deities is going through a temper tantrum, in the form of Ultimorian Deity Dragora Galaxia, and he's the worst of the bunch if he ever truly enraged. The Destroyer of Many Galaxies does not take too kindly to being ignored in the vast wake of history, and so much as drawing his attention into a situation is never a good thing to do. Recurring antagonist Oshiro Roy first debuts here, but this isn't the fic where he's the most prominent; a separate Digimon fic entirely is where he has a chance to shine.

File Island

Digimon Adventure

At first, one might think this is a Recursive Fanfic that aims to "fix" Digimon Re: Adventure by establishing a Lighter and Softer tone from the original, removing the sexual elements altogether, and having the characters in the Digital World, from which has been an Out of Focus element from the Digimon fics so far.

You could not be anymore wrong.

Eons ago, Dorugoramon destroyed the universe and shattered it into parallel dimensions, causing some of these dimensions to coexist to the point alternate versions of the same beings and characters could easily meet if a ripple in space and time happens just enough. In this splintered off dimension of Digimon's multiverse, the Dub names are used in full force; the characters comprise of solely the original eight, even Kari in an earlier role, and the Age Lift is Downplayed here, and despite keeping a T-Rating like Digimon Re: Tamers done, the overall tone is meant to invoke Adult Fear due to the fact eight humans and their Digimon are otherwise isolated in a world where the possibilities of returning home are next to nonexistent. While indeed Lighter and Softer compared to Digimon Re: Adventure, it is otherwise a Dark Fic when compared to Digimon Re: Tamers.

"Truth 2 and Ideals 2"

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

As the first official sequel to an existing fic in the continuity at large, Truth 2 and Ideals 2 takes place two years after the end of Truth and Ideals. With Ghetsis dead and almost all of Team Plasma nothing more than a memory, all seems to be at peace with Unova. However, Ash, having continued his intense training with Altair and his other Pokémon by his side, senses a disturbance in the making as he detects an aura from whom he had never seen for two years; N has made his presence known somewhere in Unova, and the first clue of his return is the remains of a village going up in flames in the northwestern side of Unova, in which a mysterious, masked murderer with glowing purple eyes appears and seems to be trying to deliberately invoke Ash's presence before him, with N having been caught in the crossfire of a new villain and their later to be seen cohorts without realizing that even Ash, for as powerful as he is, doubts he will be able to stand a chance against this new threat dubbed "0Ω".

Operation R.E.B.O.O.T.note 

Codename: Kids Next Door

After the breakout that occurred because of Mirror M, an unknown AI escaped into another verse entirely in the form of a blank, shining mask. Whomever wore the mask was gifted "unknown power", but those who tried to wear it were forever cursed into the madness brought up by this very same power. One day, however, the mask finds its rightful wielder. The hooligan version of Grandis featured much earlier in the timeline, and given the appearance of modern times Grandis, something is clearly wrong with this situation for whatever lies ahead.

Then it's revealed, due to the appearances of certain other characters, that Operation R.E.B.O.O.T. is the first actual Crisis Crossover in the continuity. Originally meant to take place around the same time as Sword Art Online: Special Edition, it instead takes place 7 years after said fic in which Chronicler is now 25 years old and having grown more experienced in his role, but at the same time, he's taking actions that ultimately has the Mythical Ultimorian Deity KeraKing trying to intervene with Chronicler's decisions. Considering it's incredibly rare for KeraKing to even appear at all, whereas even Ultima gets more referenced than he does, this is a big red flag to Grandis that something far worse than he currently realizes is just waiting to happen...

Operation T.R.I.A.S.S.I.C.note 

Codename: Kids Next Door

A standalone chapter from Operation R.E.B.O.O.T. detailing a Noodle Incident mentioned in the main story proper while Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb are temporarily Put on a Bus, and how when they come back, they mention their vacation was horrible. As noted, the duo go on a much needed vacation from adult villainy. The two have a cabin in the middle of nowhere right outside a giant lake for fishing, and the two have as many bottles of root beer as money could buy, and a freshly air conditioned cabin as well. Now at first you might expect the two to get cabin fever being out in the middle of nowhere; if by that you mean spending much of their time hiding in the cabin from two gigantic space reptiles, than you would be somewhat right. Mirror M and Centauri both find themselves roped into the events that ensue as both of them fancy some jerky for them to eat all the while the two adults have to work on a way to escape with their lives, at the same time avoiding a love crazy witch and a rogue faction of the KND at the same time.

    Chapter 2: Fallen 

DinoSquad RX


All references to this story as of September 5th, 2018 are to be destroyed.

The fic has currently underwent a severe case of Un-person that so far no other fic in the continuity has otherwise suffered; pictures relating to it are being removed, entire references to it elsewhere are being expunged, and as of writing the fic no longer exists in its original format; this space is solely for archival purposes alone.



Many, many sightings of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals occurred throughout human history, and nobody ever learned exactly why this is the case. During The Great Depression, a young girl discovers unusual eggs in her family's ranch that could potentially make her family's financial troubles moot, as the eggs hatch into what we all know today as dinosaurs; a chasmosaurus, a brachiosaurus, a stegosaurus, a lambeosaurus, and a tyrannosaurus. However, some things are not to last, as these five are detailed by a historian taking refuge in the farm as being "Sacred Beasts", who live an extended lifespan, but grow up to maturity quickly. As a result, the girl and the historian do what they can to find a proper home for the five dinosaurs, all the while keeping them hidden from the public and having to deal with the increased pressure of having to feed and care for the five along the way. The tyrannosaurus is the king of the herd, but his carnivorous appetite will not be able to be safely sated for long.

Eye of the Gorgon


An In Name Only fan fic due to the fact that much like Sword Art Online: Special Edition, the source material is considered Snark Bait at best. However, just like Sword Art Online: Special Edition, the series did have some untapped potential... because it was completely wasted on the idea of writing a romance story. In this AU, the story involves around the human Edward among the rest of the human cast having to witness the fall of Forks to mysterious supernatural beasts; their best friend Jacob has disappeared, and their city is now the battleground between Vampires and Werewolves swarming the populace en masse. However, Edward gets bitten while out of sight of the rest of his group of survivors, and quickly learns that his childhood best friend, the closest he ever had to a true brother, will now ultimately become his own mortal enemy. Bella, reduced to being the only one sane enough to try and communicate peace between her two companions, has to find a way to either cure them of their plights, or ultimately slay them as the feral beasts they've now become. In other words, it tells the series in the vein of a horror story, using the Unfortunate Implications of the way Meyer's Vampires and Werewolves work and playing them for legitimate horror in what it is the epitomy of Grim Dark fics in this continuity.



Citadel of the Heart

Too many to count

The final entry in the continuity's first, and possibly only, true arc. Chronicler and Eidolon's conflict with each other reaches its peak intensity, and the multiverse is up in an arms race against each other because of the rebirth of the legendary Z.E.R.0. weapon, which now yet again seeks Chronicler and Eidolon as its masters. Now, however, Chronicler and Eidolon are beginning to become aware of what will happen if they let this conflict repeat like it did last time; will they both be able to avoid disaster like their prior incarnations had foolishly allowed to happen?

    Non-Canon Installments 

Operation N.U.L.L.note 

Canon Codename: Kids Next Door

A Gaiden Episode featuring the canon Codename: Kids Next Door universe. As a direct result, the events that happen are non-canon by default towards Citadel of the Heart; the same cannot be said entirely for the character introduced in said fic, from whom the fic is even named after. "Null" is a Chinese Vampire inspired Adult Villain who will have a major role in Operation R.E.B.O.O.T. as one of Father's most loyal lackeys, but here he gets to appear earlier as a side-villain towards one of Father's plans. This fic is meant to serve as an Establishing Character Moment for Null ahead of time, and also to try and appease one of the author's future critics for Operation R.E.B.O.O.T. by allowing a smaller scale fic to be reviewed ahead of time, and thus as a result, be finished much earlier than most of the fics in this continuity.

Brothers Forever

Canon Pokémon anime/Real-Person Fic.

Brothers Martin "Marty" and Dalton Mollohan are on a trip to a local yard sale to help with renovating the former's bedroom because of personal preferences, and instead of finding a mere VCR and being done with it, they instead end up trading the entire TV that Marty used to have for a brand new one with a built-in DVD and VCR player with video and audio cables to it. Just as the two brothers are about to leave after Marty had successfully haggled for his new prize, the former owner warns them to not watch it at midnight or else. The brotherly duo decide to ultimately do so anyways when Marty decides to rig the inevitable sucked into the TV plot so that he and his brother will wind up in the Pokémon anime.

Things go a little too easily their own way to say the least.


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