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Timeline / Albedo: Erma Felna EDF

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Here's the timeline of the events from Albedo: Erma Felna EDF. There will be spoilers.

  • NOTE: Most of the timeline came from both the comics, the RPGs, and official info, but some stuff can be inaccurate, due of the way how the story is shown, so feel free to correct, add and modify any useful info in this timeline.
    • Another important note about dates: Dates in the Albedo universe are shown in the Standard Date (SD) in this format: YYY-MM-DD, all in numeric format, but it's easily translated to the Gregorian calendar, as each number of the month represent a specific month (01 to January, 02 to February, etc), so for the sake of readibility, all the dates uses both the SD and its Gregorian equivalents.

    The Awakening Era 
SD (-)54
  • The anthropomorphic civilization "awakes" in the planet Arras Chanka. The planet has a population of more of 2 million people, representing about 163 species, with thousands of subspecies as well.
SD (-)52-02-08 (February 8th, SD -52)
  • The entire civilization finds out about the "Awakening" after finding incongruences and lack of info beyond SD (-)54, after trying to find info about the change of seasons, causing a planet-wide panic. They found out their memories were supressed by chemical means and someone, named "The Creators", put them in that planet 40 years before the Awakening.
SD (-)45
  • First unmanned probes deployed to the Arras Chanka solar system.
SD (-)39
  • First manned interplanetary exploration.
SD (-)27SD (-)20
  • First resource and research colonies are founded on the Arras Chanka system.
SD (-)17

    Space Exploration Era and First Lepine War 
SD 0SD 102
  • Two worlds populated with mostly Lepines (rabbits) went separated from the rest of the (ConFed) and the Independent Lepine Republic (ILR) was born.
SD 159-12-23 (December 23th, SD 159)
  • Elaki Kalahahaii was born in planet Darren.
SD 161-02-08 (February 8th, SD 161)
  • Onni Hitzok was born in planet Ekosiak.
SD 165
  • The Confederation of Planets (ConFed) was created as a result of years of space exploration, with twelve planets as their charter members.
SD 167 (alternatively: SD 164 in Albedo Combat Patrol 164)
  • The Extraplanetary Defense Force (EDF) was born. The First Lepine War began afterwards.
SD 168-07-12 (July 12th, SD 168)
  • Dea-Htuhok Kho was born in planet Dornthant II.
SD 171-01-22 (January 22th, SD 171)
  • Erma Felna was born in Annahport in planet Dornthant II.
SD 172-12-02 (December 2nd, SD 172)SD 175
  • The ILR begs for peace, ending the war with it.
    • Erma's younger brother, Tasak Felna, was born in planet Dornthant II.

    Inter-war Era 
SD 195-05-08 (May 8th, SD 195)
  • The ILR invades planet Derzon in a attempt to debilitate the EDF. The EDF repels the attack, at a cost of 5000 civilian lives, mass private propierty destruction and a utter discredit towards the EDF
    • Erma Felna makes her debut as a flight officer, but after her aerodyne gets shot-down, she procceds to lead the EDF ground forces in the planet. Erma is injured in an ILR ambush and she's evaccuated from the battlefield, but not before inflicting some casualities on some ILR troops. She's later awarded for her deeds in Derzon and she is promoted to Squadron Commander.
SD 195-08 (August, SD 195)
  • Erma is sent to the planet Ekosiak as a training instructor by the EDF.

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