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  • SCP Foundation
    • SCP-110 ("Subterranean City"). SCP-110 is a city that appeared 1/2 kilometer underground in the Foundation universe as the result of a temporal disturbance that threw it across time.
    • SCP-1351 ("Moebius Cave"). Researchers exploring the cave in SCP-1351 found the remains of a Foundation expedition from the decade of the 2030s. The remains had been in the cave for more than 7,000 years, indicating that the expedition had entered the cave in the 2030s, gone back in time 7,000 years and been trapped and killed.
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  • ars PARADOXICA is built around this, with the protagonist (Dr. Sally Grissom) being accidentally flung into the 1940s with a Higgs Field Inhibitor. The rest of the podcast centers around her trying to fix the machine, dubbed the Timepiece, and the American government's interest in what she brings from the future...
  • Chrono Hustle is about a con artist who travels through time. The time travel involves a set of doors in various different time periods which can be travelled between.
  • The Time... Guys is built around this trope, having started as an Affectionate Parody of Back to the Future.
  • The Global Guardians PBEM Universe features the Warlord, a Powered Armor-wearing villain from the future. He didn't like the way things were going in his time, so he came back to change them. Every story featuring him involves him trying to change some historical event to fit his own whims.
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  • We Are Our Avatars. Near the end of the Skyrim arc, a few members of the group went back in time to learn Alduin's weakness. However, they bungled up Alduin's previous defeat at the hands of a group of heroes and turned Skyrim's present into a world ruled by Alduin. However, they got the weakness from a tablet left behind and used it to fix the error they made.
  • This was a primary plot-point in season 3 of Red vs. Blue. During which Church is apparently blown into the past from the bomb that was placed in his gut, while the rest of the members of Red and Blue teams were blown into the future. Church escapes the past by having the computer Gary use his power to create a time machine so that he can go forward in time and stop any of this from ever happening. It turns out that time travel never actually played a role in this though, and that all of Church's experiences in the past were actually him being tortured by Gary (who is really Wyoming's AI Gamma) and the others just being blown away by the blast. Though all of this wasn't put in place until it was retconned by Burnie Burns so that it fit with the later story lines of the Recollection and Project Freelancer.
  • Red Panda Adventures:
    • In "The World Next Door", a time traveler named Baboon McSmoothie comes from the early forties to the thirties to steal a prototype invention created by Nazi scientist Friedrich von Schlitz. He explains he also came from an alternate timeline precisely to avoid paradox issues in his own. Otherwise stealing the prototype would slow, if not stop, the future work of von Schlitz, give the Allies an advantage, and remove his reason for time traveling in the first place. He enlists the Red Panda's aid with future knowledge that might potentially save the Flying Squirrel's life one day.
    • The Red Squirrel is the Terrific Twosome's descendant from the future who was inspired to take up superheroics by stories of her ancestors. She goes to the past when one of her Rogues Gallery starts launching attacks on the past in order to protect the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel. She reappears once more to pose as the Flying Squirrel so Kit can properly prepare for her wedding day, since the Red Squirrel has a vested interest in making sure they get hitched without a hitch.
    • "The Honoured Dead" has the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel traveling back in time to retrieve a lost artifact. They utilize time travel because the Red Panda concludes You Already Changed the Past is in effect and the reason the artifact was lost to begin with was because they went back in time to take it.
    • "The Chimes at Midnight" feature a pair of time travelers on a mission to elminate the Black Eagle before he can become a superhero. Their information gives them the exact time and place in which he becomes a hero, but the plan ultimately fails because, while their historical records accurately describe the moment the Black Eagle became a hero, they fail to mention that was not the moment he got his powers, which he'd had for a while already.
  • Episode 5 World's Greatest Adventures has R. H. Talltales travel "centuries… no… wait… millions of years" back in time to meet dinosaurs, all through the magic of editingno, wait, time travel.
  • The sixth season of Sonic for Hire involves this. Sonic tries to go back to time with the Epoch to make sure he doesn't squander his life away. However, characters have been stealing his time machine and now many plotholes have occurred.
  • The Man Buy Cow Podcast features time travel as well as technology allowing people to call people in the past and future and to access memories in the present like they're videos and enabling them to be shows to people other than the person whose memory it is.
    • The spin-off The Adventures of Grett Binchleaf has even more time travel in it. It went to the extent that after their two first series it was agreed upon by the two hosts that time travel wouldn't be allowed in their third series, with an unspecified punishment each time the rule were to be broken. Trying to get away with still putting time travel then turned into a running gag, resulting in even more of the story being about time travel than before. Cue book 4, and the titular hero escapes his murder by using his magical watch to go an hour back in time multiple times in a row shortly before breaking it upon being killed by a crocodile and being hurtled a thousand years into the past and meeting his nemesis from two different points in time.


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