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Fan Works
  • A Crown of Stars: In the first chapters Shinji and Asuka skipped back and forth along the timeline, led by Daniel and his family who use it… a lot. There are limits to it in this story, though. You can collapse the whole reality fabric if you are not careful.
  • In Once More with Feeling Lilith sent Shinji back in time to the beginning of the War to change the past.
  • The Second Try: It is not revealed the method that Kaworu or whoever did it used, but in chapter 10 Shinji and Asuka found stuck in their teen selves and back six years in the past.
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  • Thousand Shinji: In order to save the galaxy from the Necrons, the Warhammer 40,000 gods send a Chaos Space Marine back in time to meet and train Shinji.
  • Transformers Prime: Time War has Megatron use a machine created by Shockwave to go back into the past. Whereupon a small band of Autobots, led by Smokescreen are inadvertently dragged along with him.
  • Chronology, the final volume of the Elemental Chess Trilogy, deals with Edward Elric's son trying to perfect time travel through the use of alchemy in order to accomplish type 2.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series uses the time machine from its inspiration several times, including a whole arc about getting back to the future aptly named "Time Terror".
  • All over the place in Hellsister Trilogy, with Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes travelling to the future, to the past and to the even more distant future.
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  • Transformers Prime: Time War has Megatron use a machine created by Shockwave go back into the past. Whereupon a small band of Autobots, led by Smokescreen are inadvertently dragged along with him.
  • Averted in Earth 27. Word of God states that time travel will not be a part of this world. This has resulted in various changes to character origins, such as Bart Allen being Barry Allen's son instead of his grandson, Booster Gold being a present day set character and the Legion of Superheroes from 30th century are present day set characters renamed as The Advena Legion.


  • The video for KT Tunstall's "Hold On": Tunstall plugs her guitar into a weird machine with a synthesiser keyboard and a row of filament light bulbs on the top, and when she starts playing she's catapulted through time, first finding herself at a swing club, then jumping through various other time periods and musical fashions.
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  • Tracy Lawrence used a time-travel plot to link several of his music videos together over the years. In each video, he would be transported to a different time period at the beginning of the song, with the plot line carrying over to each subsequent video in the series.

Newspaper Comics

  • In Safe Havens, Maria is a time traveler that pops in and out of the main casts' lives until the Mars mission starts taking shape, in which case she joins the main cast. It's something she also passed on to her son, Leonardo da Vinci. She reveals how it's possible when she reveals she's Samantha's Kid from the Future: the radiation on their Mars shuttle wasn't completely effective, giving her a mutation while gestating in Samantha's womb that gave her time jumping abilities. Thankfully for the still-infant Maria already born in this timeline, she doesn't actually get those abilities till she hits puberty.
  • Robot Man And Monty: Doc is a time traveler.


Tabletop Games

  • In the card game Chrononauts, the players are time travelers from various alternate futures, and are trying to change the timeline to match their own timeline's version of the "past" so that they can finally go home. Since all the alternate futures have conflicting versions of "history," and many of those conflicting versions require a specific outcome to World War II (Hitler was assassinated early and WW2 was Japan vs. America, Hitler lived and D-Day failed so that Germany won WW2, and a couple other variants), Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act gets a real workout. There's an alternate victory condition in which players have to collect certain combinations of Mac Guffins of questionable historical importance, but that's for material gain, not timeline shenanigans. A third victory condition is to get hired by the local Time Police after fixing enough of other people's paradoxes.
  • Continuum is a Tabletop RPG entirely about Time Travel. Read its page for the details; further information is not available here.
  • In the Role-Playing Game Feng Shui, a region of cross-time 'space' called the Netherworld allows characters to move between four different points in history (69 AD, 1850 AD, 1996 AD and 2056 AD). These junctures are fixed with relation to each other, treating the start of the campaign as zero-hour for all of them. So, if you enter the Netherworld in 1996, travel back to 69 AD, stay for six months and then return to '96, it will be six months later there, as well. A second use of phlebotinum states that only people who control powerful feng shui sites can actually change the future by changing the past; everyone else just sees history work itself around the change.
  • Time and Temp is another Tabletop RPG entirely about Time Travel, using office temps (temps, get it?) as field agents because (as unimportant shlubs) their lives are least likely to suffer a reality-ending paradox due to their own past actions. What Could Possibly Go Wrong??
  • The Dungeons & Dragons compatible supplement The Tome of Mighty Magic by North Pole Productions. The spell Between sends the recipient to any place and time that can be visualized - in other words it's a time travel/teleport spell.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Warp travel involves going through another dimension where FTL is possible, but it's extremely erratic and random. One ship ended up setting out to respond to its own distress signal sent just before it exploded, while an ork Waaaaagh! ended up popping out of the Warp just in front of its younger self. The warboss immediately attacked and killed his past self so he could have two sets of his favorite gun. In the ensuing confusion, the Waaagh! disbanded.


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