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  • 3 sure did a number on Goemon compared to the previous games. Since he's now a Technique-type character instead of Power, all he gains is a useless sidestep instead of Super Armor he desperately needs to offset his slow attacks which are the only way to trigger his weapon attributes, which doesn't help him much considering his attacks are lacking in range and mobility, to begin with. His attack properties were also changed so that it's difficult to deal large amounts of damage to officers without knocking them away. His special attack is also extremely difficult to connect with and his buttbounce has a tendency to make knocked down enemies stand up if it hits them, allowing them to resume attacking Goemon before he manages to recover, basically making it so that you're always an accidental button press away from a near-guaranteed suicide if you ever try to play as him on Chaos for reasons stated above.
    • However, they eventually gave him a great damage buff to his C1 in Ultimate, and with the Heavenly Sash item on him with a proper setup, Goemon can spam his C1 with impunity while step-cancelling it for safety.
  • Gyuuki is also this in 2, due to the fact that all his moves are so slow, on higher difficulties, it's almost impossible to finish off an officer before the surrounding mooks do it to you. You can try to equip skills that are normally considered Game Breakers on him, and it still wouldn't have helped much.
    • His attacks in 3 are still ridiculously slow, but it doesn't matter much thanks to his air charge attack which were introduced in the third game: it is by far his fastest attack, causes a huge shockwave and activates elements, allowing him to dive into large groups of enemies with reckless abandon and come out on top.
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  • Noh is seen as this for the first two games thanks a having little reach and large start-up times for her charge attacks. 2 damaged her even further by removing any stun effect from her 'Needle' Combination Art 1; her neutral R1 (via the universal projectile nerfs), the only move that stopped her from becoming unplayable on the hardest difficulties unless you had the proper elements attached. Thankfully she managed to get a speedboost in 3, helping her out of this position.
  • Magoichi Saika, like Noh, is hurt badly by short-ranged moves and long start-up times. However his first charge attack in 3 saves him from the bottom-rank for having elemental attributes on every hit and being able to leech large amount of health/Musou with the right load-out, especially with the proper setup. While he's considered subpar in Ultimate, having the right combo-attribute setup makes him pretty decent; being a Wonder-type with Echo attached to his weapon allows him to generate combo as much as any Wonder-type in that regard.
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  • Musashi Miyamoto in 3 sadly, was hit with this by a long-shot due to a rather buggy moveset. His C3 and normal string final blow (like a few other characters) don't activate elements, his C4 has a very tight execution, and all of his elemental-activation attacks have poor power in them in that his sustainability outright sucks. His new midair R1 Type Action in ''Ultimate'' especially when combined with his unique C2 (via the Typhoon and Echo attributes; Storm optional) allows him to general combo-based abilities with ease (it helps in that he gains Vigor as a second skill which boosts combo-based damage); having a free x2 attack with Aggression allows his midair R1 to one-shot everything; while this was something great for him, none of his other problems were fixed regardless, which still made him hard to use in those settings.
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  • Both Kenshin Uesugi and Mitsunari Ishida in 3 are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to setting them up for a Chaos Mode Solo Run maximization, since they have very cumbersome kits that used to be effective but basically were nerfed hard during the transition to the third installment's engine. Mitsunari's case is particular in that his elemental activation is far too slow (on his C3) and weak (C4) to even matter.
  • In 4, Jia Chong was apparently at the very bottom of E tier in the Japanese tier list. Also joining him are Sun Ce, Cao Cao and Sima Yi.
    • Echo/Explosive (or Induced Burst in Japanese) is now nerfed severely from its previous versions in that it causes quite a bit of knockback when triggered, preventing anyone from getting any meaningful combo generation out of it like in 3 and Dynasty Warriors 8.
    • Anyone playing a character equipped with the Talaria Sacred Treasure will find the horrible inaccuracy plaguing their normal and charge magic spells are only practical against clearing crowds (as well as against certain single targets), but are nearly ineffective against Chaos Origins, especially with the charge spell being a multi-hitting target-carrying attack that has each hit do very little damage on its own with Chaos Origins being somewhat immovable units most of the time (and even then, single targets need to be kicked over to a wall in order to reliably combo off of the said charge spell). Which is a great pity because they mostly look cool. Fortunately, the DLC Sacred Treasure fixed this where the normal magic of the DLC Talaria (called Lumen Talaria) is nearly similar to a Hyper Attack and its charge magic can let you specify a position before you give a drop kick on a large radius.
  • In 4 too the God characters and Samurai Warriors characters as a whole for the opposite reason. While the gods are expected to be overpowered, the Samurai Warriors figures were a surprise. This mostly comes with their hyper attacks which can constantly activate elements, minor Game Breakers in their own rights. Compared to this the EX attacks of the Dynasty characters/figures seem very middling (not helping are the changes to the Dynasty figures as of 8 which neutered their elemental activation quite a bit, especially on their EX Attacks).
    • However, this got flipped around when the 1.05 patch hit, making a majority of EX Attack-users gain extra elemental activation on a majority of their EX Attacks (and may also apply to other charge attacks from other non-Hyper Attack-based users). As a result, characters like Jia Chong (who was low tier in the Japanese tier list as aforementioned) benefited from this massively, including others like Lu Su and Diaochan.
    • Sadly in 4, Susano'o was the next one in line to have a buggy moveset with horrible elemental activation akin to Musashi in 3 (and by proxy, poor sustain with Absorption + Osmosis), on top of having only an average Unique God Spell.
    • Cyborg Nezha himself had his infamous C5 neutered from 3, where it no longer activates elements. However, he instead makes up for it with a bug/glitch where he can perform his Unique God Spell regardless of the current amount of either his Musou or Mana gauge, done whenever he happens to jump after a certain interval without casting another prior Normal/Charge God Spell.

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