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  • Eerie Cuties: Life is rarely good to Ace, but his one (and only) bout of good fortune was the time he and Brooke were together. Predictably, it wasn't allowed to last.
  • Magick Chicks: With all Faith has going for her, you'd think she has it made: popularity, sex appeal, and unimaginable power. Yet all she wants, is Tiffany's love, but she thinks of Faith as the enemy. Still, there was the one time Tiffany consented to a kiss, after Faith had fought valiantly to try to protect her.
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  • In this Melonpool strip, Mayberry FINALLY gets to watch the one episode of Star Trek he never saw.
  • "Phoenix Rising" is so far the only story arc in Sluggy Freelance that ends with Oasis in a healthy emotional state. While she does leave behind the friends she made in Podunkton to Walk The Earth, she's at least on good terms with them and seems to have gotten some peace of mind. Beats the hell out of her previous appearances, which all ended with her either Left for Dead or locked up in an insane asylum.
    • However it's recently been revealed that after she left all her friends bar the old martial artist have been kidnapped and locked up by hereti corp, the source of all her problems.
  • In Ansem Retort, Riku spends the whole strip being The Chew Toy to a degree that makes you feel the Emo Teen qualities are justified. Then Yuffie comes along. There are exactly two official couples (Zexion/anything female does not count) and he's now one of them. Enjoy your bone, doggie. She eventually dumps him. For his own Future Badass self.
  • In Homestuck, Tavros is almost certainly the greatest woobie in a whole species of woobies: he was crippled by Killer Game Master Vriska For the Evulz, rendering him in a wheelchair on a planet that includes mandatory tests of physical ability as a requirement to merely survive to reach childhood, and is mocked cruelly by Vriska afterwards by shooting down his attempts at self-confidence and creating for him a house full of stairs. And then Kanaya intervenes, persuading her to do something nice, and she alchemizes a rocket chair for him to realize his dream of flying. D'awww.
    • Much later right before the end of the comic. Dead!Tavros has recruited a literal army of ghosts for the Final Battle against Lord English. Vriska is astonished that Tavros has done something not only right but actually pretty awesome, which prompts Tavros to go into a "Suck It, Serket" dance for several strips. It only ends when Vriska agrees to acknowledge Tavros' achievement on the condition that he stop dancing.
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  • Newshounds: Ferris the Rat, after years of wanting to sell an idea to Hollywood, finally does..
  • In the final It Sucks to Be Weegie! comic, after years of being a Chew Toy second banana, Luigi gets a genuine "thank you" and a kiss from Toadette.
  • Girls with Slingshots: Tucker, the resident Butt-Monkey and clueless with women Dogged Nice Guy, ends up hooking up with Jamie's younger and super-hot sister Fiona. Much to Beatrice's disbelief and Fiona's older sister, Jamie's, glee.
  • The Order of the Stick: The Flumphs are recurring minor characters who get mistreated in about every one of their appearances, most often by serving as Living Crashpad for the main characters. Except for one time in Book 6, where they are left untouched while crossing the Dwarven lands, since technically they aren't trespassing because they're levitating and never touching the ground.
    Flumph: Why can't more places we visit treat us this well?


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