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  • As proof that you can pull these guys from other categories, No Need for Bushido has the pair start out as part of a small group of bandits, the first moment of menace for the Heroine and the chance for the Hero to save the Heroine for the start of a Rescue Romance (or whatever). Then we think they're out of the story. Nope, they show up later, and their oblivious-to-obvious-clues nature pretty quickly becomes a running gag before they end up finding the party and starting to help them out.
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  • Bob and Elmer from Penny and Aggie. Stan and Jack also fit the trope to some degree, especially in their earlier appearances.
  • In MegaTokyo, Yuki's friends Mami and Asako.
  • Sexy Losers had Touro's two nameless friends, known only as "Sarcastic Friend" and "Swearing Friend". The Swearing Friend was enough of an Ensemble Dark Horse that he started making slightly bigger appearances than just being Touro's foil.
  • "The Comet and the Pirates" arc of Station V3 has "Those Two Frog-Fish Guys" who are obsessed with taking over things (the Station, an incoming comet, the coming-soon ski resort ...)
  • Ansem Retort has Darth Maul and Marluxia filling this role. Maul is lazy, offensive, violent, and as much of a Cloudcuckoolander as anyone can be without being retarded. Marluxia is the gayest Straight Man ever — relatively speaking that is, considering that Ansem Retort takes place in Cloudcuckooland.
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  • Robbie and Jase in PvP. Until Robbie won the lottery and Jase moved in with his girlfriend. Even though Jase is living with Robbie again, their role has significantly changed.
  • The unnamed The Order of the Stick roaches become "Those Two Dictyoptera" as they always appear in pairs to spur on commentary or to perform sight gags such as Flipping the Table.
  • Eerie Cuties: Cess and Laura are a villainous example, who have known each other since childhood. They're a pair of minor antagonists, who're always trying to overthrow Layla as Charybdis Heights' most popular girl, but they're plans usually fail, due to either being poorly thought out, or just plain weird. As if chapter 14, they've turned over a new leaf and appear to be on good terms with Layla.
  • Clyde and Blinky from Sluggy Freelance.
    The Captain: I am the handsome masculine lead! I have top billing! You guys are the ones whose pitiful deaths will send me on my path of vengeance.
    Torg: Well, we're dimensional travelers with more interesting characterization! You are a shallow stereotype needing no development at all!
    Torg: The defense rests!
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  • Drow Tales has Baliir and Kuso. They aren't normal by our standards, but by drow standards they're really ordinary guys. And they have the whole "contrasting" thing down to the letter.
  • The twins Lenny and Vinny (aka Leo and Vince) from Zoophobia.
  • Schlock Mercenary has Nick and Shep. At least until Shep leaves.
  • Smic and Hannah in Jayden and Crusader tend to be minor background characters... right up until the point they finish their massive death machine. Or make something explode.
  • Girly has two sets: Team Fast and Chuy's two brothers.
  • Tweaking the archetype a little Exiern has Neils and Bhors, two eight-foot tall members of the king's Praetorian Guard, as Those Two Guys.
  • Equius and Nepeta from Homestuck are not really all that important, but they're almost never seen without at least mentioning the other, if not speaking to each other and adventurin' together. They're also Platonic Life-Partners and have engaged in many scenes to balance the mood when the story gets pretty dark.
  • The Jägers Oggie, Maxim and Dimo often fill this role in Girl Genius, either all together or in various pairs.
  • Rick and Malloy from morphE are guards of the manor who enjoy bickering about the tasks they are given during otherwise dramatic scenes.
  • Rich and Larry from El Goonish Shive. They are different in appearance in most ways but similar in outlook. At least, until Larry got some Character Development thanks to Sarah.
  • Larry And Darryl/Daryl/Darrel from The Whiteboard. They're brothers (and appear to be twins), and originally showed up as featureless, no-necked humans. When the strip switched entirely over to furries, they became squirrels. Unless one of them is directly addressed, it's hard to tell who is which—even in universe (Word of God states that their parents sometimes have trouble telling them apart).
  • A lot of minor characters in Camp Weedonwantcha get paired up this way, most notably Steven and Steve. Lampshaded in one strip, where Malachi encouraged them to tell their friends about the lantern at the library, but quickly realized they would most likely have to tell strangers instead.
  • The Bird Feeder has Jim and Terry, two mockingbirds. They always appear together, have generally the same temperament, and generally no other characters appear in strips they're in. In their first appearances, they looked exactly alike.


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