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  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    • Subverted with Wekapipo and Magenta Magenta in "Steel Ball Run". Although they make a good team combat-wise, they personally despise each other and eventually Wekapipo makes a Heel–Face Turn.
    • In Part 3, we have the Oingo Boingo Brothers and Hol Horse and J. Geil. Hol Horse and Boingo eventually team up after each of their partners is incapacitated.
  • Gin and Vodka from Detective Conan. Despite being responsible for the main character's... condition, they really don't seem all that bad. Then then they plant a bomb on a train in the manga (in the anime, it's two completely-unrelated men in black). They do get a lot more evil later on, however.
  • Cold-hearted assassin Kieth Baker and inept robber Sam Perkins in the Western manga Miriam. While they lack the duo dynamic usually present, and they don't usually work together, they fit the mold in a lot of other ways (like the customary occasional personality clash).
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  • In the Cowboy Bebop episode "Boogie Woogie Feng Shui", Jet is pursued by two of these guys, who also appear to be based on the Blues Brothers.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Rex Raptor/Dinosaur Ryuzaki and Weevil Underwood/Insector Haga in the original anime arguably become this as they begin to associate with one another almost exclusively.
    • Also, Lumis and Umbra from the Battle City arc are a Fat and Skinny example.
    • They aren't exactly evil but you could technically include Droite and Gauche from Yu Gi Oh Zexal on this list.
    • There was also Ikazuchimaru and Kourimaru in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (named Thunder and Frost in the dub), but despite having actual Elemental Powers, they were at most, Lumis and Umbra wanna-bes. The same can be said for Rikuo and Kaio in Zexal (named Scorch and Chills in the dub) who were possibly even worse. (Not only did they cheat against Yuma and Shark, it was rather obvious that they did so.)
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  • Thorgrimm and Atli in Vinland Saga, up until Thorgrimm tries to make a play for power. Doesn't work out very well for Thorgrimm.
  • Mutant experiments no. 666 and 777 in Dead Leaves.
  • The Punch-Clock Villain Kajinan and Enge from Overman King Gainer. When Japoli joins them they become Those Three Bad Guys.
  • Jackals
    • Hans and Gacho.
    • Arguably, the main characters Nichol and Huya are also examples of this, being a pair of assassins themselves.
  • In Naruto members of the Akatsuki organisation split in pairs to counter Conservation of Ninjutsu. Some of them make quite a fit for this trope:
    • Hidan and Kakuzu. They both bicker a lot, and don't appear to really get along, but are partners nonetheless. Kakuzu being the smart one that comes up with strategy, and Hidan being the rash and loud-mouthed jerk.
    Kakuzu: (having just reattached Hidan's head to his neck) Watch the stitches, they'll break if you move too much.
    Hidan: You know what, Kakuzu? Eat a dick.
    • The same is true for Itachi and Kisame and Sasori and Deidara. And then, after Sasori is killed, Deidara and Tobi.
    • Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the Gold and Silver Brothers, seem to fit. They seem inseparable. The weapons they wield requires they work perfectly as a team. And while sharing similar beliefs, their demeanor seem to be opposite. Kinkaku is more stoic and straight-faced. Ginkaku tends to smirk more. Kinkaku isn't very talkative, Ginkaku is the more loud-mouthed of the two. Kinkaku is taller, and more buff. Ginkaku is shorter, with a lean build. Kinkaku seems to be the smarter of the two, being he notices more things which he relays to his brother. Kinkaku also seems to be the stronger of the two, with Ginkaku calling for his help when he's in trouble. Two subversions happen here. Once Ginkaku has been taken down, Kinkaku's demeanor changes and he becomes more loud and wild. The anime subverts Kinkaku's expressions as well. In the anime, all of his manga frowns are replaced with him smirking.
    • Zetsu and... Zetsu. The left and right sides of his body have split consciousnesses and the halves communicate with each other via speech rather than thought.
  • Luke and Jan, the Valentine Brothers from Hellsing.
  • Gundam
  • Warera, Loli, and Conda from Super Dimension Fortress Macross are technically three guys but fill the same role and have the same general dynamic before their Heel–Face Turn. They also have a hilarious Punny Name ("Warera lolicon da" is Japanese for "we are pedophiles").
  • Female version: Sailor Aluminium Siren and Sailor Lead Crow in the Stars season of Sailor Moon.
  • Gatomon (pre-Heel–Face Turn) and Demidevimon from Digimon Adventure.
  • In the Zanpakuto filler arc from Bleach, the role is filled by the spirits of Rangiku and Momo's weapons, Haineko and Tobiume.
  • You wouldn't know it from looking at them (or listening to them), at least at first, but Walker and Erika of Durarara!! are absolutely terrifying. This is mostly because their dialogue primarily consists of anime and manga references, which would lead most people to think they're just kind of odd. Even better, their nerdy hobbies end up influencing their other hobby, so there ends up being quite a bit of dissonance between their relatively innocent love of anime and manga and their horrific threats.
    Erika: We'll torture you based on the plot to one of these mangas!
  • Natsumi, Minami and Kumi from School Days are "these three bad girls". As well as Otome's incredibly nasty Girl Posse.
  • Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler. Also, Claude and Alois.
  • Shin and Noi of Dorohedoro wear the same kind of black suits as the Pulp Fiction protagonists and like to have body count competitions. They're also surprisingly nice off the job and good-looking under those terrifying masks they wear. Due to Gray and Grey Morality, they are among the protagonists.
  • The two thugs who actually pull off kidnapping Nagi, until Hayate's interference, in the beginning of Hayate the Combat Butler, show up later and kidnap Saki from Wataru's video store, until Sonia's interference, have this kind of dynamic between them.
  • Dragon Ball
  • Tom and Tab from Kimba the White Lion.
  • Christopher Shouldered and Hong Chi-Mei from Baccano! are two murderous homunculi prone to Seinfeldian Conversations in between their murderous escapades — Or rather, Christopher is prone to Seinfeldian Conversations while Chi plays his Straight Man.
  • Scanty and Kneesocks from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
  • Lust and Gluttony act as an unusual mixed-gender example of this in the early stages of Fullmetal Alchemist before Character Development kicks in (especially for Gluttony after Lust's death). The Slicer Brothers form a similarly idiosyncratic example.
  • Shiki gives us two young male vampires named Takatoshi and Yasuyuki, who are commonly seen together. They have two major scenes together, one in which they hunt down a villager, and another where they engage in conversation as they bury the corpses of those who haven't risen up.
  • Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover from Attack on Titan. They have a tendency to engage in Cryptic Conversation, and their teamwork makes them a formidable threat. Both turn out to be Tragic Villains that grew attached to their classmates and are hinted to not be the most serious threat to humanity's survival.
  • Pretty Cure:
    • Yadokhan and Isohgin from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GO!GO!. They are Fat and Skinny and Little and Big, respectively and they work always together. Justified, their true form is a fusion. And they have pretty much the same personality.
      • Bunbee and Scorp would become a duo if Scorp didn't die so early in this season.
    • DokiDoki! PreCure has the Selfish Deputies Leva and Gula who replace the Selfish Trio. Leva is the skinny guy with the brains, and Gula is the fat guy with the brawns. They are introduced together, summon Jikochuus together, fuse together and are killed together by Bel (the leader of the said trio).
    • Go! Princess Pretty Cure also has Close's two minions Stop and Freeze.
    • Hugtto! Pretty Cure: Takumi and Jinjin do naught but act as Jeros' Yes Men.
    • Baron Salamander forms a duo with Toymajin in DX3.
  • Hansel and Gretel from the Black Lagoon animé. They even converse in a similar manner shown on the trope page.
  • Sonic X, possibly inspired by Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, gives Dr. Eggman robot helpers Decoe and Bocoe.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! has King Dedede and Escargoon. They provide the page image.
  • In Brave10, there's Ichimaru and Niko, fairly ineffective ninja villains and comic relief who first appeared attempting to rape Anastasia during her introduction. They get their own omake segments at the end of every volume called "Ichimaru and Niko's Daily Grind" where they often end up complaining when they haven't appeared in the rest of the volume. They are absent from the anime adaptation, however, except for a brief cameo in episode five.


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