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They Killed Kenny Again / Webcomics

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  • How many times have Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade died now?
  • Half the point of Nobody Scores!!, in which the entire cast dies with alarming frequency.
  • In MSF High, death is cheap. Revives are easy. And one of the characters, Rainer, has multiple bodies. A measure of his killed-count reveals he's beginning to approach this trope.
  • Ran from Bob and George, who dies multiple times in a single comic from the slightest touch. Justified that he is a robot made out of absurdly cheap parts, so his chasis breaking with restored personality is easier to accept than a living Red-Shirt.
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  • Done excessively with Red Shirt in Legostar Galactica. It runs in the family.
  • Casey and Andy. The tag line was 'mad scientist roommates who periodically die!'. It was always their fault too.
  • Cooch of the Bulldog And Cooch strips in PvP, always by falling victim to Stuff Blowing Up.
  • From the Fire Emblem Online Comics, we have... You know what, the entire cast.
  • Nodwick's title character is pretty much this trope - he often dies multiple times per story.
  • In Starslip, Quine's vital role as Protocol Officer means he is equipped to be automatically revived in a fresh clone body any time he dies, which makes him a convenient frequent target for death.
  • In The Order of the Stick the string of clerics always standing next to Redcloak so he can have someone to explain to before they die? His name is Jirix. Now ruler of a sovereign goblinoid nation.
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  • The blond woman in Dinosaur Comics gets stomped by T-Rex every single strip, usually without comment.
  • In #465 of Double Fine Action Comics, one of the flies is cut in half by a spear, but is perfectly fine in #673.
  • Yaythunder from Bad Drama dies at least once in all six story arcs of the 150-strip comic (twice in the second story arc, though his first death in that arc occurred in a dream world). Yaythunder's deaths appear to be a direct reference to Kenny's deaths on South Park, especially considering the utterance of "Oh my god, they killed Yaythunder!" and "You bastards!" in response to his first death. David, Yaythunder's equivalent in the Bad Drama remake Landslide, has not died so far and it is not clear yet if that running gag will still be used.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del's early strips would feature Ethan getting killed every once in a while by ninjas or arrows fired from off-screen. The other characters don't pay much attention, as if this were absolutely normal, and Ethan (being the main character) is invariably alive and well in the next strip. Players 1, 2, 3 and 4 also get regularly murdered in gruesome fashion, only to come back to receive the same treatment.
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  • Used in a crossover of game mechanics in Level 30 Psychiatry. Take Roger Wilco's penchant for getting killed, add some 1-up mushrooms and you've got this trope.
    Gardevoir: The worst part is, when Roger comes back to life, he'll have to mop up his own shredded remains.
  • MegaTokyo's Ed is a crazed, murderous psychopath who only ever manages to kill himself in increasingly ridiculous ways, recovering each time thanks to impossibly advanced medical technology. May be a weird sort of foreshadowing; when he finally manages to kill one of the other characters, she experiences an Unexplained Recovery and reappears unharmed in a hospital.
  • 1930's Nightmare Theater had plenty of frequent deaths of the recurring characters yet they were just fine come the next comic.
  • The Tommy series in Planescape Survival Guide, whenever one dies another pops up with full plate and a longsword only to rush into the enemy and get killed. So far averted by the First World Tommy
  • Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters have a tendency to accidentally kill themselves testing myths in Irregular Webcomic!.
    Adam: You can only die once. Busted!
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse:
    • Strangely, despite his acceptable survival rate in the original series, Gohan is starting to become this, due to all the times he gets ruthlessly killed in the specials. Not to mention Bardock's vision in Chapter 19 of a Vegetto that has attacked and might have killed Gohan.
    • Frieza is becoming this too, for similar reasons.
  • In Skeletons!, the guy at the bottom of the page is murdered (or at least maimed) on three separate occasions by the weather.
  • In Batman and Sons, Ace the Bathound gets killed multiple times over the course of the poor dogs' Story Arc, with a replacement being found after each death, only to die moments after in various darkly humorous ways. Even the goldfish that Tim names Ace dies the moment it's introduced.
  • In Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening Cait Sith's bodies are destroyed on a regular basis, forcing him to always send a new one out to rejoin the others.
    • Currently the comic is up to Cait Sith #9, and thanks to the idea that Cats Have Nine Lives, Cait Sith is worried that he is on his last life. Of course, the comic is approaching the one time Cait Sith's body is destroyed and then replaced in the original Final Fantasy VII.
  • Jacinda's grandmother in My Roommate Is an Elf. They're cat people with nine lives, but Jacinda's grandmother gets a thrill out of dying, and she expressed displeasure at being old. She started the series with five lives, and they're slowly dwindling. Every time she dies, she comes back to life fully healed. In the case of old age, she got her youth restored.
  • Lieutenant Der Trihs in Schlock Mercenary was reduced to a head in a jar at least three times, eventually he had a new body cloned each time. After the third time it turned out he'd replaced his skull with carbonan because he got shot up so much and didn't want to risk the one injury 31st century medicine couldn't fix.
  • The entire planet of Prospit in Homestuck has been destroyed in every game session seen so far. A1 Prospit was deleted by the Scratch, A2 and B1 Prospits were destroyed by B1 Jack Noir, B2 Prospit was blown up by a Lord English possessed B2 Jack, and Uu Prospit was obliterated when Uu Skaia exploded into a black hole.
  • Part three of Ensign Sue Must Die has The Doctor get killed repeatedly, each time regenerating as a new one.
  • In Rezz & Co Bounty Hunters, Sebastian Krezznar almost always dies within a few strips of being seen on screen. He always regenerates, however.
  • In Bleach: Happy to Serve You Loly gets killed fairly often, but luckily for her, Menoly's usually on hand to fetch Orihime, who heals her with her Shun Shun Rikka.


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