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Note: This article lists examples which take place within fandoms; not the TV Trope's opinion as to whether a change is for the worse. TV Trope doesn't have opinions. The focus is on over-reaction about minor changes.

  • When the staff of the Japanese site Poupeegirl announced that they'd be replacing ribbon sales with the creation of a real-money "jewel" currency, the LiveJournal community and Japanese forums exploded with outrage, fearing the jewel-only items would be the only special items available and the ribbon items would all be hideous things. The jewels were finally launched, and aside from a "jewel floor", nothing was really all that changed, since they could be exchanged for ribbons at a much better rate than bought ribbons. That didn't stop users from complaining even after the change simply on account of Poupee charging users for currency they'd essentially been paying for before the switch.
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  • Littlekuriboh used some home-made animations for the season 2 finale in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Of course, that meant ruining the spirit of the series, even if the episode still used around 6 minutes worth of clips from the original anime, and the animation was actually good. Plus he got some other (good) abridgers to voice a few characters, instead of keeping them all for himself. Sorry, but the series is "Ruined FOREVER", kids. Parodied in Episode 48, which has "internet trolls" screaming about the issues mentioned above.
    Various Internet Trolls: Why does he keep putting other voice actors in the show?! This guy's such a bitch, ugh! Why is it different?! No more different! I do not like different! Different bad! Me hate different! WHY'S IT CHANGED, WHY?! I'm going to unsubscribe if this happens again!!!
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  • Lampshaded by "Yahtzee" Croshaw when the introduction of an original theme tune and new intro sequence for Zero Punctuation created predictable backlash; the weekly update to his website was titled "You Changed It Now It Sucks". Every week, the video thread is evenly divided between "best one evar!" and this complaint.
  • Parodied in The Onion news video 'Iron Man' Trailer To Be Made Into Feature Film.
  • TF Wiki, the official Wiki of the Transformers franchise, makes fun of this to the extreme with "GEEWUN", a derogative term applied to people who believe that if it's not Transformers Generation One, it sucks.
  • Television Without Pity. Bad Sign #1: Three original editors depart a year after Bravo buys the site. Then the site was redesigned to include a lot more widgets, style flourishes and assorted clutter. More editors left. And the site started covering a lot more reality programming, especially Bravo's Top Chef, Top Design, etc. and scaling back some of the previously in-depth recaps with more glib, bare-bones "weecaps." About the only things left from the site as it once was before it closed were the Supernatural fangirl bridgade and the recapper Jacob.
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  • The Irate Gamer's Breakfast Rants complain about how certain parts of cereal images changed. For Lucky Charms, it's the marshmallow shapes, while Cinnamon Toast Crunch has him railing against the box only displaying one of the three original bakers. He even ends the rants with "Face it, breakfast is ruined!"
  • Parodied with the Third Rate Gamer, who criticizes the smallest of details, regardless if they're trivial or not. In his Yoshi's Island review, he complains that the game is too different from other Mario games, as well as minor details like the fact that the player can jump on Shy Guys to kill them, but not pick them up.
    • The latter part of his Cool Spot review has him ranting about the variety of flavors of 7up drinks diminishing over the years. In a similar vein to the Irate Gamer's breakfast rant, he ends it by stating, "Fuck that! Fountain drinks are ruined!"
  • Inverted in IGSRJ's Duke Nukem II review. He appreciates the gameplay changes made to Super Mario Bros. 2 for the US and states how he'd hate to play a remake of the first game with different levels.
  • The tendency of geeks (especially gamers) to do this at the drop of a hat are parodied in the series of Hitler Rants taken from the movie Downfall.
  • On 11 August 2010, web review aggregation site Metacritic redesigned their site. Today, they have 8,000 comments of seething hatred.
  • When the snark floodgates opened after redesigned its website, Drew's four-word response became a site meme: "You'll get over it."
  • CollegeHumor has changed its Originals intros often over the years. It's lampshaded in a Jake and Amir video, when Amir says he hates the new intro "Because it's different!"
  • A variant happens in the Hardly Working sketch "Sarah's Birthday", where not a SINGLE person remembers the "Happy Birthday song" or how to say it. They resort to singing an alternative song that Sarah hates, but which everyone else loves.
  • I Can Haz Cheezburger's YouTube videos have gotten a lot of flak since they stopped adding lolcat pictures at the end.
  • Happens quite often in YouTube videos in mashup videos when copyright is claimed on any part of the audio. (If copyright is claimed on the video, it is removed entirely.) YouTube offers replacement, royalty-free soundtracks that often don't fit the theme, and don't contain any of the other sounds that were part of the original video.
  • Marvel Super Heroes: What The—?! gained more haters after it changed from a series of comedic stop-motion shorts, to a series of stop-motion commercials for various products with jokes thrown in.
  • Multiple articles have been written about why @Horse_ebooks changed and started sucking (on September 14th, 2011.) This is possibly the weirdest example of the trope, considering that Horse_ebooks is a spambot on Twitter with a strange knack for Word-Salad Humor. It turns out that there was a reason for it: in September 2013 it was revealed that ever since that date in 2011, the account was actually taken over by a human as part of an art project that continued throughout the following two years.
  • The Know Your Meme YouTube vidoes have gotten a lot of cries of "Ruined Forever!" after Rocketboom sold the rights to I Can Haz Cheezburger.
  • Over time, The Nostalgia Critic got big on Character Development, cameos/crossovers and Rewatch Bonus storylines, became calmer, his reviewing style included more analysis (mostly at the end) and bratty rages were scattered around instead of appearing every few episodes. The "Bat Credit Card" fans note  have complained about this.
  • The Nostalgia Chick got this twice. The first was when she stopped doing linear reviews of "girly stuff" with usually only her in front of the camera, and changed it into a Mid-Review Sketch Show with her friends where they looked at anything she wanted. The second was when she dropped the Mid-Review Sketch Show and changed to an informative anthology show discussing the different adaptations of characters.
  • Old-school fans of The Angry Video Game Nerd have lamented the diminishing "Angry" aspect of James Rolfe's character, in which more of his Real Life personality becomes inserted into the videos. Some of this can be attributed to Rolfe not wanting people to project the Nerd onto him as much, as well as his workload (especially The Movie) making it harder to do regular episodes with the same enthusiasm. Much of this led to the creation of James and Mike Mondays, which allows James to continue to produce regular content while just being himself, with Nerd episodes being more sporadic.
  • JonTron invokes this during his review of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, where he complains about all the changes to the game. More specifically, he states that he hates that he has to complain about the change in formula, except that the changes come with bits of the old formula that don't fit the new and detract from the overall experience.
  • Ray William Johnson of =3 fame has been seemingly coming under fire for changing the show's general format as well as being to "corporate" (he had copyright issues with Maker Studios and went on to make co-create a new studio from the ground up). These complaints may be justified to a certain degree seeing as how the show's overall quality has declined somewhat in comparison to earlier years. Not to mention all the minor changes made to the show such as =3 not having a "question of the day" anymore and actually having decent video quality.
  • The Yogscast in general have been hit by this from "fans" that start insisting that they, as "original fans", are right and that any new fan or new member of the main group is an asshole. See below:
    • The main channel in particular has come under flack from more reactionary parts of the fandom, who would prefer it go back to the days of it just being Lewis Brindley, Simon Lane and Hannah Rutherford. Nowadays, anybody else in the Yogscast, bar maybe Duncan Jones, Sips and Sjin (all of whom were around during the early years, albeit in a smaller capacity), tends to automatically get hatred thrown their way.
    • Their Garry's Mod series is a prime example of this. When Gmod started becoming a more regular thing, Sips appeared for one recording and went down a storm. When he didn't return for one session and In The Little Wood appeared, the fans started raging for Martyn to "stop replacing Sips", even though there was absolutely zero evidence that this was the case.
    • And of course, some people do see their falling out with another famous British YouTuber to be a major unwelcome change due to some of the collaborations the two had being some of the more watched ones, and it doesn't seem like the two parties are in any mood to reconcile at ALL!
  • Hat Films were accused of having their Grand Theft Auto V series RUINED FOREVER because Turpster joined (Sips also joined, but this wasn't anywhere near as controversial). Ross, Smiffy and Trott were fairly quick to call the fans out on this, arguing that the fans were too insistent on the show being formulaic.
  • All Your History Are Belong To Us was a Machinima series that detailed the history of video game franchises and developers. Once the original creator (who also did the voice work) Rob Talbert left and some new guys were brought on, the Replacement Scrappy vibe was undeniable. The show never really recovered before it was cancelled.
  • The Jimquisition changed its title sequence and long-running theme song in May 2017, with the intro's first use lampooning the trope by having "They changed it now it sucks" written verbatim on a wall. Ironically, the new intro sequence was generally well-received by fans.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd: HVGN's chief argument as to why Zoda's Revenge was a worse game than its predecessor, StarTropics. He takes the time to point out that just as many people agreed with his criticisms of the game as disagreed with them.
  • Blurry Photos, a humorous podcast about the unusual and unexplained, was originally hosted by comedians David Flora and Dave Stecco and the format was largely built around the interactions between the two of them while discussing the week's topic. In early 2018, Dave Stecco retired from the podcast due to other commitments and David Flora continued the podcast as a solo work. Responses from fans have ranged from acceptance to "Get another co-host or at least a stable of guest co-hosts" to "Flora should re-name the podcast because it's not 'Blurry Photos' anymore".
  • In RWBY, Jaune's haircut in Volume 7 spawned a Fountain of Memes a few hours after its reveal. Because of how generic the haircut is, comparisons to other characters with similar haircuts have skyrocketed. There's also some discourse over how dumb the hair looks, or how it's similar to Cardin's, or how it looks like bananas.


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