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They Changed It Now It Sucks / Fan Fic

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  • In-Universe in Calvin and Hobbes: The Series: Calvin uses his Book Transporter to go to a Batman comic from 1992. When questioned on why he went into an outdated comic, he notes that he thinks the series stopped being good when they replaced Robin.
  • In-Universe in Nightfall: When discussing Dr. Who Kate prefers Matt Smith while Gary can't get over David Tennant and hates the change. To get him to stop focusing on hunting Aliens Kate offers to watch Peter Capaldi's debut with him, while Gary just starts complaining about Moffat's tenure as show runner.
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  • In-Universe in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: In the Hala & Hau Interlude sidestory, Professor Kukui suggests to Hala about updating the Trials and making it more like the Pokémon Leagues in the other regions. One of Hala's objections is that this is how Alolans would react to losing their cultural heritage, though it's pointed out that the next generation are becoming increasingly uninterested in the Trials, so Kukui says something must be done.

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