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Theatre / Which Witch The Musical
aka: Which Witch

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Which Witch is a musical created by Norwegian musicians Ingrid Bjørnov and Benedicte Adrian. The musical is about Maria a young girl in the Italian renaissance who falls in love with Daniel a German bishop. When their love is exposed the two flee to Germany where Daniel's sister accuses Maria of being a witch.

The musical has been performed in all of Scandinavia, England, Spain, the USA, Spain, Canada and the Netherlands.


Provides Examples Of:

  • Burn the Witch!: The second act is all about Maria being convicted as a witch and sentenced to be burned on the stake.

  • Arranged Marriage: Maria is to marry German banker Anton Fugger

  • Together in Death: Daniel and Maria. When Maria is being burned Daniel climbs up on the stake and they burn together.

Alternative Title(s): Which Witch


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