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Stage plays of the Tsukipro franchise, outside of the Tsukiuta Stage series.

2.5 Dimension Dance Live S.Q.S. - SolidS and Quell on Stage consists of

  • SQS episode 1 - Thanks for the chance to see you: May 2018
  • SQS episode 2 - Seibou no Achi: November 2018 (Completes the Yokai AU trilogy with Natsuyumesai and Tsukista Act 6: Kurenai Enishi)
  • SQS episode 3 - Romeo in the Darkness: April-May 2019
  • SQS episode 4 - Tsukino Empire 2: Beginning of the World: September 2019
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  • SQS episode 5 (title TBA): February 2020
  • SQS episode 6 (title TBA): July 2020

2.5 Dimension Dance Live Alivestage consists of:

  • Alivestage episode 1 - Let us go singing as far as we go: May 2019 (featuring only Growth)
  • Alivestage episode 2 - (title TBA): November 2019 (Featuring both Soara and Growth)
  • Alivestage episode 3 - (title TBA): Spring 2020

There is also one gaiden stage play so far:

  • Natsuyumesai - Side story featuring Ichiru and Issei from Quell with Kai and Rui from Procellarum. July 2018

The SQS cast also guest starred in 2.5 Dimension Dance Live Tsukita The Eighth Stage: Tsukino Empire - Unleash your mind - in March 2019, and Tsukista and Ivesta members are guest starring in SQS's Tsukino Empire 2.

There is a live-action movie announced for Soara.The SQS cast has also done a joint concert with the Tsukiuta stage play (Tsukista) cast, called Lunatic Live 2018, in December 2018.


Tropes present:

  • Bare Your Midriff: Starting from SQS episode 3, SolidS and Quell have their 2019 costumes, all of which feature this except the leaders. Soara's 2019 costumes also feature this.
  • Five-Man Band: The group of villagers in "Natsuyumesai" - "Soncho-dairi" as the leader, a larger guy, a smaller guy, and two girls.
  • Horned Humanoid: In SQS episode 2, Tsubasa and Eichi realize they're Trapped in Another World when they pull on Shiki and Shu's horns and realize they're real.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Eichi (Kitsune) and the twins (Kamaitachi) in their yokai forms.
  • Unexpected Character: An odd but wonderful Breaking the Fourth Wall example - during the second performance of "Natsuyumesai", Ichiru and Issei spotted Shiki's stage actor in the audience and pulled him up on stage for a surprise appearance during the adlib portion of the play.
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  • Yokai: SQS 2 and Natsuyumesai feature the yokai AU versions of the characters.

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