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Spy Festigal or Spy פסטיגל is an Israeli play that focuses on a spy organization, trying to recapture a supervillain who is trying to take over the world.The play can be watched in its entirety here on YouTube:


  • Androids Are People, Too: An android made by the organization director sings about her being the who truly can know her.
  • Bilingual Bonus: While the songs are almost all in Hebrew, there are many English lyrics in them, and knowing their meanings adds flavor to the songs.
  • Code Name: Some of The heroes are code-named, such as Agent Y, X boy and Starter.
  • Danger with a Deadline: The TV show finale is a dangerous deadline both to the heroes (stop Alexander before it) and the villain (Two weeks to come up with a plan to steal the show and hypnotize all the watchers)
  • Delivery Guy Infiltration: A fighter tried to enter Agent Y's apartment by disguising himself as a pizza delivery guy.
  • Don't Touch It, You Idiot!: The organization director told one of the main characters not to touch a covering blanket, which covered the aforementioned android.
  • Frying Pan of Doom: Averted. In the fight of agent Y's apartment, while not being used (likely due to danger of usage in IRL plays) ,Agent Y does pick up her frying pan beforehand as for using it , throws it and then picks it up it at the end.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner : Before the fight of agent Y's apartment, she tells the first intruder: (English translated) "Why can you let me retire quietly, why?"
  • Repeat What You Just Said: Dr. Alexander evil's sons talk about the most watched tv show; "Crash" (as in Car crash) , which he asks them to repeat , as it ignited an idea in his head.
  • Sidekick Song: Alexander's sidekicks get a song.
  • Take Over the World: Alexander's main goal.