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Theatre / Sinderella

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Madonna: My foot fits into the crystal slipper!
Baron Hard-on: That foot wouldn't fit into the CRYSTAL FUCKING PALACE!

In 1995, British comedian Jim Davidson produced and starred in Sinderella, an adults-only Pantomime version of the fairy tale "Cinderella". One of the performances was recorded for a video entitled Sinderella Live.

In Sinderella, Jim Davidson plays the part of Buttons, manservant to Baron Hard-on (a phallic play on the Hardup surname normally used in the pantomime; played by Charlie Drake) and best friend of the Baron's daughter Cinderella (Dianne Lee, half of folk/pop duo Peters and Lee), who also has to put up with abuse from Cinderella's stepsisters, Camilla (Roger Kitter) and Madonna (Dave Lee), but later receives guidance from the Fairy Godmother (Mia Carla). Meanwhile, the well-hung Prince Charming (Jess Conrad), with the help of his assistant Dandini (David Kristian), organises a ball to try and find a potential wife.

"Sinderella" contains examples of the following tropes (based on the video):