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Shifting Hearts is a very obscure Theatre production. Running for 2 days at a school in Australia, it tells the tale of...well....

While the show is a mixing of both dance and acting, the main feature of the play is the recurring theme of the "Lonely Hearts", 4 people who deliver monologues in the form of dating ads.

Also present is the story of a family grieving after their daughter drowns while on Summer vacation.


Since it only ran for 2 days, it's not likely to be publically available any time soon.

This show provides examples of:

  • The Casanova: Lonely Heart 1#, who has gone through so many women and so convinced he's all that, that he is under the impression that the only women for him is himself in a female's body.
  • Mr. Fanservice: The first Lonely Heart and the main dancer in the transition to spring.
  • Gold Digger: Hinted at by Lonely Heart 2#:
    Lonely Heart 1#: "Would love to meet a wealthy man with a dodgy ticker! Though, in reality, will settle for...anyone? With...low expectations?"
  • No Ending: The play doesn't really end, although there are a few throwaway scenes regarding two of the lonely hearts coming together. The family plot is left entirely hanging though.
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry: Makes up most of the families grieving.


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