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Cirque du Soleil's 25th production, a tent tour, opened in 2009. (This happened to be the company's 25th year, but the show was not presented as a Milestone Celebration.)

"Ovo" is the Portugese word for "egg", and that's what "The Foreigner" is carrying on his back when he arrives in a colorful, diverse community one otherwise ordinary morning. The Foreigner is actually what we humans know as a fly, and this community is one made up of similarly whimsical insects and arachnids presided over by Master Flipo, a grasshopper. (The only human characters are some bugcatchers who circulate in the audience during the preshow.) A romance between the fly and a sultry ladybug ensues between the acrobatic acts, each of which are performed by different "species".


This show contains examples of:

  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: The bugs in this show are all brightly, boldly colored critters.
  • Audience Participation: When the lovers' relationship faces a rocky stretch in Act Two, Master Flipo encourages The Foreigner to court one of the ladies in the audience instead.
  • Carnivore Confusion: In this world, the various insects happily coexist with spiders! How this is possible is never addressed.
  • Costume Porn: Bug costumes for acrobats from a company that loves whimsy? You bet this show's got costume porn!
  • Dance Party Ending: The Banquet.
  • The Faceless: The bugcatchers.
  • Groin Attack: During a section of the Foreigner and Master Flipo bickering, they start to exchange blows. And it eventually ends it Master Flipo booting the Foreigner in the junk.
    "MY OVO!!"
  • Interspecies Romance: Well, what would you call a romance between a fly and a ladybug?
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  • Large Ham: All three principal characters.
  • Nameless Narrative: The only character with a proper name is Master Flipo (which makes sense, given his standing).
  • No Antagonist: Everyone gets along with each other, and though Master Flipo is initially perturbed by The Foreigner's arrival, it's not long before they're friends. The only real plot thread comes from the ups and downs of an Interspecies Romance.
  • Non-Ironic Clown: The three main characters also provide all the comic relief.
  • Sliding Scale of Silliness vs. Seriousness: Firmly on the silly side, especially when the principals are on stage.
  • Speaking Simlish: Just a bit of English turns up in the dialogue, in particular the word "Wow!"
  • The Stinger: After the curtain call, as the audience is leaving the tent, the egg begins to tremble....
  • The Unreveal: For all the importance attached to the egg, we never learn what's in it.


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