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Theatre / Mad Scientists in Love

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Ben: How dare you waltz in here with your wild accusations! This is my underground laboratory of doom!''

Kate: This is my basement!

A comedic play written by Jim Trapp. Three mad scientists, Ben, Greg, and Kate, have just quite their jobs at the oppressive international conglomerate corporation, Hexaconglomecorp, and are going into business for themselves. Ben and Greg (unbeknownst to Kate) have used their newfound creative freedom to give life to a Frankinstinian monster simply named "Creature".

Kate, upon discovering Creature, is disgusted by the creation and disappointed in them due to their reasoning for creating it, taking over the world (of course!).

Kate is then informed by their ex-boss back at Hexaconglomecorp, Dr. Roth, that their creation technically belongs to the company because they came up with the reanimation process on company time.

Meanwhile, Ben falls in love with the UPS delivery girl Jill who already has a boyfriend, Nick. Hijinks ensue.




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