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Khan!!! The Musical!!! is a Parody Fan-Musical based on 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan'. It is written by Brent Black, famous for his For Lyrics series. The idea was co-conceptualized by Danny Roth. Taking place during Star Trek: The Next Generation, the show sees Lieutenant Commander Data attempting to put on a Holodeck 'Earth Broadway' based on James Kirk's most impressive adventure to impress the Ambassador for the Kablooiens. After it turns out to be a poorly-written mess, he and Jean-Luc Picard must rework the show into something that may actually save the galaxy.


The Musical has currently had workshops in Cincinatti and New York, with a live reading done at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. A Full Staged New York City Performance is currently planned

Khan the Musical contains examples of:

  • Adaptation Personality Change: Due to the show's parody use, the characters are very different from the source material. Khan is perhaps one of the biggest examples becoming more jealous and angry, drawing comparisons to Scar and The Joker.

  • All Musicals Are Adaptations: It is a Parody Musical of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

  • Allegory Adventure: As in the original source material, the show draws many parallels to Moby Dick

  • Big Bad: Khan. He even leans into it, referring to himself as the villain

  • "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot: In 'Finale', the cast point out many problems and plot holes in story, including situations which could have been easily avoided

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  • Establishing Character Music: Kirk's big character song 'Young', leans heavily into the Austin Powers

  • Experienced Protagonist: Kirk is already Admiral by time the show starts, having spent years as Starship captain before finally being promoted

  • I Can't Do This by Myself: Kirk tries to convince the crew of the Enterprise to follow him into the nearby Nebula so they can face Khan. He does this entirely in the song 'We Might Not Die'

  • Over and Under the Top: David and Kirk. In this adaptation, David leans heavily into a William Shatner impression while Kirk plays it more subdued. This doesn't mean either never lightens or leans on the impression, but the lines are clear

  • Wake-Up Call: Kirk, after being thoroughly beaten by Khan, finally accepts his role and comes back to face Khan even stronger