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Theatre / Atlantis

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Atlantis is a Danish musical made in 1993 and loosely based on the myth of Atlantis. It exists also in English and Norwegian translations.

Characters include:

  • Atlas: King of Atlantis.
  • Jabbadoor: The villain. A general who wants to be king.
  • Adalena: Atlas's daughter. The Chick.
  • Silvan: The Hero.
  • Zan-zan: Jabbadoor's helper. A professional swindler.

This work provides examples of:
  • Easy Evangelism: Jabbadoor converts all of Atlantis to the worship of Ba'al-zebub in the space of a two-minute song.
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  • "I Want" Song: Adelena's "Far and Distant Places", in which she wanted to see the outside world, running away from the palace in disguise.
  • Religion of Evil: The god Ba'al-zebub, whom Jabbadoor sold his soul to and brought Atlantis to worship.


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