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Once you start up Terraria, it's impossible to miss something following the naming scheme of The X of Y. This reoccurs constantly throughout the game, used as the name of enemies and items alike.


  • The first bossis the Eye of Cthulhu.
    • For the first phase of it's fight, the eye occasionally summons three to four Servants of Cthulhu, keeping with the trope.
  • Sometimes an Eater of Souls will float over to bite you before you even know the Corruption biome is there. This the only one that is an average Mook, and not a boss or its summons.
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  • Continues with both of the second-tier bosses. The Eater of Worlds for the Corruption and The Brain of Cthulhu in the Crimson.
  • The turning point for Hardmode, the Wall of Flesh.note 
  • Like the Eye, the old-gen/mobile/3DS-exclusive Ocram has servants of his own.
  • The Moon Lord's summons, the True Eyes of Cthulhu.

Weapons and Tools

  • The Ball O' Hurt.
  • The Blade of Grass, a poison-laden broadsword made of plant spores and hornet stingers.
  • The Book of Skulls.
  • The Brand of the Inferno.
  • The Dao of Pow.
  • The Eye of Cthulhu (this one's a yo-yo).
  • The Fisher of Souls, a demonite fishing rod named after the above-mentioned Eaters of Souls.
  • The Flower of Fire and the Flower of Ice respectively.
  • The Rod of Discord, a rare staff that allows you to teleport under cursor point.
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  • The Scourge of the Corruptor, a staff that spits tiny Eaters of Souls to bounce of the walls and ravage foes.
  • The Staffs of Earth, Regrowth, and the Frost Hydra. Respectively they summon a boulder to steamroll enemies, grass and moss on dirt and stone, and an ice dragon to sit and spit ice at your enemies.
  • The Tome of Infinite Wisdom.
  • The Wand of Sparking, one of the first magic weapons you can come across.
  • The War Axe of the Night.



  • The Anklet of the Wind, an anklet that adds 10% movement speed.
  • An Expert Mode item, the Brain of Confusion is given from the Brain of Cthulhu.
  • The Bands of Regeneration and Starpower, which increase your health's regeneration rate and your mana cap respectively.
    • Combining a Band of Regeneration with a Philosopher's Stone, you get a Charm of Myths.
  • The Bundle of Balloons, which are... well.....
  • The Eye of The Golem can be claimed from the said boss' defeat, giving you and item that increases your critical strike chance by 10%.
  • Also Expert-exclusive, the Eye of Cthulhu drops the Shield of Cthulhu.

Items, Materials and Miscellaneous

  • The Bride of Frankenstein Hallowe'en costume.
  • The flasks you can brew at an Imbuing Station.
  • The masks of the bosses listed at the top.
  • The mobile-version's Pot o' Gold, a summon item for a pet leprechaun.
  • The Silly Tied Bundle of Balloons, a decorative bundle of balloons.
  • The Souls of Flight, Fright, Light, Might, Night, Sight, and formerly Blight.
    • The Keys of Light and Night.
  • The Vial of Blood, a pet vampire summon also remaining in old-gen versions.

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