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  • Some houseguests can be this due to mean spirited houseguests like Jon from BBC2 who is left out of alliances and hurt both physically and mentally by other houseguests. (Sarah scalding him with boiling hot spoons, anyone?) Also Alec from BBC1 after the aftermath of the shower incident. Another example is Candice from the BB 15 who was relentlessly bullied by Aaryn and Amanda especially after her bed was flipped by Aaryn's fit of rage.
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  • McCrae. He's a good guy deep down, but a horrible judge of character and everyone he likes is voted out and/or betrays him. Thankfully, he was thrown a bone by Spencer who helped him start a youtube channel which is fairly popular.
  • Also from BBC2, Heather received a huge brunt of the bullying from most of the the girls in the house inexplicably.
  • Donny. Every single person he got close to has been voted out, he's left out of alliances, and was constantly targeted.
    • Zach Rance. Mocked by his alliance, Kathy Griffin, and even voted out by his closest friend and ally Frankie. If that wasn't enough, every person he tries to make friends with has betrayed him and was accused by everyone of being the saboteur. On top of it, Victoria, (who is also a woobie) ended up destroying Zach's favorite pink hat in which Victoria told Zach he could borrow or have all to get back at him.
    • Hayden Voss, betrayed by people he thought were his friends. He and Nicole are eventually put up against each other in nominations. He eventually does win Nicole's affections, but Nicole wonders if they can be together due to them living so far apart. Things do work out for him, though - he wins a luxury competition and gains $5000.
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    • Victoria Rafaeli. Targeted and seen as weak from day one, almost everyone she allied with belittled her and insulted her game. Any accomplishments she achieves are swept under the rug or recognized as other people doing the work for her. To top it all off, the editors go out of their way to make her seem as dumb as possible and show off her failures. And despite all this, she at least tries to keep positive about it all. Plus, with her secret shame of her hair loss coming to light, we learn that she has deep insecurities about her looks.
  • Big Brother 17, Audrey reveals in the season premiere that her parents were not initially supportive of her struggles with gender identity prior to her transition from male to female. As Adam, she was taken to a wilderness program for troubled youth against her, which didn't help. Thankfully, Audrey's parents have since acknowledged that the mistakes they made and began supporting her upon her transition into a woman.
    • John MacGuire. He's lost everyone close to him, he's kept out of alliances, always put up every week, and his only friend in the house is Steve. With that said, he's destroying everyone else in the popularity polls for his No Indoor Voice diary room sessions, funny dialogue, and other characteristics. And yet he still lost to James.
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    • Meg Maley, who takes a fierce header on the OTEV competition slope and is in tears at Jason's and Jackie's evictions and feeling powerless to stop her friends from being picked off and sent out of the house and utterly in ruins when her status as a pawn turns into an easy boot by Austwins.
  • From BBC3, we have Britnee Blair. Disliked by nearly everyone (the one person who likes her was at one point only using her as a vote) for almost no reason, she's been the biggest pawn of the season going up almost every HoH. The editors seem to make her seem really dumb despite the fact she's one of the more intelligent females this season and have a failure montage for her each episode. Add all that to the fact she's a plus sized model (which means she likely was heavily bullied as a young woman, outright stated by her in her intro video) and you'll want to hug her more than ever. Things changed within the past few weeks - where Sarah, Britnee's only ally, starts to legitimately come to like her.
  • Big Brother 18. Poor Bridgette. She's easily one of the most genuinely sweet girls especially with Natalie and Nicole arguably taking a level in jerkass in the house this season, and yet everyone with the exception of James and Frank (though Frank could have been thought to be using her) hates her for no real reason. She's ostracized and voted out by a near unanimous vote, but thankfully seems to be getting some friends in the jury house, who originally couldn't stand her, like Da'Vonne and Zakiyah.
    • Michelle as well from the same season - she is very prone to crying already, couldn't handle a lot of things. She's evicted for a personal vote (being the odd-one out when everyone else had a nigh-unbreakable bond with someone else), and when she called Nicole and Corey out on it, Corey just shouted her to tears about how wrong she was.
  • Jillian and Ramses. Two legit nice people trapped in one of the most hated houses since BB9 and BB15, yet evicted early because the head of households during their weeks were total idiots.
    • While he was a minion of Paul originally, Kevin becomes this in Week 7 where he's constantly mistreated by his fellow houseguests, betrayed by Jason (even if Jason secretly wanted to not use the Veto and didn't, that's still harsh) and like the above, a genuinely nice guy who hasn't won any competitions and is trapped in a house where everyone wants him gone, eventually going to a Jury house where no one likes him.
    • Mark becomes one due to being one of the very nicest people in real life and in the house, but always being ragged on for siding with Cody and Jessica, and Josh annoying the crap out of him after the two get on each others' nerves and Mark makes some really poor decisions that only fuel the fires.
    • Josh himself because he takes a lot of flak from nearly every other player, especially his own power alliance of Paul and Christmas. This ultimately led to those two being denounced and Josh winning the season.
  • Justin from Over the Top. He basically hid behind bigger targets and got to the final four. He spiraled into depression during his last week of the game and kept away from the other three to not ruin the mood... and Jason&Kryssie pretty much bashed the hell out of him. Only Morgan came around to make sure he was alright. His last week in the house was pretty much Jason and Kryssie non-stop hating him. Which more or less cost them the game.
  • Sam Bledsoe achieves this status just days into BB 20 because a mountain of bad luck falls on her and she feels ostracized by the house, along with being forced to communicate through a robot drone that doesn't adequately show her expressions and going up on the block for eviction. Sam's first week in the house sucked.
  • Angie "Rockstar" Lantry joins Sam as another woobie when Brett bullies her into a full-force breakdown and she begins to resort to Josh-like antics in retaliation, as well as the matching crying fits.
  • Rachel Swindler suffers a really nasty blindside at the end of Week 5 and storms out of the house, then later learns her entire alliance sold her up the river, and sits through a completely savage and douchey goodbye message from Angela.
  • Bayleigh Dalton turned into one when she broke down near the end of Week 6 and went out of her mind yelling at Tyler. After several weeks of unlikable behavior, she pivoted into straight-up scary as she fell apart at the seams. Given her behaviour in the house, it's more or less a Jerkass Woobie.
  • Haleigh Broucher. She's part of an alliance that could never get anything to go her way, has her head of household stolen from her, gets blamed for events she had no way of controlling. No matter how hard she tries to get herself in with everyone else or even win to save herself, she just can't. By her final week, she's practically reduced to an Empty Shell.
  • JC is a Base-Breaking Character at best, and a Scrappy at worst, but being the only member of the Final 7 of BB 20 to not get a video greeting from his family (his relationship with them was strained after coming out to them; a friend sent in a video greeting) earns him some serious Woobie points.
  • In CBBUK 22, Ryan Thomas became this after the false physical assault allegation that Roxanne Pallett made, which caused him to receive a formal warning from Big Brother. Viewers, as well as his former co-stars from Coronation Street quickly came to his defence.

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