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  • A sub-race of this trope is created in the latter parts of the Mega Man X series in the form of the "New Generation Reploids", Reploids with a copy chip installed which allows them to take the form of any Reploid whose artificial DNA Data is included in the chip (and which can add more Reploids not initially included on the chip by somehow extracting the data from them during battles). The trouble is, the DNA Data of Sigma, which has fundamentally merged by now with the Maverick Virus itself, was included in all the chips save for that of a prototype called Axl. This allowed the "New Gen" Reploids to voluntarily "infect" themselves, essentially turning off their consciences at will, by accepting Sigma's twisted evolution philosophy as their core interpretation of right and wrong. Very quickly this culminated in two new Maverick outbreaks, from Mega Man X8 and Mega Man X: Command Mission, both turning out to be the results of conspiracies spearheaded by a "New Gen" Reploid looking to take over the world.
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  • The Mega Man Zero series has Dr. Weil, who is one of the few villains in the franchise that could qualify. Everyone's a disposable pawn to him, and he refuses to let anything that he can't control exist.
  • The Mega Man Star Force games also its share of sociopathic villains the heroes face. In order of appearance:
    • The first game and anime has Gemini, the most evil character out of the invading FM-ians. In the games, he manipulates King Cepheus into destroying Planet AM by taking advantage of his paranoia, for no reason other than he can. He also kills his own ally, Ophiuca, when she begs for his help against Mega Man. In the anime, he plots to overthrow Cepheus, manipulating his fellow FM-ians into doing his dirty work in gathering energy for the Andromeda Key before deciding to kill them when they fail to make any progress. Some of his personality seems to have carried over to Pat as well, which leads to his undoing when Pat betrays him and sacrifices him to completely restore the Andromeda Key.
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    • The second game has Gerry Romero, the director of "World Mysteries". Smug, self-absorbed, and manipulative, he takes advantage of Zack's desire to be helpful to further reinforce his Messie hoax, and locks him in a submarine when Zack discovers said hoax. Once he becomes Plesio Surf, he's willing to drown an entire village just for the sake of ratings.
    • The third game has its Big Bad, Mr. King, the leader of Dealer. In contrast to Cepheus (who was blinded by paranoia after so many people tried kill him to steal his throne) and Dr. Vega (who was driven by grief of losing the love of her life to war), King has no sympathetic or redeeming qualities, seeing everyone around him as a pawn to use and discard. He takes in orphaned children solely to use them as Child Soldiers and sends them out on suicidal missions to further his ambitions, with only Jack and Tia surviving these missions. He even forces Joker to self-destruct in an attempt to kill his enemies after the latter is defeated, and decides to destroy the world when he sees he's unable to control it.
      • The Post-Game content of the third game has the Bonus Boss Sirius, who is a surprisingly realistic sociopath. He clearly is incapable of viewing other beings as people, feels no remorse for anything, and takes genuine delight in the destruction he causes, seeing it all as a twisted game.

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