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  • YouTube user Benthelooney, known for his ranting, kept his videos fresh by adding in new characters. A video "Ben Rants: Marvin Marvin", played this trope by adding in a character who was separated into two halves from his comical "salute" on Fred: The Show, which in this video is now known as Neb.
  • Darwin's Soldiers:
    • Dragore of the Furtopia RPs is utterly loathed by the majority of the players. His constant wangsting is annoying enough but the fact that he's overpowered cements his Scrappy status.
    • Aydin from Disruptive Selection is a close contender for the "coveted" title of most "hated character". Being a relatively flat character who shares his creator's views and being a member of a thinly veiled unflattering depiction of modern day Native Americans will do that.
    • Lupis from the rebooted Furtopia RP is the same as Dragore but the negative traits were ramped Up to Eleven.
  • While many of the NPC characters from Gaia Online will always gain Scrappy status among some users because of Ship-to-Ship Combat, one of the universally loathed characters is Diedrich, a sapient talking grunny. Apart from his rather annoying and sickeningly sweet personality, he's disliked for being a Creator's Pet and Spotlight-Stealing Squad that appears far too frequently in big roles during events. Many haters agree he would be a likable enough character if he came in smaller doses, though.
  • The Irate Gamer:
    • Ronnie the stereotypical Jewish Skeleton. He's pointless, only pads the review longer, and he's just annoying.
    • The Devil as well. He too is a pointless character who acts as padding, and he doesn't do anything funny.
    • Some consider pretty much every character to be this except for the Sage.
  • lonelygirl15:
    • Jules, due both to poor acting and her behaviour resulting in the capture of Bree. In fairness, the entire arc had to be hastily rewritten when the actress playing the original "new girl", Sam, dropped out at the last minute, and Jules' actress was brought in in a desperate attempt to salvage the arc.
    • Mallory also comes in for a fair bit of hatred, due to getting between Daniel and Sarah, then not being seen to actually help the team in any way, then being seen kissing her teacher. When fans voted her off the show, she didn't exactly go quietly either, becoming alarmingly stalkerish in her behaviour.
  • The "Decommissioned" objects of the SCP Foundation, most of which are blatant Self Inserts and Wish Fulfillment fantasies right out of a bad Fan Fic. They are so reviled by Foundation staff that most of them has its own Decommissioning log, where they are destroyed in the most over-the-top way just to rub it in.
  • Kelsey from The Secret Life of a Mermaid was portrayed as a Clingy Jealous Girl and a smart mouth Alpha Bitch when she first appeared on the series, which led many fan to hate her greatly. There are still fans who hate her even after she was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap!
    • Amy also gets this kind of treatment, especially in early seasons.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
  • Survival of the Fittest:
    • Two of the most notable Scrappies are Liam Black and Carson Baye of v3 infamy: Liam Black for being an out-of-place Large Ham (note this is after the site put an emphasis on "realism"), and Carson Baye for being Don't Explain the Joke incarnate, thoroughly ruining any subtle shout-outs with an OOC comment along the lines of "In case you didn't realise, that was a [insert anime here] reference". Their deaths partially made up for it though; Liam's death being quite sad and Carson's darkly hilarious and a Take That! against his entire character.
    • Blood Boy, one of the main villains of v3, also became this mid-V3, possibly due to the influx of new handlers and the rise of the belief that the game should be more realistic. Being the most ridiculous and over-the-top character concept of V3, he was quickly shunned.
    • For a while, Charlene Norris wasn't very well liked. This is mostly because a bunch of traits (heterochromia being on both the cheer and tennis teams, makes a So Beautiful, It's a Curse type comment in her first post on the island, party-girl type, said to be one of the most attractive girls at school, popular, has big boobs, and possibly others) are played straight and in a serious manner with her. Not to mention some things about her clearly indicate her handler is male. Oh, and jelloshots. However, she has since been Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, due to her writer catching on and giving her some Character Development.
    • Also from v4... let's just say Jonathan Jarocki has very few fans.
  • That Guy with the Glasses:
    • Melvin, the brother of the Joker received a decidedly lukewarm reception compared to Doug's five previous characters. Thankfully Doug quickly caught on and joined the people mocking him.
    • As for other TGWTG critics, The Spoony One found his own Scrappy when he introduced Spencer D. Bum, his own take on Doug's bum character, as part of a throwaway gag in his Dirty Harry review before returning as one of the clones in his Clones of Bruce Lee review. The backlash was immediate and incredibly venomous, stunning even Noah (who thought people would recognize that he wasn't going to be a permanent addition to the cast), and he considered simply killing off the character. To his credit, Spoony immediately picked up on the backlash, with one review where he mentions how much everyone hates Spencer...and then cuts to Spencer holding the camera, whimpering slightly, and solemnly walking away. More recently, in the lead-in to his Final Fantasy X review finale, Spoony had Spencer get killed off (by Black Lantern Spoony), something he'd been talking about for a while. He also managed to do it in such a vicious way (tearing his heart out through his CHEST) that most fans were crying "Alas, Poor Scrappy".
    • Film Brain. His hatedom mainly came from his denigrating the golden calf that is Equilibrium; he lampshaded this when he needed to take a hiatus for personal reasons, creating a parody video where Doug Walker calls him "that Equilibrium douche" and "fires" him to explain the absence. Upon his return, he's tried a lot harder to redeem himself, with varying degrees of success, but so far so good. Lampshaded by Linkara by the commentary for Warrior #2-3, where Dr. Insano-Film Brain won all his fights in the clash at the very end.
  • Hal Rudnick is probably the most reviled of the regular fighters in Movie Fights. Fans often call him out for his tendency to interrupt other people when they are making a point. There are also others who dislike him by the virtue of being that overly opiniated guy in his own Screen Junkies show.
  • The Angry Grandpa has pretty much everybody except Grandpa. His son Michael is hated for being a lazy, unemployed, fat slob. Grandpa's ex-wife Tina is hated because of her less-than ideal level of intelligence. Grandpa's ex-neighbor Tina is hated for just being an annoying loudmouth. Even Michael's girlfriend Bridgette has become this because living with him has pretty much made her a female expy.
  • Many characters in the GoAnimate-made "Grounded" videos tend to be Scrappies, but one universally disliked character is Boris, Caillou's dad. He's one of the few, if not the only, character who will punish their kid for petty reasons or even no reason at all, then punishing or even torturing Caillou. He's an Ax-Crazy individual who is expected to be liked because he's punishing a baby show character and the creators of these videos tend to want their viewers to feel the same, too. It's gotten to the point where many Deconstruction videos that show Boris getting his just deserts by getting grounded himself or put away have been made.
  • Mc Juggernuggets has more than you can count:
    • Jesse Ridgeway, the star of the show, is considered a lazy, whiny, disrespectful manchild who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut and manipulates people into doing his dirty work.
    • Jeffrey Jr, Jesse's brother, was this early on, coming off as a sociopathic Jerk Ass who took disturbing amounts of glee and satisfaction in seeing Jesse's belongings get destroyed, as well as playing mean-spirited pranks on him with the intention of getting a reaction, making him come off as a bully.
    • Jeffrey Sr. Ridgeway is arguably the biggest one, with his callous lack of empathy, his hair-trigger temper when things don't go his way, his abusive means of disciplining his children, the fact that he spent all of Jeffrey Jr.'s childhood molding him into the way he wanted him to be, his clear picking favourites between his sons, his perpetually angry and standoffish attitude [especially towards Jesse], his hypocritical demand for respect despite having very little respect for others himself, his willingness to intrude on others' property, destroy things that don't belong to him and assault a woman for trying to stop him, and all the while always thinking that he's in the right and everyone but him is to blame for his actions.
    • Terry Ridgeway seems to be this after moving in with her friend Melissa. While starting out as a warm and loving mother, Melissa molded her into a moody, standoffish woman who grew too easily frustrated with others, particularly Jesse, as well as a major hypocrite, not wanting to hear anyone say bad things about Melissa while Melissa herself casually insults her son, ex-husband and entire family directly to her face. There was a glimmer of hope that she would be rescued from the heap when she grew fed up with Melissa and left...and then she kicked Jesse out of his own house and forced him to go back to his father.
    • Melissa Stahlberger is up there with Jeffrey Sr. in the Scrappy department. She's rude and obnoxious to pretty much everyone that's not Terry, besides Jeffrey Jr, who she has a disturbing attraction to, she constantly interrupts people when they're talking to throw her two cents in, she never has a kind word to say about Jesse or Larry, she won't let Jesse or Larry see Terry, she's distressingly clingy to Terry, to the point where she intrudes on property she is explicitly not welcome on to try to convince her to stay at her house, she insults Jesse and Larry in their own homes, yet gets mad at them when they do the same with her, she physically attacked Jesse, she's gleefully made jokes about Jeffrey Sr. dying of cancer shortly after he had gotten out of the emergency room with a life threatening tumour despite Jesse clearly being upset about it...
  • We all know Fred. The high-pitched, obnoxious, screaming, man-child who was on Youtube and somehow got a TV show AND three movies. He, understandably, is well-hated.
    • With the millions of fans Fred actually HAD, Fred was loved up until his web series gained a higher budget, a background theme, and actual on-screen characters, all of which occurred in one mid 2010 released video entitled "Fred gets a Hotel". Since then, Fred has lost most of his fanbase and what was once the second most subscribed YouTube channel that got at least 20 millions of views per video is now barely in the top 100 and can barely meet a single million views. The fact that his videos now mainly consist of animated shorts doesn't help either.
    • Many fans hate Judy for being a cruel Manipulative Bitch and continuously bullying Fred, who blindly does anything for her due to a childhood crush.
    • Many fans hate Kevin even more due to his sick enjoyment in seeing Fred humiliated and the fact that Judy is his girlfriend. The two are also shown as huge Karma Houdini, there have only been three videos in which Fred ever gets either revenge on one of them, or humiliates them unintentionally.
    • But as much as both characters are hated for their abuse to the chipmunk-sounding one, they are barely as hated as their television adaptations, as Judy, instead of being arrogant and two-faced, is now a popular Girl Next Door, a role which originally belonged to Bertha.The fact that Bertha was viewed in such a tough, yet loving manner in the first film doesn't help with the Judy hate group either.
  • Gamespot uses an "Annoying Characters" stamp in their video game reviews to mark the presence of these characters in their opinions.
  • Not really a character in general, but a site, Teefury sells $10 shirts daily which are focused on pop-culture. However, Doctor Who shirts are pretty much too popular on the site where people who don't know who Dr. Who is or find it overrated tend to get annoyed by the selection.


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