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The Scrappy / Shin Megami Tensei

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  • Persona 5:
    • Among the Confidants, Ichiko Ohya is disliked for having one of the weaker backstories, for being The Alcoholic, and for having the least useful Confidant skills. Her abilities decrease alert penalties and increase alert reductions, but alert levels are easy enough to manage without any of her bonuses. Her cute design, insistence on uncovering the truth and her Confidant having Lala Escargot as a supporting character are generally cited as Ohya's only positive qualities. It is extremely noteworthy that Ohya came in last place in the Confidant popularity poll from the Persona 5 Maniax User Handbook, with only two people voting for her as the best character.
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    • The Camp Gay NPC duo that the player encounters in Shinjuku and the beach. While the jokes about Kanji's sexuality in Persona 4 were polarizing, many players disliked the pair for being unfunny stereotypes who prey on minors, especially in their beach scene. Due to Atlus' previous experiences with non-stereotypical LGBT portrayal (Kanji and Persona 2's Jun, an openly gay party member who was also a romance option), the pair come across as a glaring step back. Their presence also flies in the face of the game's Central Theme—what are predatory gay stereotypes doing in a game about rejecting repressive social norms?
  • Devil Survivor:
  • Devil Survivor 2
    • Daichi. While he does get some badass points and can be a damn good physical attacker with great speed, is still a scrappy for being a male Yuzu expy (he whines even MORE than she did and sometimes has even less excuse). Ironically, the actual female character who takes Yuzu's role in a gameplay sense is rather liked.
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    • Ronaldo manages to garner more hate than Daichi ever will. Mainly because he's a law character for one despite the numerous acts coming off as more chaotic. He comes off as a huge hypocrite in comparison to his "evil" counterpart Yamato who flip flops about his alignment whenever it benefits him such as one moment he says he's willing to save everyone but then the next moment leave JP members to be killed by demons because they side with Yamato. On the sixth day he attempts to shoot fan favorite Makoto which can be prevented which also shows more hypocrisy since he doesn't view Makoto as someone worthy of saving in his world. Finally when you decide to join either Yamato or the Anguished One, he flips out on you for not choosing his side. In Yamato's route he tries to kill Yamato after you defeat him fair and square resulting in Yamato retaliating in self defense and sending him off the ledge. This is compared to if you fight Yamato on his path and Yamato's final moments is saving the MC. When he approaches you in the Anguished One's path, he tells you no hard feelings but then flips his shit when you beat him and tries to kill Anguished One thus getting killed for attempting to fight a God. For claiming everyone is equal, he doesn't treat many characters as equal when it's convenient to him.


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